Video: New Black Panthers to offer one million for capture of George Zimmerman

This is ridiculous. The New Black Panthers are supposedly putting White America on notice, their leader MikHail Muhammad says, and next week will offer a one million dollar bounty for the capture of George Zimmerman:

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298 thoughts on “Video: New Black Panthers to offer one million for capture of George Zimmerman

  1. Ok so $10.000 wasn’t enough for A American to throw away their life for these punks in drag, so now they want to offer $ one Million for some one to throw there life away for these clowns.
    Pink Panther, Now I know why they are called the New Pink Panthers.
    MOB monkey rule. Wasn’t this tried in Africa? Split the tree.

  2. These scum bags are not going to do any thing but mouth off, what they should do as the pink panthers is go buy flowers for their moms and sit down and shut the pie holes.
    These fools are silly, if only they had the brains Darwin spoke of, they would know how very stupid they sound.

    Blacks Panthers in como drage, give me a brake, they look like a bunch of clowns from never never land.
    Tea Party Patriot

  3. Too bad Lincoln died before he could deport all of these monkeys back to the moddaland as he planned.

  4. lol they wonder why they get stero typed..third class citizens yet they can use the same public restrooms as whites dont have to sit at the back of the fact black men were allowed to vote before any woman was.

  5. Hey, STFU. It isn’t whitey’s fault YOU LABEL yourself as third-class citizens. You racist pigs. Get an effing clue! If this was whitey spewing this hateful, ILLEGAL speech, their azzes would be in JAIL in no time flat…which is where YOU should be.

  6. One million dollars next week , huh ? From black americans you say ? Makes sense, since next week be da first of da monff ,dey be gittin dey chekkksss.

  7. How many innocent men are going to be injured in an attempt to “Capture” George Zimmerman? Where is the media now? Why is this group not being arrested for inciting a crime, conspiracy to commit a crime, impeding an investigation, arraigning a kidnapping, terrorism, and more….? Where is the media and their outrage NOW???!!!

  8. The MS media needs to be more responsible with their reporting. This tragic event was made far worse by the media who had to jump right on it with only preliminary information. This needs to stop. The media is responsible for painting this man as a monster to the public. Whatever happened to due process. Now the new black panthers have a hit out on him. News people need to get back to truth in media and stick to the facts. We do not care about the writer’s opinion. Enough is enough. The media took few facts and created a huge mess. Now they are trying to weasel out of it. Too little too late!

    I tried to post this on Reuters and they would not allow it… Our MSM is nothing but manipulative BS!

  9. The MS media needs to be more responsible with their reporting. This tragic event was made far worse by the media who had to jump right on it with only preliminary information. This needs to stop. The media is responsible for painting this man as a monster to the public. Whatever happened to due process. Now the new black panthers have a hit out on him. News people need to get back to truth in media and stick to the facts. We do not care about the writer’s opinion. Enough is enough. The media took few facts and created a huge mess. Now they are trying to weasel out of it. Too little too late!

    I tried to post this on Reuters and they would not allow it… Our MSM is nothing but manipulative BS!

  10. We need a bounty on Holder and Obama for justice for Brian Terry, the Ice Agent, and over 300 others murdered by their Treasonous act of shipping assault weapons to the drug cartels, and possibly Hezbollah.

    When will these people get justice. I hope the National Guard is called out, and brings heavy artillery with them.

  11. Zimmerman, if you want to hide out at my house, I can hold back the Black KKK.

    Amazing! Zimmerman (a hispanic man) gets a broken nose and trauma to the back of his head (and 2 witnesses claim the man in the red jumper – Zimmerman – was the one screaming), and yet the Black KKK scream racism.

    Where is the racism? Address the high crime rate among young black men, Mr. Black KKK. Why aren’t the Black KKK holding math, reading, and science tutoring sessions for young black youth? Why aren’t the Black KKK raising $1M from black athletes and artists to open black tutoring centers?

    Where are the Black KKK 1st offense training programs, where young black youth serving time for their first offense can receive training and finish their GEDs and building a life of real purpose?

    You are the problem, Black KKK! You do nothing and have never done anything to help black people succeed in America. All you do is hold them down as victims. That is your purpose. Only people who believe themselves to be victims are the ones committing crime. That is a criminal’s mentality, whether violent crime or tax evasion. The criminal believe they have a right to commit a crime because they are victims of a particular circumstance.

    The Black KKK, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and all the other race hustlers are the ones who are responsible for the high crime rate among young black men because they feed the victim mentality. They are the ones absolutely shocked at successful black people who are not athletes and artists.

    Black KKK, either do something once in your existence to actually help black people, or go back to hell where you came from.

  12. I don’t know about the million dollars but the rest of what he said sounds great. Why give up a million dollars to find Zimmerman when Zimmerman hasn’t even been charged with any crime? The authorities know where Zimmerman is. All they have to do is put a charge on Zimmerman and he’ll turn his self in or take his out option.

  13. Unbelievable! Has anyone heard of innocent until proven guilty? This is unspeakable, they don’t even know the truth, but Sharpton and his racist got the riots and racism going didn’t they?! They aren’t happy unless they can stand in front of a mike screaming their idiocy and inciting riots. Sharpton and Jackson should be ashamed at what they have done in a case they know nothing about! Why wasn’t the Black college student who went crazy in class threatening to kill all the students and professors reported? Why was that conveniently left out of the news? All the time calling people MF’s, thumping a White male student’s chest, calling him names and screaming in his face. Nothing at all said about this little incident, no, because she was Black! Now, had the student defended himself against this crazy nut case, it would have been all over the news that a White male college student attacked a Black woman. That’s just how absolutely crazy America has become with the PC crap and BO!

  14. “Variety within a kind”, excactly right. We all stem from Adam and Eve and then Noah. Races develop after Babel. The issue is not “color” per se but values and politics. I mean you have Al Sharpton on one hand and Herman Cain on the other, both black. I only dislike with a passion one of them.

  15. These people won’t be happy until they start a war based on color. Unfortunately these morons haven’t figured out they are out numbered. Then again maybe their goal is just to start the war so martial law can be declared.

    It’s really to bad that a large number of people haven’t figured out yet that there is only one race, the human race, it just has variety like all the other species on this planet.

  16. I want justice for these people. If Soetoro had a son, he would look like Tyrone Dale David Woodfork!

    Couple met and married within a month and stayed together for 65 years… only to be parted after home invader beat wife to death

    Nancy Strait, 85, was sexually assaulted and battered to death by burglar
    Her husband Bob, 90, suffered a broken jaw and broken ribs in attack

    Police have arrested 20-year-old Tyrone Dale David Woodfork

    Read more:

  17. Well,well, well. Those who voted this unknown into the White House must be pretty proud of the chaos that has been created and perpetuated by “the one” all across the country and the world. The Black Panthers are a part of his domestic army. Where did they get a million dollars to pay anyone? I would guess Obama gave some of the “stimulus money” to Van Jones to use so that he could create that “Revolution” he has been yapping about all his life.

  18. Until this incident, Hispanics were considered “brown” people by the liberals who were being discriminated against by white people; those who are against illegal immigration…it’s all because they are brown. Now, all of a sudden, we have a “white” Hispanic. That’s a good one…suddenly, this man is not “brown”, he is white, otherwise there would not be a reason to generate a race war. Pathetic.

    1. We know who it’s coming from. Barry Soetoro, his legal name by the way, in the White House, working on behalf of the Weather Underground. They’re plotting mayhem before the election. Innocent people will get hurt, unless this Muslim impostor is removed and arrested, along with everyone who helped him.

      1. He should never have been allowed to run for president, he wasn’t eligible. This next election will be the most corrupt and violent ever, and I’m sure it will be fixed by the sinister power who propelled an ineligible, Muslim, impostor who hates America into the greatest office in the land. BO should be sitting in jail where all good felons belong!

  19. some one said too me on another web site that zimmerman was not white. yes he is white spanish people are white they came from spain and spain is in europ matter fact they are the first people that dring african in slavery too the new world call american and they don’t like black peopple if he not from spain then his family come from one of them south american county where the white spanish took the land from the indian people

    1. So’ what are you implying Harold? let me guess ‘ ‘ ‘ this hatred is justified from your point of view and the Native Americans, the Mexicans and the Blacks……have a right to “threaten” or to be “disparaging” against the White’s.

      and again, the Whites are “responsible” for all the “third world country’s” hardship’s and poverty. Oh’ and let’s not forget– the Whites are “responsible” for other races on this planet too–

      So Harold– please tell me if I’m wrong with my responce back to you.

    2. White, black, yellow, whatever. Who cares? I’m black Irish. That makes me a pale face with dark eyes – hence the Spanish blood in there going way back. So, technically, I could state I am part minority? I’m so sick of all of this nonsense. It doesn’t matter what color Mr. Zimmerman’s skin is, just as it doesn’t matter that the victim was black. We need some questions answered – what was the kid doing there if he didn’t live there, who started the altercation, was the kid beating the hell out of Mr. Zimmerman before he was shot, etc., etc. Skin color or not, it’s irrelevant, and people who make it relevant are boneheads.

    3. Harold,
      These boys were black in this crime against a 13 yr. old white boy. What do you have to say about this? Why do some in your race always act as though you are the only victims of racial crime in this country? You aren’t.

      Teens set kid on fire for being ‘white boy’
      Sunday, March 04, 2012
      A 13-year-old boy who police say was doused with gasoline and lit on fire last week while walking home from school is recovering from first-degree burns to his face and head.
      The boy was just two blocks from his home in Kansas City Tuesday when two teenagers began to follow him and then attacked him, his mother, Melissa Coon, said.
      Police have described the suspects as black 16-year-olds, while the victim is white.
      “We were told it’s a hate crime,” Coon told KTLA.

      I’m getting really sick and tired of your claims of victimhood. Those in your race who commit crimes against other races are going to start being held accountable for it. The sun doesn’t rise and set on you. You aren’t the most important people in this country. You’re not more important than others. You aren’t free to run around assaulting people because you have a chip on your shoulder, when you never suffered slavery in your life. You have the same opportunity as everyone else, and I’m sick of the race extortionists, like the phony Rev. Sharpton and Jackson, two race hustler criminals, running around stirring up trouble. Rev. my butt. They’re both extortionists.

