Video: John Bolton endorses Mitt Romney – “He’s conservative enough for me”

Wasn’t expecting this, but Bolton, after thinking long and hard about this, lays out why he decided to endorse Romney and it’s all about defeating Obama. In short, he chose Romney because he believes Romney is the most electable conservative.

“Romney’s conservative enough for me and I think he’s the one most likely to get elected.”

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174 thoughts on “Video: John Bolton endorses Mitt Romney – “He’s conservative enough for me”

  1. A bejeweled campaign coffer’s chalice. He chose poorly.

    Thinking of the long view, if this financial status quo squish is what our so called allies need to placate their anti-American ways, then “put a little gravel in my travel and take a backroad.”

  2. Traitor…Romney is not a Conservative. If you endorse him is because you are not a true Conservative either..

  3. Sahit Muja: Romney Gains In Polls As Gingrich Join Obama’s Dirty Political Hits
    The Rasmussen Reports in Florida, show gains for Mr. Romney. The poll showed Mr. Romney with 41 percent of the vote there, better than he has done in any prior survey of the state.
    The poll also showed Mr. Gingrich’s numbers on the decline. Florida GOP Primary: Romney 41%, Gingrich 19%, Santorum 15%.
    Texas Congressman Ron Paul and former Utah Governor Jon Hunstman are next with nine percent (9%) and five percent (5%) respectively.

    The Gallup national tracking poll also had good results for Mr. Romney, with his moving up to 34 percent of the vote, his highest-ever standing in the national survey.
    Romney 34%, Santorum15%, Gingrich 14%, Paul, 13%

    Mitt Romney is now the only candidate that a majority of conservative , moderate Democrats, Independents, liberal Republicans nationwide see as an acceptable GOP nominee for President.
    Conservative Republicans and Independents are more likely to say this about Romney than about either Newt Gingrich or Rick Santorum.

    Mr. Gingrich is looking for dirty political hits against Romney rather than substantive criticism.
    Newt Gingrich seems to be siding with the Occupy movement and President Obama for political advantage.
    The “tearing apart” will occur on Newt Gingrich for his salacious personal and professional life.
    Lying and cheating on 3 wives, being thrown out as Speaker by his own party.

    A $300K fine for lying. Not even to mention Newt’s support for Global Warming and Cape and Trade.
    Mr. Gingrich has been seen as an ultimate Washington insider, as exemplified in that $1.6 million he was paid to from Fannie.

    America need a leader who will take a hard look at the budget and the economy and make decisions.
    Mitt Romney would make a great President for this nation.
    Mitt Romney is equipped with a great management background. He has been successful in business and as Governor of Massachusetts .
    Mitt Romney’s work with our Winter Olympics is financial legend in contrast to the President’s failure to attract a future Olympiad to Chicago.

    Mitt Romney have run private companies where they turned around , and Massachusetts where he balanced 4 budgets.
    Mitt Romney will be the best candidate against Obama because he offers a choice.
    Mitt Romney favors the private sector, Obama the public sector; Romney favors balanced budgets vs. Obama favors deficit funding.

    Mitt Romney favors smaller government vs. Obama larger government.
    Mitt Romney works with others who don’t agree with him vs. Obama blaming others.
    Mitt Romney is a pragmatist who knows how to get things done; Obama is a ideologue who gives fantastic speeches and has great rhetoric but NO follow through.

    President Obama will point his finger at the Republicans and put all the blame on them.
    President Obama will try in 2012 election to weasel out of his responsibility as President of the United States
    President Obama reminds me a former partner of mine. My partner was hyper-articulate, strong as steel in a meeting, but it was all an act.

    The U.S. Government ran the deficit way out of control $15.23 trillion dollars.
    And now Obama and Newt Gingrich are taking down people who invest, whom they consider evil “millionaires and billionaires.”

    How much damage can Obama administration do though over-regulation, environmental wackoism, failure to allow production of more domestic energy, constant talk of higher taxes, incessant business bashing, ridiculous growth of government, and failure to understand capitalism and the free market?

    President Obama and Newt Gingrich is utterly bankrupt in terms of political capital.
    As much as President Obama and Newt Gingrich might want to revise history on record, the American people will see through the rhetoric.
    This president is finished, President Obama has nothing to show for his 3 years except for economic devastation, $15.23 trillion in debt, over 50 million Americans on food stamps and 15 million unemployed Americans .
    Mitt Romney to become President of the U.S.
    Sahit Muja
    President and CEO
    Albanian Minerals
    New York

  4. This was a bit shocking in light of Rick Santorum’s grasp of the middle east situation.
    Again we heard it – ‘most electable’.
    Why do I get the impression I just watched John Bolton roll over and play dead?? Yuk.

  5. The Republican Establishment are once again choosing our candidate. This primary season, at least in my perception, is especially egregious. As the list of “conservative” [sic] pundits and leadership co-opted by the Willard machine grows, so does my resentment and distrust.

    I believe the Republican Establishment has participated behind the scenes with the MSM to personally destroy any candidate that is remotely Conservative (Palin, Cain, Bachmann, Santorum, and to some degree Newt). Look at how each of these candidates were degraded by Charles Krauthamer, Ann Coulter, Carl Rove, etc.

    Our constitutional republic is on the brink. It hangs by a thread. Especially after the damage done by our current Marxist and chief, we need a radical change in direction. Romney has no moorings, no center, he is the quintessential Machiavellian. He will not do the really difficult things that must be done to save our country. He will try to manage the decline and it will fail miserably. The train is headed for the cliff, slowing the train down will not avert the crash.

    Since Romney is “electable” and “inevitable”, I guess the Republican party no longer needs me to vote. I am disgusted by this behavior and resent the h3ll out of having this guy rammed down my throat.

  6. Just like the Revolutionary War everyone. It’s us against them. There’s a reason Congress has an approval rating of 5%. Mark Levin, he’s a friend of yours, what’s wrong with him? You need to educate him.

