US deports 109,511 CONVICTED CRIMINAL illegal immigrants in 2013!

Ye, they all come here to look for a job and mind their own business. Right? Get this from Reuters:

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement removed 368,644 illegal immigrants in fiscal 2013, down from 409,849 the previous year, the agency said on Thursday.

The agency said in a report the overall figure for the year ended September 30 included 235,093 removals of individuals caught along the U.S. border trying to illegally enter the country and 133,551 apprehended in the U.S. interior. Of those removed from the interior, 82 percent had previously been convicted of a crime, the agency said.

 This 82% figure represents 109,511 illegal immigrants who already lived in the US long enough to be convinced of a crime!

How many more criminal illegals are here who have yet to be convicted of their crimes?

How many of those NOT stopped at the border have criminals backgrounds in their native countries?

How many of those deported will return within a few years and then commit a crime? (35,800 in 2010!)

Why did total deportations in Fiscal Year 2013 drop by about 10% from FY2012?

But if you oppose granting blanket VOTING RIGHTS via citizenship to everyone illegal in the United States in a bill that increases border security by tops 50%, you are a right-wing radical tea partying absolutist who wants to take this Country hostage for your racist agenda…

Right, Senator McCain?


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