[VIDEO] Oprah Winfrey tells BBC many Americans hate Obama because he’s BLACK

Oprah Winfrey is going around the world telling everyone that Americans are racist while she promotes her new film:

Oprah Winfrey has been a prominent supporter of Barack Obama. She thinks that both he and the Office of President have been treated with contempt because of the colour of his skin.

“There’s a level of disrespect for the office that occurs. And that occurs in some cases and maybe even many cases because he’s African American. There’s no question about that and it’s the kind of thing nobody ever says but everybody’s thinking it.”


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11,180 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Oprah Winfrey tells BBC many Americans hate Obama because he’s BLACK

  1. If I had a reason to hate blacks, the perfect reason would be Oprah, but I only hate Oprah and its not because of her skin…

    We have to take a look at Revelation 1:15 to gain a perspective on what the Holy Spirit was trying to share with us and it is quite the Blues Clue.
    Revelation 1:15
    And his feet like unto fine brass, as if they burned in a furnace; and his voice as the sound of many waters.
    Is this as simple as testing the effects of brass in the face of extreme heat? It was very important to place brass in a furnace for this particular observation. Were His feet a different color than His entire body? Did Jesus have a white face and black feet and vica versa? We need only to watch the following video to see what happens to brass facing a flame.
    As you can see brass turns jet black and the only people we know who are this black are of African descent. Remember when Joseph fled the wrath of Herod to save the life of baby Jesus he hid in Egypt (and Egypt IS in Africa). He went there to blend in with the population. Herodotus (the father of Greek history) gave eye-witness testimony Egyptians were Negroid. At best people will argue Jesus was “olive” skinned and this builds a stronger case of the true ethnicity of Jesus. There are two types of olives, green and black. Do you think Jesus was green?

    1. The Jews where depicted as having lighter complexions then the Romans in most ancient paintings. Jesus is described as being pale, and light in ancient Muslim text, and in the Quran. Jesus is also thought to have fled to Europe, and not died. Sorry European men did take on wives of different races, but didn’t allow to many men to hang around who where not white back then. Olive skin is used as a comparison to “olive oil” you lame LOL! Plus the Egyptians started off as white Caucasoid people, and mixed with black Negroid people through out time. All of the Egyptians royals where white men, then the white, and mixed offspring inherited the throne. They didn’t experience racism, only tribalism, and elitism. They refered to the White Libyan as their cousins, but hated the black Nubian for 100’s of years throughout their history. Jesus wasn’t black, though I’d view him in the same way if he was. Jesus wasn’t even the same complexion as current Palestinians, they are the result of Arab conquerors who raped the women, and killed the men along with a large portion of the Middle East which was once more diverse, and yes full of white Caucasians. P.S. I’m not a Christian, and come from a multiracial family. We have been played with white guilt, lies, and accusations of racism for speaking the truth on history, and current events to brainwash, and silence us.

    1. Change that M to a N, and good observation. OWN/NWO, Oprah likes spelling things backwards, “HARPO”.

          1. He told his mother to get lost. Also there is a possibility he was Bi sexual. According to the Bible.

            1. Yeah did a Jew, or a Muslim tell you that? LOL! Never heard of those “tid bits”, or found that in any books I’ve read. I’m surprised the Christians haven’t began attacking you on here, just shows how passive they are compared to the Islamist, and Talmudic freaks….

              1. Jesus and his disciples were also invited to the wedding. When the wine ran short, the mother of Jesus said to him, “They have no wine.” (And) Jesus said to her, “Woman, how does your concern affect me?

                John the Apostle had the distinction of being beloved of Jesus Christ.

                According to widely accepted early Christians’ doctrines, Jesus kissed Mary Magdalene. He apparently had strong feelings toward her

                1. So how does this suggest he was gay, or bi-sexual? So I can’t love a man without it being sexual? This reminds me of the bullcrap spin on history with Alexander The Great. First they tried to make Alexander darker in complexion, and erase the fact he had blonde hair, and blue eyes. When that didn’t work they said he had a secret gay love affair with his best friend, and this is the proof because they where so close to one another. It’s just a constant bash on any white man in history. Even make him evil, or make him gay. My comment isn’t out of hate towards Jews, and homosexuals either, really I wish they would call out those involved before the blow back comes their way.

                2. Where there is smoke there may be fire:

                  According to the US Biblical scholar, Morton Smith, of Columbia University, a fragment of manuscript he found at the Mar Saba monastery near Jerusalem in 1958, showed that the full text of St. Mark chapter 10 (between verses 34 and 35 in the standard version of the Bible) includes the passage:

                  “And the youth, looking upon him (Jesus), loved him and beseeched that he might remain with him. And going out of the tomb, they went into the house of the youth, for he was rich. And after six days, Jesus instructed him and, at evening, the youth came to him wearing a linen cloth over his naked body. And he remained with him that night, for Jesus taught him the mystery of the Kingdom of God”.

  3. I completely agree with her commit. There has been presidents that
    were worse, done awful things and made plenty of mistakes before Barack
    Obama. Every president has made mistakes even Obama. But he’s the only
    one that has ever taking so much blame and hatred for every single
    problem in every Americans life, why? When has the government ever “shut
    down” before because they didn’t like the presidents choices? That was
    extreme! Really, all these people complaining about how bad they life is
    because of Obama like they had a mansion and was a millionaire before
    Obama. Was your life really that awesome before Obama got elected? Get
    real and take responsibility for your life and how your life isn’t what
    you want it to be because of yourself. If you want a better life work
    hard and take the steps you need to make it happen. Instead of wasting
    time blaming a man that has nothing to do with how your life has turned
    out. I actually feel sorry for Obama. He had a dream to make
    Americans happy and healthy but didn’t know exactly how to accomplished
    that but yet he still tried. And instead of his people supporting him
    and helping him make it better they all just turn their back on him.
    Even America has turned our back on the president. What a shame. Well
    maybe America will “like” the next president so when he makes a mistake
    or a bad choice it won’t be such a big deal like it is with Barack

    1. Are you kidding? We put presidents in office to run the country not make mistakes. if you or I made a big mistake on the job we would be fired. The last several Democrat presidents put this country in the hole. Johnson with his Vietnam war, Carter was a joke, Clinton sent all our jobs to China, and now King Obama with Obama care, Bengasi, socialist programs that kills small business, no jobs, big government, cooperate bail outs. Trillions in debt high gas and food prices. It goes on and on.

    2. The Road to Hell is paved with Good Intentions. Socialism is in theory a good idea, but it has never been successfully put into practice. You can take Mr. Obama’s “good intentions” and place them with the other “good intentions” people have had in the past. He’s getting slammed because he acts more like a celebrity than a President. Every time his actions are questioned we have those like you labeling those critiquing as racists.

      I’ll critique any President’s performance and any politician’s as well. If they do something stupid they deserve to be called on it. If the bills they pass have not been properly constructed they deserve to be lambasted over it.

      Just because he wanted to do something good doesn’t mean he did. I’m pretty sure Hitler wanted to do what he felt was good for Germany. I’m pretty sure the same holds true for every dictator. Now am I calling President Obama a dictator? No. But you can’t hide his actions and the actions of his administration behind “good intentions.” They have screwed up. And rather than trying to hide from it, they should own up to it.

  4. I completely agree with her commit. There has been presidents that
    were worse, done awful things and made plenty of mistakes before Barack
    Obama. Every president has made mistakes even Obama. But he’s the only
    one that has ever taking so much blame and hatred for every single
    problem in every Americans life, why? When has the government ever “shut
    down” before because they didn’t like the presidents choices? That was
    extreme! Really, all these people complaining about how bad they life is
    because of Obama like they had a mansion and was a millionaire before
    Obama. Was your life really that awesome before Obama got elected? Get
    real and take responsibility for your life and how your life isn’t what
    you want it to be because of yourself. If you want a better life work
    hard and take the steps you need to make it happen. Instead of wasting
    time blaming a man that has nothing to do with how your life has turned
    out. I actually feel sorry for Obama. He had a dream to make
    Americans happy and healthy but didn’t know exactly how to accomplished
    that but yet he still tried. And instead of his people supporting him
    and helping him make it better they all just turn their back on him.
    Even America has turned our back on the president. What a shame. Well
    maybe America will “like” the next president so when he makes a mistake
    or a bad choice it won’t be such a big deal like it is with Barack

    1. You’ve been brainwashed. You completely ignore Bengasi, his socialist agenda, his complete lack of respect for his country and responsibility for his mistakes, which are extremely frequent, and of course his constant lies. Did I mention Obamacare yet? Anyway, learn to spell. I hope you can recover from your liberal idiocy.

    2. No security ever built into Obamacare site: Hackers heyday! After spending millions of tax payers money on this web site that doesn’t work. How stupid is this coming from our great leaders in the White House. I hope we don’t get attacked from our enemies. We will be doomed with this administration in charge.

  5. Black use slavery as a get out jail free card. They themselves enslave each other that tolerate under achievers that rule their neighborhoods. Democrats have enslave them to the ghetto with government hand outs. A majority of them embrace the Koran or the Bible knowing their writings promote slavery. Is it that they don’t mind slavery as long as the government give them something for nothing???? Maybe its time for them to look in the mirror and straighten up themselves with their God given qualities. Get rid of their raciest whore mongering leaders. Follow leaders that will better them as a people not with hate and violence.

  6. Does anyone else wonder about the agenda of people like Oprah, and Buffet, and Bloomberg, and Soros, and Gates, and Gore, etc; who have all made billions on capitolism, but fight so hard to put a socialist government in place so no one else will have the same opportunity?

    1. they have NOT made money on capitalism… they have made money on CRONEY capitalism.
      they have perverted what has made the US the greatest country in the civilized world.
      please learn the difference.
      the other thing that they have made money from is FEAR.
      take away the agendas of just the people you mentioned, and you have a whole new ball game.

    1. Through the years we all know that Oprah has paid her fair share. Instead of bad-mouthing Oprah…We should try to contact her and ask her…Why? Why did she say what she did, and why did she allow a video to be shown around the world containing her statement (Probably stated with little forethought as to the consequences)? Was it intentional to stir up trouble across our country? Was it to entice people to watch the movie? Was it because she is harboring guilt feelings because she introduced the world to ‘Barry Obama’ early on in 2008, and now she sees what his policies represent? Why? We all need to be able to place ourselves in another person’s shoes before we attack, persecute, condemn, or throw stones. I am sure all of us will find out soon enough. All truths becomes evident over time.

      1. I’m not going to put sarc behind every comment. Okra is never gonna admit Obama is as bad as he is cause he’s black. OK.

