TRUMP TWEETS: Iran protest, stock market, and his push for the midterms…

El Presidente Trumpo says he doesn’t really like social media but he’s FORCED to tweet, and he’s starting out the last day of 2018 with fresh new tweets and thoughts about politics.

Iran Protests

One observation – the way he frames it, it sounds a LOT like his pitch against George W. Bush, doesn’t it? He constantly attacked him and the Republicans for their costly war on terror and said that the people were tired of spending money abroad when they were being neglected at home. That’s very much what many Iranians are saying about their government….

The Stock Market

Two things – there is no doubt that Trump deserves credit for the yuge stock jump since he was elected. However, he and his sycophants exaggerate when they compare his performance to Obama’s. IF you want to credit the presidency for growth in the stock market, the VAST majority of the growth in the Dow Jones indicator was under the Bam-Man, not Trump. Also, one wonders what the effect would be on the stock market if Trump had followed through on his populist threats – so far he has not been able to pass all the policies he promised.

The Midterms

This is interesting – if he really does believe this, then it’s dangerous for the GOP and their fleeting hold on the House of Representatives. IF, on the other hand, he takes the election seriously and doesn’t ASSUME he has it in the bag, he might be able to turn his recently passed tax cut bill into a few votes and recoup some losses. Ironically, if he lets his arrogance and pride get in the way of campaigning, he’ll be committing the same sin that lost Hillary the election.

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