  7. I’m stunned. I had so much respect for him. Please don’t tell me he’s one of the establishment. I respect him on our National Security, but he’s wrong, and using very bad judgement on this. Mr. Bolton, do you actually believe what you’re saying? Sorry, the public isn’t with you. I predict Romney’s going to lose. For heavens sake, he only has 12 delegates, like Rush said today. There’s a long way to go. Mitt Romney is sleazy.

    These people are truly clueless about the rest of the country, aren’t they? Good grief, not him too.

  8. Huge Bolton fan on defense, but man did he get this one wrong- bad timing to say the least

    Mitt’s in decline, as Newt’s (counter) attack ads start to bite: Romney’s only up 2 pts in SC in the latest poll, and Gingrich is out front in NC already- the day’s soon approaching when Romney is going to regret forcing the doughboy to go nuclear.

    What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, right Mittens?

    ha ha ha ha ha

  9. Bolton’s main concern was “electibility” as dictated to us by a left leaning MSM. I for one will vote my conscience and this so called “electibility” crap can take a hike!

  10. Really the only area that Conservatives salivate over Bolton is Defense. He’s brilliant there. However, to my knowledge, he’s pretty socially liberal. I am disappointed by this endorsement as well, but let’s face it – our field is pretty pitiful at this point. I feel like a quitter when I say we need to focus on finding some Conservatives for the Senate, but where else can I go? I’ve never thought that any of our candidates were great or our “salvation” or perfect, but for cryin’ out loud… This is the worst circus I’ve ever seen. I really think our GOP has turned into a big POS. If we the people are ever to get in control again, I don’t think it’ll be thru them. The Tea Party gave them a chance but they have shown us repeatedly that they are not willing to yield power. It’s gonna be a long ride in the wilderness. God help us. (Thankfully He does.)

  11. After RINO Romney wins the “Republican People’s CHOICE award”, he will get sliced,diced,and pulped by Obama and the Mainsream Media,The Lefties and Obama wins another term, ALL THE FOOLS WHO PUT ROMNEY THERE WILL BE JUST AS ACCOUNTABLE AS ALL THE FOOLS WHO VOTED FOR OBAMA!

  12. If you’re familiar with Glenn Beck you have heard him say, “We surround them…”

    We [conservatives] may surround them but most of us have either forgotten to vote or haven’t even bothered to register.

    Beck and the other surrounders may outnumber the Progressives but the Progressive candidates keep getting elected to our highest office in the land.

    I think we need a reality check as to who surrounds who.

    1. Well, they’ve ot US surrounded if you count their whole voting block. You know, the dead and illegals.

  13. “Romney’s conservative enough for me and I think he’s the one most likely to get elected.”

    Yeah, because of people like you he’s the one most likely to get elected. Thanks for nothing, Bolton.

  14. Once again it is the Congress. We have to focus on increasing our conservative numbers in the Senate and the House. With a majority in both houses they can impeach the president where warranted. And we all know that O should be impeached. It is going to take some time to unravel this spider web that the lying democraps have spun around the voting polls around the country. This has been going on a long time and good people have sat in their living rooms and sat around the dining table talking about it but now we are out there working to straighten it out. Try to hold your nose and vote R one more time and give the conservatives time to gain more ground in the neighborhoods. The R establishment did not want us to know what was going on with the Progressives in both parties. We will get a strong third party if we do not get control of the NRC. But we have to build our base just like the D machine did over the last 30+ years. Conservative is a very broad term. I am conservative in some areas but not so in others. The biggest problem I have with government is the corruption in the programs not the programs. Plus the majority of federal programs are outside the constitution. They should be in the states. I trust John Bolton to stand up for America. So I heard what he said with an open mind. Since my favorite Perry has really disappointed.

  15. Deneen Borelli on Fox just said the Tea Party will have an influence on this election and she’s absolutely right. We have the right to stay home although even if the Tea Party did vote for Romney he’s destined to lose. Santorum is our only potential salvation.

  16. The last two times we have run a candidate because it’s “his turn”…we have lost.

    It was Bob Dole’s ‘turn’.
    He lost.
    And in 1996, people were saying “anyone could beat Clinton” because of all of his scandals and Hillarycare.
    Even Rush was saying it.
    He was wrong.

    Then, in 2008 it was John McCain’s ‘turn’.
    He lost.
    Like Dole, McCain was unable to energize enough people to get out and vote for him…in spite of having Palin’s star power added to the ticket.

    Personally, I think that Romney may be the exception to the meme: “Anyone could beat Obama”.

    With all the class warfare and demonizing the rich, that is pervading the airwaves right now…it doesn’t seem smart to run Romney as our nominee, who would present the biggest target for the left to focus their narrative on.

    Bolton’s endorsement is disappointing, on several levels.

  17. When you think about it, you have to laugh…Bolton says Romney is “conservative enough”. This says more about Bolton than it does about Romney. How sad.

  18. So Bolton endorsed Romney because he’s conservative “enough” and the one most likely to get elected? I’m so disappointed in Bolton.

  19. But of course! They are all falling in line now. Welcome another four years of Obama, folks. Romney can’t and won’t beat him, and I stand by that belief.

    1. It does not matter if Romney would win against Obama or not. We get the same results with either of them. That is why the media (including Fox) and the political cabal is behind him.

    2. I too believe we will have another 4 years of Obama. Only because I venture to assume that 60% of all his cash will be invested in voter fraud. I would not put it past this corrupted administration to already have thousands paid off to “fall-in-line” and obey.

      If I’m wrong…amen to that! If not prepare for OWO.

  20. Well you can thank the Ron Paul campaign. When you spend millions of dollars in attack ads to elimnate the conservative candidates this is what you get. Unless something remarkable happens in SC, we’re going to have a choice betwen a squichy moderate establishment Republican, and Libertarian who’s FP is to the left of Barack Obama. Which will mean Romney get’s the nod

    1. We are to blame. Palin is a leader of the people. The political establishment (R&D) recognized that instantly.

      We believed the media and had no faith. Of course Paul now stands out as the only solid Limited Government, Constitutional Rights proponent.

