[VIDEO & INTERVIEW] Peter Capaldi revealed as the Twelfth Doctor

The big announcement has finally been made that Peter Capaldi will be the twelfth doctor in the long running Doctor Who series. Watch the big announcement and interview with Peter Capaldi below:

Peter Capaldi certainly has big shoes to fill and I’m betting he will fill them quite well. I do like the fact that the producers decided to pick someone who is 55 years old instead of going younger, which seems to be the trend in major movies and TV series. All in all Capaldi seems to be a great pick and we’ll see how he does when the next season starts.

NOTE: The 50th Anniversary Special will simulcast around the world and is set to air on Saturday, November 23, 2013 at 3pm on the East Coast.

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54 thoughts on “[VIDEO & INTERVIEW] Peter Capaldi revealed as the Twelfth Doctor

  1. This will make me cringe less when he makes out with River. She’s hot, but knowing she’s old enough to be Matt Smith’s mom makes it not-so-exciting.

  2. This new Doctor previously played a spin doctor in the famous TV series “The Thick of It”, which you lot over there got USA-ified as “In The Loop” (this is tongue-in-cheek, ok!)
    Now I’ve not watched ‘In The Loop’, but “The Tick of It” was definitely not for kiddies, being full of expletives, Peter Capaldi’s character being the worst (hey – it’s in the script!).
    That previous knowledge led some creative Brits to make proposals as to how the new Doctor can best deal with the Daleks: ‘f*** off, you p*ss poor excuse for an intergalactic f***wit, f*ckety-bye’ …
    (No, won’t happen …)

    1. colliemum  
      They need to sic <i>Brick Top</i> on the Daleks. He’d have them straightened out quick.

  3. The Doctor is a thousand year old alien so why in the world would he have any sexual feelings for a thirty something human woman.   Kind of like having sexual feelings for the family dog in my opinion.  They keep throwing this gay crap in I will stop watching it as I do all shows that steer that way.  I’ve watched since the late 70s and can’t decide which Doctor was the best.  I did really enjoy Doctors David Tennant, Christopher Eccleston’s relationship with Billie Piper.

    Peter Capaldi is a very capable actor and I hope the writers don’t mange to ruin the show.  Leave the Doctor’s past a mystery and leave the doctor Asexual!

    1. MadJack I guess because there’s no thousand year old women around? 🙂 I don’t mind it as much as long as its not overt. At some point in his future he gets with River Song whose at least half Time Lord. I’m with you on the gay stuff and I commented on that earlier. Tom Baker is my favorite of the old Doctors and David Tennant is my favorite of the new doctors.

    2. MadJack   I LOVED David Tennant and Eccleston’s too although he was on for one season. I found the series while flipping through the channels and came across “The Empty Child” episode. Wow–creepy stuff! I couldn’t believe it was Dr. Who as the old episodes were so silly to me. We ended up getting the boxed set of Tennant’s doctor. Our two episode favorites are Blink and Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead two-parter. I also loved when they brought in the feisty Catherine Tate character.

      Jeez, I hope they don’t make the doctor gay! I didn’t watch this last doctor–he was weird to begin with and I couldn’t imagine anyone wanting to go off with that. I am so sick of hollyweird pushing the gay agenda in every show now.

  4. I guess many don’t know the 50 year old show famed science fiction series (began in 1963) from the BBC, Doctor Who. As a proud ‘Whovian’ I glad The right Scoop chose to cover the announcement of the 12th Doctor, Peter Capaldi.

  5. Why is this on the Right Scoop?  This crap isn’t news for conservatives or other adults.  Get better and more appropriate news stories or lose what little readership you have.

    1. harryojam  
      And yet here you are, commenting on it.  And what’s with the strange claim about readership?  How many readers do you have?

      1. K-Bob harryojam Thank you. A very odd comment from harry there. Wonder why he doesn’t just go to the stories on this website that he does find ‘appropriate’. Guess he’s never heard of light relief.

        1. pushtheredbutton K-Bob harryojam  
          Rush Limbaugh says he gets stuff like that all the time. People want to make him talk about politics 24/7. And shut up about Apple computers, Football, Golf, Cigars, etc.

      1. PoCoTex tinlizzieowner 
        Sort of. I’ve heard of the show but I’ve never watched it.

        1. tinlizzieowner PoCoTex You are not alone………….I’ve never watched it either.  What is the mystique?