    4. Harold, this isn’t a black and white thing. This is a tragedy that people are using to promote racism. Until the facts about the case come down the pike, we don’t need to figure out people’s ancestry, or bring up the “white people took the Indian’s land” jazz. We’ve got plenty of time left on Earth for Slim Shady Sharpton and Jesse ” I have a scheme” Jackson to remind us that being white is a crime.

    5. Harold, that is crap! Zimmerman’s mother is Hispanic and married a White man by the name of Zimmerman! Have you seen the recent gang photo of Trayvon? No, you won’t, because BO, Holder, Sharpton and Jackson plus the Black Panthers are inciting race riots! Zimmerman may be innocent, from reports I have read and from the man walking his dog and witnessing this incident, Zimmerman was the victim! OJ got off because of a jury too worried about what riots they would incite if they proved him guilty, which we all know he was! I AM SICK of the race card being played by people like Sharpton, Jackson and the Black Panthers. They don’t want peace, they don’t want harmony, they want to continue to scream and yell racism so they can continue to have their fame and fortune. They don’t give a crap about people! They are thinking of themselves and only themselves and anyone who follows them are just plain ignorant!

    6. Except that George Zimmerman is Peruvian… Most from Peru are in fact Indians. Nice try, maybe next time. For the record, I could not care less what race this man is, this is a travesty!

  20. I’m disgusted with Obama politicizing this tragedy – calling the victim “his son” divides Americans and was a whistle to racist agitators – He is truly Community Organizer in Chief! – BY THE WAY, GEORGE ZIMMERMAN IS LATINO, just like Obama is Black!

  21. Over saint Patrick’s day Weekend, there were 49 shootings in Detroit, 10 of which resulted in deaths. But that was black on black and there wasn’t a peep out of NObama, Sharpton, or Jessie or the black pussycats. No, they’re very selective in their outrage. They only get outraged when they can earn a coin or get some publicity for themselves or their pet causes. Sickening!

  22. Wow, get a load of the Lt.Col….guess he thinks he’s the same rank as Allen West? I’d like to give him the full bird. Yep, I can see a quasi para military group of racist white dudes getting this kind of positive media attention and sympathy…while calling for anarchy.

    1. If any group of white men in this country behaved this way, they would all have been rounded up and jailed, pronto. We all know it.

  23. Mr President You want Justice for Trayvon But When wesent Petition For caseyanthony Killing Caylee You did nothing Why Dont look like your Daughter..You have made this about Race speak up and Stop it

  24. This whole incident and another subsequent others have been needed of recent as the backdrop to a desired war of the races for Emperor Obama’s upstaging the November election. This election WILL NOT HAPPEN. Events to maintain martial law and keep this Marxist in office will prevent it. Get with it folks and get your heads out of the sand.

  25. What did he say, a troubling time in America? You have a black president and you’re threatening to take the law into your own hands? This guy should be in jail for inciting civil unrest!

  26. From what I herd Zimmerman is half black and half Hispanic. Where was the outrage when there were 46 shootings on the south side of Chicago over St. Patrick’s day weekend when some innocent children were shot and killed playing outside by gangs? Don’t they count? Where is Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton? BHO never mentioned it, did he.

  27. I see. There’s one set of rules for blacks and one set of rules for whites.

    What happened to due process?

    A witness has come forward who saw the whole thing and said Trayvon Martin was beating up Mr. Zimmerman. Police do say that Zimmerman was bloody and had grass stains on his shirt.

    Are we going to stand for a race war given that information?

  28. This case is like the JFK assassination. There is hardly any definitive facts that are being reported. I wish the facts, the plain and simple facts, would come out. Too bad the media can’t do their job.

    All I know for sure is:

    Zimmerman appears to be a cop wanna be looking for trouble that night.
    The black panthers are idiots.
    1/2 the reason why Trayvon Martin was killed because of his skin color.
    That florida police precinct is completely inept considering that Zimmerman should be arrested. For god’s sake……people are thrown in jail for jaywalking.

  29. America’s One-Sided Race Card

    Careful not to pull a boner as he did when he condemned Cambridge cop Joe Crowley in 2009 without a scintilla of evidence, President Barack Hussein Obama has weighed in on the tragic Sanford, Florida killing of 17 year old Trayvon Martin by neighborhood watch volunteer, George Zimmerman.

    The president, playing the race card for his black base as he did in the Cambridge affair, said, “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon” and demanded exhaustive Sanford, Florida, and federal investigations into the case.

    He declared that “some soul searching” was needed throughout the country but made no reference to why the president of the United States is involving himself in a local matter. As with Sandra Fluke and the female vote, Obama figured he could make points with his African-American constituency by telling them what his son would look like.

    Despite the fact that details are still evolving on the incident, America’s leftists quickly and mindlessly sprang to a verdict of racially-inspired murder and blamed everyone from Zimmerman, who reportedly has a number of African-Americans and Latinos in his family, to Rush Limbaugh, Jeb Bush, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, George Romney, and virtually every white person in America.

    At least they didn’t blame Sandra Fluke.

    Professional race-mongers Louis Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton also galloped to the Sunshine State to spread their hateful bile and called for revenge and retribution. It wasn’t clear whom they blamed but presumably it was repressive and murderous white society as well as Zimmerman.

    The racist New Black Panther Party didn’t want to be left out and so circulated a poster reading, “Murdered in Cold Blood, Child Killer of Trayvon Martin, WANTED DEAD or ALIVE.”

    Accused gunman Zimmerman hasn’t been arrested due to lack of concrete evidence in the case and his claim of killing Martin in self-defense after being attacked, a claim substantiated by witnesses, and various Sanford officials have stepped aside to insure a fair and just inquiry.

    No one would question the necessity of a full and thorough investigation into Martin’s death, except perhaps for Louis Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, the New Black Panther Party and other racists who have rushed to judgment in order to stir the racial pot, create discord, garner donations, and grab headlines.

    There may be a national need for Obama’s “soul searching” just as there was a need for a “new gentility” as preached by the president following the Tucson shooting of Rep. Gabby Giffords and which never came to fruition thanks to relentless incivility from liberals.

    However, there’s an equally-pressing necessity for objective crime reporting by the mainstream media with respect to black crime in America, a crying need that has frequently been addressed on this blogsite and admitted by some members of the MSM.

    See “More Riotous Times in Obamaland,”

    The rabble-rousing Farrakhan threatened violent retaliation . . .
    (

    1. They didn’t care much about the 46 shootings on the south side of Chicago over St. Patrick’s day weekend and an innocent child was killed. Did they?

  30. I,m sorry This was a horrible horrible death of a young man by a RACIEST HISPANIC.NOW the PANTHERS want to DEMAND for 1 millions dollars to me this group should be looked at as we do not negotioate with terrorist we do not pay for people to KILL.Panthers some one needs to put them in their place.The video Raciest .Where are All races with hoody on black White Asian all races who have stood up AGAINST THIS Zimmerman JERK.WE should not bow to the threats of the PANTHERS if that was the KKK OMG PEOPLE nEED TO GET THEIR HEADS out of their ASSES.Panthers talking 400 yrs WE WHERE NOT ALIVE THEY SPEAK OFB THE PAST THAT WE NOR DID THEY LIVE. Do your Home work PANTHERS the is MORE BLACK on BLACK Crime than WHITE ON WHITE They is more Black on White CRIME WAKE UP and this was a HISPANIC AND BLACK issue.Hey if your BIracial YOU CONSIDERED BLACK in this society.I know my kids our biracial.If you half Hispanic guess WHAT your are HISPANIC.Obama YES you need to speak out and speak up quit we do not give in to THREATS and DEAD lines.They need to be treated as they are holding White America Hostage over a different Color skin HISPANIC HISPANIC.Want your one million you will see blood in the streets of Florida BROTHERS

  31. Slim Shady Sharpton and Jesse ” I have a scheme” Jackson are on the spot – isn’t that suspect? Remember the “Durham Dirtbag” case? Shady and Jackson both stated that these “White, Rich” Duke students raped a stripper. Case was dismissed. Just sayin! Let’s get the facts.

    1. Unfortunately, some people don’t want us to look at facts, and want to cloud them with everything else from not liking the picture they’ve used of the victim, not liking the picture they used of the shooter, to not liking the fact that police and special investigations units aren’t working on their personal clocks to do this investigation.

  32. Doesn’t that kind of action from the Black Pathetic Panthers constitute Murder for Hire or will this be just another case like the Black Panther Voter intimidation case of 2008 where the “my people” US Attorney General will ignore these thugs.

    1. Exactly! Everyone has been commenting based on their vast litigation experience, but have missed the point. These idiots (Panthers) are saying that they are going to take the law into their hands, because justice hasn’t been given to their satisfaction. I would find that Panther and lock him up for obviously threatening violence on Zimmerman.

    1. They make it sound like Zimmerman is a criminal on the run and needs to be ‘brought in’. There is a pending grand jury investigation by professionals. They are the ones that will get the full story. This is no more than vigilantism and is a crime of its own. What do they plan on doing with him when they ‘capture’ him? String him up?

      The media has planted many small tidbits that are erroneous and incriminating in order to paint a certain picture. It is indeed a sad day that a young man lost his life. I suspect there was wrongdoing in some form or other on both sides and unfortunately a person died because of it. We should not be trying him like the NBPP is doing.

      They have an agenda, Obama has an agenda, and the media has an agenda. Let’s not let them be successful in their endeavors. If Zimmerman is guilty of anything, the law will see that it gets done. That is our society, not the rampaging, ‘kill first if they’re a different color than us’ mentality of the NBPP.

      1. This is a witch-hunt, and the facts haven’t been laid out. All this commenting from individuals with as much information as everyone else has is a bit premature to say the least. I’ll let the lawyers and the the criminal justice agencies do their job before I become a lawyer, judge and executioner in one day. Sheesh!

  33. I can’t debate the guilt or innocence of Mr. Zimmerman, as I am not privy to all the facts of the case.

    What disturbs me is this “bounty” being offered by the NBPP for Mr. Zimmerman’s “capture”. He already turned himself in to the police, and he was released pending an investigation. What exactly do they plan to do with him if they capture him? If there is no arrest warrant out for him, he can’t be jailed. If there is no indictment against him, he can’t be tried.

    This is a road down which we cannot travel. It totally ignores our justice system and calls for vigilantism, which itself is criminal. I pray that law enforcement in Florida will have the strength and determination to deal with the horrible situation.

  34. Obama and the democrats continue to divide this country along racial and social lines. This kind of thing will become more prevalent as we continue to hear from the liberals. They simply will do anything and everything to maintain their hold on power.

