UH OH: Strzok talked about having an ‘insurance policy’ to prevent Trump from winning in 2016

One of the texts that has been uncovered in the 10k mother load of texts between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page is big one that suggests Strzok had an ‘insurance policy’ to prevent Trump from winning the election:

The obvious question is whether or not this ‘insurance policy’ was in fact the anti-Trump dossier.

Whatever the case, Andrew McCarthy says this is clearly not just political banter:

He’s right. We’re not just talking about having a political affiliation, but acting on it as well which makes it ‘bias’, as Kimberly Strassel points out:

To paraphrase a TRS commenter, the question isn’t why Strzok was fired, but why he was hired by Mueller to begin with? I’m not saying that everyone in the FBI knew of Strzok’s political affiliations and biases, but I suspect that quite a few knew and I wonder if this was ever a consideration when Mueller hired him.

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