        2. DebbyX tinlizzieowner PoCoTex 
          It’s kind of a British ‘Back To The Future’. A doctor who can travel through time and poke his nose into ‘history’. It’s a very popular and from what I gather, a very good show.

  6. I’ve been watching the Doctor ever since Tom Baker. The only negative about the new doctor is I can see Political Correctness filtering in.

    1. Watchman74 “filtering in”?  Pardon me while I go into a bit of a rant, with a change in direction along the way.
      To begin with, Doctor Who began as primarily a children’s show. One of the first things they did with the new show was to introduce homosexual characters. I still enjoy the show once in a while, but much of it is lost on me. I got into Doctor Who back in the early 80’s and managed to catch most of the available shows from the 60’s to the 80’s. I even met Sylvester McCoy when he toured the US in ’87. I would have liked the new shows more it if they had used older actors to play the Doctor and dispensed with the “sexual tension” crap. 
      I also think they made a big mistake decades ago when they chose to open up too much about the Doctor’s past. Yes, the Doctor is a Terra-phile with distinct Anglo inclinations, but it should always be emphasized that he also views the best of us as little more than grunting cavemen, but in a sympathetic way. He wants to bring us to enlightenment while at the same time keeping us more and more at arm’s length because he knows that even friendly relationships can’t last forever. People tend to outgrow him long before he can outlive them. He’s satisfied being a vagabond while others want to set down roots.

    2. Watchman74 The geek/SkiFi channels on the Internet have been complaining of the Gay Mafia takeover of the show for years.

      1. K-Bob Watchman74 Its very weird isn’t it? And then they act all oblivious and innocent when you charge them with having a propaganda agenda. Sick people. I also know what he means about the sexual tension stuff. The last Doctor (Matt Smith) and his assistant(s) had too much of that. And they also went too much into his history and past. I’d just be content with an episode here and there hinting at his mysterious past, liie they’d been doing for years.

        I hope they stop all that with the new Doctor.

        1. pushtheredbutton K-Bob Watchman74 Well, I liked the tension between The Doctor and Rose Tyler.  I really enjoyed that entire story arc. I also really liked almost all of the actors they started hiring as guest stars during Eccleston’s tenure and beyond.

          I haven’t caught any episodes since the first two or three with Tennant.  Too busy.

      2. K-Bob Watchman74 Are we speaking about Captain Jack? It’s a British show and Europeans have long ago adopted pro-gay stance.
        Captain Jack, actor John Barrowman, also starred in a spin-off called of “Dr. Who” called “Torchwood.” If you have a problem with gay acts on TV, stay away from Captain Jack and “Torchwood” which I couldn’t watch.

        1. Conservator1 K-Bob Watchman74  
          That’s certainly part of it.  I don’t have any problem with the fact that some tiny percentage of the population may be gay. Love the sinner, but not the sin / to each his own / whatever.

          But the Gay Mafia has invaded the film and tv industry to such an excess that a visiting alien would have to conclude that about 60% of the population is happily Gay, and the other 40% are seriously considering giving it a try.
          THAT’s what I hate about the Gay Mafia.  They have the TV set, and they cram their propaganda into everything.
          We like to watch those channels that deal with food or remodeling your house.  Those aren’t very political, and you learn stuff.  But lately we’ve started calling the HGTV channel “House Gay TV” though, because from watching it, you’d swear that 75% of couples looking to buy an upscale home, or remodel some money pit as a source of extra income are either gay, mixed race couples, or foreigners.
          Now I have no problems with those demographics, but why do I have to see programming that basically pretends normal people don’t exist?

        2. K-Bob Conservator1 Watchman74 I know what you mean and all but mixed race people are ‘normal’. The lefts’s recent trick is to pretend being gay is equivalent to being black or some other non-caucasian minority. And it seems we’re falling for it. As a black guy, I can’t tell you how deeply I abhor this false paradigm. 

          Again I know what you mean. But please be careful not to fall for their tricks. A black woman and a white man or vice versa is still a man and a woman; and mankind has intermarried throughout the ages. 
          But I’m still yet to see man and man or woman and woman produce anything but sick.

        3. Conservator1K-BobWatchman74Yup, there’s also been same sex marriages on Dr. Who. As K-Bob said its a small demographic that is becoming over-represented on tv. I’ve seen it in other sci-fi shows as well including Continuum and Defiance.