    1. They have not said 1 word about the 46 shootings by gangs on the south side of Chicago over St. Patrick’s day weekend and an innocent child playing outside was shot. No outrage by Jesse jackson or Al Sharpton, not a mention by BHO either.

  35. Excuse me, isn’t this then a terrorist operation against an American citizen? Where in the hell is Washington or the GOP on this? Nobody, even those who claim to be Tea Party elected GOP members, has anything to say? Why are these group members still wandering around on the streets? Why haven’t they been arrested? Why am I asking all of these questions? I already know the bloody answers.

  36. Ah yes… the return of the lynch mob of the old south where white mobs would drag black suspects out of jail and lynch them in the streets if they felt the wheels of justice were turning too slowly. Today, black mobs, often led by the likes of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton lead street protests or riots, and the Federal government comes after white suspects with the “rope” of “civil rights” charges.

    Using the death of a teenage boy to fund raise off of like the New Black Panthers, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are doing is an outrage

    Using the death of a teenage boy to stir the fires of Racial Discontent like the New Black Panthers, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are doing is also an outrage

    but, Not showing up to protest the killings of other black children nationwide who are killed by black people in much greater numbers every single day like the New Black Panthers, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are doing is an the biggest outrage of all. Hypocrisy on their part in the purest form… and the people who allow them to be that hypocritical are part of the problem… yes, this mean you.

  37. It’s called Mob Rule and Obama is encouraging it. Our current president is proving he is willing to do anything to remain in power.

    This is a political play on his part as well as Jackson and the rest, to incite black America as a means of securing their votes, whom many of them Obama was in danger of losing because of his pathetic performance in office.

    So they use emotion to bring those that are drifting away from the plantation back into the fold…

    They are all proving they are the bald faced, two bit race hustlers they have always been..
    To quote the former famous AlGore, “They played on our fears!” (done in a false southern holy roller style).

    This is a blatant play on the black communities emotions all for political gain…

    The Jessie Jacksons, Al Sharptons , Black Panthers and yes our former and still “community organizer” Barrack Obama are showing they are nothing but two bit race hustlers.. Keeping the black community firmly on the plantation for their own personal gain …

    Barrack Obama has never risen above the level of community organizer, which is why he is a dismal failure as potus.

    1. That’s just no win scenario BS, though. Publishing pictures of him as a kid is a sympathy play, possibly. If his parents did it, it may, or may not, have been. Publishing pictures of him as a much bigger kid with his pants falling off his ass, as you just did, is nothing more than a sympathy play for Zimmerman.

      What was he really wearing at the time of the incident?

      And even if he was the size of the Incredible Hulk (7’6″, 1,040 pounds) [and wearing a hoodie], that’s not justification to shoot him. As self-proclaimed neighborhood watch, sure, he could’ve spotted him and taken action. However, that action had to be calling the police, as his police powers are limited to citizens arrest, which requires criminality to be witnessed. He [Zimmerman] followed Trayvon, something else he messed up, causing Trayvon to call his girlfriend, terrified, thinking he was being followed or stalked. For some reason, you absolutely, patently avoid mentioning this fact. Why? When Zimmerman finally did call the police for assistance, he decided, apparently, he didn’t like how they were going to do their job, or that they were going to take too long, so he opted to disobey their orders, at which point, to me, he crossed over into stalking Trayvon. I carried pistols, rifles, MGs and SMGs for a living, at one time, but I never knew of anyone that just WANTED to go out and shoot someone with them [outside declared warfare]. I’m not saying Zimmerman was out to gun someone down, but I am saying that he put himself into a confrontation, and disobeyed police orders. In doing so, he put himself into a position where he had to fight Trayvon, or to shoot him. He did both.

      Unless Trayvon had business in the gated community, he shouldn’t’ve been in there; it generates far more trouble, than its worth, though doesn’t rise to the level of criminality, in and of itself. This might’ve contributed to his death.

      Zimmerman should’ve backed off. His phone call reported seeing Trayvon, possibly walking toward him. Then, later phone data had him following Trayvon. He was ordered to fall back and drop out of the pursuit that he’d initiated, and he refused. This contributed to Trayvon’s death, certainly.

      1. If someone were to jump me and I had a bloody broken nose and a gash in the back of my head, I suppose I would not be sure what that person would continue to do to me; the person may end up dead…just sayin’? Have you really read and listened to all the reports and facts. Doesn’t sound like it. Did you hear Zimmerman screaming on the phone? why was he screaming “Help”. Geesh.

        1. The ONLY eyewitness confirmed everything Zimmerman said–he was protecting himself from the boy. Listen to the guy’s eyewitness account. This whole incident is being worked up for other purposes of the liberal MSM, Democrats, and others (and now the Black Panthers). Is it any wonder why gun sales in America are going thru the roof! Manufacturers cannot keep up with the orders.

    2. Nice perspective! It makes you wonder why the media doesn’t put those pics out alongside the innocent victim pics?

  38. No matter what happened in the Zimmerman incident it is being used by the left and the race hucksters as a tool to further an agenda. Panthers have no desire for equality…their goal is to ensure racism lives on even if it means they are the racist. White America on notice indeed…this moron is aware, I hope, that we have guns too. Be careful what you ask for…you just might get it.

  39. Under a properly functioning government, this man would have been arrested by now. He calls for vigilante actions across the nation, turning American against American, based on race, and threatens the highest office in the land with “Do it, or else” rhetoric.

    1. For what? There’s been no determination that he’s [Zimmerman] actually broken any laws, yet. A functioning government that is a constitutional republic, doesn’t arrest people without due process and/or probable cause. Regardless of how it LOOKS, there is no hard evidence that I know of, of any criminality.

      1. Hmmm … I’m suggesting that our Black Panther friend – not Zimmerman – would face investigation and charges. I admit that I’m not a lawyer. But I guarantee that if you or I offered a trumped-up bounty for Al Sharpton or Louis Fararkhan, law-enforcement would be knocking at our door. If nothing else we’d be questioned and cautioned, for sure.

    1. They don’t have to go far to find out where their children are dying. It is their own people in their own neighborhoods, but now they can blame it on white people.

  40. Is this Obama’s civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded as our military that he talked about during the campaign? Is the million dollar bounty coming from our tax dollars?

    Obama likened himself to Abraham Lincoln. The president who presided over the first civil war,suspend habeas corpus, and other constitutional protections from citizens so that he could fight the war.

    Lincoln was a fatalist who wanted to keep the nation together. Obama is a narcissist who wants to recreate America. Lincoln had no intention of executing or punishing the secessionists. Obama has proven his willingness to kill for political gain.

    We are on the cusp of a second civil war and Obama, you are no Lincoln.

  41. We’re not even “Citizens in this country, We’re Third Class Citizens” <——-Ignorant idiot says in same sentence that Black Folks "ARE NOT CITIZENS" followed by a direct quote that they are "THIRD CLASS CITIZENS." This says everything about the type of people we are dealing with here……UNEDUCATED RACIST AFRICAN CITIZENS!

    1. FYI…Silver Leaf = Lt. Col. Mr. von Epic. An eagle with wings outstreached = Col. Hence the term “Full Bird”. Happy Easter everybody

  42. I find it highly insulting that these racists use ranking insignias that are exactly the same as our brave men and women in the armed forces.
    They should send some marines in to tear those things off their lapels.

  43. African American version of the KKK.

    It is against the law to threaten people.

    The man who threatened the Sanford, FL police chief via email was arrested.

    Farrakhan and the BPs should be held accountable. Cuff ’em.

    1. “Black version of the KKK”

      FITFY; Or do you call white people ‘Euro Americans’? c’mon… equal treament!.

      1. They are using the same very same tactics:
        – threats and intimidation
        – going outside and placing themselves above the law
        – racial separation
        – lies, exaggeration, accusations
        – promoting fear and anger among their race

  44. what the heck does “white america” have to do with this shooting? who are the real racists here?

  45. What happens if the KKK makes the same threats?, i imagine something like Waco, Texas. Yeah, they would send the army, not even a SWAT team, to take those people out. heck, they would launch Tomahawks, MOAB’s and send drones armed with thermobaric Hellfires. And finally Seal Team Six if anyone survived the blasts of those bombs.

  46. Gee, if the Aryan Brotherhood did this, the DOJ would send the jack booted thugs to shoot them all.

  47. Here we go, folks.

    As to the incident of a month ago, none of us know the full details. I, for one, reserve judgement on Trayvon Martin, on George Zimmerman, and on the local police until I can see and hear what really went down that day. Until then, I’m neutral. More and more info is coming out daily.

    However, as to the media, as to Obama, and as to the NBPP, I’m not neutral. The media has attempted, successfully it appears, to run a smear campaign on Zimmerman, leaking out all kinds of tidbits to enflame the public. Obama has taken the situation and made it political to gain favor with his dwindling support. The NBPP has just placed a bounty on the head of a United States citizen (A UNITED STATES CITIZEN), much like the fanatical muslims do when their ideology is challenged.

    A BOUNTY, people! This is unacceptable in this country. Obama had better get on the airwaves pronto, condemn and disown this horrendous action, and then take the leaders of the NBPP into custody. I feel he will not do this. He will remain silent, as this is the beginning of what he has planned all along.

    This whole incident will skyrocket out of control. Someone will probably kill Zimmerman, or someone else in his stead and the race war is on. This summer will be bloody with OWS-type protests, Watts-style rioting, retaliations, and destruction. Obama will be able to take control (with his Executive Order of control that he just signed last week, btw) of the internet, the airwaves, and entire country. He will be able to suspend the elections (for the sake of the country) and that will be it. All out war.

    Are you listening, Obama? You have people that watch our sites. You will not win this type of war. The patriots outnumber you and are fighting for our Constitution, our families and our lives while you will merely be fighting for power. It’s a war of attrition you will not win.

    Get on the airwaves now. Prove to me that you are not the fundamental transformer that you said you were. I’m listening and I’m waiting. In the meantime, I’m buying extra ammo.

    1. I suppose we should all just start issuing bounties on anybody we can use to get another check or get another sports center built in a ghetto. Where is my freaking sports center? I pay the freaking taxes!