      If we cannot get behind the true Conservative when she cones along – we are left with what we deserve.

  21. This is definitely one endorsement that I did not expect. One of the few that truly understands the need for a strong foreign policy and always agreed with his positions, not this one though. I’m now curious on Rubio’s and West’s endorsements (for some reason I don’t think they will endorse).

  22. Wow, a very intelligent person and a conservative to boot would vote for Mittens because he is electable?

    So, I guess his past governing record about gun control, pro-choice, higher taxes, and romneycare doesn’t matter because “they” think he is electable.” I won’t mention his business dealings since that would be criticizing capitalism.

    1. It is time we change the discussion. WE need to tell THEM who is acceptable. Vote and pressure your friends and family to vote too. Don’t just get along. Get aggressive. If you are commenting here, you already are.

        1. Thank you.

          FYI, it is former Marine. Once a…..Always a Marine. I’ve been out for 17 years and I still behave as if I’m in uniform. No offense taken, just a learning opportunity. You use “former Marine” with any other Marines you come across and it will gain you immediate respect with them.

          1. With all “deserved” respect…..correction made. No way would I let that go by. Thanks for your service and sacrifice for me and my family. Although I served in 1978 w/USN I did so while our nation was enjoying a lull in war.

            Glad you made it home.

            1. Thank you. My father is a 1968 Grad of the USNA. A few of his classmates may be familiar to you. Ollie North, Jim Webb, Mike Hagee, Mike Mullen.

              Fair winds and follow seas, my friend.

  23. Does M.Romney have any foreign policy / plan? – have not heard about his views on the subject yet even if he has one. Is it that Bolton has been promised something, some position with Romney?

  24. I like John Bolton. I liked him as Ambassador to the (POS) U.N. I love his foreign policy stances. I like the way Rick Perry runs the State of Texas. I like Rick Santorum’s conservative ideals. I like Sarah Palin’s fire and intensity. I like Newt Gingrich’s ability to debate the Socialist Obama. I love my country.

    What I don’t like is the fact that the elections are deemed over. The LSM has us believing that the fix is in for Romney, the Democrats want Romney to run against Obama, and that Obama is a shoe-in for a second term. Everybody’s jumping on the bandwagon to endorse Romney (many people like Nikki Haley, Chris Christie, Ann Coulter, John Bolton, etc, etc that shocked me would do so).

    What the H E double hockey sticks are we doing here, people? There are upwards of 220 million eligible voters for the 2012 election and only 120 million voted in 2008. If a majority came out to vote, we could easily get rid of this Marxist-in-chief, this progressive trend, and this establishment GOP that we dislike all in one fell swoop, if we wanted to.

    I don’t know. Maybe I’m just ranting. Maybe I’m just mad. I don’t understand how it’s possible for an Obama to get re-elected after what he has done to our country for the past 3 years. Our right of center country has been co-opted by a slew of progressives (both on the left and the right) and WE NEED TO TAKE IT BACK NOW!

    Don’t believe what the media tells us. Don’t finish the primaries before they even start. The Iowa caucuses included only about 100,000 votes, divided amongst 7 candidates. The New Hampshire primary allowed Democrats to help pick the winner. We haven’t even heard what the majority of the nation has to say and the media, the establishment GOP and Obama has selected our candidate to run for us. Don’t let that happen like it did in 2008. Get out and vote and vote your heart, not who someone else tells you is ‘most electable’.

    I now return you to your regularly scheduled program. I’m done now.

    1. You should be mad. Mad as hell. We all should be, for the reasons you list.

      It is normal. At one point or another we all believed in the process to some extent. We pick one Party or the other and assume all the problems are the other Party – just as we have been conditioned.

      Then we start reading. Then we start discovering the truth. At first we do not want to believe our government and media is as deeply corrupt and lawless as it appears. That is the awakening.

      Then the reality settles in. It is a one party system. Government is deeply corrupt, literally stealing our money and systematically eroding our Constitutional rights and freedom. That is the anger.

      Embrace the anger. It is normal.

      The next stage is to fight. Abandon party allegiance. Fight them all. The Democrats and Republicans are parts of the same party. Our enemy is the government. The government is run by the political establishment.

      They know exactly what they are doing. Do we?

  25. Has anyone talked of Mitt Romney’s tax plan? I got foreign policy. I don’t think any repbulican candidate wants to allow Iran to get Nulcear weapons. But a tax policy that effects us all is more important. The great thing about Herman being in the race was that he kept the talking points on the tax code. Other candidates were forced to start coming up with something different for the tax code because people believe it should be changed. Now he’s gone and that talk has subsided. Romney is going to do anything with our tax code. Eliminate capital gains and dividends tax for people who earn under $200,000. Thats the biggest thing. Really?? How many middle class people are just waiting to burst into wealth once their capital gains and dividends aren’t being taxed any more?? Would it be nice? Sure but it’s not going to solve anything. Just going to be a “tax cut” for the middle class. Romney plans to leave the current tax brackets alone. And I don’t consider people making over $200,000 rich. Tell someone in NYC or Washington DC or any other major city that makes $200,000 that they are rich. Hell tell that to people in the suburbs of those cities and you’ll be laughed at. Romney sounds just like Obama on taxes.

    Bolton deciding to endorse Romney because he’s the most “electable”? Way to stick to principles there. It is overwhelminly obvious that the establishment is trying to force Romney as the nominee.

    1. I saw Herman Cain yesterday and he is still out talking about 9-9-9.
      He is keeping it at the forefront.
      He also said he would be in SC this weekend and had a big announcement. It didn’t sound like he was going to endorse anyone so I am guessing he has a plan for his tax code.
      What ever happened to all those women?????? Kind of went back under the rocks until needed again.