        4. Watchman74 Conservator1 K-Bob I agree with all the replies. Of course MSM Networks are pushing the gay agenda on networks and cable. Everyone must recall the many years that politicians and the MSM agreed that 10% of Americans are part of LGBT Community.
          In reality, it was always far smaller. In fact, if 10% of American’s were part of LGBT Community, there would be over 30 million. But most experts agree that it’s only about 9 million. (just 1 of a number of studies like Gallup and the US Census):
          “…Key findings from the research brief are as follows:
          An estimated 3.5% of adults in the United States identify as lesbian, gay, or bisexual and an estimated 0.3% of adults are transgender.
          This implies that there are approximately 9 million LGBT Americans, a figure roughly equivalent to the population of New Jersey…”
          BTW, the Syfy Channel is part of NBCUniversal who is a leader in the Gay Mafia Media.

        5. Conservator1 Watchman74 K-Bob   But a large number of them reside in Hollyweird and in the arts. So the seem to act as their demographic in that niche is the norm across the country.

        6. pushtheredbutton K-Bob Conservator1 Watchman74  
          Oh, I totally agree.  I was always on board for mixed race couples, mainly because I have studied the science that proves race is a total lie. With genetics, they can tell whether you are related to a particular person known to be black (for example), but not be certain if you are black, just from your DNA alone.
          Some people say, but they can place your ancestry to a certain population say, in the West Indies! To which I point out, that without knowing beforehand what skin color was the norm with the people who lived there during the years in question, they could never tell what color you are LIKELY to be (likely is not certainty).
          The fact is, very few people on this planet have any proof of what color their great, great, great, great grandmother was.  And even if she passed for white, she could have been of mixed race back then, and no one could possibly know that today.  So no “white” person has some written guarantee that he or she has no nonwhite ancestors.  None.
          And that’s only one minor reason why race is a lie.
          But Hollywood keeps presenting this crap as though regular people don’t exist.  Which, by the way is something I’ve always admired with British film and TV. Far less corrective surgery, far less heavy makeup (and hair extensions and wigs), and far less autofiltering on post means that the people on the screen look real.  I hate the plastic look coming out of American studios.

        7. Conservator1 Watchman74 K-Bob  
          Yep.  That show “Lost Girl” is heavy on the Gay Mafia stuff.

    3. Watchman74 My daughter has crocheted a complete and accurate copy of the Tom Baker’s scarf. The thing is hugely long!

      1. PNWShan Watchman74 
        I’ll bet the ones he used got really smelly. TV sets are not chilly places because of all the lights. I’d have been sweating into those things like crazy.

  7. I never watched Doctor Who…until RS posted a 5-minute clip from the “Vincent” episode. 
    INCREDIBLE scene!
    So I began watchng the DVDs beginning with Series 5 w/Matt Smith and just completed “Angels Take Manhattan”
    Most episodes have exceptional writing and Matt Smith is just terrific….but then i really have no comparison since he is the only doctor I have seen.
    btw, as amazing as that 5-minute clip of “Vincent”, the final scene when Amy Pond returns and realizes they could not save Vincent and sees the vase with “To Amy” is even better and deeper emotionally.
    So “Thanks”, RS for turning me onto DW…although I can’t imagine a different doctor than Matt Smith.

    1. freeperjim 
      tom baker was great – well sometimes, there was lots of pointless running around, sometimes with feet sticking out from under Daleks.

  8. I watched the unveiling live…My initial thought was WHO, but I’m ok w/ his casting. The whole thing will come down to how he is on the screen. I’m happy they went older this time…I knew that coming. Congrats Peter!!!! #BBCDoctorWho #12thDoctor

  9. Benedict Cumberbatch would make a brilliant Doctor. Being following his career since he was casted in BBC’s “Small Island” adaptation, and everything I’ve seen him in since, even if mired in dire writing and direction, he brightens it up with such convincing performances.

    But for now it seems they’ve gone with this Capaldi dude. Don’t mind. Hope he pulls it off. I know the last guy certainly didn’t. He turned me (and many others) off somewhat.

    However well he does, I doubt he’ll match Tom Baker’s portrayal of the Doctor. For me, he is the benchmark. 
    Funny though. I didn’t know Doctor Who was popular in the States as it is here in England. Very interesting. Wonder what it is that endears him to ye yanks.