      Or let’s find out what happened to the Bodelians. We can blame them for all the s*** they’ve put us through for the last 400 years. The Bodelians have all the wealth. The Bodelians control the sports center! The Bodelians are a piss poor example of humanity. We’ll declare that we’re Muslim and pull fatwa’s and jihad’s out of our nether regions and declare war on the freaking Bodelians! WACK a Bodelian Day! $10,000 bounties on Bodelians. We’ll pack the fairground with Bodelians, cowering in their little Bodelian boots and sweaters.

      Nobody gets challenge for jihading their neighbor or doing a fatwa on K-MART and nobody will be challenged for putting a bounty on a man of a different race. It an’t in the Holder playbook.

      I am ready to strap on the vest. Doesn’t look like things are going to improve soon. Let’s get the re-election party started. Fill the street with vomit. He’s finagled for warfare between the citizens, between the sexes, between the muslims and the Jews, between the Jews and non Jews, between the gay and the straight, between the people with ID and those without, between the Muslims and the Christians, between the Catholics and the communists. He’s begging for war, He’s probably knee-nose to carpet right now, praying for a white armageddon.

      I’m fed up with fear and wondering why the country is splitting apart. Someone once said we ought to split the country into territory for the conservatives and separate for the liberal scum. I don’t see why not. Let this punk ass, prejudiced, scared sob and his band of perverts figure it out. I know where he stands now. There is no doubt that the bastard is going let the thugs run the streets like mangy dogs and hang the rest of us out to dry. I know where I stand. I took an oath to support the Constitution and by God so did every police officer, fireman, and soldier. Let the loyalties of the Public Safety and the Armed Forces be revealed.

      And a jihad on all pissants!

      (sry Nuke.)

      1. As you say, Obama has, “finagled for warfare between the citizens, between the sexes, between the muslims and the Jews, between the Jews and non Jews, between the gay and the straight, between the people with ID and those without, between the Muslims and the Christians, between the Catholics and the communists.”

        This is a Marxist tactic…a form of divide and conquer.

      2. No sry necessary. I’m wit ja.

        As I see it, Obama believes he could win either way. Either he gets his class warfare and ‘fundamentally transforms’ our country into a third world slum hole or he steps in, stops the NBPP and the vigilantes, saves the day and declares himself the hero of the hour (woohoo, election day).

        Don’t ever let a crisis go to waste.

  48. I have had enough of the racist crap. The main focus of race I have seen in almost all the years I have lived in the States have come from thugs like this, vultures like jackson and sharpton and now dear leader and his ag. Real Black folks who while maybe having real problems of racism directed at them, those who worked so hard to overcome circumstances and racism must be rolling in their graves, for these punks are undoing EVERYTHING they accomplished. I never had a problem with ‘color’, and have known, had friends, worked with and have family of many different races and nationalities- and while I have had family members beated and robbed by black men, I don’t paint the whole black society with that brush. It’s pathetic that people like our dear leader and the democrat party, the liberal party of tolerance base everything on color, promote racism and fan the flames every time they see a perceived incident. Grow up and learn to accept that there are many shades of skin in this world and that while it would be a great thing if we could all get along, there is such a thing called evil in this world- and it knows no color.

  49. Gee looks like we have a Lt Col and a Captain. Is this a para-military group under the code name Bubba or is the Civilian Defense Force talked about in LIAR Obama’s 2008 campaign ?

    1. The Black Panthers are the military wing of the Nation of Islam and Farrakhan is their POTUS.

    2. Could be Bubba`s Buds or advance for BO`s CDF. It appears that the “Head on Swivel” exercise was stressed during PT at Basic. I don`t know how close these people are to the district of Florida represented by the Honorable retired Colonel Allen West, but I`d bet a dollar to a doughnut hole that after a visit with Rep. West, they would stand down and let the system do the work. If not, I`d recommend they brush up on the latest version of “Aversion tactics of downrange weapon systems”. Check screen far right; I think the lady also sports da double bars. Happy Easter everybody and may God Bless our Troops and America !!!

  50. This is only the tip of the iceberg. Obama knob slobbers will threaten to burn down this country if he is not re-elected. There IS a reason MoveOn picked this month old story to incite all of this. It’s going to be a bumpy ride folks. Buckle in.

    1. Trayvon Martin died on Feburary 26.
      This black on white hate crime occurred on March 4:
      “Teens set kid on fire for being ‘white boy’
      Sunday, March 04, 2012
      A 13-year-old boy who police say was doused with gasoline and lit on fire last week while walking home from school is recovering from first-degree burns to his face and head.
      The boy was just two blocks from his home in Kansas City Tuesday when two teenagers began to follow him and then attacked him, his mother, Melissa Coon, said.
      Police have described the suspects as black 16-year-olds, while the victim is white.
      “We were told it’s a hate crime,” Coon told KTLA.”


      Farrakhan, Obama, Sharpton, Jackson and their group did not comment or organize marches or apologize to this mother for this hate crime.
      They obviously only care about blacks. They do not care about white kids.

      Then there are the DOJ’s own statistics from 1976 to 2005 —

      86% of white victims were killed by whites
      94% of black victims were killed by blacks

  51. Why are decent people, Black, White, Latin Asian and any one civilized not storming this gathering of rats and stomping the shit out of racist, ignorant thugs? What will it take?

    400 years ass*** and you still have no more skills than the people who were brought here in chains. WTF have you been doing for four hundred freaking years, ass****? You don’t have a job? You don’t have an education? You don’t own a home? And you blame me!?! Blame this, mfr!

    DO you know how many people have been enslaved since the emancipation proclamation dipstick? DO you know how much genocide has been done in this world since you were guaranteed your rights and a job and a welfare check. Don’t you even watch TV?

    Now, when these people come to your house and drag your spouse out into the street and apply a beating, will that move you? When your neighbor’s child has a bounty put on his head and 50 misanthropic, weak minded sheep with knives and clubs come to your block,Will you come out of your garage with something other than your mouse in your hand? Will you stand with me and others who are sick of being bullied by Muslim and American thugs?

    Where are the police? Where is the national Guard? NO ONE is going to protect you. These thugs will be cuddled in the bosom of the democrats and unionist who have ceased power. We must stand and fight together or without a doubt we will each face the denouement alone.

    Where is President Hand Job? Where is the Lap dog Secretary of Homeland Defense? Where are the Marines? This is a threat to the General Welfare of the nation and the traitor in the white house is waxing the weasel again!

      1. yep. I need a break. Thank you ABC, you are like the North Star here. For me the words are pictures and I am only seeing desolation these days. Can’t find the hope button on this new keyboard.

        1. While you`re looking for the hope button, KEEP THE FAITH !!! Happy Easter everybody ………

        2. Stand down WFM, take a breath and collect yourself. You and I , as well as many others here what is coming, and your being anxious about how it will be handled is not going to help the matter. This is all be supported by the left and we all know it.
          Long story short, keep your powder dry, and your wits and training will kick in automaticly. Just sit back and keep a watchful eye and stand your ground when confronted, AND ONLY WHEN CONFRONTED. Or you will be called the problem.

        3. I hear you Words. But we know True Hope isn’t on our keyboards. You know where He’s at, and He’s all we need no matter how screwed up this world is getting. ((()))s to you my friend!

  52. It would be funny if the ignorance shown hear were not so real…but not that it should matter…Zimmerman is Hispanic…this according to his father…he should know I suppose…but it does not matter to a mob

  53. CNN broadcast this? That itself is shocking. (How soon before it sinks down the memory hole?!)

    Nothing will result, unfortunately, other than creating more hate, dividing, obfuscating the facts and stifling eye witness testimony in this case, fomenting both fear and anger – on all sides.

    Why is this acceptable in any way? Why is this being legitimized by the media? Do they not see the blatant racism in this man’s statement?! Really?!

  54. Question: So, at what point does it become OK to put all Muslims on notice?

    Answer: Never.

    At what point does it begin to sink in with people: that while State Senator in Illinois, Obama’s Chief of Staff was a strong supporter of Luis Farrakhan, the Nation of Islam and the New Black Panther party? (As, were others on his staff.)

    There is no way ordinary Americans can ever expect a fair shake from this President. He does not work for all of us.

    He works and gives our treasure to those that hate us.

  55. Someone better tell these thugs we still have the National Guard, and the states can use them. I think someone needs to put a bounty on this guys head.

      1. That’s why it’s a concern. You have any incidents where someone tries to defend their home or business, and the media will play it like minorities are being hunted……all Obama needs to abuse power and crown himself.

  56. And where exactly is our President? Wasn’t he was going to be the one to improve race relations?

    Instead, a lot of people voted for him on that basis, but I can’t see any situation where he has gotten involved where he has come down on the side of improving race relations.

    And don’t get me started on Eric Holder. Shouldn’t he be coming down hard o the NBPP?

      1. These guys pretend that they are some type of Army. These are a few, (very few), anarchist wanna-be’s seeking some press. Looks like they have it for now. As I said…this election is for all the marbles. Wake up, stand up, and vote. Your country needs you now.

      2. Be honest Danny, if this were a Militia group with a politically right slant that did this the political left would be howling to have them arrested. The vast majority of “militias” are only about 10 or 15 guys that dress up in BDUs.

  57. This kid was no angel.
    TRAYVON MARTIN | March 21, 2012
    Zimmerman was on the ground being punched when he shot Trayvon Martin

    He was 6′ 2″.

    He was no angel.

    Why are they letting this African usurper victimize America? When will someone admit he’s not a legitimate president. He’s a foreign usurper working for Ayers and the Muslim Brotherhood. He’s a terrorist. He’s not using a bomb or plane, he doesn’t have to. They put him in the White House. He’s trying to stir up trouble so people don’t vote.

  58. Do these people really think they scare or intimidate anyone? What a joke. Maybe they need to get some black hoods.

  59. Do these people really think they scare or intimidate anyone? What a joke. Maybe they need to get some black hoods.

  60. When are the black leaders going to speak out on the black on black crimes/murders going on daily in the streets of Chicago, Philly, Detroit, etc etc?

    Where are the marches in these and other cities? Black kids are killing each other, minority gangs across the country are murdering each other and not one outcry from Sharpton, Jackson, the NBP, or any other prominent leaders.

    Until these so-called “leaders” help their own to a better life, they have no one to blame but themselves.

    Our education system is a disaster, because of democrats/liberals/progressives, who want to keep minorities under their control, needing them for their very survival. When do these democratic and black leaders help these children achieve the “impossible” dream of a good education and quality of life?

    Not until charter schools and voucher programs are the “norm” and teachers’ unions are dismantled, will inner city kids have any chance at success in their adult lives.

