Unbelievable: Hillary says Jerry Falwell Jr. is committing TREASON for anti-Muslim speech!

On “This Morning” with George StephanupinhillarysPocketopoulos, Hillary Clinton actually used the phrase “providing aid and comfort to ISIS” in describing Jerry Falwell’s comments against Muslims, which is an accusation of treason.

Watch below:

She’s kinda saying the First Amendment freedom of speech doesn’t apply if you’re talking about Muslims badly. In a sane America, this would be absolutely disqualifying for the presidency. But we live in Obama’s America.

Is there a stealth creeping campaign by Democrats to delegitimize speech against Muslims for the aim of criminalizing like they did in Canada? I say this because clearly Obama is against it, and his Attorney General said it would be prosecuted this week, and now Hillary…


El Scoopo found this video of Jerry Falwell Jr.’s comments, and it’s clear that he’s talking about “those Muslims” that murdered 14 in San Bernardino, though the crowd applause interrupts him a little.

Watch below:

Not only is she defying the Constitution, but she’s LYING to do it. That’s pretty damn despicable, but that’s what we’ve come to expect from the degenerate Clintons.

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