Trump WALKS BACK his tax plan, says it’d NEVER pass Congress…

El Trumpo is walking back his tax plan already.


And from ABC News:

As Donald Trump pivots to the general election battle, he’s already walking back his tax plan, the most specific policy proposal he has released during the campaign.

“By the time it gets negotiated, it’s going to be a different plan,” Trump told George Stephanopoulos on ABC News’ “This Week.”

In Trump’s tax plan, the wealthiest individuals would get a tax break, with the top tax rate dropping from 39.6 percent to 25 percent. But when pressed if he wants taxes on the wealthy to go up or down, he predicted that the top rate would be higher than the plan says.

“On my plan they’re going down. But by the time it’s negotiated, they’ll go up,” Trump said. “Look, when I’m negotiating with the Democrats, I’m putting in a plan. I’m putting in my optimum plan. It’s going to be negotiated, George. It’s not going to stay there. They’re not going to say, ‘There’s your plan, let’s approve it.’ They’re going to say, ‘Let’s see what we can do.'”

While Trump said he would like to keep everything in his plan, his top priorities would be lowering taxes on businesses and the middle class, not helping the rich.

“I will try and keep everything. What I really want is lower on business, because business, we’re the highest-taxed nation in the world. And I want lower on the middle class,” he said.

Now guess what’s going to happen to all his other crazy ass plans that his sycophants keep pushing? What his fans don’t understand when they praise him for being a “negotiator” that screws over his opponents for his personal benefit, is that he’s negotiating with THEM for their votes…

Here’s Mark Levin talking about Trump’s tax plan reversal.

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