Twitter SUSPENDS account of pro-life movie… on the weekend of their release

Prolife activist Lila Gace Rose lobbed a pretty big accusation against Twitter, and she’s not one to toss bombs out indiscriminately:

Very interesting.

I think we should use this occasion to get as much publicity for their movie as possible:

The account was re-opened after people started tweeting about it:

Here’s the trailer for the movie – it looks really really good:

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82 thoughts on “Twitter SUSPENDS account of pro-life movie… on the weekend of their release

  1. I think everyone on TRS, who has a Twitter account should UNSUBSCRIBED, until UNPLANNED is reinstated. Show them what AMERICANS really think about their absurd biased decisions. And, then use the time you would normally be tweeting and go see the movie.

    Trump Administration awards $1.7 million to family planning grant to pro life clinics, cuts funding to four abortion clinics.

  2. Well I just came back from seeing Unplanned. It was a striking movie from the outset, an amazing story and superbly done. I didn’t realize that Dr Levatino actually played himself in the operating room with Abby. If any of you follow Lila Rose from Live Action, he is the doctor in her videos that presents every stage of abortion and demonstrates each procedure. He left the industry and is now a pro life advocate.

    Anyway, it was beautifully done, emotional and on point in every way. I highly recommend seeing it and I may go again to bring more people to experience it. I found myself praying with the pro life advocates at the clinic. It was an awakening experience. I pray that God will help us to end this scourge upon our nation.

  3. Conservatives should ban Twitter. Just don’t go there. Start a conservative social network and ban anyone that says anything remotely liberal.

    1. @kong1967 I understand what you’re saying but we can never change the culture if we don’t engage with the other side. A Conservative social network is great but we don’t want to be an echo chamber. I come to the Right Scoop because most of us agree with conservative principles and I avoid really liberal sites. But I try to have honest and respectful conversations with people who don’t necessarily align with me, because how else can we change hearts and minds.

      1. @rae-from-minnesota Yeah I know. It was just a frustration and sarcastic comment. However, I quit going to Twitter a long time ago because if you argue with libs they flag your comment and get you banned….a lot. I got sick of having to go through the process of getting back on.

        1. @kong1967 I completely agree. Twitter is definitely not for everyone. I go there infrequently and don’t comment much because most of the leftist commenters are so out there that they’re not worth the breath. I’ll usually retweet something I feel strongly about and then ignore anyone who attacks. Same with Facebook. I just posted something the other day about climate change and my sister who’s on Facebook alot said she couldn’t believe I posted it because some of our friends came out of the woodwork to comment. And because I don’t go on there much, my sister went back and forth. But at least it is a respectful conversation and we either agree or agree to disagree in end.

          1. @rae-from-minnesota It’s a respectful conversation with your sister? I think that’s what you’re saying anyway. That’s good, but on Twitter the left will insult you left and right and it’s no problem for Twitter mediators, but all you have to do is argue with leftists and they all jump on the flag wagon…or whatever it’s called (haven’t been there in so long). Twitter is a complete joke that is structured to let PC and liberals rule the day.

        2. I got banned by Twitter a long time ago. I didn’t just tweet my disagreement with the libs, but I went after them with a vengeance, cutting them down to size whenever I felt they had it coming. No surprise that I got banned I guess, and I don’t think they’re ever going to let me back in. Maybe it’s just as well, because I know I wouldn’t do one thing differently if they did.

          1. @LOL! That’s hilarious. With Twitter they’d pretty much let you back in after a few days if you go through the process and basically say you won’t do it again. I don’t blame you for not trying though. It’s not worth it.

            1. I actually did try once, but they still wouldn’t let me back, so I just figured, “Oh, well”.

              1. @laphil You must have really laid it on them bad….or good. They always let me back in but it gets annoying to be kicked out once every two weeks just for stating an opinion.

                1. I was never one to mince words when it came to tweeting. I was warned a couple of times, so I can’t say I didn’t ask for it.

                2. @laphil Ok…but here’s my question for you….which is kinda rhetorical because you won’t know all of it….

                  How was the behavior of the liberal schmucks to you and did they get banned as well? Liberals found a way to abuse the system. When I disagree with someone I don’t give them the thumbs down and I don’t flag them. I don’t think most conservatives do because we believe in free speech and for people to have their own opinions. But liberals don’t. They try to silence anyone they disagree with by flagging them.

                3. Believe it or not, I only got one response to my several dozens of tweets, and by the time I received it or became aware that I did I no longer remembered what it was about.

                4. @laphil Ah…so they just flagged your comments and moved on. The party of tolerance, until they’re not (which is most of the time).

  4. This is disgusting but not surprising.

    If you can’t go to see it buy tickets online and consider it a donation.

  5. I think that efforts to stop this movie only serve to increase the audience. I know I am determined to go MORE SO because of the actions of Twitter.