    Minorities are being “used”by the democratic/progressive party and don’t even realize it. They have been fed the line that conservative/republicans are all racists, rich men who want to set them back 100 years. Nothing could be farther from the truth, but the brainwashing used by the democrats, has proven a successful instrument in keeping them on the proverbial “plantation!”

  61. When are the black leaders going to speak out on the black on black crimes/murders going on daily in the streets of Chicago, Philly, Detroit, etc etc?

    Where are the marches in these and other cities? Black kids are killing each other, minority gangs across the country are murdering each other and not one outcry from Sharpton, Jackson, the NBP, or any other prominent leaders.

    Until these so-called “leaders” help their own to a better life, they have no one to blame but themselves.

    Our education system is a disaster, because of democrats/liberals/progressives, who want to keep minorities under their control, needing them for their very survival. When do these democratic and black leaders help these children achieve the “impossible” dream of a good education and quality of life?

    Not until charter schools and voucher programs are the “norm” and teachers’ unions are dismantled, will inner city kids have any chance at success in their adult lives.

    Minorities are being “used”by the democratic/progressive party and don’t even realize it. They have been fed the line that conservative/republicans are all racists, rich men who want to set them back 100 years. Nothing could be farther from the truth, but the brainwashing used by the democrats, has proven a successful instrument in keeping them on the proverbial “plantation!”

  62. When are the black leaders going to speak out on the black on black crimes/murders going on daily in the streets of Chicago, Philly, Detroit, etc etc?

    Where are the marches in these and other cities? Black kids are killing each other, minority gangs across the country are murdering each other and not one outcry from Sharpton, Jackson, the NBP, or any other prominent leaders.

    Until these so-called “leaders” help their own to a better life, they have no one to blame but themselves.

    Our education system is a disaster, because of democrats/liberals/progressives, who want to keep minorities under their control, needing them for their very survival. When do these democratic and black leaders help these children achieve the “impossible” dream of a good education and quality of life?

    Not until charter schools and voucher programs are the “norm” and teachers’ unions are dismantled, will inner city kids have any chance at success in their adult lives.

    Minorities are being “used”by the democratic/progressive party and don’t even realize it. They have been fed the line that conservative/republicans are all racists, rich men who want to set them back 100 years. Nothing could be farther from the truth, but the brainwashing used by the democrats, has proven a successful instrument in keeping them on the proverbial “plantation!”

    1. We need to stand up to Holder’s Black Panthers!!!
      Palin/West 2012

      Steadfast and Loyal Hoooah!!!

    1. This may be the trigger that strips Americans of gun rights. I fear that riots will force Floridians to defend themselves, and Obama will take full advantage. Fomenting racial hatred is evil.

        1. Yep, it sucks hard- I’ve wanted to buy a BHP for the longest time, and now, it seems, they will continue to go up in price.

              1. Here you go Ozzie,

                There are a few there, several under 900, BHPs have always run in the neighborhood of 900 to a grand or more for a nice Belgian specimen. All you need is a local FFL dealer to receive it for you and any of those listed that have the little symbol, a little square with a “B” have a “buy it now price”, I have purchased more than a couple of pistols through this site, but its always fun to “window shop” as well.

                1. Hey KiM-

                  I’m aware that I can find them cheaper, but it’s my dream gun- not something that I can afford right now. I just hate to think that they will get more expensive because I can’t afford it yet. I have never fired a gun that felt so natural and was so accurate….I’ll stop raving about it, but it instantly became my #1 gun once one of the guys at the local range let me borrow his (MKIII fit perfectly).


        2. I heard a report last night that gun sales are WAY up already with the election coming up. Same thing happened in 2008. Ammo has doubled/tripled–I haven’t even priced it lately, it’s been so ridiculous.

            1. It takes too much work to do that at the federal level. Other than some EO’s regarding border areas (but certainly not without impact elsewhere[–sorry for linking to theblaze]), there’s no major push for gun control legislation in congress. (Notably because it’s really hard to get elected in most states if the NRA doesn’t support you, or if you speak out against the second amendment.)

              Of course, the left in general is always trying to limit the second amendment, and even though they’ve been beaten back in recent years, they aren’t going to ever stop.

              That’s the basic background. But the story doesn’t end there.

              Starting (or at least greatly accelerating) in the 90’s under the Clinton Administration, and continuing through the Bush Administration, several federal agencies have added armed assault/tactical teams, rather than rely on local law enforcement or FBI. Though it continued under Bush, with new urgency thanks to 9-11, it was overshadowed by the terror threats and the calls to form the DHS. But with the coming of President “Fundamentally Transforming,” people are becoming more and more appalled at the capacity of Big Government to broach traditional law enforcement barriers and conduct raids, often with disastrous results. When the Railroad Retirement Board has an armed group of agents, something has gone awfully wrong. But there’s more.

              We all read about the constant push at lobbying the states for more gun controls, and the lawsuits against gun manufacturers and ammo manufacturers. California is out-of-control in this area, for example. Like they need that problem making things worse. But we have started to see impact on the supply chain of guns, ammo, re-loading supplies, and gun parts, due to the constant push by the left. (And Eric Holder seems to be a focal point for a lot of the problems related to regulations and selective enforcement.) Government interference creates problems for all businesses. Doubly so when the people in charge don’t “like” your business. (Pr0n is really cheap and widely available to schoolchildren these days. Predictable.)

              If the above were all that we had to be concerned about, that would explain a lot of the increase in arms sales. Unfortunately that’s not all that makes people want to stock up on guns and ammo. We still have a shaky, unstable economy. Major economists keep warning of world-wide panic that could start with Greece, Span, and Ireland. The old adage about the US sneezing “and the world gets a headcold” has been turned around. Obama’s unprecidented, massive debt ringup has made us vulnerable to the economic sneezing of small European counties, while simultaneously increasing the “headcold resistance” of the BRIC countries. We could face something worse than the depression, and that’s not my opinion, it’s the opinion of a long line of very respectable economists–including those working for our mortgage holders in China, who are very concerned we may default.

              Well, that’s certainly something to worry the average parent. And we would be justified in buying more supplies to weather such a collapse (which isn’t inevitable, merely “more likely than at any point since the depression”). But sadly, that’s not all we have on our minds.

              The Cloward/Piven approach of Team Obama has caused a major ramp-up in class warfare in this country. More and more groups are threatening violent reprisals against “the rich,” which includes almost anyone with a career these days. The “New Black Panthers” aren’t alone in calls for major violence, as you’ve seen documented here over the last year.

              So no, Obama has managed to keep his hands clean of direct action on gun control. But that’s only because he has a host of Obama-friendly groups agitating for “social justice” and several Obama-contributing organizations that lobby at the state level for restrictions.

              So enjoy the “hilarity.” Most of us here prefer to take the increase in threats seriously, even if Obama, Holder, and all of their friends think it’s nothing to worry about.

                1. Yeah, that’s the EO I was linking to, I think. Sort of a “whoops, this gun-walker thing isn’t working like we thought it would” moment.

          1. I was looking at it to see if I could find an indication of “how far up” they are. I was amazed at what I found. Evidently Obama’s “recovery” is being fueled partially by astounding profits at gun manufacturers. So much so that Sturm,Ruger has had to suspend new orders to be able to meet demand. Check out that stock price!

            Fox news took that item into consideration and noted US
            Gun sales explode as election looms
            , and includes some bits from interviewing gun store owners.

            Man, I keep putting off “certain purchases” and they get even more difficult to swing.

              1. That’s good to know about. We have a decent local firearms dealer (plus all the usual outdoorsman gear) who’d probably do that for a reasonable fee.

                Yesterday we had a flock of wild turkeys right up at the back door. I counted ten. There used to be twelve in the flock. Sometimes a few sit in trees and watch while the others forage. Biguns, too. If it all goes Obama-shaped, we’ll be good for about six or eight months before game starts requiring real hunting skills.

            1. I knew there were several manufacturers that had to suspend orders. It’s going to get worse! Fox had the story a few days ago.

  63. Black Panthers – like hell! These are Obama’s Panthers. He adopted them when he dropped the case of those who interfered at the voting booth in ’08. And because he’ll never ever come out to condemn these racists – which obama is – always, never failing to cause division and play the race card.

      1. Not necessarily La Raza, but I was thinking that there are more hispanics in America than there are blacks. Do these black panther types really want to pick a fight with Latinos? Really? Guess they must not be paying too much attention to the cartel drug wars and what these people are capable of when they get their blood up, so to speak.

        1. That’s why the media is keeping the ‘hispanic’ angle down and pushing the ‘white’ agenda. Makes it so much easier.

        2. thats the problem with this country the vilance u latinos and blacks bring every day every hr just watch TV its getting bad here ,, the jails are so packed with latinos and blacks its nuts y the F is that, u tell me im nt rt they make it so all peple of USA see there races as a major threat they come from Mexico and rt into the gangs WTF we are sick of the shootings the store owners getting shop house invations 9 out of 10 its bklack or latino u fn tell my y the jails are 80% of both go ahead i want to here y

      2. They aren’t picking their fight with Hispanics, Zimmerman is not an Hispanic surname.
        It is likely that La Raza and the dangerous Hispanics will join them as they have been itching for violence.

        1. Latinos have NO love for loss the Black population. They will tolorate the black population but they will not be pushed by them or there way of thinking.

      3. LA RAZA??? They are as far left as the New Black Panthers, Now the question is where is the MEXICAN MAFIA, X14, Nortenos, Serenos,Nuestra Familia, Latin Kings,
        and the list goes on and on. If these guys get involved in a race war with the New Black Panthers, you won’t see them in front of tv camera’s clamering for attention,
        You will just see BLACK BODY’S lying all over this country. Becareful what you wish for NEW BLACK PANTHER PARTY, Remember, Holder already ARMED the Lationo gangs last year. LOL!!!

    1. You are absolutely correct, obbammas ARMED CIVILIAN GAURD, remember his post election speach? Who knew then he was only talking to the NEW BLACK PANTHER PARTY.


    Of course, race-hucksters won’t believe this, simply because its reported by a FOXNews affiliate, in all likelihood.

    To me, this just highlights possible wrongdoing on both parts. Zimmerman shouldn’t have been stalking Trayvon, and police forces should’ve been more definitive in their wording. They shouldn’t have told him they ‘didn’t need’ for him to pursue the guy, they should’ve outright ordered him out of the area, and back into his house, so they could handle this, unobstructed. Instead, Zimmerman continued to track and stalk Trayvon, obviously terrorizing him, as his last phone conversation made abundantly clear.