  7. omg shut up! “I got fired because in black” ” I got pulled over by a cop because I’m black ” . It’s so annoying , if anything happens it’s always because your black, he’s not even 100% black, all Obama does is call himself black , he’s the one that’s racist , if everyone is so racist how did he even become president? Did everyone say when bush was president ” Americans hate him just because he’s white ” NO but if he was even 25% black that’s all black people would complain about how everyone hates him cuz he’s black

    1. Amen, ema baj! Here is a black person who tells it like it is! ema baj is proclaiming that Barack Obama is the one who is racist. He or she may have a sense of awareness others cannot see.

    2. Reminds of that joke. I guy says to his boss– “you’re firing me because I’m Black” and the boss replies “no– we HIRED you because you’re Black– we’re firing you because you’re a F-k UP!”

    3. When I worked construction in Philly I was always one of the first laid off because they had to meet the lazy black quota for percentage of minorities on their work force. Which was hard to do because most of the time the blacks didn’t show up for work.

  8. I don’t hate Obama and I surely don’t hate him because he is black. I dislike him because he is a terrible President and he is taking America down the wrong path.

  9. Who sat in Rev Wrights pews and listened to his anti American, anti Semitic and anti White sermons besides our President?……Oprah.

  10. Oprah, I’m going to help you understand the hows and whys so many people don’t like obama: he’s the most un-American president we’ve ever had, he’s not one of us. He was reared as a foreigner and he’s remained one to this day. He is an elitist and not many of us ordinary folks care for that either. He’s trying to tear down America and remake it as a socialist country…we don’t care for that one bit. He’s a LIAR and nobody likes a liar, except perhaps you. He’s gutting our health care system to make sure a handful of people that don’t have insurance can get it, which they probably won’t anyway. He’s spent such much of our money that the economy tanked and may not ever recover. Our credit rating has been downgraded under his inept leadership. He’s not a stand-up person, he’s always blaming everyone else when things go wrong. A true leader would accept responsibility when things go wrong and then try to fix it without pinning blame on everyone else. He’s just not all that experienced in world affairs and he has make the United States a mere shadow on the world stage. He tends to favor muslim countries over Christian countries…and that’s wrong in my view. His skin color has nothing to do with the reasons so many of us dislike and disdain the weakling in OUR White House. And while I’m at it, I don’t much care for you either for a lot of the same reasons.

    1. Wow! You placed into words…How many feel about our current president. By this point in time we all know that he is not going to ‘MAN UP’, admit his faults, and tell us the truth. Army_Pilot 1967, what do you suggest that…WE THE PEOPLE must do in order to return our country from ‘lunacy’ back to ‘normalcy’?

      1. Unfortunately, we can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube Romancandle12. We cannot (in my opinion) return from this Lunacy. The door marked “Normalcy” isn’t just closed– or locked– and bolted, it has disappeared.
        To make my point, imagine how hard it is to intervene and bring back just one family member from a cult. Now, imagine the task of changing the minds of generations of people brainwashed by Liberal propaganda in public schools, colleges and universities by admitted socialist and Communist. Imagine the task of re-programming Generations of people dependent on government bribes in return for their vote. You might have better luck convincing the Ayatollah to believe in Jesus as his Savior.
        Look at the Statue in The mouth of the Hudson River in New York. “Lady Liberty”. Liberty! A concept that has lost all remnants of it original meaning to the majority of people born since 1968.
        What must we do? I say, secede from the United States on a state by state basis– or, even better, have a “civil” disunion. and split the country in two. Divide assets and debts, give people and corporations 5 years to chose sides (use the Mississippi as a natural North/South boundary) and let the Leftist live on one side and those of us that agree in a Constitutional Government move to the other side.
        Let those that want to return to a Socialist Collective live their way, abolish the right of the individual, and those of us that still believe in this unique experiment called INDIVIDUALISM live our way.
        Put our feet up, have a beer and call it a day.
        Let’s see which side prospers and which side is begging for “foreign Aide” in a few years when– as Margaret Thatcher said– “the money runs out”.

        1. You are a remarkably brilliant and extremely wise person, WOZERD! You see the complete picture as it stands before all of us who may only see the present. You bring us back in time, you speak of how it is today, and you are able to see tomorrow as it may stand, if we submit and let it be. Your name on this site should be WIZARD!

          Because you can look back through time so well…Have you never heard of Jacob’s Ladder? Have you not thought about Joseph and Goliath? What about Joshua and The Battle of Jericho? We can climb the steps of Jacob’s ladder…One step at a time. Small men can conquer mighty giants. United, we can defend ourselves from those Nero, Hitler and Mussolini like types of individuals, whose power snatching abilities enable them to feel that they are entitled to dictate the people with an iron fist. Your brilliant idea of INDIVIDUALISM would be just that…an experiment. My idea is not one of segregation, but one of UNITY. If we can’t reason with the higher powers that may be; Then we could turn toward one another to reach out and convince them that our side is the only safe, and secure side that will maintain and uphold our Republic, and allow its people to continue on as free people in a safe and secure democracy.


      2. Actually, if you listen to his inaugural speeches, probably in the C-SPAN archives, you will see the change in his openness about what he is trying to do. Then watch the “Manchurian Candidate” again.

    1. He’s whacked, all right. There is so much RIGHT with America, but the fact that he’s POTUS represents all that is WRONG with America.
      We’ll persevere, though. We WILL persevere!

  11. Interesting! Obama, was voted in as president, maybe because he is black? Is that racism? Hey, usually it is always the blacks who blame other people when things do not go their way. Ain’t that right Opra? Politics is an ugly business run by self serving leaches of society. We, the people, need to fix the system and limit their power, benefits and duration of service, excuse me, I meant self service. Opra is showning her TRUE color, the color of racism. There will always be racism as long as there are people like her.

  12. OPRAH BUFFALoRAT: “One who follows ignorantly and blindly
    off a cliff, As IN OBAMAs CLIFF!”
    Herd Mentality, Blindly follow, Chanters, mostly anti-religious,
    anti-free, anti-small government, ( anti most any thing period….Low IQ points).
    If not a party Member; or not believe, think the same then you are a Racist, a Bigot,
    Stupid, Red neck, Un washed,< please continue with the name calling, another
    true sign of a BUFFALoRAT.

    Alternative spelling is BUFFAlowRAT placing emphasize on low, IQ voter etc:
    Feel free to pass this on. Many people do not know this. It was
    in an old Oxford Dictionary found at Cambridge, in London..
    OPRAHRAT BUFFALoRAT blindly following the Black Messiah Obamamama..

  13. Obama is an arrogant f@$& and the only reason he was elected was because Miss Winftrey showcased him as one of her ” favorite things”

  14. Obama is an arrogant f@$? And you can thank miss Winfrey for his
    election because she showcased him as one of her ” favorite things”

  15. She is just trying to make anyone that doesn’t like Obama out to be a racist but the real truth is she is the racist!!

  16. Wow the President is black!! Really I had no idea. I am must be blind. I just thought he was American. Oprah is African American. Was she born in Africa?. My grandparents were born in Italy but they were not Italian American, they were AMERICAN.

    1. You know you are wrong don’t you? You know your are proud of your Italian heritage. It’s alright that Black Americans be proud of their heritage too. We don’t need your permission. Be proud of your heritage too. It’s ok. Be Blessed.

  17. I’ve always loved and respected Oprah, Denzel Washington, Morgan Freemam, Eddie Murphy, Ed Reed, Larry Fitzgerald, Martin Luther King, Ray Lewis. I could go on forever. I don’t agree with the president of the United States and it doesn’t mean I’m a racist. I’ve made a decision that am NO longer an Oprah supporter and I am dis-owning her OWN network.

    1. I believe you. At least I give you the benefit of the doubt. But there have been a concerted effort to destroy President Obama before he took office. You know this to be true if you Look at FOX or listen to Talk Radio. Many of their supporters are racist and you can’t deny that. It’s self evident.

      1. Obama was elected because he was black. If he had been white, he never would have gotten out of the democratic primaries.

  18. I don’t hate him cause he’s black.. I hate him cause he’s one of the worst presidents of my time. And now im starting to hate Oprah.. probably cause she’s black

  19. Do you really think Oprah cares? Today she’s receiving the Presidental Medal of Freedom Award. It’s the highest civilian honor instituted by JFK. Another recepient is a man responsible for bring Watergate to light. Moral of the story…..this President is a joke.

    1. You know, to receive this Medal from this President means nothing. It has no merit coming from him.

  20. The article below in ” is written by a Black Talk Radio Host in CA.
    He tells it like it is.
    The below summarization of Barack and Michelle Obama’s 5 year reign in the White House is by far the best I’ve ever read as it squarely hits the nail on the head. And it took a black reporter writing it to make it as effective as it is. A white man’s account would be instantly criticized by the liberal media as pure racism. But, how can anyone scream Racist when an exacting description of the Obamas is penned by a well known journalist of color?


    Mychal Massie is a respected writer and talk show host in Los Angeles.

    “The other evening on my twitter, a person asked me why I didn’t like the Obama’s? Specifically I was asked: “I have to ask, why do you hate the Obama’s? It seems personal, not policy related. You even dissed (disrespected) their Christmas family picture.”

    The truth is I do not like the Obamas, what they represent, their ideology, and I certainly do not like his policies and legislation. I’ve made no secret of my contempt for the Obamas. As I responded to the person who asked me the aforementioned question, I don’t like them because they are committed to the fundamental change of my/our country into what can only be regarded as a Communist state.

    I don’t hate them per definition, but I condemn them because they are the worst kind of racialists, they are elitist Leninists with contempt for traditional America. They display disrespect for the sanctity of the office he holds, and for those who are willing to admit same, Michelle Obama’s raw contempt for white America is transpicuous. I don’t like them because they comport themselves as emperor and empress.

    I expect, no I demand respect, for the Office of President and a love of our country and her citizenry from the leader entrusted with the governance of same. President and Mrs. Reagan displayed an unparalleled love for the country and her people.

    The Reagan’s made Americans feel good about themselves and about what we could accomplish. Obama’s arrogance by appointing 32 leftist czars and constantly bypassing congress is impeachable. Eric Holder is probably the MOST incompetent and arrogant DOJ head to ever hold the job. Could you envision President Reagan instructing his Justice Department to act like jack-booted thugs?

    Presidents are politicians and all politicians are known and pretty much expected to manipulate the truth, if not outright lie, but even using that low standard, the Obama’s have taken lies, dishonesty, deceit, mendacity, subterfuge and obfuscation to new depths. They are verbally abusive to the citizenry, and they display an animus for civility.

    I do not like them, because they both display bigotry overtly, as in the case of Harvard Professor Louis Gates, when he accused the Cambridge Police of acting stupidly, and her code speak pursuant to not being able to be proud of America. I view that statement and that mindset as an insult to those who died to provide a country where a Kenyan, his illegal alien relatives, and his alleged progeny, could come and not only live freely, but rise to the highest, most powerful, position in the world.