  26. I’m staying the course, keeping the faith- The right candidate will be revealed. You just need to sit by the river long enough…

  27. I read Stache’s book and I got the impression he was quasi-libertarian from his college, Goldwater days. Hmm. The electability argument is just power for power’s sake? It sounds a little like Hussein’s “Change” campaign. Change into what? What does RINOmney give us? Better than Obama doesn’t equate with saving the country. The 2012 election is the last one before the fall of our republic is inevitable, only the most principled conservatives can save us. Romney will destroy the country by being too weak to stop this train wreck.

    Sorry Stache, cant follow your lead.

    Don’t Tread In Me

  28. Anyone besides me see the irony in so many “staunch conservatives” collapsing around Romney instead of waiting to see the actual primary process play out?

    It’s like they are quitters, or something.

    1. Opportunistic sellouts and cowards.

      Everything changed a few weeks ago when the big global banks shifted their campaign contributions from Hussein to Romney. That changed EVERYTHING.

      I will keep supporting SarahPAC, Gingrich and Santorum. If that collapses, I’ll soon become a Paul supporter.

      I will never ever vote for Progressive Romney.

      1. One reason that so many are turning to Paul is that he is the only one who isn’t spouting the same old tired cliches. He has been consistent for 30 years. He is the only one to propose real budget cuts and limits to government intrusion. And that is why the Republican establishment and the media are so desperate to ignore/discredit him.

        1. Ron Paul needs to wake up to the evil reality of islam. Islam has no concept of non-interventionism. They want to destroy us (that includes Israel) simply because we do not submit to allah.

          1. A few weeks ago, Benjamin Netanyahu as much as said that Israel doesn’t need America’s help. After the recent motorcycle/magnetic bomb incident in Iran, I think that I believe him.

    1. You must vote. At least vote for your senators and reps, if they are up for election. I disagree with but understand skipping the president block, but engage in the other offices on the ballot. We need you, Brother. don’t bail on us now. It will be a long, bitter battle. Stay engaged, please.

  29. People like Bolton and Jack Welch don’t spend their time vetting possible negatives and such like us political junkies so their endorsements mean absolutely zero to me.

    I’m bolting on the Bolton endorsement and saying no way! I will not subMITT.

    1. You are right. The banks can buy the oval office. The 17th amendment took most of the power away form the States but we still have the chance for the House and we can reinforce the Senate.

  30. I am sick to death over so many republicans, accepting and actually believing that Mitt Romney is the only one that can beat Barack Obama. Mr. Bolton obviously failed to do his homework, or he would have leaned that Romney’ record is liberal, not conservative.

  31. This is crushingly dissapointing. Just can’t trust anyone anymore.


    I’m really hating politics more and more. Sarah palin my #1 hope,,, I expected her to run, she teased her way through the summer with books, interviews and bus tours, righ into Iowa. Then said “nah, not interested, sorry!”
    “Tea Party” victory? WTF? Really, how’s John Boehner working out? How you liking that great Republican House?? Such brave and visionary men.
    How about this primary process? Not at all corrupt eh? Only a handful of states have any voice. And they keep them open to ANYBODY, democrat, independant, illegal alien, dead people, martians, ANYBODY can vote in the “Repbulican” primary, so WTF is the POINT???? What is the point anymore?????? Bribe some sleazy low level state official hicks, scare some BRAINLESS sheeple with attack ads, win the nomination.
    Watch all your big “Tea Party” heros line up and endorse the most predictable moderate blue blood hack, it’s his turn you know?
    I also discovered I will never trust Glenn Beck again, and his 2 little stooges. He IS a pure snake oil self promoter and deeply dishonest. The WHOLE time he has been in Romney’s back pocket, LDS comes first I guess, principles last.
    And the Conservative talk show hosts I like? Rush and Levin??? Ok, play it neutral boys, great. Yeah don’t make a stand so you don’t offend one camp or another. Nobody can F’ing endorse a Conservative so Romney slides past us. Brilliant strategy everyone!
    I’m embarressed to be ‘Conservative’, we are a joke. IMHO. bunch of stooges that can’t get our act together, can’t find a leader. At least everone’s making a killing off their F’ing ad time and book sales. OOPS, I just attacked capitalism. LOL. lol lol lol
    Who cares anymore ? Isn’t it funny, Obama, Pelosi, Rush and Glenn, they all go off and enjoy their F’ing annual 2 week Hawaiian vacations like everything is fine? It’s quite the game. They should all play golf together and make gold commercials.

    1. Ya know could be Sarah realized there was no way to win against the Republican Party. Going Rogue might be the only way.

  32. What Bolton says about O is so true-think about that in the first 50 seconds of the interview. Conservatives must get behind the Republican nominee O must be fired by the American people!

  33. Disappointing……

    These endorsements are obnoxious they’re trying to speed up the coronation.

    The only one that would make a difference is Sarah Palin’s.

    Romney is weaker than Santorum and Gingrich on Foreign policy

    “Jihadism is evil and we need to say what it is. We need to define it and say what it is. And it is evil. Sharia Law is incompatible with American Jurisprudence. ” – Rick S.

    “Jihadism is not part of Islam ”
    – Mitt R.

    “If you want my views on Islam, it’s quite straightforward. Islam is one of the world’s great religions and the great majority of people in Islam want peace for themselves and peace with their maker. They want to raise families and have a bright future. ”

  34. Off topic (what better place to put it, but on a Bolton video) – on one of the recent islamic video posts I had said ‘watch Nigeria’.
    With the exception of Morocco all of North Africa is now under radical Islamic rule.
    Call them Al qaeda. Call them Muslim Brotherhood. Whatever.
    Morocco is in danger, but still holding.
    Now it is time to move down to the other countries.
    Boko Haram has been killing Nigerian Christians and burning down churches for weeks…lately.
    Now the fuel subsidies have been cut in order to ‘keep the country from going bankrupt’. Wednesday thousands poured onto the streets in protest.
    MSN has a few pictures.

    13 killed.

    And Zucotti Park opened up again today for the Occupyers. Pray for the police from now through summer and the fall nationwide.

