[VIDEO] Al Gore: Africa’s Population A Problem That “Must Be Addressed”


“Africa’s projected to have more people than China or India by mid-century. More than China and India combined by the end of the century. And this is one of the causal factors that must be addressed.”

At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland last week, Al Gore participated in a forum on “climate change” and how it affects the economy, and vice versa. In response to a question about whether he was happy to see increased willingness to act on global warming, Gore offered a rambling response that included the above eye-popper.

Gore, like many other warmers, and in keeping with a long tradition among Big Nature scaremongering, has taken to advocating population control. In this case, Gore suggests that population growth in Africa, in particular, is a big problem that must “be addressed”. It is not immediately clear how reducing infant mortality will reduce population. He offers up the idea of “fertility management” without explaining why we need another new euphemism. Then he remarkably elects to single out Africa to say, essentially, there are too many Africans, and something should be done about that if we are to halt global warming. Unreal.

The Daily Caller adds:

Myron Ebell, director of global warming and international environmental policy at the free-market Competitive Enterprise Institute, told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “Advocating population control specifically for Africa is just another form of imperialism. Gore’s eco-imperialism is uncomfortably close to the original racist goals of Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, who advocated population control in order to control the number of black and brown people in the world.”

Here is the entire response. (much longer)

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86 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Al Gore: Africa’s Population A Problem That “Must Be Addressed”

  1. ex vice president gore…why listen to this moron? and also al what you say about global warming (in your words) “What supposed to be up is down” “what supposed to be down is up” Anybody remember that?

  2. Hey Algore, how about you lead the way and jump off the cliff behind your mansion in California? If you don’t have the cajones to do it, we will gladly give you a shove. Putz.

  3. And because of crackpots like him we have “smart” meters, “smart” appliances, and for me, monthly letters threatening me to stop using so much energy which I pay for. But but, it’s only my wife and I, and we work all day and use as little as possible in the evenings. Shut up they suggest. You use too much and if you don’t stop it, we’ll………… and that is my question. What are they going to do?

  4. ‘Fertility management’ sounds like something that happens in a veteranarian’s office.

    Al Gore, the Flying Dutchman of crackpot causes.

  5. I used to think Al was just stupid. Wrong. He is evil as well. Of course, there is the chance that all those Africans could possibly fart at the same moment….that would certainly do something to ‘global warming’. Hmmm….maybe he does have a point? Ugh.

  6. This man was almost president. . . .

    Nobody beats O on pure statist evilness, but ‘President Gore’ adds insanity. I think he would have been our history’s ‘Insane President’ – our country’s Caligula.

  7. So, in my 204 year old house in The Constitution State, I leave an upstairs faucet slowly dripping on the coldest nights these last months, to guard against the pipes freezing. And I think of how lucky I am we’re having this global warming. Imagine how cold it would be without it?

    Now I feel compelled to get the fireplace going, play my guitar, and put a little more CO2 in the air. It appears to be good for me.

  8. Typical of the environmental movement. “Man is a plague on the earth.”
    I wonder how much money Al expects to make off this one?

      1. Bill Gates has a lot more money than he has sense. Hopefully he will do a little bit of good with some of it.

  9. Reminds me of a braying donkey. But I digress. So sad that when this doofus says egregious things like this, that he gets a pass instead of the censorship that he deserves. He’s a fool, through and through.

  10. If Algore is as successful at population control as he was with Global Warming events, 9 months after he visits a city the maternity wards will be overflowing.

  11. “Africa’s projected to have more people than China or India by
    mid-century. More than China and India combined by the end of the

    Hardly an issue since Africa is a CONTINENT you first class idiot! China and India together don’t even come close to the land mass of Africa, which comes with over 40 countries, if I remember rightly. What a waste of airtime Al Gore is.

  12. So where’s the outrage on the lamestream for this clearly racist comment?! If a conservative had said this the wires would be exploding…a demoncrat like Gore can suggest a firing squad for population control and get a free pass! Progressive liberals are truly evil!

  13. NOW he’s done it. He was getting away with that population control rhetoric when addressing majority white countries such as the US and those in the EU. But now he’s going after a protected class, and his fellow progs just aren’t going to stand for that.