    Trayvon, for his part, apparently assaulted Zimmerman, and I believe that was done because he was literally in fear for his life, or at minimum, his physical safety. Really, he shouldn’t have done this, for the same reason I prefer to keep out of confrontations like this: he, apparently, didn’t know what the other guy had in his pocket, just as Zimmerman questioned what was in Trayvon’s. He thought he was putting an end to a threat to himself, but only succeeded in putting himself most directly into danger, and dying as a consequence of this.

    In Zimmerman’s position, he should’ve stayed where he was, at worst, and gone back home, at best. In Trayvon’s position, he should’ve ran. Still, though, I think there was some wrongdoing on Zimmerman’s part, due to what looked like a desire to look for trouble. I understand he was some sort of self-appointed neighborhood watch guy, but it looks an awful lot like he was looking for action [trouble], and found it. Trayvon’s actions showed no real criminality, aside from battery, and that may’ve been purely in what he honestly [and probably rightfully] believed to be self defense. Zimmerman? I’m thinking I would be considering charges of aggravated felony stalking, minimally, and manslaughter by culpable negligence, at maximum. Both with maximum sentencing, and possibly both charges, together, for consecutive sentencing.

    Had Trayvon lived, what could you charge him with? There’s no evidence of criminal or misdemeanor trespass, and like I said, the assault was quite probably in defense of his own life, against aggravated stalking by Zimmerman.

    1. Yep-

      Zimmerman went after trouble, and found it- When he couldn’t handle it, he fired (IMO). That’s not how responsible gun owners act. The bigger issue is how the police chose to deal with it. It will be up to the courts to decide.

      1. Your putting as lot of knowledge in your words where none exist. Nether you or I really knows what went down. We know that Zimmerman should not have had a gun and that he should not have left the car…ignorance, poor training yes…intent…that is for the courts to decide..not a mob…certainly not this ignorant group…

        1. The original report is that Zimmerman was told to stay put. He did not and somehow a confrontation ensued- The idea that the guy who was playing “cat” was somehow hunted by the “mouse” is ridiculous.

          1. I still agree with you; the man was out looking for trouble in a neighborhood with a history of criminal activity, found it, then found he couldn’t handle it, and ended up taking someone’s life. Being Mr. Self Appointed Neighborhood Watchman, quite apparently he put zero thought into what he was doing, and this is the result of his failure to do so. Is it criminal? I don’t know. I think that it LOOKS criminal, and I’ve already stated what I’d charge him with IF it turned out that he did do something that broke a law, but I’m not saying that he DID break a law, so people like Lewis, Tilon and Allen can stop crying.

        2. You criticize Ozzie for speaking in ignorance, then turn around and make an ignorant statement, yourself, regarding your own opinion as to whether Zimmerman should’ve been permitted to have a firearm. I’ve read the reports, just like you have, and I’ve listened to the 911 calls, as well as the phone call Trayvon made to his girlfriend before he was killed, and the call Zimmerman made, before ending Trayvon’s life.

          If you can tell us what criminal action Trayvon committed, from what little we know, why don’t you just come out and tell us, as opposed to criticizing someone else, and saying nothing but accusations? Then, while you’re at it, tell me where I’m off base in suggesting that, giving what we know at this time, it isn’t impossible to see charges including aggravate stalking and manslaughter by culpable negligence charges. Zimmerman had a history of constantly calling the police. That’s not criminal, but taking that into account, along with his last call and blatant disregard for calls by law enforcement to stand down and let them do their job, ending with his confronting and killing someone, it doesn’t look good, and it really doesn’t look like Zimmerman was up to anything good, himself.

          1. He was watching out for the neighborhood, saw someone committing an illegal act and investigated. Saying that he should have minded his own business is ridiculous.

                1. Uh, no, he didn’t. You’re either lying, or just plain don’t know what you’re talking about. Just being seen in a neighborhood isn’t trespassing. He had a right to be there, just like Zimmerman did. The only time there were reports of him cutting around and behind houses is about the time he saw Zimmerman stalking him, and he went into full evasion, in fear for his life.

                2. Gated communities usually have ‘no trespassing’ signs all around the walls, and a guard shack and gate at the entrance. It is required to have a pass or permission from a resident to the guard to enter the community. Anything else is trespassing.

                  If he was visiting a resident, he was not trespassing, but he would still be required to show proof that he had permission.

                3. I live in Plymouth Charter Township, and I’m right on the Northville Charter Township line. There are PLENTY of gated communities, around me, with the closest being within walking distance. NONE of them have “no trespassing” signs, anywhere in sight. Its not trespassing until you’re told that you can’t come in, or you refuse to leave after being told to do so. That said, were there signs telling him he couldn’t be there? Did he not have any friends there [such as the girlfriend he called]? Furthermore, he is under no obligation to identify himself to anyone there, outside police or security forces, the presence of NONE were mentioned in any report I’ve seen, so maybe you should show one that mentions them. In what I’ve read, police were summoned from the outside; they weren’t already on the premises. As for a guardshack, can you produce evidence he evaded the guard to get in, and why would he do that, just for a shortcut? Can you even show that there WAS a guardshack on the premises, or even a guard? If there was a guard, or roving guards, then there wasn’t any need for Zimmerman to be walking around, armed and looking for trouble, was there?

                4. Virus, I respect your posts, for the most part. I’m not bashing you. I’m also not prosecution for the defense here. I’m merely stating what most gated communities have. That’s what makes them gated communities, usually. You seem to have put yourself in a position of trying to prosecute this Zimmerman, while none of us know what the true facts are – only what the media has put out there for us to see.

                  I don’t have any proof of what this particular gated community had or didn’t have, and neither do you. So neither one of us can say for a fact what was right or wrong. Geesh. You have your opinion, and that is fine. Everyone here has an opinion and I would suspect that most of us are wrong, in one way or another.

                  One point you haven’t addressed, which would be more appropriate, is what do you think of the response of the NBPP? That’s the main line of this thread and not whether Martin or Zimmerman are guilty of anything, either one of them. The Grand Jury hearing coming up and the justice system will take care of that.

                  As I said before, I respect your opinion and I would be very interested in knowing what your thoughts are about the vigilantism and the potential for a race war starting up.

                5. florida has a ” common fence law ” to sum it up…. if you step foot off of public property, ie the street/sidewalk with out the land owners permission…. criminal trespass…. js. Posted signs or fences are not required. Right, wrong or indifference by either party, this is my question……what right the NBP has to put a BOUNTY on anyone. That should be the concern of the american people as a whole. Is that not a crime ? Are we back in the wild west ?

            1. Obviously, you just don’t read things, before you comment on them, do you? I plainly said, in English, that he should’ve followed the orders of the police, when they told him to back off. As an MP, I would’ve immediately took him into custody for that, alone, considering that’s a crime in the military. Here, at the very least, it could be negligence, and if found to be negligent, his negligence has lead to a death. If anything is ridiculous, its your post. Had he followed the orders of the police, both people might be alive and well, today. I didn’t say the self-appointed neighborhood watch shouldn’t have been there.

              1. Virusx, I don’t believe the Police had thd right to order Zimmerman, maybe that is why they said ” we don’t need you to do that”. This is not a military camp. And as for Martin not doing anything, police have said Zimmmermann said he was attacked, a broken nose and other head injuries, and a witness back him up,that is why Martin got shot, Zimmmerman may have been in a fight for his life.

      2. You absolutely don’t have all the facts, yet you have already convicted Zimmerman.

        Zimmerman is allowed to have his day in court.

      3. Info here is not correct–Ozzie, you need to listen to the testimony of the only eyewitness–he backs up what Zimmerman said.

        1. I just read that there was 2 eye-witnesses. A 13 year old boy and a gentlemen walking a dog. Has anyone else read this info? Both of those witnesses (supposedly) claimed that they saw Zimmerman lying on the ground after being beat and on another site I read that Zimmerman was heard screaming for help on a 911 call (in the background while a woman had called). So there are alot of stories out there. But I guess our court system will weigh all the options and evidence. But it’s sad that it has been turned into a racial hate crime, because Zimmerman said “A**holes”, I didn’t know that only a certain race was considered to be a “a**hole”. Hmm. I will have to think about that one for a minute. But either way, I will pray for both families involved and hope for the best

    2. I believe most “thinking and rational” people agree. What I find very disturbing is why Zimmerman is still a free person and not under arrest. At this point he will need protection and who will be paying for that? What really bothers me is the convenience of all this, as in keeping the story and contempt alive by not pressing charges.

        1. Yes I agree, however, murder requires intent and perhaps they cannot prove such now or ever. There are other charges that could be rendered but I’m not really up-to-date on Florida statutes. He sure better have one heck of a hiding place, 1 Million is a heft bounty and I’ve seen the posters that said “wanted dead or alive” on them. (I think The Blaze has that story)

          1. I agree, and said the other day that no matter the outcome, Zimmerman is a marked man. But just because there’s a bounty on his head doesn’t mean he ought to be in jail. I’m not sure of all our statutes, but I believe unless the investigation proves intent, they can not arrest someone. This was tragic, and Zimmerman made some stupid decisions, but stupid doesn’t mean jail. The investigation needs to be allowed to continue, and I don’t know why the heck the feds were called in for this- as there are murders occurring all over the States and the DOJ doesn’t go into every other state to take over those cases. Why this? Because they want to make it a hate crime.

        2. Well, you can’t accidentally murder someone, and I’m not even sure he set out to shoot anyone, in the first place. While it does look like he was out for trouble, I can’t say that he was out to find a physical confrontation, or an excuse to shoot someone, truly. I can only say how it looks. If they couldn’t really find any evidence of a crime, they couldn’t arrest him, but that just leads to an investigation [which started when they drug tested Trayvon, and he came up negative]. The DA or AG is steering this case, I’m thinking; not the police. The police have fewer worries, because they’re unelected. The AG’s office is run by an elected official, who wouldn’t hesitate to put heat he/she deserves onto police, because they don’t want to hurt their chances of re-election, later on.

      1. Well, on the surface, while I agree that it LOOKS like he may’ve committed a crime, they still have to PROVE it. Now, unless they’re talking about seriously locking him up for the purpose of protective custody [thanks to terrorist organizations like the Obama supporting NBP], its not that shocking that he hasn’t been arrested. They don’t actually know that he’s committed a crime, yet.

