[VIDEO FIXED] — UH OH: Huckabee said something about transgenders and the media no likey

Huckabee was talking about religious liberty to a crowd at a 2015 National Religious Broadcasters Convention in February, and he said something now they are trying to beat him up for just because Bruce Jenner decided to become a woman and flaunt it before the nation.

Here are the comments he made below (h/t: Buzzfeed):

Huckabee’s comments were about some cities allowing transgenders to use whichever public bathroom they want, pointing out how absurd that policy is. Of course he makes a like-hearted joke about transgendering and the media goes nuts – well mainly CNN. And of course they are only focusing on the part where he made the joke.

Watch how Wolf Blitzer BUTCHERS the video of Huckabee, leaving out significant context and then asking Pataki to comment on it:

The real joke here is Wolf Blitzer. Pataki may or may not disagree with the policy, but his comments are worthless because he didn’t hear the whole clip. Yet that’s apparently what Blitzer wanted.

And then later, CNN goes all in on trying to destroy Huckabee over this:

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