    Michelle Obama is free to hate and disparage whites because Americans of every description paid with their blood to ensure her right to do same. I have a saying, that “the only reason a person hides things, is because they have something to hide.” No president in history has spent millions of dollars to keep his records and his past sealed.

    And what the two of them have shared has been proved to be lies. He lied about when and how they met, he lied about his mother’s death and problems with insurance, Michelle lied to a crowd pursuant to nearly $500,000 bank stocks they inherited from his family. He has lied about his father’s military service, about the civil rights movement, ad nausea. He lied to the world about the Supreme Court in a State of the Union address. He berated and publicly insulted a sitting Congressman. He has surrounded himself with the most rabidly, radical, socialist academicians today.

    He opposed rulings that protected women and children that even Planned Parenthood did not seek to support. He is openly hostile to business and aggressively hostile to Israel. His wife treats being the First Lady as her personal American Express Black Card (arguably the most prestigious credit card in the world). I condemn them because, as people are suffering, losing their homes, their jobs, their retirements, he and his family are arrogantly showing off their life of entitlement – as he goes about creating and fomenting class warfare.

    I don’t like them, and I neither apologize nor retreat from my public condemnation of them and of his policies. We should condemn them for the disrespect they show our people, for his willful and unconstitutional actions pursuant to obeying the Constitutional parameters he is bound by, and his willful disregard for Congressional authority.

    Dislike for them has nothing to do with the color of their skin; it has everything to do with their behavior, attitudes, and policies. And I have open scorn for their constantly playing the race card.

    I could go on, but let me conclude with this. I condemn in the strongest possible terms the media for refusing to investigate them, as they did President Bush and President Clinton, and for refusing to label them for what they truly are. There is no scenario known to man, whereby a white president and his wife could ignore laws, flaunt their position, and lord over the people, as these two are permitted out of fear for their color.

    As I wrote in a syndicated column titled, “Nero In The White House” – “Never in my life, inside or outside of politics, have I witnessed such dishonesty in a political leader. He is the most mendacious political figure I have ever witnessed. Even by the low standards of his presidential predecessors, his narcissistic, contumacious arrogance is unequalled. Using Obama as the bar, Nero would have to be elevated to sainthood…

    Many in America wanted to be proud when the first person of color was elected president, but instead, they have been witness to a congenital liar, a woman who has been ashamed of America her entire life, failed policies, intimidation, and a commonality hitherto not witnessed in political leaders. He and his wife view their life at our expense as an entitlement – while America’s people go homeless, hungry and unemployed.”

    1. Above is the BEST description of the present situation in our country, that I have encountered thus far. Thank you, John, for sharing with us…Mychal Massie’s view of our current President of the United States of America. Mychal Massie is a respected black writer and talk radio host in Los Angeles, CA.

  21. Man, Oprah has taken a big tumble in my book. Obama was elected – TWICE! If people don’t respect him now it is not because he is black, it is because he has lied, he is incompetent and he puts his feet on the antique, historic furniture in the While House that belongs to the American people and future generations.

  22. not because he is black but because he is a FRAUD who has decimated our constitution- every part of his life is a lie-

  23. Satan has finally managed to completely possess yerfniw harpo. Her world is completely upside/down and insideout. You could hear His voice in her: masculine, sinister in tonality, hate filled contempt and lust-dripping pure-raw evil. I’d say it’s about time to call in the Pope before she kills someone (or herself). An exorcism is overdue. No wonder they got rid of her in Chicago – and this is how she thanks WLS(ABC)-TV’s management, the local and national fans of all colors and political stripes for helping her to get a start?!?

  24. Poor, poor Oprah. The “Whites” have treated her so badly in the USA. If I were her, I would stay in Europe.
    Oprah, obviously no dummy, enjoys – as Liberals love to do – pretending to be stupid.
    Joe Wilson – a Representative, not a Senator – yelled out “You Lie” during an Obama’s September 9, 2009, Health Care Speech. Imagine that!
    Why would Oprah bring up Joe Wilson’s “You Lie” again even though Oprah now knows Obama LIED? Because of Wilson’s lack of respect for the office? My, my, my. Obama lies “big-time” to 300 million+ Americans and we have to show Obama respect?
    Nixon and Clinton were WHITE PRESIDENTS. Their sorry asses were impeached or would have been impeached. Is that because they are BLACK, Oprah – you racist, you “race card player?”

    1. No one in Europe wants her Racist Bigoted Arse. Maybe South Africa or Kenya; but not Europe. She creats Racial incidents ever time she is over here.

  25. Uhh, Doprah……
    Obama isn’t African-American. He’s All AFRICAN. There’s no part of Obama that is in ANY way, American. Don’t fool yourself into thinking otherwise and don’t even try to say that “There’s no question about that and it’s the kind of thing nobody ever says but everybody’s thinking it.” because that a total fabrication and is no where near accurate. The numbers tell a very different tale.
    Let’s start with the Black populous in America. Black people only make up about 13% of the TOTAL population of America. If EVERY Black person of voting age had voted for Romney, Obama still would have won. Get it? Black people didn’t put Obama in Office. 65% of the vote for Obama came from White voters! Go check the poll stats and verify it for yourself!
    So, clearly, you are flatly WRONG when you said “There’s no question about that and it’s the kind of thing nobody ever says but everybody’s thinking it.” when it’s clear to see that is absolutely not the case.
    On a different note: Your opinion doesn’t matter. You’re just a talk show host with no business making comments or being interviewed about anything to do with the Presidency or the President. You do NOT speak for the President. You don’t work for him, the Whitehouse or the U.S. Government. You need to retract that statement before you start a real race war.

    Celebrities are so stupid!

    1. Actually, Obama isn’t even really much African (by race, not locality)…the parts not White are Arab.

  26. Thank You, Thank You Oprah. I agree. Thank God that somebody of your position is willing to tell the truth. You didn’t go far enough in my opinion. I’m gonna say that this ridiculous assault on Obamacare is drenched with racism. Have you even seen such hate for this President? It’s relentless. He is President whether some like it or not. Racism is alive in well in this country. The good news is we are talking about it. Thank God.

    1. American reparations?
      ok, if we give you this, for doing absolutely nothing, then you have to back to Africa.
      I firmly believe that every person that was a slave SHOULD BE GIVEN REPARATIONS…
      now… do you like amnesty?
      I hope you do, because they are inviting the Mexicans here to replace you.
      now, do you think they will keep paying you? do you think they will allow you to keep on running amok?
      boy are you in for a surprise.
      your democrats have had enough of your shenanigans. they cannot control you anymore. you have made yourselves obsolete, and when they trash you, they will blame it on the whites.
      why do you think AMNESTY is such an emergency?

      1. I have often thought the same thing but never able to express it so strongly. A good post, thank you.

      2. You do realize that Africans were willing participants in the slave trade as well, right? Africans selling their own people into slavery is actually pretty well documented. It’s a broken culture, and while there have been many black people that have risen in spite of this, I think it’s a bit naive to equate that mild success with being the result of a post-racial society.

        The disrespect Oprah mentioned started before President Obama even had an opportunity to do anything. He’s the damn commander-in chief and that title deserves respect, which is not the same as blind obedience, and it seems to me that whenever someone turns a blind-eye to the racist attitudes towards the president they usually try and smash the two terms(respect and obedience) into the same thing. I’m not even a liberal and it’s obvious to me.

        1. you’re right. It deserves respect.
          and the first person to respect it is the person that holds the office. this lunatic is destroying the country, and I don’t care what color he is.
          he took an oath to the Constitution, and has effectually shredded it.
          if you see the need for respect for the office, you would know that the interests if the United States is the duty of the position.
          turning it into a dictatorship is not what the office affords him.

      3. Thank you for your comments. We disagree but I respect your
        right to disagree. Reparations is for
        past injustices and slavery of my ancestors. They didn’t have a chance to build
        a financial legacy even if they wanted
        to do so. It’s sort of hard to leave an
        inheritance if society does not recognize you as even being human.

        Reparation means the act of making amends or giving satisfaction for a
        wrong or injury;

        Reparations for slavery is the idea that some form of
        compensatory payment should be made to the descendants of those who have been
        enslaved by the Atlantic Slave Trade. Don’t you agree with this. It’s only fair to
        be paid a fair wage. Slaves were not paid at all. The US owes the descendants
        of slaves more than just gratitude. African Americans need money. The demands
        for reparation will not go away. Slavery existed and it was horrible for many years. It’s
        uncomfortable for me to talk about it. But it’s true. You or
        I can’t wish it away.

        By the way, I’ve never received a dime of aide from any form
        of Government if you are suggesting that. I’ve been working since I was a small

        Our family was sharecroppers(just a step above slavery in
        our case). We had to miss several weeks of school each year to go
        and help White farmers harvest their
        crops just for a few dollars because we had to do this to survive in rural Hancock
        County Georgia. Either you did it or you starved. The schools were separate and
        unequal by the law at that time. Our
        schools were inferior plus we missed a lot of days and they really set us back.
        But we persisted and got educated and many of my family members are doing fine. To say that we are doing as good
        as a comparable White family would be stretching it.

        We had to walk several miles to get to the bus stop. The nice
        and warm White student bus passed us on the way to school. They couldn’t pick
        us up because schools were totally segregated. The
        county was predominantly Black. Blacks didn’t have power to make a change then.
        White people ruled us with a iron fist. My parents were prolific farmers and it
        seemed we should have been doing good but the Master took most of profits and left us
        with very little to take care the family’s needs. Can you understand why I say
        that our share cropping experience just above slavery?

        Did you have experiences like this Mr. Jim?

        This may sound strange to you probably, but most Black
        families want same kinds of thing you want for your family. We deserve it too.
        Too often we are left out of equal opportunity. Frankly that’s enough already.
        We shouldn’t be fighting for something that is supposed to be guaranteed by God and The US

        Black people will never be obsolete. We are citizens of this
        Great Country which we have contributed disproportionately in making it the
        envy of the world. This is a true statement. This country have been leaning on
        our efforts and contributions for years and it’s time that we get paid for the
        work we have done. When will we be paid is all I am asking? The time is now.
        There is no better time in history than this time. So please take a look at my blog and see exactly how
        reparation will help America. My plan will help this whole country. Please read
        my blog at http://www.justice-for-america.blogspot.com.
        Thank you for interest.

