TRUTH – Allen West on exposing Democrats: Lynching and mobs did not come from Republicans

Allen West spoke recently at a GOP dinner and gave another fantastic speech. Very inspiring. He spoke a lot about Republicans and how they aren’t exposing the truth about Democrats. He said they aren’t even going into the inner cities and explaining the party of Lincoln, the party of opportunity.

Below is an excerpt:

We are the party of opportunity. We are the party that looks at a young man born in the inner city of Atlanta, GA, and says you’re not a victim. You don’t have to be dependent. You can achieve whatever greatness, whatever your hearts desire! But the thing is we refuse to go into the neighborhoods today and tell that story about the party of Lincoln, about who we are.

See, we refuse to expose the other side and what they believe in – I call it the four S’s. The Democrat Party has stood for this. They have stood for slavery. They have stood for secession. They have stood for segregation – if you don’t believe me go back and read. Jim Crow did not come from Republicans. Poll taxes and literacy tests did not come from Republicans. Lynching and mobs did not come from Republicans. And today, now this party stands for socialism.

There’s much more including a ‘hint, hint’ about a possible run for president.


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