Trumpers applaud for a ‘revolution’ at Mike Pence rally if Trump loses

Mike Pence tried to shut it down, but at one of his rallies a woman was openly calling for “revolution” if Hillary won the election.

Watch below:

There is no revolution if Hillary wins. If she wins, then the country wants her and they rejected the orange faced idiot that these people worship. If there are any armed uprisings, they will be quickly shut down because that is what the popular will is. These people live under some insane delusion that the media and the government is keeping down some massive majority that agrees with them, but the numbers just aren’t there.

It is disgusting that people who are supposedly “conservative” encourage these paranoid irrational fantasies. We had the opportunity to turn back this country towards freedom, and we chose Trump to burn down our standard instead of wave it into victory. No delusional “revolution” is going to make up for that.

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