        1. To American Reparation: Please accept my message of deep regret that some may use very cruel and unkind words of hatred to you on a public national blog, that surely reveals their ignorance, bigotry and complete lack of compassion toward their equally created brothers and sisters, who collectively make up humankind.
          It is 1:50am where I am writing from. I had been visiting with my granddaughter on Facebook (FB). That is why I am up so late. I was just about to retire for the night and go to sleep, but, I saw your message…then I could not go to bed. I needed to reach out to you and speak or rather write to you how I feel about this whole thing that has gotten too far out of hand.
          You must understand that I and many, many others feel that you may be more worthy and more deserving to be right here at home where you belong and live (USA), than those who would hatefully utter horrible and ugly statements to you as I have read on these pages.
          Without your ancestors, who were so spiritually strong, while they withstood abominable torture, abuse, separation from their own family members, and the like…Those who condemn you now may not even be in existence!. Your ancestral people cradled whites in their arms. Your people sang them lullabies. Your people loved in great depth, not only their own families, but the white man’s families, too. Even through the most difficult times…Where there were beatings, horrible cruelty, lack of proper food, and even much worse heartless acts of cruelty, by those who kept your people in bondage, with their iron fists.
          I’m a little older than you, I think. I am for sure older than those whose cruel statements I have read. The way our country/society has grown to be during present times, is so very distressing. Honor, kindness, social goodness and mercy have seemed to become annihilated, by what I have read here tonight (Now this morning). Have we become a society with no conscience? Are we in the process of throwing away God almighty above?
          I do want you to know American Reparation, that I and many others like me(Vast numbers), do not feel or think like those who would disrespect you as they have done. I am truly grateful that you and I share this great land where we both live. You are as much a part of our American Heritage, if not more so, than the ignorant ones who have lashed out. I am proud that African Americans helped to form this country. I am proud that you and your ancestors fought for our country. I am proud that your people took care of and loved our children. I am proud that you are here, American Reparation. You are what makes America…America!
          You need NOT to spill out your whole life’s story…You need NOT to cry out the history of the abominable acts endured by your people. YOU NEED TO RISE UP AND ABOVE ALL THE HATRED!! For you, American Reparation, are better and mightier than those who would be so unkind. You ARE America…and I feel privileged to know that you and all are HERE!

          I also know that WE are all God’s children collectively as ONE, American Reparation! You and I together, and ALL others who are with us, must UNITE and stand together…on this USA soil that we all call home. Yes, American reparation…ALL the people, ALL the time , in ALL places,in the USA must try to unite, stand tall, and respect one another for our racial, heritage and social differences. WE ARE HERE TOGETHER! Our blood has already been mixed together collectively in forming this great nation UNDER GOD! In the name of GOD above…May we all agree to agree! It is our cultural differences that make The United States of America unique. May we all stand up and pledge our allegiance to her, OUR COUNTRY! May we all try to love one another and get along. For, we are all here, and each of us wants to stay right here in our own homeland. It is time that we all unite and sing praises to one another, instead of spreading hatred. I would like to see all of us singing songs like…”This land is your land…This land is my land”, together in a high spirited way. I would like to see we refer to ourselves as “ONE” people, living in a land made up of persons from all cultures. May we consider ourselves fortunate that each and every one of us is part of that magnificent ‘mix’. May God bless you American Reparation! We are The United States of America! May we dwell here together, with a sense of peace and harmony! May we remain one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all! We need at this time an American Revelation, American Reparation! What do you think?

          1. well then you need to move to a nice city, like Camden, New Jersey.
            you bleeding heart liberals are the ones that allow the kind of societal degradation that is occurring at a mind blowing speed.
            blacks have been handed the keys to success for the last 60 years. affirmative action, free everything, and still they want more. you need to wake up, and see that reparations should be paid to people that were harmed. but we do not owe the black race anything. the time for them to earn it has passed. do you think that paying them more money will change the structure of their existence? you do see the video at the top of this article, don’t you?
            I had to leave the place I grew up, because of this kind of thing.
            I do not hate black people. I watch good people lumped in with these savages, that roam our streets. but I will not ever believe that one race should be held over another. if you are so loving, look up the KING SHABAZZ videos, and watch this wonderful person tell his brothers that they need to kill all whites, and kill their babies. the one from South Street in Philly is a real love story. these are the savages that holder let slide when they were prosecuted for voter intimidation. he just let them go when they refused to show up for sentencing.
            if they haven’t had the chance to amass wealth, then why is oprah one of the richest WOMEN, not just black women, in the world?
            then, when you are done there, look at the
            site, and check out the UNFUNDED LIABILITIES.

            1. Reparations will go along ways to clean up our own neighborhoods. keep in mind that Black America did not get in this shape all by itself. It had a lot of help from White America and even a blind man can see this. The facts remains that we are in this country together for better or worse. Put some energy into building this country instead of tearing it down. Contribute without all the complaining. These problems will not solve themselves. Your us words like savages to describe your brothers is unacceptable.

              1. there is no reason to have trash, junk cars, and crumbling buildings. you cannot blame the white man for everything. it is over… done.
                I have been In more black owned houses than you could ever count.
                the living conditions are a choice, not a white man effect. anyone can have the dignity to clean their house.
                the things I have seen are hair raising.
                keep living in your whitey did it world, that’s what holding you back.
                BTW, can you name a nice place where the blacks have built a superior society?
                you are fooling yourself.
                I speak from experience.
                I used to go to about 20 houses in black neighborhoods every day, for years. I was confronted with racism at 90% of them.
                until the black people learn to live with others, they will NEVER rise to the level of the rest of the world.
                it is a shame that you have been twisted to believe that the democrats, who have kept you down all these years, and plan to replace you, have been your guiding light. you have been suckered.
                you have been voting for handouts that have destroyed your future. they have made you dependent, and have stolen your future. they kept you without drive, and the will to advance. I don’t blame you. but the fact that you still vote these progressives in, proves you will never break the cycle.
                it’s a shame. we need to be on the same team. they are after both our cultures.

              2. very eloquent.
                but after 20 years of working in black neighborhoods, and going into their houses, I know there is no reason to not trust what I have lived. you say I have only witnessed my small world? try working cable tv for 26 years. in black neighborhoods, and Mexican neighborhoods, and white neighborhoods.
                for 20 of those 25, I worked in philly, and Camden county,new jersey.
                the other 6 were in san Antonio.
                why when I went to the Mexican barrio, I was NEVER afraid?
                I was never accosted.
                they came here , and built themselves communities with hard work, and dignity. I live there now.
                maybe you need to experience some of what you preach, and try living with racism almost every time you knock on a door.
                it will all be over soon..,
                if you are far right , like you say, then you know that the dems have caused this, by creating a dependent culture.
                you should be able to reason out that with 92 million people out of work, inviting 40 million more here has a nefarious conclusion. and that is to destroy the blacks and the middle class.
                figure it out. this has all been created by the feral government, for an end.
                an end to America.
                you are right. we need to be on the same team. all races.
                but the messiah has made short work of any progress we had made to unite the people. figure out the reason. your life depends on it. DIVIDE AND CONQUER,,, it’s an old tale.
                I wish it were different, because the government wants the same thing for everyone, but the messiah had cut this country into ribbons, and the repair will be long and hard.
                the sooner we identify the problems, the sooner we will be able to fix it.

            2. Hello to you, too, Jim3888! You say that I am a “Bleeding heart liberal”??? Surprise Jim…I am noted as one of the farthest right conservatives that one could possibly ever be! I have been registered as such for many years!!!

              You say, “Blacks have been handed the keys to success for the last 60 years”??? Persons who believe as you do is the primary reason I believe that ‘Affirmative Action’ should stay in place forever! Someday, you may have to call upon personnel at ‘Affirmative Action’ yourself, Jim! I may have to call upon ‘Affirmative Action’, too! Who knows? The way I heard it, is that affirmative action is for the common good of ALL people.

              You say to me…”You need to wake up”. That is just the point, Jim, I have awakened!!! I believe that my awakening is a very good thing. For, unlike yourself, Jim, I have eyes that see far beyond all of this power struggling bickering and feuding! Don’t just look in your own backyard, or out the front door to your own street, or in your own community, or pick out the most devastated areas…and say look…This is how it is! Look far beyond at the whole global picture! Look back at the past. Look around you, today. And for goodness sake…look to our future! Then you may also become enlightened as to what is going on here!

              Why are you pointing the finger of fate toward our African American brothers and sisters? It is ALL of us who are collectively at fault, Jim. It is you, me, them, us, our government, the other governments around our globe…Everyone! We have grown to be a nation where the human conscience is disintegrating to the lower level where no one gives a heck about anyone else except themselves. I don’t know about you…But,what I see around me today, that is, this so-called sense of entitlement is a feeling that at least 42% of our US population feels they are entitled to. I see many Caucasians, Hispanics, Asians, Black Americans, Europeans,Native Americans, and all others, who hold onto the feelings that the government owes them a living. Have we, as a collective nation lost the one true value that persons used to build this great nation? The work ethic is one of the most highest values one may bestow, Jim…You and me included. So, please, do not blame it all on African Americans.

              How dare you call another human being a savage??? You are most savage for crying out that word, Jim!

              There are ‘gang’ groups in almost every neighborhood across our country. I am fully aware of how one mind can hook up with another, hence another personality is formed that is not too pretty. They hook up with others who feel like themselves…Then you get a gang group that only thinks up evil. This problem in the US is not only focused on one group, but ALL groups (Caucasian, Hispanics, Asian, Black Americans, Europeans, Native Americans, and ALL others). Yes, I do believe there is much voter intimidation present in today’s society, also. On this one thing we agree, Jim.

              I believe that the PROBLEMS are, poverty, greed, dishonesty, pride, and jealousy/envy. Those problems have manifested themselves into today’s society and have become a blistering, painful, and cancerous wound that is felt everywhere across our country. The bottom core or foundation for these problems is POVERTY.

              At the current time, over the past five (5) years or so, government has failed to come up with ‘common sense’ solutions to these problems we all are facing. Wipe out poverty…and there would be fewer ‘GANGS’ and evil. We need to take another look at how our present administration is handling the problems. Do they listen? Do they negotiate for solutions to promote the common good. Or, do they (Present government/administration) promote division and divisiveness??? Do not blame African America, Jim. Take a good long glance across the board? Take a global picture. Are we getting onto the same page yet, Jim?