    Butter the guy; he’s toast.

  14. Al Gore is raising awareness of overpopulation surrounded by big money people. His mortgage must be due.

  15. Global warming replaced population control a couple of decades ago. The global warming scam has been revealed and now they are returning to population control. Getting rid of undesirables has always been the goal of these Communists.

    They are going after the entire population of Africa. Isn’t that racist?

  16. Oh yeah, the “Population Bomb” problem. 1968.President George Bush has done much to help African poor. Has Al?

    1. His predictions for population growth can be relied on as much as those he made for the polar ice caps melting and the oceans rising!

  17. I hate these hypocrites. He has his 4 kids, but no one else should. If he really cared about overpopulation, he’d have his worthless son snipped.

  18. “Advocating population control specifically for Africa is just another form of imperialism.”

    Imperialism through eugenics.

    What’s global warming got to do with Africa’s population? Not one single thing. If Gore the Bore really wants to address Africa’s problems, he could start with a dialog on their numerous civil wars, ethnic strife, and the AIDS epidemic, but also the way big media portrays Africans, which shows most of them as starving, war mongering, uneducated, superstitious products of incomplete evolution, people to be pitied and controlled, more than children of God who are near and dear to Him.

    More blacks have died through abortion, since Roe v Wade, than heart disease, all cancers, AIDS, violent crimes, and accidents all put together. More than 2 and a half times as many.

    Imagine that no blacks in the U.S. from Roe v Wade through today were killed through abortion. Then, round up the 13 million youngest members of today’s black population and wipe them all out. Congratulations. You’ve just destroyed a fourth of this ethnic group.

    Global warming (should be called global worming) is nothing at all but the ultimate attempt by elitists to control population growth. That’s what it has been all along.

    Every black person in America should despise people like Gore, Obama, Clinton, and all the rest of the true racists. White people should do no less. We need absolutely no one in power who does not fully respect the dignity and value of all human life, young or old, Asian or African, Hispanic or Causasian, purple, white, green, black, orange, or whatever color we happen to be.

    Gore, if you want population control, start with your own household.

  19. I understand reducing infant mortality, which may sometimes be brought about by poor sanitary conditions at child birth, but population control?

    That’s just disgusting.

    1. I despise Al Gore with a passion. However, population can and should be brought under control in Africa.

      Vaccination against childhood diseases will lower mortality, which always drives populations to choose smaller family sizes. No one needs to be exterminated, just start saving lives. If the US had approached all aid to Africa the same way Bush did HIV, the problem would already be mostly solved.

      Vaccination, clean drinking water and proper sanitation are all that’s needed to make Africa into a manageable status.

      1. The problem I have is that he didn’t explain it as such. His reasons for it, is that it is a “threat to civilization.”

        Oh, please. There are two countries right now with populations over a billion: China and India. They pose no threat to anyone other than a slight geopolitical one.

        The rationale he used was because of “Climate change”. Not because of their own well being. I heard some time back that a ship from Holland went to the coast of West Africa offering abortions — because they weren’t allowed in that specific country. Come on.

        More kids in Africa have died because of the ban on the insecticide DDT than they have of global warming over there.

      2. I believe you’re right, to the point of that being part of a first step. The goal can’t be manageable status. How I understand Bono, Capitalism must be added, or we will have to ‘manage’ them forever.

        How I understand it, one problem is that capitalism requires significant individual liberty – and in many African nations they don’t have much of that

  20. So if I understand Al correctly, he’s saying the African warlords are not killing enough people.

  21. Imagine that; Africa will have more people living in it compared to China and India by 2100. Two large countries indeed, but Africa is the 2nd largest continent on Earth. Thus, big deal.

    Gore’s answer to the infant mortally crisis in Africa is better education, greater rights for women who then can launch a campaign for abortion on demand. That’s the answer for lefties always; abortion on demand.

    And that’s Gore’s answer to the infant mortally crisis in Africa? Yeah, let’s kill tens-of-millions black babies, call it a medical procedure and we’ll certainly help Africa’s infant mortally crisis.

    Lower the number of infant deaths while increasing the number of abortions will even be good for our climate – fracking unbelievable.

