Obama administration wants to make sure ISLAM isn’t tarnished by ISIS ‘distortions’

Secretary of State John Kerry announced that he will be trying to create as broad a coalition as possible to deal with ISIS. Not all of the countries in this coalition will be providing military support. Some will be providing humanitarian aid and some will make sure Islam, “one of the world’s great peaceful religions,” isn’t tarnished by ISIS:

Tomorrow, I will travel to the Middle East to continue to build the broadest possible coalition of partners around the globe to confront, degrade, and ultimately defeat ISIL. On Wednesday, President Obama will lay out in even greater detail our coordinated global strategy against ISIL.

As we build this coalition, I want to underscore that almost every single country on earth has a role to play in eliminating the ISIL threat and the evil that it represents. For some that will mean military assistance, both direct and in the form of training, arming, and advising, equipping.

For some it will mean contributing to the desperately needed humanitarian effort.

For some, it will mean helping identify, track and cut off ISIL’s funding and prevent the flow of foreign fighters.

For still others, it will mean demolishing the distortion of one of the world’s great peaceful religions and counteracting the propaganda ISIL uses to recruit new supporters.

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