    I hate to say this because no one will really listen….Paul, Perry, Romney, Gingrich, Santorum, Huntsman. None of them matter. The elections don’t matter.
    Obama is provoking Iran. Ahmadinejad is to our south on his ‘hate america tour’. Syria is about ready to fall. Israel is in danger each day that goes by.
    The Muslim Brotherhood and Salafists have control of Egypt and the Suez, but keep
    on arguing over which candidate is the most conservative, who said what to who about whatever.

    The rehearsals are coming to an end. The play is about ready to begin. The actors are just waiting for their cue. Only they won’t really be acting.

  35. He made a bad calculation, because he didn’t factor in that I and a whole lot of conservatives are NOT going to vote for Romney. That’s right, not even as a vote against Obama. He and other recent Romney bandwagoners are working under the false conventional assumption that the vast majority of conservatives will vote for ABO. They are out of touch on this one.

    1. Yep, the disfranchised conservatives are already feeling betrayed by the GOP and refuse to be forced vote for moderate/liberal shoved down their throats on either side and compromise their conservatives principles and values.

    2. The “repugnant” (republican) leaders still think they can jerk us around like puppets by claiming to be the lesser of two evils. They still refuse to acknowledge their own corruption and incompetence. They refuse to aid the conservatives. “Dog-in-the-manger” doesn’t even begin to describe them. The repugnant (republican) “leaders” are pathological.

      They refuse to acknowledge that America is on the verge, on the very edge, of an irreversible, total, terminal, epochal, catastrophic, chaotic collapse of the economy and the social order. Just like the Roman Senators before the barbarians sacked Rome.

      It’s about to happen and these repugnant (republican) fools are so fiercely addicted to their power and money that they will watch the nation go down in flames and maintain their state of denial as long as their wretched souls exist.

      Surely there must be an indescribably hot place in hell for them.

    3. Of course, they will vilify us in the end and blame us for 4 more years of Obama. I’m waiting for the endorsement from DeMint coming pretty quickly. At that point, I’m apoplectic!

  36. I see Bolton’s endorsement as pragmatic. The field is narrowing, so given fewer choices, and looking toward the national contest, many are trying to help consolidate support behind an acceptable but viable candidate.

  37. A question for John Bolton…

    Does Mr. Bolton think that Romney is a Reagan and Palin “conservative”?

    If not, just what kind of conservative does Bolton think Mitt Romney is?

    Whatever kind of Conservative Bolton thinks Romney is, does Bolton think that as POTUS Romney will govern as a

    – Massachusetts “conservative” SOME of the time… MOST of the time… ALL of the time?

    Or will Romney govern as a

    – Massachusetts “progressive” SOME of the time… MOST of the time… ALL of the time?

    Just askin’, ’cause Romney has NEVER expressed Reagan conservative tendencies and definitely NOT Palin TEA party “commonsense conservative” tendencies… yet.

    If Romney truly was a “Reagan conservative” and a “Palin commonsense conservative”, the Republican establishment would be promoting Huntsman.

    Would Bolton then endorse Huntsman if the establishment promoted Huntsman?

    Hmm… the vetting is opening eyes about the “establishment” players.


  38. Just wrong: Romney is the most unelectable candidate.
    He wants us to believe his rhetoric and forget his record – same as obama
    Will promise everything conservative (rhetoric) and revert back to record when in office ( past record)
    Romney care and obama care are two carrots, one just bigger than the other.
    Biggest problem will be when the media starts their educational tutors on Mormonism ( carefully not aiming it at Romney). Just trying to educate the public. However, it will be targeted at the evangelical Christians, many who will feel it wrong to vote for a Mormon.
    Please understand that this white house will do whatever it takes to get elected.

  39. McCain 2.0 here we come……. Unless Romney is the stealth conservative Ann Coulter believes he is, I suspect this will be the last time I vote GOP. By 2016 it won’t matter if we don’t dramatically change course. We may already be past the point of no return.

    If O-care doesn’t get repealed and spending dramatically cut in 2013, 2014 will be a total wipeout for the GOP. It will be 2006 all over again.

    I’m not sure where the conservative movement goes from here.

    1. Honestly, if this happens the true Conservatives should “go rogue” and start another party. I don’t see any other way. A huge part of what used to be the Democrat party has been lost because of Obama. The dems have turned so far left that a big hunk of people who used to be dems have gone independent – and I suspect *they* are the people that the GOP is courting right now with Romney. The GOP is too stupid to see they are losing their base with this move.

      It’s a third party or a revolution. I really don’t see any other options.

  40. I wish that actually did what I had planned to today which was to stay away from the internet where everything is either going to be all pro Romney and annoy me. I have Dick Cheney’s book and was enjoying it. I had to make a mistake and visit my favorite websites and listen to talk radio while reading it. At least I shut Fox News off.
    If anyone has seen the four minute DNC commerical on the web from the DNC. most of the people horrified by Mitt’s flip flops are from FNC!

    1. I’ve turned Fox News off because they’ve already jumped on the Romney wagon. Hannity reads off the Romney talking points and is a stooge. It’s absolutely sickening IMO.

      1. Roger Ailes made a decision last year to become more moderate. FNC had reruns of O’Reilly etc when the rioting in Tarhir Square was at its worse, CNN had llve coverage that night. i never thought I would prefer CNN over Fox.
        Hannity claims he likes them all and hasn’t made up his mind. It’s obvious his mind has been made up for Romney, just like the rest of them.

  41. I am stunned by John Bolton’s endorsement. Romney has no conservative principles; they change depending on his audience. If this sounds familar, look back to BHO in 2008, same type of thing.

    1. or look at Newt, or Perry, or Santorum… all politicians play to their audience and change colors if something they do does not poll well. It’s the reason the term “slimy politician” is redundant.

  42. The DC establishment and the media keep saying Willard is it, oh its a land side in New Hampshire however, 62% voted against him. Willard was expected to win big in that liberal state. In Iowa it was a tie between santorum and Willard. These people really make me angry. How could they say after Florida it will be over when the rest of the country has not yet had a chance to vote? Is this right or fair?