              Now, to conclude…Let us now discuss Oprah Winfrey. I saw the video. I know what she said. I think I may know why she said it. Let’s look at Oprah’s past. It is easy for us to do, because Oprah was with us in our living rooms for years and years. We all know Oprah’s television personality. If one ever bothered to read Oprah’s biographies/autobiographies we may conclude that Oprah had it very rough during her earlier years before she became a television ‘star’. The reason she had it rough was because of discrimination! She managed to rise above it all, Jim. Let us give her an applause and credit for how she was able to turn the odds around and succeed! She didn’t do it by rolling a pair of dice, Jim. She worked and she worked and she worked, until she became successful. That is the ‘Oprah’ story I would tell. As I have written in previous comments on other blogs, I feel that Oprah feels that maybe she (herself) may be one of the primary reasons that our president became elected into the highest office possible. Could it be that she (Oprah) knows he has fumbled the ball a number of times, and that he has mislead, he has lied, he has promoted divisiveness, he has promoted gambling, he has promoted the fuel that has caused riots, and he has promoted abnormal solutions to recover from the sickest economy our nation has seen since the Great Depression? Could it be that she is harboring a sense of shame/guilt? No matter what the answer is to those questions…I will not change my view about Oprah. I like Oprah, how about you, Jim? Yes, we are a nation that has grown to be very ill and sick. We need to not look backward, but look forward to solutions that will return us (You, me, American Reparation and all others) back to normalcy by way of common sense solutions.

              It is not because President Barack Obama is of a mixed race, or that he is black or white…It is because we have not seen too many common sense solutions to heal our great and vast land, Jim. I have mentioned exact numbers in previous comments on other blogs about the high national debt the present administration has caused. I know that one (Or a nation) cannot spend what they do not have. I also believe in ‘waste not-want not’. I’ll try to conclude once again…We need very strong, efficient, and wise leaders to formulate solutions that will heal our land and our people. We need a government that will listen to the people. We need a government that will allow the people to vote, when major issues are identified. We need to re-attain our liberty, justice, and freedoms in order to survive. So, how about it…can we all work together and look for solutions to rebuild our country, The United States of America? Or, do some of us choose to allow it to become divided and fall? The decision is ours…We, The People who collectively are a part of this vast land. The decision is ours…ALL of us.

              1. very eloquent.
                but after 20 years of working in black neighborhoods, and going into their houses, I know there is no reason to not trust what I have lived. you say I have only witnessed my small world? try working cable tv for 26 years. in black neighborhoods, and Mexican neighborhoods, and white neighborhoods.
                for 20 of those 25, I worked in philly, and Camden county,new jersey.
                the other 6 were in san Antonio.
                why when I went to the Mexican barrio, I was NEVER afraid?
                I was never accosted.
                they came here , and built themselves communities with hard work, and dignity. I live there now.
                maybe you need to experience some of what you preach, and try living with racism almost every time you knock on a door.
                it will all be over soon..,
                if you are far right , like you say, then you know that the dems have caused this, by creating a dependent culture.
                you should be able to reason out that with 92 million people out of work, inviting 40 million more here has a nefarious conclusion. and that is to destroy the blacks and the middle class.
                figure it out. this has all been created by the feral government, for an end.
                an end to America.
                you are right. we need to be on the same team. all races.
                but the messiah has made short work of any progress we had made to unite the people. figure out the reason. your life depends on it. DIVIDE AND CONQUER,,, it’s an old tale.
                I wish it were different, because the government wants the same thing for everyone, but the messiah had cut this country into ribbons, and the repair will be long and hard.
                the sooner we identify the problems, the sooner we will be able to fix it.

          2. I am white my daddy was a share cropper also. Worked for the company store. So I have no sense of pitty for some one who has wasted their lives waiting for a hand out. The civil war freed not only Black slaves; who had it better than poor whites. I do not want to here the crap. Civil rights did not only apply too blacks but it sure gave them some major advantages. ANd white social service people treat them a lot different. Example a single white girl shows up with children all white she is cut. Another white girl shows up kids mixed gets what she wants. It is time for the crap to end.
            Reverse discrimination= Affirmative action.
            same with Jobs
            Same with most things, blacks get it free.
            Let me help the slave owners were approx five percent of the population from 1860 census and I am quite sure all of them were white slave owners RIGHT?
            The census was corrrect becasue of the possible slave owner vote count. SO all of America owe blacks really, get a grip. 150 years and any where you live in the Us you turn into a garbage pit see Detroit, Chicago it goes on and On.

          3. Your support for his (or her) racism is disgusting. Cloaking it in touching concern just looks even more bizarre.

            Racists like you are a throwback to a very sick-minded past. Your day is done, and you’re done here.

            1. It appears that the person (Clara Howell) may not have been supporting American Reparation’s racism, but rather may have been merely defending a man whom she had viewed as a victim of discrimination right here on this site. It may have been apparent to her via what she had read from many, many, commentators that he was on the receiving end of racism, as was evidenced by her having read profound racial slurs, by many commentators that were addressed to American Reparation? I have read those comments to him, and I feel that he indeed was on the receiving end of sheer bigotry right here on a public blog site. Could it be that she may not even be a member of liberal ideology? Could it be that maybe she is even a far right conservative, K-Bob? Don’t you think that we ALL should listen to and allow others to be heard and to speak? This sort of thing can be compared to our current situation concerning the Obama Administration and the democrat congressional leaders who refuse to listen to or negotiate with conservative members of congress. Now…It has become even worse, because by the ending of last week the democrat majority in the US Senate had formulated and implemented a very shrewd plan that they believed would impede republicans from having a voice for the people across this vast land (USA). There schematic and articulately formulated plan has now caused “The Death of The US Senate” in The Year of Our Lord 2013 A.D. Don’t you think it is important to listen to and hear each individual who may so happen to comment on this site, K-Bob? We must listen to one another…Most ALL of us want the same thing. We are here, and we should unite as ONE BODY to fight the battle against hate, bigotry, greed, poverty, injustice, envy and shame, that would place God, Country and Family as our utmost priorities!!!

        2. well then think about how much you owe the Jews. remember that the egyptans were the first ones to take slaves, and it was the Jews.
          do you feel you owe them reparations?
          and do you feel that 150 years is not enough time to build a society?

          1. What do this have to do with American Slaves? The facts remain that American owe the descendants of Black slaves reparations and now is the right time to bring this overdue idea to the forefront. “The American Reparation Plan” will act as the world’s greatest stimulus to this economy ever. More importantly it the right thing to do. Let’s get it started now.

            1. First American slave owner was Black!!! DUH!
              Blacks sold blacks as slaves, there you go black on black crime!!

        3. First: ALL races have been oppressed, indentured, subject to slavery etc…
          Second: These injustices and slavery experiences of your ancestors happened in the distant past…your ancestors (and mine) are long dead. Why should today’s Blacks be rewarded for this? The opportunities for success abound in today’s society…take advantage of it. (Many, including Oprah, have.)
          Third: You will have no peace until you get past your perceived “victimhood” mindset.
          Fourth: As far as an “Apology” goes, wasn’t the blood of hundreds of thousands who died in our Civil War enough?

    2. This “assault on Obamacare” is because it is a terrible and uncompassionate law. Furthermore, it is communism.

      You do realize that the very same people who opposed it this time also opposed it when Hillary Clinton tried to push it through, right? Maybe you think we opposed it back then because Hillary Clinton is black?

      Isn’t it interesting that just about every single thing the Tea Party has said about this law (1. that it would force people to lose their insurance, 2. that it would raise the cost of insurance rather than lower it, 3. that it would contain death panels, 4. that it is designed to drive all private health insurance companies out of business so that Americans are left with no options but the government, 5. that the government will be far more wasteful and less efficient than private industry with this, etc.) has turned out to be TRUE, and that all of President Obama’s major assurances about the law (and other things) have turned out to be (deliberate) lies?

      Hopefully many people now are noticing that the Tea Party is intelligent and trustworthy, while other voices in our society are not quite so trustworthy and sometimes downright deceptive.

      The USA is not a communist nation. Americans do not want to be forced and tricked into living under a communist law. We would have opposed Obamacare no matter who proposed it.

      I suggest reading “Do-Gooders: How liberals hurt those they claim to help (and the rest of us)” by Mona Charen.

      1. The funny thing is the reaction of a California lawyer who voted for Obama TWICE. Then she complainingly reported that her health insurance policy had been cancelled and that she had replaced it with a higher premium policy with approximately the same benefits. SHE WAS SURPRISED! She did not “think” she would be effected. She should have stopped at “did not think.” Moron? You be the judge.

        And remember, there are millions as this lawyer – and they all get to vote. God help the USA.

    3. You apparently like free. So do I. Let us hope it stays that way.
      I guess you lie all the time. I cannot stand lying. I have a hard enough time remembering and dealing with the truth. Maybe I should become a Liberal.

    4. never has there been a man in the white house who has abused the power of that office more arrogantly and blatantly than Obama, I don’t care if he is purple with white polka dots. hang on to your theories. I have absolutely no tolerance for a man who is an idiot, bush was an idiot and Obama is an idiot. a spade is a spade what is wrong with you? and oprah she is a racist if I have ever seen one. a whiney bitch and so into her self she can’t see it. pathetic the whole lot of you standing up for a liar and a sneak and a lazy man just because he is black you are a black eye on the American way and the human race.

    5. Obama was elected because of his skin color. No white man with that thin of a resume as Obama would have ever been elected. You are the biggest racist on here. Blacks are some of the biggest racists on the planet.

  27. It aint about his race you overpaid clown, its about how stupid an worthless he is as a president, Oprah, kill yourself, the world will be better off.

    1. You have to understand how difficult it is too live inside a demented liberal mind, but I think it goes deeper than that. I think Michelle is in a protective mode of her husband and Oprah is having serious personal conflicts because of this – and when jealousy and envy overwhelms a black female’s mind…..
      She’s saying things that Michelle can’t say publicly, except that it’s all based on her personal rivalry for Barry. Oprah’s wildly horny for Barry, so she’ll say the dumbest things.

  28. Oprah assisted in a conspiracy to defraud the American people. Obama LIED to the nation on Oprah’s show. With her help he presented a COUNTERFEIT BIRTH CERTIFICATE to America. This is the same birth certificate that Sheriff Joe Arpaio proved to be as phony as a $3 bill. When is Oprah going to apologize for this? Or is it OK for Obama to lie on her show? If he wasn’t “black” would it still be OK to lie to America on the Oprah show? Oprah, if you have any questions about this lie and deception that you assisted, please contact Joe Arpaio, he is an American with guts, integrity and honesty who did extensive research into this document fraud. You could learn something.

  29. Oprah uses as evidence of racism the fact that a congressman said “you lie” while Obama was giving a speech. Well Oprah you would have to be a deaf and dumb buffoon to not know Obama is constantly lying and for you to not acknowledge that makes you a fool or a liar as well.

  30. She’s got it backwards. Many people who never had a racist thought are starting to despise the ObamaPhone crowd because of their ignorance, arrogance, violence, food stamps, give me, give me, give me mentality and of course the despicable, disgusting, devious, deceitful, habitual lying character of the fraud in chief.

