Using the FaceApp is offensive to transgender persons, and cissexist

It’s Friday, and that means it’s time for your updating on the new rules for not offending transgender persons, the newest group to demand special protection in society and under the law!!!

Today’s edition has to do with using an app that switches your gender – that’s cissexist!! If you don’t know what “cissexist” is, you’re probably doing it RIGHT NOW. It means bigotry against transgender persons. Bigot.

Here’s an example of the FaceApp:

People are posting their pics in other genders and other formats on Facebook and Twitter. And that is ALL bigotry!!!

According to one transgender person:

“Cisnormative” is the transgender word for “normal,” basically, but they don’t want to use the word “normal” because that means that they’re not normal, and that’s bigotry, you bigot.

So using an app for fun hurts transgender’s trans-feelings, so you’re a trans-bigot and you need to stop that!!!

UH.. I dunno, I can’t translate that one. It’s weird.

OK, I think I got this one. SO, you can’t say that you would look this way in another gender, because to say someone looks any gender is bigoted. Yeah. That’s it!

It’s just an app.

Don’t you feel bad now? You should!! You evil, bigoted cissexist!!

Also here’s a weird person that did the FaceApp swap with the GOP:

H/T GodfreyElfwick

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