Twitter is now CENSORING major pro-life group from advertising

According to a report by Live Action, they are now being targeted by Twitter and their ability to advertise has been banned.

Twitter is demanding that before Live Action is allowed to advertise, that they must delete certain tweets that Twitter deems offensive. But as you can see in the examples provided by Live Action below, the tweets are NOT offensive but simply carry a strong pro-life message and anti-Planned Parenthood message.

In fact Twitter knows the tweets aren’t really offensive because they refused to outright censor them. Rather they are using this phoney excuse to keep Live Action from spreading their pro-life message. That’s how you know it’s bias.

Here’s part of the report from Live Action:

The pro-life movement has been relying on social and digital media to get around the general media bias and take the evidence directly to the American people. But now the extreme pro-Planned Parenthood bias on Twitter is leading to censorship there and preventing millions of new people from being reached with pro-life messages, the real facts, and the actual statistics behind Planned Parenthood’s claims.

While Planned Parenthood is allowed to advertise on Twitter, the social media company has suppressed Live Action’s ads, calling our pro-life messages offensive and inflammatory. What exactly is Twitter calling so offensive and inflammatory? Tweeting a picture of a child developing in the womb and saying that we believe in the right to life. Or tweeting ultrasound images, like the ones that most expectant moms hang on their refrigerator doors.

While it won’t censor Live Action’s and Lila Rose’s tweets outright, Twitter has banned our ability to advertise our content until we delete ALL the tweets it deems offensive — or, in reality, all the tweets that offend Planned Parenthood. Twitter has told us that we must delete:

  1. all of our tweets calling for the end of taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood,
  2. all of our tweets of our undercover investigations into Planned Parenthood, and
  3. any ultrasound images of preborn children.

Twitter has effectively limited speech on the side of the issue it apparently rejects. This is disturbing behavior for a social media platform that has over 300 million active users a month and that presents itself as a forum for people to voice a variety of opinions and positions.

While Twitter certainly has the right to choose who advertises on its platform, Americans have the right to know just how fascist they are becoming in their policies. What they are doing behind the scenes is outrageous!

It’s one thing to advocate for the despicable and detestable Planned Parenthood organization. But it’s wholly another to begin stifling the voices who you disagree with, and that’s exactly what’s happening here.

I’m glad Live Action wrote this report and you can read the full report here.

Here are other tweets Live Action says Twitter is demanding they delete before they are allowed to advertise:


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