  31. Did Oprah just say he’s African not Hawaiian or is he White and, oh forget it, I am so confused. Anyway his policies still suck

  32. I don’t just despise obama (and it’s not because he’s black, I don’t like his policies), I’m rapidly reaching the point that I despise all democrats. For the first time in my 58 years and since the libs have taken over this country, my life and lifestyle has crashed and burned. Now I have obamacare coming down the road to cause more financial problems. For the first time in my life I have seen first hand what they mean by the quote “democrats are great at spreading the misery”

    1. Amen, Mikey! Their intent is to do away with the middle class! We are slowly descending into a state of annihilation!

      1. the ACA is the first step.
        the second step is create black vs white, and maybe throw in a designer disease to eradicate the blacks. the third step is to replace us with 40 million Mexicans they are INVITING HERE.
        there are 92 million out of work. you can’t go collect slaves, or buy them anymore, so you invite a new slave class. the blacks are out of control, and they will cut off their benefits and blame the white repubs… watch. it’s coming fast.
        haven’t you heard? amnesty is an emergency.

        1. I am commenting on behalf of the lady you ‘thought’ was a liberal, but turns out she is far right. She was removed from this thread by K-Bob the moderator. Here is her message to you since she could not reply first hand:
          Hello again Jim3888
          Last evening I received a comment from k-Bob, the moderator, who called me a racist, and removed me from commenting. He had read the same comment you had read from me to American Reparation (The one where you had assumed I was a liberal, Jim).
          I don’t get it!!! K-Bob said I was a racist. I feel that I came to the defense of a man who was truly being harassed by racists, who were calling him profound names, using horrible racial slurs. I had read one comment after the other where persons were doing this and advising him to go back to Africa. Could you please explain to me why you think K-Bob felt that way and removed me from commenting further, Jim3888???

          1. I have no idea. and the reason I thought she was a lib, was that she was preaching liberal views.
            Identifying problems and stating facts is not racist. acting as though they do not exist is.
            I did not suggest he go back to Africa, I said that should be a condition of reparations. as far as k-bob, I felt you were backing the blacks. I would ask k-bob why he felt that way. maybe he is tired of the same old same old, like a lot of people.
            but realize that Obama has enabled this behavior, because he needs division to rule this country. he cannot survive with a united Constitutional Republic against him.

            1. I hear you, Jim888. We are all tired, worn, torn and feel frustrated over the present administration’s ‘cool dude’ demeanor. Now look what they did yesterday in the US Senate. Laws and Acts are being formulated having no forethought or strong debate before implementation. Hidden high taxes have been shrewdly incorporated into the ACA, along with other hidden articles. Almost 2000 pages of the Affordable Care Act signed into law without the utmost forethought of future consequences. Remember Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid urging legislators to “Hurry up and lets get this signed…You’ll have a chance to read it later”??? Hopefully a sleeping giant has awakened. May the Republican Party prevail and reveal truths. ‘All truth becomes evident over time’. We need to return to normalcy and move away from the out of control lunacy the present administration is exhibiting. Thanks for getting back to me Jim888.

        2. Could it
          be possible that they (Present administration) DO have a plan? I feel strongly
          that their plan may be in this order:
          1st. *National Health Care. 2nd
          *Government subsidized housing (For all eventually). 3rd*Pledge of allegiance to their leader. I only listed 3
          articles that I feel may be in their ARTICULATE schematic plan for OUR NATION
          and OUR COUNTRY, that we hold so dear to our hearts and minds. I think the readers will get the general
          drift of what WE are trying to unveil. The government will own AMERICA and all
          of its people! Freedoms will be
          annihilated. Please take a forward look
          at how things may be for America’s future, K-Bob, jim3888, American Reparation, Mikey1109, and
          all others; For it could happen right here. Could it be true that our so-called
          government may ‘own’ YOU and all others, American Reparation and jim3888, in our future to come?
          Will there be no liberty, justice or freedom?
          Is that what everyone wants for
          themselves and their families? What about our children to come? When a government takes over…;They take
          over!. One only has to read ‘The Diary
          of a Young Girl’, published in 1947, by Anne Frank (From her own diary she kept
          while living under forceful government control of the country, where she so
          happened to live), to comprehend what may happen to all of us, right here in
          our own homes, and in our own country. K-Bob, do you think that WE, collectively, may now
          open our eyes so that we may unveil this truth for our entire country? Let us now try to set
          our priorities straight on…God, Country and Family! This is what America needs…and it needs it NOW.

          1. you really need to research the organizations the regime is affiliated with. then you need to sit down, and think.
            do you really think that a man that hates the US more than anything, is suddenly turned into a loving caring man?
            either you have no idea what he is up to, or you are just not informed.
            please… you need about a good year of checking out what the communists have in store for us.

            1. Hope is a beautiful thing. Impossible? Maybe. Maybe not. Look at Saul in The NT Holy Spcriptures. He persecuted early Christian followers…Even wanted them annihlilted, because his hatred for them was so profound. He was converted in a flash! Then he became known as Paul whose conversion caused him to spread The Gospel message to places far beyond anywhere the original apostles had ever thought of going to. Generations later St. Paul is known to us as the great apostle (Though not one of the original 12) whose Epistles became the central part of the New Testament.

              1. did you read all the posts I made? I worked around the blacks for years. and I was in their houses. they are predjudiced and angry.
                I used tio have hope, I tried to explain the fact that we are all being divided for the government to conquer us. some actually had the light come on… others were resigned to a violent end.
                the present buffoon in charge has made the most of racism, and I fear that I have lost many of the people that listened to me.
                I wish it was that easy, but the fires are stoked daily.
                fail to recognize this at your own peril.

                1. Above please click on link, Jim888. It may be a part of the glimmer of HOPE we may need to grasp onto. Nothing is totally impossible, Jim. E.W. Jackson just so happened to be Cuccinelli’s running mate in Virginia, where both recently lost that commonwealth’s gubernatorial race. I believe he made that recording before the 2008 presidential election. Don’t you think that he and others like himself (You, me, vast numbers of others) are now more fired up than ever? Our black population knows BO, and many know what he is trying to accomplish. Also, please read all of my posts through Disqus.com, and also please read all of Clara Howell’s post through Disqus, especially under the thread…’Anderson:Paying the Piper on Obamacare’.
                  Also, another glimmer of hope for the day…US Supreme court has agreed to listen to a new motion brought before the court today. Look it up! I believe it involves laws pertaining to religious beliefs and Obamacare…Haven’t read the details on that one yet.

                2. google
                  ICD 9E 978
                  then be very afraid.
                  I have a connection that is very scared. and he was alphabet soup…

                3. it is a WHO health code.
                  never… I repeat, NEVER ask snopes. I have researched politics for 8 years. I am disabled, and this is all I do. if you google that code with a comma, and put in legalized executions, you will have the answer. the MAINSTREAM IS TRYING TO TURN IT AROUND AND SUGARCOAT IT.

  33. “Everybody is thinking it”, when did Oprah become spokesperson for US? Her opinion is not mine… We fight wars on credit cards. Govt gives contracts to companies who want max profit for technologies that we paid for. Fuel-less car technologies is being suppressed. We have bigger issues than listening to a racist…choice drive systems org

  34. people don’t hate him because his black maybe people hate him because he’s half whit and denies his white side get real people he’s the first bi-racial man to become president not first black man to be , second everything he said was a lie people did lose their insurance and also the minute he announced the Obama care program employers start hiring only part time people so they didn’t have to pay for insurance for employees so he really screwed up people not being able to afford any kind of insurance and wow people have to work 2-3 jobs to get 40 hours a week wtg to go mr I don’t know what color I am president and oprah you are part of the problem why racism doen’t die keep bringing the past up if anyone is racist ITS YOU

  35. If she’s not moaning about being a black millionaire who gets rejected by shop assistants in Switzerland she’s trying to play the race card another way, this time involving the president. Poor Winfrey, poor Obama, how do they manage?

    One day they will just leave and move to Africa or somewhere else where there are only kind, happy, non-racist, non-European people. Or will they?

  36. Look at all this anti-whitism. In the 60’s, anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white countries to bring in millions of non-whites. Then anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white people to “integrate” or face penalties for being “naziswhowantokill6millionjews.” Now anti-whites are praising and counting down the days till ALL and ONLY white children are minorities and extinct EVERYWHERE. That makes it genocide. “Anti-racist” is a codeword for anti-white. /watch?v=lKDeyuM0-Og

  37. That card is STILL being played? Give me a freaking break.

    At this point, pulling the race card is the equivalent of correcting grammar in a political debate. You have nothing else to support your case so you resort to calling the opponents stupid/racist.

  38. Small? Small? Huh? Ahh, you can’t spell, you mean Smart. Yes, I have always been able to spot racists. They almost always hate People of the jewish faith and they hate White Crackers most of all…………..:) 🙂 🙂 Yes, eye B Smart! Billy Badman

  39. I Need to get Young again real quick because that fat pig oprah winfree wants to kill me and the rest of the old White Crackers. Pass this on to other old White Crackers so they can see just what racist fat black pigs think about Whites.

    This fat racist pig got rich because White Crackers watched her Show and now she wants to kill them?

  40. Good for you Oprah finally showing your true colors as the white hating race baiter I always figured you were.

  41. Article by Ben Shapiro posted on Breitbart a few hours ago.
    The comments are flowing freely.
    Looks like Oprah has pushed some folks buttons.
    Speak up America! Let your voices be heard!

  42. Really Oprah,Are you for real??? You actually believe people hate him; which is a very strong word and disrespect him because he is black???? or half white? that is how rediculous you sound. This man, our president does not deserve our respect and it has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH HIS COLOR HALF WHITE OR HALF BLACK..He is responsible for his actions and has EARNED OUR DISRESCT. Remember all of the people you have interviewed endlessly about taking responsibility for your actions.?? I know you read alot Oprah so there is NO excuse for what you have said. I am upset and disgusted by your remark for two reasons. One is that people admire you, respect you and believe what you say. So this irresponsible statement will have an impact on millions of black people to the point where all the good you have done could be errased by a statement that could have a trickle down effect on black people for generations.!!!!! Did you ever think about the impact of what you did Ms. Oprah??? Let me put in it another context. Do you remember when Bill Clinton stated ” I never had sex with that woman”; but later qualified before he told the truth that he only had “Oral Sex” with her which isn’t really sex. Do you know Oprah Whinfey the impact that statement had on high school/ college students??? !! Well I do! It gave them permission to have oral sex without dealing with the reprocussions/emotion/physical implications etc. That statement screwed up alot of kids. Period. And now I believe YOU HAVE DONE THE SAME; BUT ON A MUCH LARGER SCALE; because people already had lost respect for Clinton , they soon discovered he lied. But you the almighty Oprah people seem to love and believe and that makes this STATEMENT YOU MADE MUCH WORSE THAN ON ITS’ OWN MERRITS. OBAMA IS RESPONSIBLE FOR MULTIPLE SCANDALS; BENGAZI, FAST AND FURIOUS, NSA , IRS, MULTIPLE BAIL OUT THEFTS, DEALS WITH OUR ENEMIES, 600 MILLION DOLLAR WEB SITE WHICH NEVER WILL WORK, DESTROYING OUR HEALTH CARE SYSTEM. SHALL I GO ON OPRAH?? This is why our president has lost the respect of the people. It has nothing to do with his half black, half white color. Now Oprah I currently have the OWn CHANNEL AND I realize I can choose to keep it but as of today I am dropping it !! I have no interest in anything you have to say.
    I hope to God people start thinking for themselves and don’t listen to people like you who in my opinion, I have come to the conclusion that anyone that thinks the way YOU do must be Racist.

