Ugh: John Kerry confirms US is training Syrian rebels (aka Muslim Brotherhood)

Not only are we sending $60 million in aid, but now we are actually training the Muslim Brotherhood fighters, aka Syrian rebels:

FOX NEWS – Secretary of State John Kerry confirmed to Fox News that the U.S. is training anti-Assad forces in the Syria conflict, saying Tuesday the hope is to convince President Bashar Assad to “change his current calculation.”

Kerry, speaking to Fox News in Doha, Qatar, became the first U.S. official to acknowledge the off-site training on the record. He would not go into detail about the training, describing it as “one part” of the U.S. effort and something that “a lot of countries” are doing.

“I think what President Obama is hoping is to build on what has already happened. The president put in place sanctions and that helps to strip some of President Assad’s ability to fuel his war machine,” Kerry said.

The New York Times previously reported on the effort to train Syrian opposition forces, quoting unnamed officials, but this is the first time the State Department has spoken openly about it.

“There are a lot of nations working at this,” Kerry said of the effort to pressure Assad. “And so I think President Assad needs to read the tea leaves correctly.”


As we point out every time, here are the groups that make up the Syria rebels trying to topple Assad:

CHICAGO TRIBUNE – Syrian rebel groups have chosen Brigadier Selim Idris, a former officer in President Bashar al-Assad’s army, to head their new Islamist-dominated military command, opposition sources said on Saturday.

The joint command named Islamist commanders Abdelbasset Tawil from the northern province of Idlib and Abdelqader Saleh from the adjacent province of Aleppo to serve as Idris’s deputies, the source said.

The unified command includes many with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and to Salafists, who follow a puritanical interpretation of Islam. It excludes the most senior officers who had defected from Assad’s military.

Its composition, estimated to be two-thirds from the Muslim Brotherhood and its allies, reflects the growing strength of Islamist fighters on the ground and resembles that of the civilian opposition leadership coalition created under Western and Arab auspices in Qatar last month.

And here’s why we are training them, because our government has granted them legitmacy:

FOX NEWS – President Barack Obama says the U.S. now recognizes Syria’s main opposition group as the “legitimate representative” of the country’s people.

Obama says the Syrian Opposition Council is now “inclusive enough” to be granted greater legitimacy in the international community. The president says that level of recognition comes with responsibility, including making sure the group organizes itself effectively and is committed to a political transition that respects the rights of women and minorities.

The move paves the way for greater U.S. support as the group seeks the ouster of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Obama spoke in an interview with ABC News.

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37 thoughts on “Ugh: John Kerry confirms US is training Syrian rebels (aka Muslim Brotherhood)

  1. Obama just wants the MB to “feel the love”, dontcha’ know! After all, he’s “down for the struggle” with his muslim brothers.

  2. So the US is going to help the MB secure control of Syria??? Why doesn’t the O’bungler administration try to secure our borders, you know do something useful for America, instead of helping the MB wrench control of Syria from Assad? O’bungler has a “thing” for the MB.

  3. What the HELL is wrong with this government? How stupid can they be? Rhetorical…


  4. The Syrian civil war began on March 15, 2011 and it took Obama nearly 2 years to determine which radical Islamist group to back in the conflict. As of February 2013, the United Nations put out an estimate of 70,000 that had died in the war.


    Syria death toll probably at 70,000, U.N. human rights official says – February 13, 2013

    Another great example of Obama’s dysmal foreign policy. The Free Syrian Army, the primary opposition group, emerged in July 2011 and was composed of the early defectors from the Syrian army who refused to shoot unarmed protesters during the Syrian uprising. Riad al-Asaad stated in October 2011 that the Free Syrian Army (FSA) has no political goals except the removal of Bashar Assad as president of Syria:

    Why didn’t Obama back a group of defectors from Syria’s army rather than waiting 2 years to back radical Muslim forces once again?

    Based on the Arab Spring, the Obama administration seems to go out of its way to back jihadi terrorists like the Muslim Brotherhood.

  5. It is completely insane to be funding and training radical Islamic terrorists. Who approved this the same moron that approved fast and furious?

  6. Once again, Obama commits yet another act of treason…aiding and abetting our enemy, The Muslim Brotherhood. Is there any doubt remaining as to his “real” religion? Right on the heels of his giving the Muslim Brotherhood $1.5 Billion of taxpayer money, 20 F-16 Fighter jets, and over 200 Sherman tanks. I wonder how many American lives that will cost. What kind of Svengali spell does the Marxist/Socialist hold over the lunatic left?

    1. How insulated and secure the Repubs must feel to have voted to allow the money and weapons to go through to the Egyptian/Syrian MB.
      There is no excuse and I consider them treasonous as well.

      1. I could not disagree. I am so sick of our milquetoast, wimpy, spineless, Republicans that I could projectile puke. I was a big Newt Gingrich fan – he wanted to call a halt to ALL foreign aid to countries who hate our guts, and also to China. I also would have loved to have seen him debate Obama. Newt would have left him a quivering mass of protoplasm.

