UGH: Ann Coulter wants Romney AGAIN in 2016, says Ted Cruz a ‘disaster’ on immigration

Once again Ann Coulter finds a way to make herself irrelevant when it comes to picking candidates for 2016 (h/t: Hotair):

How is Ted Cruz a disaster on immigration? Because he tried to call the Senate’s bluff with an amendment that would bring illegals out of the shadows but disallow them from ever becoming citizens? Isn’t that what those who were pushing for immigration reform were arguing, that we needed to get people out of the shadows? Cruz knew they wouldn’t pass it. But let’s just say for some reason they adopted his amendment. Do you think he still would have voted for that 1200 page immigration reform bill? Heck no.

Ann is right to point out however, just as Mark Levin has pointed out time and time again, that there will never be a legal 2nd class of people in the US for any significant period of time. Why? Because Democrats will immediately argue that anything less than citizenship is discrimination and will push and push until the ‘2nd classers’ become full American citizens.

So does she think Cruz doesn’t realize this?

I appreciate Ann’s commitment to stopping illegal immigration the right way and pushing for a candidate who would do that. But Romney? If there’s one thing we know about Romney, especially given his past, he would end up being like Boehner on immigration – he’d fold like a cheap suit against any media pressure that painted him as a bigot.

Ted Cruz is one of the very few that actually has the strength of conviction and leadership needed to be president. Mitt Romney is a good man, but not one that would be able to defeat the likes of Hillary Clinton. Heck, he couldn’t even defeat Obama when he was pretty dang vulnerable.

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