  43. Poor Oompah Windbag, any ill words towards her Emperor are misconstrued as racism. He is hated for being a communist, a failure and an anti-American virus but if pigment is all you can wrap your little brain around, fine. His white half is despised as much as his black half. If you like your feeble monotone race card, you can keep it. It’s all played out but you can keep it.

  44. There is only one reason why because he constantly lies. If you like your insurance you can keep it would be a big one

  45. I used to kind of admire Oprah; a woman of average intelligence who rose to the top through assertiveness and savvy business deals. But she’s proven herself to be little more than a grasping, wannabe political pundit, attempting to reignite her dying career with race-baiting rants.

    1. RG, it’s her connection with Gail King that causes so much of this. GK is heard on CBS morning each day, and I think Orca has become smitten and is simply acting like a spoiled rich kid having her “say.” Go away, O…. both of you.

  46. OH God what about the other elephant in the room? The majority of Obama supporter’s do so based solely on the color of his skin. Blacks voted for him and endorse everything he does because he is black. They still know nothing of his policies. How is that NOT racist? Most black Obama supporters still dont know about the NDAA, and repeatedly refuse to engage in any discussion on the matter! some of them will defend there support of this tyrant to the point of violence! I cant feel sorry for them, knowing that they are responsible for there own destruction!

    1. Just recently a Quinnipiac (whatever!) poll showed nationally Obama’s approval was 39%, Amongst 18-25 year olds– 42%– amongst blacks?? 75 PERCENT APPROVE!!
      If white people voted like black people– there wouldn’t be a President Obama. Hell-if white people voted like black people, there wouldn’t even be so much as a black dog catcher! but– white people are racist?? Give me a break!

  47. Maybe it’s time for the black community to break free of the mindset that people like Oprah have and espouse. Why can’t liberal people like her ever be critical of the things that are devastating the black community. The breakdown of the family unit (which leads to gangs, etc.), the disdain for education, the victim mentality, etc., etc. Instead she has to attack the “racist” bogey-white-man.

    1. I have this nagging thought. I grew up in Detroit– rode on the back of the bus, marched down Woodard to hear MLK. Met young people that were just like me except for skin color. We listened to songs that celebrated the coming together of white and black young people.
      But then, along came LBJ and his Great Society.
      I still can’t decide if he and other Jim Crow Democrats actually were smart enough to realize what it would do to black people– and what the Affirmative Action bill would do to young white people who– like me– were blatantly told that they would not be considered– no matter what– for a job because they were white (and male).
      But, it worked. It separated us culturally by luring many young black people in to the prison of the ghetto and then race baiters like Sharpton became rich with their propaganda that blamed whites for every malady that came along.
      If I– as a white male — couldn’t get a job or didn’t get good enough grades to get into college– who could I blame? But my dark skinned counterpart — blamed me!
      I still wonder– when Robert Byrd (who voted against the Civil Rights Act, but voted for the policies of “The Great Society” shook LBJ’s hand and said “this’ll have them N—ers voting for us for the next 200 years!”, did LBJ and Byrd really know what they had done? Were they that “visionary”??

    2. Simple, if they didn’t preach the mantra of you need the democrats to give you welfare, the democrats would never get elected. The tragedy of it all is folks like MLK fighting for civil rights only for the democrats to hijack it completely and make african americans slaves to the DNC and a welfare state.

  48. For a smart woman Oprah is talking really dumb. People hare Obama for all his lies and disrespect for our Constitution which he very well hates. Just look at how many times he has violated it blatantly. This is what makes the real difference and not the color of his skin.

  49. Just because one has money doesn’t mean they have good things to say. Maybe Oprah should think of ways to express her ideas that aren’t quite so divisive. I personally am not a fan of the president because all he ever does is let me down. His ideas a wrong and bad for the country and he’s so married to them he can’t see that. I wasn’t a Bill Clinton fan but I had respect for him because when he realized he was on the wrong side of an issue or needed to work together with others to better the nation he was a good enough to man up and get the job done by convincing his adversaries they were wrong or admitting he was wrong. This man won’t even engage his adversaries he just belittles them dismisses them and then proceeds, everyone else be damned it’s his way or the highway. That does no one any good. Not Democrats, Independents, or Republicans. He needs to play less golf and be smart enough to at least get out of his own way when the opportunity to do the right thing presents itself.

    1. Brian
      Obama has never played fair
      He is a liar and a cheat. He wins because in his arrogant deprived communist Muslim mind, he Is an elite, always right and we common folk don’t know anything . Michelle feels the same. They have an absolute contempt for us

  50. Wait a minute folks… Why is No ONE telling Oprah that he’s half white? Doesn’t that make him White-African American or African-White American? Take your pick…

    But WAY MORE than the color of his skin is his socialist-style policies….!!!

  51. I wonder how he got elected twice? All those white racists must have been forced at gunpoint to vote for him. To be fair, the second election was based on the fraudulent “You can keep your health insurance and doctor” lie and is null and void.

  52. ya know, if she would have a coranary or something like that, it would save tens of thousands of chickens a year. just saying. Now you see D’Oprah, THAT is racist.

  53. I despise Obama because he is a Liar and a Racist. White people, in general , are continually re-inforced in their desire to avoid Black people because of the Behavior of Black people – which is always confirming that being around them is dangerous and distasteful. It’s not a ‘racial thing’ ..it’s a reality thing. The same people will feel that they have no reason to avoid “yellow” Asians in the same manner that they do Blacks.

  54. To really understand the Oprah statement you have to know the interviewer. A pompous talking head from the BBC. [ British broadcasting corporation.] Better know as…’The brown Brothers Club!.
    That organisation believes it has to be So PC and apologetic on behalf of the British people, that it employs idiots that under normal circumstances would be given swift kick up the backside, and thrown back in the cesspit they came from…..England!!
    Of course Oprah would not have been the best airhead to interview, at times it is difficult to decide which part of her anatomy is speaking! Mostly it seems to be the underside, but still difficult to distinguish.

  55. She’s got it backwards. Many people who never had a racist thought are starting to despise the ObamaPhone crowd because of their ignorance, arrogance, violence,
    welfare, give me, give me, give me mentality and of course the despicable, disgusting, devious, deceitful, habitual lying character of the fraud in chief.

  56. Somebody should tell Doprah to go look at the many videos of black thugs playing the “knockout game” that is all the rage among racist young blacks violently assaulting innocent white victims. Then she should review her remarks on racism, Obama’s and Holder’s remarks on racism, and then rethink who the racists really are before she opens her mouth again on this subject.

    1. Imagine if the colors were reversed and whites were doing this ‘Knockout’ violence to blacks.
      The ObamaCare disaster would fade from the headlines and TV screens as the professional race baiters and the con-man in chief would go ballistic. Of course since it is black feral animals who run in packs, all we hear are crickets. This is just one of their wonderful pastimes, an excellent book “”White Girl Bleed a Lot” documents this black on white violence happening all over the country and not being reported by the lame stream media.
      ‘Knockout’ Game = Automatic sentence 20 years in prison.

  57. He is totally incompetent, not qualified and not a leader. It does not matter to me what color he is he is just plain in over his head and those like Oprah have to look for some reason people don’t like he. It is funny when she talks about racism, when we got a 1/2 black president and she is a billion aire. Funny isn’t it. But no matter he has been a total failure.

  58. Someone needs to monitor Oprah, she is definitely going over the edge…..mentally and physically!

  59. Please get lost in a European purse store. Ever since you were snubbed in Europe in a fancy purse store, you have been crying racism ever since!

  60. I’m not a racist, I’m a realist. Obama is the sum total of liberal ideology and the whole world is seeing just how bad that can be. Oprah, she’s a dink.

  61. Flase. It is because he is incompetent, unqualified. He got there jumping from one seat to another, paying and selling his seats.

  62. Wait wait wait, what? I thought the KKK didn’t like Obama because of his old smoking habits.
    That’s almost as crazy and impossible as people voting for him BECAUSE he’s black.

  63. I despise Obama and it has nothing to do with his color!!! I am so sick of people like Oprah spewing her racists comments like this, I despise Obama because he is a liar, tyrant, and he has disdain for our Constitution!! He sickens me!!! I would feel this way if he were lily white trust me!!! I pray that Ben Carson runs for the office!!! He is black but it is his character I see when I look at him!!!!

  64. Oprah is a other racist, Chicago scumbag who preys on people just as her fellow thug Obama. It is the blacks who are committing almost all the crime in America, are the most corrupt, and cry racist all the time.

    Oprzh should spendher time and money educating and feefing her fellow blacks, and leave the rest of us alone.

  65. What do you expect, hate to say it but she is black. I am not racist, I have a 1/2 black adopted grandchild so there.
    While at it, I saw a commercial for some show on oprah’s station, makes black women look like over sexed, loud mouth idiots. Why did she make them look such, to me it takes the entire black community down, are blacks watching this trash? If I were black I think I would lead a boycott against her.

  66. Oprah- Obama is a complete immature little crybaby. He doesn’t get his way so he shuts the gov’t down, and the libs and McCain blame the Tea Party rather than dems.. The Arab Spring was a disaster, Iraq is a disaster, Afghanistan has the largest poppy production ever, and we have a 17 trillion dollar deficit. Racist Americans? No!!
    Incompetent, pathetic, inadequate, narcissistic, crybaby ….. That’s why we don’t like him.

  67. Ironically Oprah’s statement seems racist. I was one of the few people who realized the moment I heard this guy speak that he was the product of liberal ignorance. His words have no substance. For instance, he made claims about political discourse needing to be more civil and then he attacks everyone that doesn’t agree with him. How does his ineptitude make me a racist? I don’t like Nancy Pelosi does that make me anti-woman or anti-Catholic? Hillary Clinton, Ted Kennedy, John McCain, Joe Biden, Harry Reid, Oprah Winfrey – all these people have something in common, and being black is not one of them – it’s their ideology.