    1. pushtheredbutton Why do we like the Doctor?  The sheer imagination and confidence of it all.  Pluse we love listening to English accents.  😉

      1. tatterdemalion pushtheredbutton Imagination, yes. Most definitely was innovative in terms of the sci fi genre. And if a story is innovative and original, it’ll do well. 
        About the English accent, as much as I love yanks and would swap your system of governance and a host of other things belonging to you as well for ours, I would never swap the English accent. Just can’t stand the way you folks pronounce words like ‘semi’ and ‘Iraq’; you say ‘Semai’ and ‘Airak’ when its ‘Semee’ and Eerak’. Makes me shudder just thinking of when I hear someone on Fox News do it. LOL

         But yes, it is one of the few things remaining to be proud of as a Brit. 
        I have always wondered how the accent of the pioneering forefathers of the American people (which would have been British) developed over the years to the distinctive American accent of today. Never had the time. But this linguistic evolution is something that I’ve always wanted to study.

        1. K-Bob pushtheredbutton tatterdemalion Hehehe. LOL! Isn’t there something in the constitution forbidding torture? I know I’m only an alien and all but… LOL

    2. pushtheredbutton I’m one of the strange ones in the states. Have been watching Dr. Who since the late 70’s when they were running Tom Baker and K-9. Have always enjoyed the total escape that Dr. Who allows one to have from reality.

      1. JohnFullmer pushtheredbutton YES YES YES. Its a total escape isn’t it. And even though the science behind the actual sci fi is many at times shoddy, it still enthralls because of the sheer imagination of it all. Great show.

    3. pushtheredbutton Be thankful that Americans did not go the “remake/reboot” route like they did with “The Office”! And yes, as @tatterdemalion said, its the accent lol. (And maybe because of that rockin’ theme song!)
      Englands got quite a good selection of sitcoms from Br Bean, Keeping Up Appreances, etc. etc. it brings our sitcoms to shame!

      1. SilentTexanpushtheredbuttonThe theme song is amazing isn’t it? I grew up in the 90s watching the classic Dr Whos (Dad made sure of that!) and the older the soundtrack, the better, right back to the original one; That one’s the best! Here’s a link to it just for nostalgia’s sake: 
        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=75V4ClJZME4 So eerie.

        And Keeping Up Appearances is absolutely awesome. One of my all time favourite comedies. Aaah! Halcyon days of comedy. American sitcoms too were great: Cheers; I dream of Jeannie and the Cosby show.  Brings a tear to my eye just thinking of how humour once used to be pristine and still was humorous.

        Now all they feed us is trash about one night stands and the sex lives of some sick women in NY city. See Sex and the City; How I met your mother etc.

        1. pushtheredbutton SilentTexan Most of them still live on cable.
          I recommend Frasier.  That series was really well-written.
          My son’s young wife likes to watch The Golden Girls, which was a surprise to us.  That ones pretty funny most days.  Gets a bit off in the liberal weeds from time to time, but not usually.
          Also, the early seasons of Roseanne were pretty good. Then Rosanne Barr became weirder and weirder, and now says some really stupid things about politics. (Although, to her credit, she’s no longer totally smitten with barack)
          The big problem we have with seeing productions of the Beeb is that almost all of it goes to PBS through Lionheart Entertainment.  So there really isn’t much “distribution” going on.  I wish the SciFi channel would grab all of Dr. Who and  run it nightly at eleven, just like PBS used to do.

      2. SilentTexan pushtheredbutton Speaking of remakes, did you see the announcements of the remake of Ironside, this time with a black man?  Wonder when the homosexual community will start screaming since Burr was gay.

        1. Orangeone SilentTexan pushtheredbutton  
          Well, it would be refreshing to see a show with a leading character who is black, that isn’t a sitcom or some Spike Lee revisionism or one of those dumb “blacksploitation” things.
          Ironside was his own boss, which was good.  That “In The Heat Of The Night” show was great (in the first few seasons, at least), but the black guy wasn’t his own boss.
          I hope they give some new guy a chance, too, and not go with the same core group of leading black male actors.

        2. K-Bob Orangeone SilentTexan pushtheredbutton Darn near every show has a black in the prime roles and the whites gone since Obama was elected. And it is a regular Hollyweirdo Obama watercarrier. Part of the Hollywood tax breaks are dependent upon removing whites and replacing them with blacks in leading roles.

    4. pushtheredbuttonYour mentioning of Cumberbatch reminds me of another British Actor I’ve been amazed by – Kenneth Branagh.  The guy does everything well: act, write, direct, produce, you name it.  And his credits in each of those categories would make a career for anyone.  Amazingly productive guy.

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