        1. To me Newt had everything we’ve been pleading for – experience, knowledge, gonads, yet hated by everyone. I remain ignorant as to why – he was the antithesis of Obama.

  7. STUPID WASTE of men, time, money, equipment. Spreading Islam is like spreading injustice, intolerance, racist hate, misogyny, rape, slavery and war.

  8. Training more terroists..that HATE America..and her citizens!

    Give that 60 mill to OUR military.

  9. Odumbo purposefully aiding and abedding terrorists. Neat. This is not leading from behind, but with the behind! Too bad our system of checks and balances has been crushed by our dictator in chief because this would be a golden example of many instances of treason on his part. However, we would need a legitimate Department of Justice for that to happen and so the dictator will continue in his fascist ways.

    1. >>>…we would need a legitimate Department of Justice for that to happen and so the dictator will continue in his fascist ways. <<<

      Indeed! This kind of tells you just exactly where the cows are grazing, doesn't it.

  10. I wonder if we’re training them on how to burn embassies and kill ambassadors. If Libya is any indication of what is to come, it’s what they do best.

  11. “And so I think President Assad needs to read the tea leaves correctly.”
    That about sums up the intelligence of the entire Obama administration – reading tea leaves. American’s have a right to be stupid

  12. Dear leader saw the rebels in Libya as legit too and we all know how well that’s turned out. This, Lord have mercy! Doesn’t anyone in our Congress have any freaking idea or guts to tell it like it is… arming, training, and supporting enemies, known terrorists to the US?!
    The ba$tard in chief threatens cuts to defense, yet is throwing billions in dollars and weapons to his brotherhood buddies in Egypt and now Syria, and knowing full well al quaida and other groups are working together.
    I know some of the chemical stores have been moved, the bulk of it under joint control, but think of who will control it should we help the rebels and then leave them in charge like dear leader has done in Egypt and Libya. The brotherhood, Hezbollah and Al Quaida will have them to do with what they want.
    I hate, despise, loathe and abhor the traitorous dear leader administration, and I resent the spineless jackwagons in congress who won’t do anything about it.

    1. Weapons and money to Syrian Muslim Brotherhood, same for Egyptian MB, but fight like hell to crush our second amendment. BO fights like hell to destroy any opposition speech to his plans to transform America.
      How blind can the electorate and congress be?

      1. Yes, and he knows he needs to disarm the American citizenry in order to effect his totalitarian socialist takeover. Watch for a declared martial law toward the end of his second term… he is setting the stage now for the declaration. It will be based upon an “invented” internal threat to the U.S. Govt by the “radical right.” You know, those radicals who want a smaller, less intrusive Govt., want a balanced budget, want the Constitution to remain intact, the Bill of Rights to remain intact, and want freedom and an exceptional America. Just like he invented the “war on women,” he will invent a “war from the ‘radical’ right.” He knows full well that if he declares martial law, there can be no election held during it. He will remain in power – and I do mean power – indefinitely. Think about it… he is doing exactly what he said he was going to do.. “fundamentally change” America. He is creating a domestic militia (outside of the military), and that is the Dept of Homeland Security. They are buying massive ammounts of ammo, 200+ light tanks, etc. and for what?? Remember, Obama has already put Muslims in key positions within the Dept of Homeland Security. The foxes guarding the henhouse. Prepare to be eaten.

        1. You have connected the dots. It would have been nice if Romney, while he had the platform, did the same.
          We simply can’t afford nice, oblivious, RINO’s anymore. We need leaders who understand the urgency that we have a maniac at the helm, or we won’t have a country in 4 years.

  13. Ah – the old excuse: others are doing this as well!
    “There are a lot of nations working at this,” Kerry said of the effort to pressure Assad.”

    Putting pressure on Assad by secretly training these jihadists? As if the USA didn’t have other ways of putting pressure on Assad?
    But then we know that this isn’t about Assad, it is about enabling ever more jihadi rebels, to encircle Israel. After all, we know who sits in the WH and we know his agenda.

    1. The first flag over Libya after Ghadaffi was killed (and sodomized after death) was the AlQueda flag.

      1. But – al quaeda is dead, innit!

        I think these rumours, about muslims wiping out African tribes, are based on truth. We only need to remember Darfur.
        Muslims sold Africans as slaves – one wonders why the black community is not up in arms against muslims. Or rather, not: they’re lefties, and lefties admire islam, even though it violates all the things they scream about here, from wimmins rights to gay rights, to blatant racism and modern-day slavery.

  14. Assad is no angel but his enemies are even worse…. what is it they want? An islamic state in Syria? I feel sorry for the Syrian people especially the Christians when these animals are in charge and Kerry gets his way. Very sad.

  15. And why isn’t the left screaming about this like they did with Bush?

    Because we have an even bigger enemy within our borders.

  16. Well Obama and his henchmen continue to help build the new caliphate. They are a treacherous bunch.

    1. Absolutely!! Why can’t anyone else see this point in DC?? He has done enough to take this country down the drain. When is enough, enough??

    2. Obama is helping to build the new Islamic Caliphate! The Islamists never could have removed all these dictators without our help!

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