    1. I think you are on target with the reason. Last I heard, populations were being decimated by deaths from A.I.D.S..

      1. Actually President Bush made great inroads on that front with Africa as well as decreasing the death toll from malaria. Both numbers have dropped.

        1. It is good that he cares about the people of Africa and what was accomplished, though I wish it had been Christ’s church rather than government helping them even more.

            1. I think it is good if the country does good things, but think too that we need to think of the government being in deep debt and that the body of Christ ought to be stepping up to the plate more when it comes to helping people.

              1. You’re singing my song. The body of Christ is “letting the government do it’ rather like liberals do. Kind of embarrassing, isn’t it?

          1. For all the good he did he was booed at Mandela’s funeral service in South Africa. He was mocked later by Bono who begged him to help. The Left has no shame,

  22. What an idiot! Apparently the Islamists are addressing it and have been doing so for the past several years, by killing thousands of Christians.

  23. I really hope LOTS of African Americans see this. See who their real enemy is.
    Gore is dead wrong, too.

  24. A white man telling black people what’s best for them. That’ll go over well.

    It’s this kind of discussion that makes Africans suspicious of vaccines provided by the west.

    1. Why not? White Democrats have somehow duped the black population in believing civil rights was all their idea.

  25. So Al wants to steralize Africans?!?!? You think the media and the liberals will be screaming RACISM???? Didn’t think so.

  26. I’m surprised that Al “The Rocket Scientist” Gore didn’t suggest bringing a few hundred million Africans here….so they could vote for the Dimocrap Party candidates in future elections.

      1. Yeah, Dimocrats and absentee ballots are a terrible combination….sometimes the ballots count, other times they don’t. Odd how that always works to the Dimocrats’ advantage.

    1. Several million degrees? Al, are you that stupid (and is Conan that stupid)? We would be star, not a planet at that core temperature. The planet would have exploded long ago.

  27. Sorry Al. You blew it with Global Warming and your Polar Bear BS. No one cares what you have to say anymore.

  28. You can take it to the bank that anything Al Gore says is false and has a nefarious (self-enriching political global economic control) motive.

    Gore is perpetually author and promulgating myths and other false notions.

    In other words, Gore is attempting a big con job/scam.

    1. I can see Algore now standing on a dirt road in Zimbabwa with a sign around his neck, Condoms 25 cents, Today’s Special 3 for a dollar.

  29. I’ve got an idea. Let’s send Algore, Billary and Maobama to Africa and let them deal with it. Well, in Maobama’s case, we’d be sending him BACK to Africa. At least, we’d be feeding the lions.

  30. Yes, the Nazis tried “population control”, I wonder if that’s what Gore has in mind.

    I mean to control a populations numbers your limited to less than a handful of means and we all know people like Gore have no problem with the means justifying the ends. You all can skim on the “carbon credits” so he and others can blow through such credits like a drunkard recycles his booze.

    Of course Means is by whatever they decide. Could be war and hardly a section of Africa hasn’t had any peace in I don’t know how many years. I’m sure they could enlist the dozen or so potentates on that continent to lend a hand.

    Could be via forced abortions and Al would be OK with that since it is returning that which came from the dust to dust. You know something like what China enforces on their population.

    I would say create economic hardships, catastrophes, instabilities, etc but much of Africa has had that for years and it hasn’t stopped them from breeding like rabbits.

    So Al, what method of extermination are you proposing? Short term or long term methods?

  31. Well based on what my thermometer says algore has successfully prevented the planet from becoming a burning inferno. So I guess he can focus on something other than global warming.

  32. Another rich man in suit calling for poorer people to die.
    Why can’t his dumb hippy supporters see through his hypocrisy.

  33. How many people will we have if amnesty is passed? Where do we get the extra water. food, services etc.? Hey gore, you dumb bastard maybe you ignorant libtards need to start worrying about all the chaos coming here courtesy of your idol, Bi-Boy Barry. More of the same song & dance & it’s getting mighty old,fast!

  34. “fertility management”=abortion, contraception, gay marriage. Imagine if a conservative implied there are too many Africans, the outrage that would happen. If a lib says it it’s business as usual. The World Economic Forum is nothing but a platform for Marxism.

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