  6. Powerful, I know not all believe this but…Twitter can stop it for a time, people can try and prevent the Movie from even showing at some Theaters, but Gods message of the sanctity of life cannot be stopped, even if rejected.

  7. Unplanned tells an exceptional story. The demons at Twitter and the rest of the Left are scared to death of it for good reason. I just got back from seeing it. Bring lots of tissue.

  8. We need conservatives with techy brains to create a fair and balanced “twitter”like and “facebook”like website for the masses to use in free speech. Had Trump not used Twitter in 2015-2016 and to current times, Twitter would have folded. Trump saved them and this is the thanks he gets. I don’t tweet and don’t FB because it became quite clear AND HAS BEEN PROVEN OUTWARDLY that these corporations are using everything we post to collect data against us in what the democrats would like to make a communist nation.

      1. From what I read, it appears that the FBI, CIA and other government agencies scrutinize both of those sites vigorously because of alleged neo-nazis, white supremacists and antisemitic speak….so, I take it as a sign to stay off of most social networking sites. I like it here. It’s home 🙂

    1. Conservatives with techy brains care about money. Make it worth their while, and they’ll come up with a superior product. Ask them to do it just so that we can have something to use for free, and they’ll tell you to go pound sand.

      1. What? The money FB and Twitter have made isn’t enough?! LOL. And as far as “free” goes, they make their money selling ad space to advertisers.

        1. Missed the point.

          Point is, no conservative has a reason to create a twitter alternative. Are you going to pay for it? I’m not. Are the majority of people going to pay for it? Not while twitter is free.

          So, where’s the incentive to create conservative twitter? Or, are you expecting some benevolent techie to spend a fortune to give conservatives something for nothing?

          1. Oddly it’s not necessarily always money but rather a tipping point. As Malcolm Gladwell talks about in his book The Tipping Point: “The Law of the Few” is, as Gladwell states: “The success of any kind of social epidemic is heavily dependent on the involvement of people with a particular and rare set of social gifts”.

            Trump could instantly create a tipping point with his particular place in time over Twitter by dropping them and moving to an alt platform. Would be a Yuge, Bigleage/Bigly tip..

    1. @finrod Great news! And I think it will pick up steam as word of mouth spreads about how good it is. Also, some people may be initially scared off by that bogus R rating, but hopefully they will hear that it was undeserved.

      For those reading this and are on the fence, please know that I rarely watch R movies because I have “delicate sensibilities.” But I saw this movie today, and I am telling you do not be afraid to see it. It’s really well done.

      ps: I’m not surprised that Dumbo is not doing well. It looked so creepy to me!

    2. Excellent! Expected opening weekend of $7.25m. Budget $6m. We’re going Monday night. Thank God the rest of the movies this weekend are garbage. :thumbsup:

  9. Screw Twitter and @jack. They don’t control people’s interest or influence events as much as may think they do. Arrogant asses.
    I hope word of mouth will make “UNPLANNED” a David vs Goliath success at the box office.

  10. Go see this EXCELLENT movie.
    Saw it yesterday. It is well done, emotional, redemptive, and amazingly ALL TRUE….no Hollywood added.
    Here is a YouTube interview while making the movie…AMAZING

    Support this movie is a MUST if we want to change our country back to a moral compass.

  11. As a public company, how could have they gotten away with indiscriminate banning if someone is not breaking a rule? I’m looking for non-emotional answers.
    This seems like a FCC and 1A violation to me.

    1. To heck with the FCC! Hit them where it counts most…in the pocketbook – file against Twitter with the SEC and FINRA! Let them be suspended from trading on the exchange for even a day and they will lose trillions!

  12. I just this minute got home after seeing Unplanned and I HIGHLY recommend everyone to see it! It was an excellent movie, very well done. Do not be afraid of the R rating. But bring your tissues, because if you are not genuinely moved to tears several times well, I won’t say it…

    If you think you you don’t “need” to see this because you know what this is all about, you may be in for a surprise. I learned several things I didn’t know before.

    Just go.

  13. They torture then execute babies after birth. . . They torture then execute babies during birth . . . They torture then execute babies before birth

  14. Twitter suspended me, too, but I’m OK with that. I lived for 65 years without it, I think that I’ll possibly survive a few more.

  15. This is why I am such a supporter of Gab, even though it also allowed some disgusting people on it. We need a social media that is supportive of free speech.

    Absolutely sickening that this movie would be suspended. The minions of Moloch are protecting their god.

    1. I’ve had trouble with GAB, and the new one, I forget what it’s called. Difficult to navigate and get get a discussion going.

      1. Dissenter. I left a lot of posts but so far getting discussion is hard, I try to leave comments on other posts to get something going but yeah, right now people are just using it to leave a comment and forget it.