        1. Here’s the thing. Zimmerman returned from running an errand, and noticed a black male (in a neighborhood of 20% black, so it wasn’t unusual) moving slowly in the rain, appearing to be scoping out a series of houses that had recently been burglarized. Thus, he decided to watch him. Now, he called 9-1-1 (the non-emergency line though), and they told him to stop following him, which he did. He then began to walk back to his truck, when Trayvon (who had circled around behind some houses) popped out and approached Zimmerman and began beating him.

          THAT is NOT behavior of an innocent person. And before you make an effort to crucify a good man, keep in mind that this neighborhood had seen something like 11 burglaries, a shooting, and other gang-activity since January. Zimmerman had simply had enough, and wanted to do his part to clean up HIS neighborhood. And now we’re all trying to crucify the guy, telling him he should’ve just LET this Trayvon guy case our his houses to rob…

          If I’M in a neighborhood, and the neighborhood watch guy is stalking me, I have no problems since I’m not doing anything wrong. I DEFINITELY do NOT turn around and jump the guy, and proceed to beat him into a pulp…

          1. Hey Brian,

            Plain and simple, different people deal with situations differently. If the kid is legally allowed to be somewhere, and someone approaches him suspiciously, then I do not fault the kid for whooping that guy’s butt. You can say or do whatever you want, but you carry the risk of an ass-whoopin at all times if you are out of line. The kid was not out of line from the reports…..and it is evident that Zimmerman thought he [Trayvon] was before the confrontation ever took place (considering he called the police).

            1. So someone simply follows a guy, and that gives him the right to beat the shit out of him?!? In WHAT WORLD does THAT make sense? Whatever happened to, keep your hands to yourself. I’ll bet you that Trayvon fella had a phone…why didn’t HE call 9-1-1 to report someone stalking him? Instead, he resorted to simply beating the shit out of the guy…

            2. So Ozzie, Zimmerman is supposse to just lie there and let that kid beat him to death,and than go for his gun and shoot him too, then we would have Zimmmerman dead, that is ok with you?

    3. Yep, it’s a big messed up deal. If Trev had shot instead of fighting he would have been standing his ground {except for a minor with a gun}. It’s just a mess but now it’s being explioted

    4. Yep, it’s a big messed up deal. If Trev had shot instead of fighting he would have been standing his ground {except for a minor with a gun}. It’s just a mess but now it’s being explioted

    5. First time I’ve ever read a post of yours and not agreed fully, sir.

      In short… BS.

      Take in a few more facts surrounding the incident AND THOSE INVOLVED before making such leaps in judgement.

      I am sick as a dog at the moment, but if able will come back with some of the salient FACTS about both men… and the incident as originally reported by tomorrow morning.

      But you may wish to present any and all evidence you have for saying this about Mr. Zimmerman…

      “I’m thinking I would be considering charges of aggravated felony stalking, minimally, and manslaughter by culpable negligence, at maximum. Both with maximum sentencing, and possibly both charges, together, for consecutive sentencing.”

      …I’ll have quite a few evidential items to the contrary, when I’m able to post again.

      Still believe in YOU, sir… but your post (above) is rife with lamestream BSitis.

      As Always,
      CM Sackett

      1. I said what I said, based on what has been released. While Trayvon was not the little kid they constantly portray him to be in photographs (he was over 6′ tall, and his Facebook picture has him with his pants hanging off his ass), you still have yet to present any evidence of his criminal, or even misdemeanor, wrongdoing. With Zimmerman, we have his refusal to take instruction from police, resulting in a death. We also have his history with the police, involving over 45 calls to the local PD, and his creeping around the neighborhood, armed and looking for trouble. If it is found that he was looking for trouble, then, in my opinion, he is guilty of both aggravated stalking and manslaughter by culpable negligence. He didn’t, in my opinion, go out to kill someone, but his behavior resulted in just that.

        1. I don’t want to nit pick, but Zimmerman is a neighborhood watch guy, and those calls to the PD were from the last 11 years. It’s not like he was calling them every night. Other than that, I’d say he should have at least stayed well back when he was told “we don’t need you to do that”.

          1. He moved to Florida after high school with his family and the Washington Post reported that in 2004 he made 46 calls to the emergency line to report what he saw as dangerous incidents before finding himself in some of his own trouble with the law in 2005.

            He later moved to the gated community where the shooting took place with his new wife, Shellie, a licensed cosmetologist, whom he married in 2007. By 2011, he became involved with some sort of neighborhood watch program and seemed to take the job extremely seriously.

            The Daily Beast reported that between Jan 1, 2011, and the night she shot Trayvon Martin, he called 911 close to 50 times to report suspicious activity.

            Read more:

            1. From PJ Media, “And calling the police 46 times in a single year would indeed seem excessive if not psychotic. But, as Andrew Cohen reports at the Atlantic, Zimmerman’s 46 calls to police came over the course of 11 years, not one, with the confusion owing to a typo on a report released by the Sanford police. And given the level of crime in the area, an average of four calls per year may not be an inordinate amount at all. (The website lists 282 crimes within a mile of the site of the shooting within the last six months, including three burglaries within the gated community itself.)”


              1. Also keep in mind that when the police told him to keep back, he did. The problem started when Trayvon had circled around behind some houses and popped out as he reached his truck, where the scuffle started.

          2. Oh no those calls were NOT “from the last 11 years”, they were since Jan 1, 2012.

            Why do you see him in an orange collar? That a prison jumpsuit and in answer to someone else as to why he shouldn’t have a gun – for one he resisted arrest and assaulted an officer, plus other charges. If it hadn’t been for lazy court officials, he wouldn’t have gotten a plea deal on the assault on an officer, no doubt WELL documented, (dash cams, other officers, etc.) Therefore, he would not have been able to get a concealed carry permit due to a felony on his record. Matter of law, not opinion. No Second Amendment controversy needed here, just a felony record, had folks not overlooked him in an overloaded court system.

            And why not arrest him? They have probable cause! If I kill someone INSIDE MY OWN HOUSE, I still get arrested, altho I’d prolly be exonerated. That’s what 12 citizens – his peers – are good for; a trial that will determine things via our Constitution, not a buncha folks yapping about it in comment lines. Even me…

            1. Where did you see/hear that Zimmerman [or Trayvon] resisted arrest with violence? If that’s the case, prosecution can take that into account [though that doesn’t necessarily, make him guilty of anything in this case; it just shows that he may have a propensity towards violence, and a disregard for police authority] when trying to determine if there’s actually been any crime committed [since there’s been no actual determination, as yet].

              1. I had read somewhere (please don’t make me go dig it up!) that in 2005 he had run into trouble with law enforcement and also some domestic disputes with his ex (girlfriend or fiance – not sure). I believe in the first instance it was pleaded out so he would not end up with a felony on his record. Could this be brought in as prior bad acts though? Doubtfully but I have no say so. The second issue, both parties petitioned the other til the judge basically called a BS flag and it seemed the time expired on further filings from the parties involved. This is just my summary of articles read, I’m not claiming otherwise nor taking a position.

          3. True, but we’re also, again, talking about a self-appointed watchdog that had absolutely no training, and put zero thought or planning (apparently) into what he was doing. The result, to me, is that now it looks like he was out to find trouble, and a few days ago, he found just that. Now, the police and DA have to find out whether he committed a crime, in doing that.

            1. I still don’t know. All we all can base our opinions on are what the news feeds us. We don’t know what was in the minds of either of them that night. I was thinking about it all last night, and what I find most disturbing other than the fact that a young man is dead, is that public opinions and anger seem to be ruling when no one knows what really happened except for the two who were there. I’m just tired that everything again now is coming down to race, because people like the panthers, the “revs” and others are making this to be based on race and wanting it to be called a hate crime. All crime is based on hate- and I’m sick of color being brought into it. There is plenty of blame to go around on all sides, and the panthers and others are doing the exact same thing as they constantly blame others of doing.

              1. Same here – I agree, t’s an ugly story that may very well end up taking this country to another dark place in history. They are tweeting Zimmerman’s supposed address and wanting to go get him. As if he’d still be at his home, but what about his family OR if they are giving out wrong information. Such a sad time! Tomorrow the Supremes begin hearing arguments on Obamacare. Makes me wonder where the media attention shall be and what “the other hand” is up to.

        2. florida has a common fence law…. that basically states that if you step foot off public property, ie the street/sidewalk without permission from the land owner ….. criminal trespass….. no fence or posted signs required……. js. but right, wrong or indifferent …. from either party, does the NBP have the right to put a bounty on anyone’s head? I think that was the main thread here, and should be a real concern of the american people as a whole.

    6. I thought the same thing you do…until today. Turns out there’s a witness. Zimmerman stopped following Trayvon and headed back to his car. That’s when Trayvon attacked him. When Zimmerman pulled the trigger Trayvon was on top of Zimmerman beating him. For all the noise about this “kid” Trayvon, he was a 17 year old 6’3″ football player. No lightweight. This case will go to likely trial and Zimmerman will likely be acquitted.

      1. Its not a crime to be 6’2″, nor a crime to be in the guy’s [Zimmerman] neighborhood. He may’ve dressed like an ignorant thug (and might even have been one, I can’t know), but there is no evidence of a crime, on his part. Like I’ve already said, if he was beating on Zimmerman, taking that in conjunction with the phone call placed to his girlfriend where he’d told her [and quite emphatically] that he was afraid he was being followed and was in mortal fear for his life, I still don’t see any crime committed. While I do think he made a bad decision to pick a fight with the person following [stalking] him, that, in and of itself, is not criminal. Now, what Zimmerman did COULD amount to criminality, IF the conditions are met for manslaughter by culpable negligence. Minimally, I think he is guilty of aggravated stalking in his refusal to back down, when told to do so by police forces, quite possibly directly resulting in a confrontation and death. I don’t know if you’re thinking about this, emotionally, but I’m not, because I really don’t care all that much. I know neither of them. I already stated in my post that I’m aware of Trayvon assaulting Zimmerman, but I qualified that statement by saying he did it, quite possibly, out of genuine belief that it was his only method of self defense against someone we all know WAS following him, WAS and armed with a deadly weapon, and DID end up killing him, just as Trayvon had feared from the start.

        I said that both of them had handled this situation the wrong way, but if Trayvon had survived the gunshot, as prosecutor, I’d be hard pressed to see attaching criminal charges to his actions, while Zimmerman, on the other hand, might not be so hard to pin something on.

