Turkey just approved draft constitution that will give Erdogan ENORMOUS POWER

Over the years we’ve told you about Erdogan’s desire to resurrect the Ottoman Caliphate by 2023 in what he calls the New Turkey. Part of this Ottoman resurrection is the crowning of Erdogan as the Sultan (Caliph) of Turkey by creating a new constitution that will give him this authority.

Erdogan has been clamouring for a new constitution that will create an executive presidency for the past several year and now it’s all beginning to come to fruition. Turkey’s parliamentary Constitution Commission has just completed the draft Constitution that will give Erdogan enormous powers.

First, here’s the background:

AL JAZEERA – A Turkish parliamentary commission has approved draft constitutional amendments that introduce a new executive presidential system, giving President Recep Tayyip Erdogan more powers.

The commission’s nod on Friday after nine days of debate, paves the way for a vote in parliament and is supported by politicians from the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) and the far-right Nationalist Movement Party (MHP).

Under the changes, the prime minister’s post will be abolished, while the president and vice president will have full executive powers.

The commission completed approval of the draft in a marathon 17-hour session, parliamentary sources told Reuters news agency.

The draft proposal allows the president to be a party member. Erdogan had to nominally step aside as AKP leader after he was elected president in 2014, as the constitution designates the head of state as a non-partisan office.

The number of parliamentarians will increase from 550 to 600 and general elections will be held every five years, instead of four years, the report said.

It calls for the next parliamentary and presidential elections to take place on November 3, 2019.

Critics fear the proposed reforms would allow Erdogan, who already has outsized influence over his party and the levers of government, to rule unchecked.

Of course Al Jazeera isn’t telling us everything here about the enormous powers Erdogan will have under the new constitution. For that we turn to the Turkish Minute (what used to be Today’s Zaman before Erdogan seized it in March of this year):

With the constitutional amendments approved in the early hours of Friday, the president will have the authority to dissolve Parliament.

In the proposed presidential system, the president will also continue to be affiliated with a political party and will appoint ministers as well as vice presidents.

The president will be vested with more powers including the closure of ministries by decree. All high-level public servants will also be appointed by the president.

A two-thirds majority in Parliament will be required to launch any investigation into the president.

The president will have the right to declare states of emergency without the approval of Parliament.

More critically the amendments, supported by the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), also extend the authority of the president during a state of emergency including limiting rights and freedoms.

According to the approved 13th article, which governs the authority of the president during states of emergency, the president will be able to issue decrees limiting basic and political rights, which was not included in the first version of the amendments when they were proposed by AKP deputies in early October.

The approved article also adds a call to national mobilization by the president as being among the reasons to declare a state of emergency in Turkey.

For those of you who don’t know, national mobilization simply means to put the country on a war footing: “The act of assembling and organizing national resources to support national objectives in time of war or other emergencies.”

So in a nutshell, Erdogan will be able to rule the country by decree and with an iron fist. And if the people decide they don’t like it and vote in a parliament to try and check his power, then Erdogan can just dissolve the parliament without any checks and balances whatsoever.

Erdogan has scoffed at people calling him a dictator or Sultan in the past. But if this isn’t one-man rule, I don’t know what it is then.

This draft constitution will be put before the people in a referendum sometime in April. Considering the fact that Erdogan has shut down most, if not all, critical media outlets in both TV and newspaper and jailed critical journalists, so that the people of Turkey only hear the pro-Erdogan news propaganda the government wants them to hear, I honestly don’t see how this new draft constitution will fail in a referendum. While I do believe Erdogan’s henchmen would cheat to ensure it would pass, I’m not sure they will have to considering how Erdogan has galvanized the country since the so-called coup last July.

The reason all of this is so alarming, as I’ve told you many times before, is that the Bible tells us that the Ottoman Caliphate of Daniel 2 and Revelation 17 will be resurrected and this is exactly what Erdogan is doing. This Ottoman resurrection that the Bible foretells is what will lead to the invasion of Jerusalem that eventually leads us to Armageddon when Christ returns. Should Erdogan succeed with his Ottoman resurrection, we are but years away (maybe a decade or two) from this Jerusalem invasion by the Muslim hordes that will be led by Turkey. And that’s simply amazing to me.

If all of this is new to you, please read my primer on Bible Prophecy and you will understand why this is so paramount.

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