  43. AS far as I’m concerned I wouldn’t mind if the primaries were held last July. The sooner we pick a candidate (they all have flaws) the sooner we can focus on our main objective, getting the traitor in chief out of our White House and the sooner we can start on supporting House and Senate candidates. Let’s get real, let’s gain control and then we con fine tune the details. Don’t lose sight of the main objective or soon we will lose sight of our country.

    1. Excellent NYGino; Pragmatic and with obvious capacity for reason and self preservation…That’s Bolton’s view….. and your comment.

    2. There’s no danger of conservatives losing sight of their country, but the repub “leadership” never had America in view in the first place, and they seem to be the ones running the non-left side of the show.

  44. Here is a tweet on Cain’s interview.

    "@JamarisJustice: Herman #Cain is an apologist for Romney……GET OFF MY TV #PerryPosse" #SCGOP #SCtweets @jimdemint

    I think Cain’s will eventually endorse Romney. He’s always had subtle affections for Romney.

    1. Cain has nearly partnered with Newt throughout this process. Those guys liked each other, so if he endorses Romney, I’d be inclined to think it would be merely jumping on the bandwagon.

    2. Cain had specifically stated that he would not be part of a Romney administration and he would like to serve alongside Newt. It would be a shame if he decided to turn his back on his best asset and suck from the tit of Romney.

  45. This would be easier to swallow if…
    – Gingrich had not said he’d name Bolton Sec. of State
    – I hadn’t just watched the long version of the movie about Romney’s corporate raiding…there are no words to describe my feelings. Romney’s looting would do a Muslim conquerer proud.
    – Romney’s actual records as governor show that he was a liberal without principle and a poor administrator while claiming to be moderate or conservative as the occasion arose.
    – CONCLUSION – if Romney were elected I’d have just as much disgust and revulsion watching him as I now have for the present occupier of the WH.

    Surely, if Bolton’s nobody’s fool, and he doesn’t have that kind of reputation, then he’s being paid very very well for this endorsement.

    1. Most of the people who endorsed Willard received a donation ie. Nikki haley etc. before they endorsed Willard. I was very surprised that Bolton endorsed willard.

  46. it is amazing to me how the establishment decides who is electable…romney can’t even defend his bain record well…the man has got more baggage than any one else…you can attack his character as flip flopper, obama will attack him as gecko.. the wall street line of attack is going to be ruthless and romney just cannot defend himself well…the media will eat him up and spit him out…the gop is committing suicide with this guy… if the unemployment rate keeps dropping…this guy is toast, this guy cannot draw a sharp contrast vs. obama because no one believes what he says…it would be like two chronic flip floppers debating each other…and the worst thing is nothing fundamentally would have changed in this country.

    1. McCain 2.0 !
      and if makes it past general to win, he’ll be a nixon . (maybe worse)

      Shameful how the elites are trying to make us believe other wise.

  47. Great news.Bolton should be Sec of State-he’s the one person who can clean up the mess in that department.Everyone knows he’s as sharp as they come!

      1. One of Mitt’s strengths in MA was cleaning things up. He is the only governor in my lifetime to try and take down the corrupt MA turnpike authority. He also got Bulger and his cronies out of the UMASS education system. If there is anything he is good at, it is cleaning up corrupt wastelands.

  48. I greatly admire and respect Bolton. He speaks for me on most of the issues. His endorsement of Romney surprises me. I choose to believe that Bolton sees the writing on the wall and simply wants to get on with the inevitable.

  49. we should be voting based on who is the best for the country not who is the best to win. Everybody thinks Romney can win, just because one guys said Romney can, win, and the next guy said it and so on. Thats BS, anybody can win, they just got to start thinking in that direction. Its all implanted into everyones brain that only Romney can win and so thats why he leads. I think its all physiological. Romney doesn’t want to be president because of Obama, or the direction of this country. He is running because thats all he has got left to do in his career. And he changed his positions to be favorable with the current trend in the republican party. He politician robot programed in “conservative mode”. I cant believe we are settling for him. If the other idiots running would get behind one another and choose ONE conservative to put up against him, we would be winning. But everyone is to stubborn. As of right now Perry should be the one getting out and supporting Santorum. Cain needs to endorse, and so does Bachmann, and Sara Palin. Or the other way around if you want, I like Perry too, but sofar Santorum is ahead of him. But all we are doing now is splitting the vote. We had a powerful tool in 2009 and 2010 with the tea party, and Conservatism was on a rise. Were is all that momentum now? Lets get this thing back on the right track…

    1. I believe we will have far more clarity after the meeting Sunday in Texas with Gary Bauer et al. Perhaps he can convince 2 out of three to drop out leaving one candidate to coalesce around. Hope they are succesful as it’s a last chance effort. Believe they would back Santorum.

    2. Matt I have a few questions. How fast do you thing we should turn around? How do you think most of the people in America would handle that speedy turn around? Do you think it could backfire? Do you think human nature would reject it? I am not settling for Romney I will take Romney.

      There are differences between Romney and Obama. There are stark contrasts between the two. For the sake of argument I will concede to the fact that they have few polices that align, yet the contrast between the two is stark. Romney is electable; Romney is a conservative (for the most part) Romney will start getting this country back on the right track. I consider myself at the base of this conservative Tea Party movement. I think Romney will end up being a great president. If the Tea Party Movement moves in to an actual Tea “party” and organize as such then they can put up a candidate in 4 or 8 years, then I will support that person as long as they align them self’s with my principles and morals and the constitution. Instead of complaining that the candidate “You” want probably will not be the candidate for president. Start organizing and support a Tea “Party”. I have already voted for local appointees for the constitution party. I always vote no on all the judges, especially put in under certain governors we have had or presidents we have had. Is Santorum electable? of course he is, if he wins the election everyone should get behind him and support him, everyone probably would. I cannot figure out why that is not the case with Romney. If Newt was the appointed one something everyone would get behind him (including me, and I hate Newt) and support him. Why is that not the case with Romney? Personally I think the left has done such a good job at discrediting Romney that it does almost make him unelectable. If everyone was to stand by him (Because he will most likely be our, candidate) he will win election.