          1. United States Army Military Police School, 1987.

            How about you?

            You don’t have to be an attorney to determine what crimes a person can be charged with; the attorney’s job is to determine if the charges are valid, and if proper procedure was followed before, during and after the investigation, as well as work with defense council to insure due process. Maybe you should go to some form of school, so you can learn elementary things like that.

            1. I believe that determining what crime(s) a person can be charged with is the responsibility of local law enforcement. Your OR my uninformed belief has nothing to do with it.

      2. I am not from Florida so I don’t know what it means by a “Gated Community”. In areas I am aware of, that is considered private property and therefore if Trayvon didn’t live there, he was trespassing. Can anyone with REAL understanding of the law in Florida please comment?

        1. Gated communities are not unique to FL. They’re everywhere. The subdivisions have gates that require a card/remote access. Quite useless really. Nothing stops the car/person behind from piggybacking in behind a legitimate resident. Doesn’t really stop crime, either. Many gated communities here in San Antonio have had a lot of crime, primarily burglaries and vandalism.

        2. Most gated communities, depending on the home values have either a automated gate at the entrance to the community, or an actual guard house with a gate. Most of these places, if not all, in order to get in, you have to have permission from a resident who lives there, or in cases of deliveries, documents that show the house number and homeowner. If there’s a guard, he usually calls the homeowner to find out if they are expecting someone.
          I don’t know about the community Zimmerman lives in, but Stuart, Fl does have a lot of upscale places as well. There were a rash of burgleries around the area, and some within the community.
          If Treyvon was a guest of one of the homes/ condos, he was not tresspassing, but he should have (if he didn’t- I don’t know) told Zimmerman that he was and told him the address of where he had been.

          1. If you do not live in the GC or have permission from a resident, does Florida consider that trespassing? And/Or does local rule supercede?

            1. I believe local rules apply. Some gc’s are more upscale, so they have more posted signs and a guard at the front entrance. Even many of the lower end gc’s have a posted sign on the front gate and on the surrounding property. Not all are fenced all the way around but many are and only have one or two road entries. I don’t know what the situation was in Zimmerman’s community.

    7. My understanding is that Zimmerman’s “neighborhood” was a gated condo community. Did Travon’s dad’s girlfriend live in that same gated community? If not, Trayvon was trespassing. You’re making excuses for Trayvon’s assault of George, but accepting no excuses for George’s defense of his own life. If I’m bloodied, I’m fearing for my life!

      1. Again, where is your proof?

        You should learn to read more closely, Hartzler. I stated that Zimmerman was not at fault for playing neighborhood watch. The fault [IF there is one] lies in his failure to follow the instruction of the police, which seems, on the surface, to have exacerbated a situation that became needlessly violent and deadly.

        Trayvon? Entering a gated community without business is not necessarily a crime. I know this as an MP, and have spoken to the police about this. Had Trayvon caused a disturbance, the residents were well within their rights to demand his departure, but this did not happen. Additionally, residents [including Zimmerman] were within their rights to escalate the situation to police involvement [which Zimmerman did], but at that point, Zimmerman failed to allow the police to do their job, and that failure might have a death attributed to it. The police, on the other hand, probably would not have charged Trayvon with trespassing, unless he was causing a disturbance. He wouldnt’ve been FIed [Field Interviewed], and, if he wasn’t holding any outstanding warrants, sent on his way with a warning not to re-enter that community, again, without consent from a resident [such as through visitation]. He might’ve been ticketed, if the police were annoyed by him, or he did something they didn’t like, but that’s the full extent of it, chances are. In fact, now that you bring this up, its also looking like Zimmerman might be guilty of obstruction of justice/obstructing police officers in the line of duty without violence [toward the police], Chapter 843, Obstructing Justice, 843.06 Neglect or refusal to aid peace officers. Had he followed orders, and allowed the police to handle this, chance are, it wouldn’t’ve happened this way, and everyone would be alive. Instead, it appears that his steadfast refusal to comply in order to seek confrontation complicated the duties of the police, and made things more dangerous for them.

    8. I don’t know the full ins and outs of this story but from what I’ve heard it looks like one guy with a strange somewhat macho hobby gunning down a kid who just happened to be in the wrong place, wrong time and who also happened to be in the wrong attire and be of the wrong race.

      Maybe I’m not getting the full story on his side of he Atlantic but if that’s the gist of it then yeah, the police have some questions to answer.

      Course the moron in the video above also needs locking up.

      1. Yeah, I’m pretty much in agreement, though people are accusing me of ‘trying, judging and sentencing’ the man, like a bunch of idiots. I still don’t know that Zimmerman was involved in wrongdoing, but I’m thinking it very much looks like it. Trayvon? I really don’t think he committed any crime, as there’s been no report of anything other than suspicious activity [suspicious person report] on him; not even trespassing [as someone here accused him of, with absolutely nothing to back that up].

        Being an MP, and being from a law enforcement family, I’m telling you not to blame the police. Really, the final authority on who does, and doesn’t, see charges is the DA & AG, and both have their own investigations units that sometimes are used, instead of those of the police. Its very possible the DA or AG has taken over this investigation, and the police are no longer involved. And like I said, while it LOOKS like he [Zimmerman] may’ve been involved in wrongdoing, there’s no real, obvious evidence to back that up, so they couldn’t arrest him, on the spot. An investigation had to be conducted [and, remember: he claimed that Travon looked as though he was under the influence, causing the investigators to test his body at the scene, turning up a negative result, which has cost him one excuse, already], and might, now, be under the jurisdiction of the DA or AG, instead of the PD chief of detectives. Cut and dried, this is not.

      2. Well, not so fast. It doesn’t look good from any angle but let’s not paint Zimmerman as a nut {he may be but let’s let the facts come out}. I lived in a neighborhood in SoCal that got a little crazy. After I got fed up, I took my gun and inspected every noise and movement I heard. If it turned into something, I called the cops {I wound up calling then a lot}. End result was people that were up to no good knew that someone would be watching them and that neighborhood got very quiet. Is this what Zimmer was doing? I don’t know, so let’s just wait on the facts.

    9. Admittedly I haven’t checked all the facts in this story, but from everything I do know Zimmerman needs to fry for this. There was no reason for him to follow Trayvon because the police were notified. Trayvon did not trespass on his property and from what I understand he was walking down the street talking on the phone.

      I will not listen to a man that stalked another and then claim he acted in self defense when the person he was stalking attacked him. I doubt that ever happened, and if it did Trayvon was the one that attempted to act in self defense. Goodbye Zimmerman. Enjoy the rest of your life in prison.

      Edit: Opinion subject to change if evidence proves the event happened in a totally different way…but I doubt it.

      1. You admit you haven’t checked all the facts, yet Zimmerman needs to fry??

        That is wrong. Zimmerman is allowed a trial.

        1. I did not mean to insinuate that he is guilty and doesn’t deserve a trial. I was merely giving an opion based on the information that I have. IF things happened the way it seems to have happened, I believe he should be sent to prison.

      2. I don’t believe this was 1st or 2nd degree murder, it that’s what you’re thinking. While I do think he was out for trouble, I don’t think he went out with the intent to kill [or even shoot at] anyone, really. However, I do think he’s negligent, and its possible that if he is negligent, it lead to a death at his hands. He should’ve followed police orders, because when he disobeyed, at that moment it turned [in my opinion] into stalking. Aggravated stalking, at that, considering he was armed and looking for trouble. I’m sure both people believed they were involved in self-defense.

        Travon’s phone call clearly stated that he was in fear for his life, so his self defense angle isn’t in doubt, to me.

        Zimmerman’s? Maybe not so much. Had he backed off, he wouldn’t have gotten into a position where he had to defend himself with lethal force, in the first place. This is why I believe there’s the possibility that his actions might amount to wrongdoing, but I just can’t know this, yet.

        1. It is true that we can’t know for sure about Zimmerman. But…I don’t know….I am completely repulsed by the fact that he ignored the police and took pursuit. He had made up in his own mind that the kid was a night prowler and took actions into his own hands. If the kid entered his home it would be a different story, but this guy caused everything to happen.

          Of course, he gets a trial so we’ll see what the facts are then.

    10. Hmmm, so there’s no evidence of what Trayvon did, but with Zimmerman you’ve already tried, judged and sentenced? So much for the benefit of the doubt cutting both ways in your world.

      1. Randolph, I hope you don’t look as stupid as you sound.

        Never did I say in any passage that he was conclusively guilty of anything. You sound just as stupid as these reactionary idiots that want to hang him. I said that on the surface it LOOKS like he committed a criminal act, but that the police should be left to do their jobs, with or without investigative support from the AG’s office, to conclude if there was a crime committed, at all. I also said that its not difficult to see him being charged with manslaughter by culpable negligence and aggravated stalking, IF found guilty of something. I said that if there’s any wrongdoing on Zimmerman’s part, it lies in his failure to follow instructions, and to back off, so police forces could do their job.

        Obviously, you can’t understand what I write, so the next time you do, you’ll obviously be unable to understand it, then, either. I suggest you ASK what I mean, before trying to TELL me what I mean. The only one that’s tried, judged and sentenced someone around here, is YOU.

  65. Well now, the Black Klan is up to no good again. And where is Holder’s Uncivil Rights Commission? Oops, can’t forget about Critical Race Theory, now can we?

    1. van jones, al sharpton, jesse jackson (jr. and sr.), maxine watters, sheila jackson lee, rev wright, william holder, and all the ignorant and race-baiting clowns out there must be so proud. This is grass roots. Shyeah, right.

      These guys have behaved in an ugly and hate-filled manner for years (just like the KKK). I thought this was all over… that America was now enlightened and moved past this stupid race issue by electing a black president. No?

      Making statements like this should cause holder and his posse to come down hard on these guys. Oh but wait, he’s busy investigating Treyvon’s death… and besides, holder and maobama have already given a pass to these ass-hats.

      Arm yourselves America because civil war is coming.

      1. The Black Klan certainly wants a race war, and that’s exactly what Van Jones is hoping for.

      2. Obama has resurrected divisive racial hatred. It has been simmering for awhile, but now it’s boiling over again – thanks to the destructive divider in the White House. This political climate is just what Obama wants. He thrives in this environment of hate. He fuels it and he loves it.

  66. Implement phase! This is just what the left has been waiting for – a reason to start the violence and divide america. Disgusting and Illegal!

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