        1. @Tracy Yeah, I linked a good article from here to see if there was any reaction and nada.

  16. Satan works through PP , convincing women they aren’t really murdering a human baby. That the tiny baby doesn’t feel any pain, and that it’s okay to murder it. It’s heartbreaking.

  17. When are these social media platforms going to get it through their heads that their liberal biases are NOT the norm and are in effect anti-liberty as well as anti-life?!! They think that they have a semblance of godliness but in reality what they promote is from the very Pit. They believe that their righteousness is above the Creator’s and in their arrogance think that if God exists then He would think exactly as they do (Ex., justify homosexuality and other sexual perversions, kill babies for convenience, make everyone equally poor by robbing them of their hard earned money, be totally unlawful in everything they desire to do). In other words they’ve created a god in their own image. God has told us explicitly in His Word what He wants and desires of us and the arrogant self-righteousness of the liberal Left doesn’t even come close.

    1. When is the government going to end their platform protections? They aren’t acting as platforms so should not be protected as such.

      1. @squirrelly Totally agree. Glenn Beck compared them being a publisher vs a platform. A platform cannot ban people unless they’re advocating violence. A platform is protected from lawsuits because they allow free speech for all. They can’t ban someone because they disagree with them, but that’s what they’re doing.

        A publisher does what Twitter is doing to people who disagree with their liberal point of view. They can ban whoever they want because they can have their own viewpoint but they can also be sued if they lie, attack or discriminate.

        Twitter, Facebook, Google and more, advertise themselves as platforms where all are welcome. But they ban people because of liberal bias and are protected from being sued by the government. This is what shuts down free speech and should not be allowed.

        Unfortunately, because this is a huge platform where most of social media goes, if voices are banned it affects the culture. And in order to change the culture, you have to go to where they are.

        Thank God they put them back up. I’m seeing the movie tonight and can’t wait!

        1. @rae-from-minnesota That Glenn Beck explanation about “platform vs publisher” was the best and clearest I have heard yet on this subject. Very helpful!

          1. It sure was, nc. It made so much sense. I had initially thought, “Well, they’re a private company,” and I’m also against creating new regulations for them especially when this already exists for publishers and that’s what they are. I’m sure all the money they feed to the alligators in DC keeps them at platform status.

  18. This movie looks fantastic. And Lila Rose is one of my favorite humans.

    When I crash the asteroid into this planet, she will be one that I spare.

  19. I’m not in favor of gov’t interference in the private sector but when free speech is involved the gov’t has to step in. I hope Devin Nunes wins BIGLY!

    1. The government just needs to declare them publishers and remove their platform protections. There is nothing else they need to do. No reason to make new regulations for them.

  20. Maybe we shouldn’t rely on a hard-left media platform to spread awareness about, find support for, and advertise our right-wing goals.


    1. The better option is for Congress to take away the protections they gave to the techies. Then we’re on a level playing field.

      1. You know what really grinds my gears? Conservatives and the rest of the Right LOVE talking about boycotts. We’re going to boycott this, we’re going to boycott that, we’re going to make our voices heard by refusing to support these things we hate.

        But they just can’t break their twitter/facebook addiction, can they. :/

        1. I never saw the value of Twitter…. had FB for real estate business, but realized it wasn’t worth it either. Now about this Google/Android thing. That will be a tough break for me as I have grown to not like Microsoft products.

          1. Never did the whole “social media ” thing – just not my thing.

            And once I realized how bad Google was I switched, at the recommendation of a couple of comments here to DuckDuckGo and am quite happy with it.

            Being online constantly or on social media is an addiction IMO.

            1. I do a little Instagram just for picture fun. Nothing political. Never got into Facebook or Twitter.

              Left Google for Bing years ago. People say Bing is just as bad, but I saw a study that says it’s not. Sometimes I use DuckDuckGo.

        1. I am pleased any time I can bring someone new information they did not know before. Learning something new is the most valuable thing in the world to me, so when I can help others experience it, it’s truly a satisfying act. Thank you.

            1. I was being 100% honest and sincere.

              On a philosophical level, I think that the meaning of life is the pursuit of knowledge. Which means that I also think that the effort to spread knowledge is one of the highest nobility one can reach in their lives.

  21. But why do I think the only people who will see this movie are people who are already opposed to abortion? I guess if it changes one person’s mind it’s a positive.

    1. The more publicity it gets the more undecideds will see it, if only out of curiosity. Beck said that people should bring teens, because it will make a lasting impression on them.

  22. You know there must be some really ignorant, stupid people working at twitter to think they can do this sort of stuff without it making them look like the ignoramuses they really are. Any denials or claims it was an error is a flat out lie.

    1. Or, maybe they know they can do it with impunity because who’s going to stop them? They can openly admit they did it on purpose. All we’ll be able to do in response is impotently shout, “Y.. you jerks!”

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