      One more thing I want to make clear is under a Conservative president no matter who it is, it is going to get a lot tougher (in the short term 4-8 years) not easier. During that time the Demo gods or socialists if you will are going to have tons of attacks against the conservative president trying to save our country. People will not realize that the economic downfalls they are feeling 8 years from now are the results of the bush and Obama administration. The Media during that time is going to be bashing and tearing apart every move the Republican president is going to do. Every time are we take a down fall there is going to be a tsunami of bad pliability swaying the minds of the American people. Look how fast people’s minds (as a nation) can be swayed today in record time. We have got to look out for this and this is going to become a big problem for Romney if everyone already thinks he is too much like Obama do you get my drift?

      The next thing I want to mention is something about Obama and every elected President. All the presidents I can remember including Regan, once elected have basically forgot about America until a year to the election, than all of a sudden they want to start listening to the people again. Just like Obama, trying to create jobs now and increase our local economy with one year to election. He has had three years to turn it around, yet it is obvious that he plans on swaying the minds of the nation over the next 11 months to Election Day. That is how fast a nation can sway and forget. Do you get my drift? That is why I asked the questions at the beginning of this thread. I agree If we lived in heaven maybe we could drastically change course and survive. If we do that while we are in this earthly state Human nature (as a whole) will reject it and blame the Republican president which the news will turn it and say that it is the Constitutionalists, conservatives, and religion is to blame. I think Romney is in the middle ground and for the time being that is just enough of what we need to turn the wheel right now. If we elected Ron Paul (who I think is great) I think Ron would turn the wheel so fast that the Train would de rail or car would flip and we would be doomed. I think Romney is going to turn the wheel just sharp enough to where we will not derail the country. Then if 4 or 8 years we (people as a whole Together, not divided) will elect a more conservative constitutionalist and finish the job. I firmly believe that is what we need to do if we do not do it like that our credibility in future elections will be shot.

      There is a difference between Romney and Obama, A big one!

  50. This is should not be surprising to anyone. Bolton’s involvement with the UN, and his support for increasing the national debt limit marks him as a Republican liberal, and liberals from both sides of the aisle are pushing for Romney.

    1. Thats going a little too far. I wouldnt say all that . The man has a tremendous record , and I’m not taking any of that way from him.
      He’s just picking/voting with the odds. (or the perception of)
      I’m voting principles

      1. Patriots, how much more proof do you need that Israel was behind 9/11? The evidence in this article effectively convicts the “jews” of the worst act of war ever perpetrated against America. And they know we’re onto them, that’s why they just had their buttboys in Congress and the Whitehouse ram through the Detainee Security Act – so they can start silencing people like us who are spreading the truth. Stop fooling yourselves, if “jews” are ruthless enough to blow up the WTC to get us to go to war for them, they’ll be ruthless enough to start making their critics disappear. They did all this when they controlled The Soviet Union. DO YOU THINK COMMUNISM HAS CHANGED ITS MIND ABOUT RULING THE WORLD?

  51. Bolton was, for me, the candidate that should have been. But I’m very disappointed with him now. Bolton’s only argument for Romney is that he’s not Obama. Bleh.

      1. The only question remains is HOW Romney loses. Purely because he has no principles and will be taken apart during the general election by Obama and/or the conservative base will no longer hold their collective noses and stay home.

        1. Both. The third reason will be him as a candidate, unable to return what missiles obama will send his way.

          1. I’m trying hard to look at the bright side here… I guess the only silver lining I can find is that after Romney loses, we won’t ever have to endure another one of his endless campagins.

            1. That’s one way of looking at it.

              But seriously does anyone notice Romney says “President of the United States funny”??

    1. He did not say that at all, and last time I checked there are still 5 candidates running. So you remark makes has no meaning in of itself. If that is Bolton’s only argument and there are 4 other candidates, just what exactly does that mean who/what they are?

    2. Face it guys, 99% of all the people remotely possible for the job are Republicans. Republicans are NOT CONSERVATIVE. What black folks are for the Democrats we are for the Republicans, CHUMPS.

  52. conservative? CONSERVATIVE!? He’s not conservative stop saying that, it’s pious baloney as Newt would say.. I’m sick of that BS being shoved down our throats that Romney is a conservative.

      1. But Scoop, that assumes that Romney’s actually a conservative… 😉 He’s a moderate at best, progressive at worst…

        Bolton can endorse whomever he wants, obviously, but ugh…

      2. Sorry Scoop but Romney is definitely not a Conservative. Romney calls himself a moderate with progressive views. That is not Conservative…never has been and never will be.

        I am really saddened by John Bolton’s remarks and endorsement. But I think he is looking more at just putting an ”R” in the White House than the true implications of what this ”R” actually stands for. Sickening and disheartening.

        1. Some people confuse religious with conservative. The two are NOT one in the same. I know atheists who are far more conservative than Romney.

          1. Agreed. Conservatives have core values and if you don’t have them you are not Conservative. You may be a ”R” but that is the only thing similiar to a Conservative Republican.

      3. “most electable CONSERVATIVE” – not “most electable candidate”. And as we all know, Romney’s not a conservative. And Bolton just claimed he was.

    1. Who up there is a conservative through and through? Each one can be described as a GWB compassionate conservative. Gingrich has the same healthcare mandate past as Romney. Gingrich and Perry both favor illegal immigrant rights far more than Romney. And Gingrich has even moved left of Romney on free market issues. Newt is no better than Romney when it comes to saying and doing anything to get elected. Why do you think Ron Paul is doing so well this time around? These candidates suck. After the last week of events it is pretty clear that they have thrown their integrity out the window in return for their quest for the throne.

  53. WOW I’m shocked ! I love this man and he’s selling us out like the rest of them for a …… what they think is a win?

    Im so mad right now ! I’m so mad ! !!!!!

