Trump’s executive orders are ‘quintessentially CONSERVATIVE’, says Mark Levin

The Great One, Mark Levin, explained why so many people like Trump’s executive orders, characterizing them as “quintessentially conservative.”

He explained further on his show from Tuesday – ROLL THE TAPE MISTER PRODUCER!!

CNS News had a transcript of his comments:

“These executive orders are really remarkable aren’t they? And I’ve noticed a common theme in all of them.

“And we’re thrilled with them, aren’t we? This is a good thing: freezing regulations, supporting life – no more subsidizing organizations that go overseas to promote and perform abortions.

“Excellent executive orders today: backing the building of oil pipelines, supporting energy production; eliminating Obama’s phony trade deal – I’m for trade deals if they’re for trade, not for social engineering, and that’s what Obama was all about – loaded with left-wing policies; freezing federal hiring.

“Now what’s common about all these executive orders? They’re quintessentially conservative. Not populist, nationalist, agrarian, mercantilist, they are conservative policies. That’s why so many of you like them.

“That’s why so many of the Rockettes and pompom dancers in radio and on TV are dancing, and they don’t even know it.

He’s pretty dead on about all of these executive orders, they’re very conservative and most people I see are thrilled with them.

The only issue I *might* have a disagreement on with Levin is on trade, but I’m gonna be honest and say I don’t know the issue well enough to know absolutely if those trade deals are right or not. If they result in a tariff war, it could be disastrous for many U.S. industries and companies. If Trump is right, and he’s able to re-negotiate better deals, then I don’t see how anyone can argue with that. But that eventuality remains to be seen.

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