UM.. Donald Trump just threw Rick Perry under the bus for pivoting to support him – [VIDEO]

Donald Trump just threw Rick Perry under the bus for pivoting to support him:

Trump first paints Perry as the bad guy by telling the crowd that Perry used to say the worst things about him, pointing out that he always liked Perry.

Trump then makes it sound like he’s a victim of Perry’s dirty politics by saying “politics is a dirty business,” before telling the crowd “I’ve never seen people able to pivot like politicians.”

You quickly get the idea that Perry is just another unprincipled politician who is willing to say anything to be on the winning side.

Of course then Trump praises Perry for seeing the light and endorsing him.

Now say what you will about Perry, because he really did pivot. Perhaps he was just following up on his pledge, or maybe he really did see the ‘light’.

But Trump is the worst of the worst when it comes to dirty politics. It’s the only way he can win. He even admitted in that tirade that Perry was a good governor, but he wouldn’t say it when they were running against each other. No, what he did was lie about Perry, claiming he failed as a governor to secure the border in Texas (and many other things). But it isn’t Perry’s job to secure the border, it’s Obama’s.

And we all know how he’s lied about Cruz and others just to win.

Trump is the biggest hypocrite I’ve ever seen on the Republican ticket and for him to now throw Perry under the bus like this, well it just shows he only respects 100% loyalty from people and if he doesn’t get it, BUMP BUMP.

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