  54. Bolton will issue his endorsement, join the Romney foreign policy advisors, and then be sent to the equivalent of the reverse side of the moon.

    An honorable man be used as a prop by scummy politicos. The GOP equivalent of Obama with wounded soldiers.

      1. Romney won’t change much. He certainly won’t get done what must be done. He’s like putting in another GW Bush but please don’t try to pedal the Prison Planet crap as proof of anything rational. Alex Jones is to politics what George Noory is to science.

        1. well i usually don’t read or post Alex Jones articles, but the facts in this one are spot on. proving that even a broken clock is right twice a day.

      2. Romney won’t change much. He certainly won’t get done what must be done. He’s like putting in another GW Bush but please don’t try to pedal the Prison Planet crap as proof of anything rational. Alex Jones is to politics what George Noory is to science.

  55. i’d say his motivation is based upon employment opportunity and not principle.

    i hope and pray that this establishment stampede to shove romney down our throats backfires big time……

    these tactics are similar to how the dems passed obamacare…..disgusting!

    1. I may disagree with Bolton, but I won’t impugn his motivations.

      If you’ve ever listened to Bolton at length, there’s no question that he is a man of great character. Sad you would disregard such things in light of disagreement.

      1. I appreciate John Bolton tremendously. We sure need more like him on national security.

        (In this case, I don’t think he realizes yet that Romney won’t be electable, if he ever was, when Perry and Newt get done with him…)

          1. NObody is “dead meat” yet. There have only been two small and insignificant “contests” so far. Romney won by the skin of his teeth in Iowa, and was expected to win in wealthy, liberal NH where he has an expensive “summer home”. Iowa and NH mean nothing. There haven’t even been enough people who’ve voted yet to fill a small stadium. Are we going to let a few (very few) people decide this for us?

            This is only over IF WE LET IT BE. If Romney’s not your guy, then go out and support and vote for the one who is.

            The GOP is attempting to do exactly what the dems did with Obama – create a sense of inevitability and take your choice away from you. If you dont’ know all the dirty stuff that went on with the dems in 2008 with Obama versus Hillary, I suggest you read up on it now. It’s the playbook of the left and it’s being used by the RINOs now because it worked for Obama and put him where he is.

            We cannot let them do this. If we roll over and accept Romney we will have another 4 years of Obama. I know it, and you know it. We cannot **let that happen**.

      2. How else am I interpret his own words?

        “Romney’s conservative enough for me and I think he’s the one most likely to get elected.”

        Doesn’t sound much like an endorsement to me….at least one based on principle.

        BTW, what is wrong with letting “We The People” decide who will be the next president? I don’t even think 400,000 people out of 300 million have voted yet.

        But all of these people keep saying it’s done, it’s romney. He’s going to win.

        1. I agree. It’s like it’s 2097 all over again.
          Who the heck is in charge here…isn’t it s’posed to be
          “We, THE PEOPLE?”

          1. I’m beginning to believe that the tea party was something that the GOP establishment exploited for their own purposes. The establishment are not believers but proponents of the status quo.

            Did you ever see the movie “Meet John Doe”? The modern adaptation is occuring before our eyes.

      3. Isn’t it amazing how brilliant people (mostly liberals) always know what the intent of other people’s decisions are based upon. What Bolton stated about Romney appears to be true. I no longer care who gets the nomination. Every one of the candidates are better than the guy sitting in the WH now. We need to insure he does not get another four years!

      4. He erred with his endorsement. However, that’s his opinion and he’s free to express it. It doesn’t necessarily diminish him.

        1. HELL YES, IT DOES DIMINISH HIM, just as it does Ann Coulter, and Glen BECK,and Mark STEYN ,these people have held themselves up as bastions of Conservatism,defenders of the faith as it were! And now they betray their principles and PUBLICALLY support RINO,FLIP-FLOPPER,ROMNEY! They can support who they like in the booth but this guy has NO PRINCIPLES,and they as standard bearers of Conservatism should NEVER PUBLICALLY ENDORSE HIM!

          1. I don’t think Glenn supports Romney. But you have a great point! Nikki Haley? It is heartbreaking when so-called Tea Party people get behind a dud like Mittens. It saddens me deeply that (as you dubbed them) bastions of conservatism and defenders of the faith bow down to an establishment rube. I thought the Tea Party was about constitutional values, smaller government, cutting spending, a BBA with spending cap, etc. But to back this guy is indeed almost unforgivable.

            We all want to beat Maobama… he is the worst president (and I use that term lightly in his case) in modern history – by a LONG shot. But as many have said, why can’t we have a conservative running? Why do we have to settle? Mittens is not the best candidate that we can put forward. He’s not even the best candidate in this current field. It’s pathetic that Americans are not more engaged and properly active in educating themselves. If they did, Romney would be far from leading in the polls.

            BTW, they’re now reporting that Santorum finished 4th in NH (not Gingrich who finished 5th)! I’m thrilled!

      5. Bolton is a man of great character without doubt, however, I think he’s too quick to jump to such pragmatic measures. I think he should have withheld his endorsement until after super Tuesday. Although, I’ve also always trusted his judgement so I’m a bit torn. I don’t think Romney is a bad person; I just think he’s an idiot, which is almost as dangerous.

        1. My point exactly. Newt is the closest to understanding the real threats next to Santorum. I’m stunned that this good and honorable man endorses one of the worst candidates while bypassing Santorum, who I believe is the best candidate who really “gets it” and understands the present dangers we face. I’m disappointed with Bolton.

    2. Newt has already stated on the record that Bolton would have a cabinet position in his administration. This isn’t about getting a job. Bolton doesn’t need Romney. Romney needs Bolton. Picking a candidate you do not like doesn’t equate selling out for a job.

      1. What would be the motivation for “Picking a candidate you do not like?”…..just to say I backed the “winner”?

        Romney is a progressive disaster….more in the line of george voinovich–the ex-senator from Ohio. Who by the way blocked Bolton from becoming UN Ambassador for the US back in 2005.

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