    Also, for clarification Obama is not an African-American, in the traditional sense of the term. African-American is a term usually used by American blacks descended from slaves. Obama’s father was African, but was not part of the African-American community.

    Finally, following Oprah’s lack of logic that would mean that those who were against Herman Cain were racists too.

  68. Until she can prove this with facts rather than opinion, it is highly questionable. Instead she blames it on thought rather than words. Enter Oprah, the mind police.

  69. Many people hate Obama because he’s an incompetent anti-american socalist tool.
    They classify any criticism as racism, because that’s their defense to everything. Without it they would have to deal with the reality that the Emperor has no clothes.

  70. Oprah.org will pull every single racist comment made in response to
    her BBC interview and use as ammunition to support her views.
    We need to stay on point and respond with Facts.
    Don’t feed into the madness. Focus. The truth will set us Free!

  71. That’s an F’ing lie by Oprah. Most Americans disrespect him because he’s a fool and a liar. This is the start of race card gambit again leading to the 2014 elections. They know Obamacare is going to tip the elections toward the Republicans and they are going to use the race card to incite anti white sentiment again. Oh by the way its not just Whites that don’t like Obama its also Blacks. The National Association of Black Republicans recently filed articles of impeachment against Obama.

  72. So are you advocating killing only white people when you say racists must die? What about yourself Oprah? You certainly appear to be a racist.

  73. Apparently if you are black you can do no wrong and any criticism has to be racist in origin. Of course Robert Mugabe and Obama are great flawless leaders of their nations and deserve only praise.

  74. That’s right Oprah … put on your big girl dress and quit playing that stupid, really tired race card. As a minority female, even I am tired of hearing it. You know the truth – it IS because of Obama’s color that WORSE has not been said about him. Can you imagine WTF would’ve been said if these were Bush’s failed policies??

  75. I am sure there are plenty of racists but who cares about them. If we were to care about what is insignificant we would not do much.
    However what I think most people have a problem with, is Obama incoherence and inconsistency between his amazing and inspiring speeches and his actions or the lack of thereof, the abyss between his convictions when speaking and his will to implement what he utters.

    With 61 senators and the House of Reps, it took him 2 years to get a health care bill that is far from being perfect not to mention the implementation.

    I don’t even want to imagine what the GOP would have done with such a majority, let me guess, we might have been on our way to Manchuria or Siberia by now.

    He said there was a red line with Syria but he really meant there might be some dotted colorless line and went to congress instead of taking actions.
    Senators are elected to debate and waste time and really not to do much, they are amazing at it, aren’t they? President are elected to execute and actually do something.
    We can argue about Bush’s legacy, but no one can disagree that he did plenty.

    If I were her boss reviewing him, I would say, great inspiration, amazing oratory talent, great understanding, must work on following up his intentions and be more decisive in his actions.

  76. Where in the heck has Oprah been? “Nobody ever says….” It is said everyday by many of President Obamas supporters. He knowingly lied to America time & time again but if I call him a liar I am called racist.

  77. If she were white and complained about blacks like this, she would be quickly labeled a racist. She only gets away with her own racism because she is black. What a disgrace!

  78. Oprah, we don’t care if Obama has pink polka dots. Our problem with Obama is NOT his color. It’s his arrogance, his socialist agenda and his LIES!

  79. The race card has been played so many times, the spots are all worn off so get your panties out of a knot Oprah and act like a big girl. Reality bites and BHO is in waaaaay over his head, that’s why he sucks.

  80. Here’s another example of someone who has so much money they believe themself to be of an entirely different class from the rest of us. I haven’t cared for Oprah for a very long time because of comments like this. Truth be told. BOZO is disliked because of his character and content – not the color of his skin. He, along with his disgusting wife, have DISRESPECTED the office from the beginning. This is a man who has absolutely no integrity or love for this country. Hence, very few have any respect for him whatsoever!! When you point a finger at someone, you have four more pointing back at you!!!!

  81. Don’t get me started on Oprah. She assisted in a conspiracy to defraud the American people. Obama LIED to the nation on Oprah’s show. With her help he presented a COUNTERFEIT BIRTH CERTIFICATE to America. This is the same birth certificate that Sheriff Joe Arpaio proved to be as phony as a $3 bill (see video on YouTube). When is Oprah going to apologize for this? Or is it OK for Obama to lie on her show? If he wasn’t “black” would it still be OK to lie to America on the Oprah show? Does she have a shred of integrity left?

  82. Camp Obama plays dirty politics to win elections and promote their socialist policies.
    Ms Winfrey twists the truth and pulls out the race card to promote her movie and support her messiah.
    Both of them are quickly taking a hit on their popularity.
    You see it’s like this – we, the American people, do not like being lied to.
    Plain and simple. Just the facts. Read my lips … has nothing to do with race.
    Respect is earned. Period.

  83. I don’t have a lack of respect for the man because he is black, I dispise all Liberal redistribution of wealth and its proponents. I had no respect for Jimmy Carter or Bill Clinton, just as I won’t have any respect for Hillary. It’s NOT a ‘black thang’.

  84. People will respect the office and the leader just as soon as we get a leader back in the office. A community organizer that absolutely hates America and all that she stands for should never set foot in or near the WH. This man has done more to take and keep good people down than an atom bonb could do. He promotes and encourages thuggery, because that is all that he is goo at. He would never succeed if performance was REQUIRED.

  85. Only a true libtard could say this. Oprah is one of if not the richest woman on the planet. As a woman, I guess she could claim discrimination because she’s not the richest person on the planet! Isn’t she African American? Did the rest of us forget that when we promoted her to her lofty level? Isn’t Obama half white or something? Not that I care, but he’s not fully African American so how could us racists fully hate him? As a half white would he not benefit from the “white culture”? Isn’t it interesting that a half white, half black individual would fully embrace his black half and completely disregard his white half in the face of all this discrimination? Is Oprah blind to his white half? Does anybody really care what color he chooses to be when his complete mental retardation is the real issue? Obama is not smart, not intelligent and he’s completely clueless at leading. He is however, awesome at assuming the cult of personality and being an empty vessel that millions of libtards can pour their utopian dreams into. Oprah is as dumb as a cold ham, but she is fortunate to have been a black woman at a time when millions of fat white women wanted to go ghetto and embrace the edgy side of their afternoon tea conversations. Oprah is the culmination of white guilt and media manipulation. Good for her, she doesn’t swear to uphold the constitution. Obama however, did swear to uphold it. We despise him because he disregards our founding document, not because he can’t come to equally display his black/white ethnicity.

  86. Actually, I hate all communist politicians regardless of their color. They’re all treasonous scum.

  87. And Oprah hates him coz she didn’t get her privileged inside track to the WHITE House. Even as she IS (or at least used-to-be) the most worshipped individual in the history of American television. Yeah that “racism” is some really bad stuff.

  88. Oprah, please explain how someone can be expected to respect another when they are raping you from behind at every opportunity. The least he could do is offer a little protection and lubricant.

  89. Apparently they deleted my comment because I said that it’s dangerous to insight violence, and if one does, you could end up in a FEMA camp.

  90. Thes absolute worst excuse for a leader and the worst fraud ever perpetrated upon the American people and on American soil. He has been baby sitted throughout his 1st and 2nd term. The media protects and covers for him and Holly Weird caters to him so they can get away with all the filth they broadcast and so they can continue to receive their regular flights of assorted pharmecutical and illegal drugs from the south.

  91. Actually it is more like he has gotten away with so much because he is 1/2 and 1/2. How do you figure he is African American. He knows he wants to be a dictator and he pushes things to the limit. He is not presidential in any way, he ignores the Congress and the Senate and is like a whiny baby if he doesn’t get ‘HIS’ way. He could care less what the people want. He is more concerned about his power and prestige and that of his party numbers, ONLY and PERIOD.

  92. What a bunch of Bravo Sierra! It could be that WE THE PEOPLE, do not care for his COMMUNISTIC POLICIES AND BELIEFS!

    Hey O – by your own mouth YOU ARE THE RACIST!!

    And you are irrelevant also!

  93. Will Oprah… Not that you give a rip, but I have now moved you from respected entrepreneur to racist hack. Congratulations.

  94. Opee. How could I disrespect Obama for being an “African American” when he isn’t an African American?

  95. Yes, Ms Winfrey, feel better?
    The Folks really do still pay attention to you.
    Just read all the comments posted here.
    Only thing is ….. we don’t agree.
    And know what, this country gives us the right to speak our minds no
    matter what we think. Right or wrong. Good or bad.
    So keep talking Oprah. Tell us how you feel. Share with us.
    We are more than willing to share our opinions too.
    Remember, it’s our right!

  96. Hey Oprah, who as ever said on radio or tv, “I don’t like Obama because he’s black”

    1. No one’s brave enough to say that truth. It would get them killed.

      Oh, yeah. Lose some weight, Fat Tony.

  97. OR…maybe he gets no respect because of his anti-American policies and the damage he’s done/doing to this country.

    But hey, feel free to keep pulling the race card to avoid legitimate criticism of an inexperienced, inept president.

  98. I stand in awe, though I am not surprised, that these media groups are nothing more than tabloid style reporting. Why would anyone really care what Oprah has to say? What value does she bring to the table other than how much $$$ she has gen’d up with her business ventures. She DOES NOT speak for the masses. Where was she when Alan Keyes (remember him?), Herman Cain or Allen West were getting called all sorts of names by the leftist dems? Or where was Oprah when Al “Shapton” was crying for blood when Tawana Brawley falsely accused six white men for raping her? It’s a shame that a person that has so much wealth from such a “racist country” continues to fan the racial flames. She is not a uniter but a divider…just like the President. Had the President been more inclusive vs exclusive and abusive, and had he had a vision and a plan to take our country to the next level and listened to voices that put him in office both terms, then he wouldn’t find himself in the position he’s been in for the last 5+ years. Oprah doesn’t need to go away mad: she just needs to go away!

  99. Shame on you for instilling racism into both the white & black community. The damage you are doing will last for generations. You as a racist changes forever the good you used to do. Shame on you.

  100. Oprah’s Obvious hate Mongering and abuse of the term racist Proves that she is the actual racist and that racism is anti-white. It is a shame that she continues in the typical liberal style of acting like an Ostrich except for that her head is not hidden in the dirt but instead inserted elsewhere. I have been Boycotting this obvious racist weather Girl and want nothing more to do with her and now and forced to regard anything from her as tainted

  101. Put a good Black Republican in office and test your theory OCKRA…I think it fails. Put Thomas Sowell in and I would vote for him in a heart beat. He would eat OCKRA for lunch in a debate

  102. Never in my life have I seen two more disingenuous persons than Oprah and Barry.

    Again from the Democratic party we seen hero worship based solely on

    the “promise of what might have been”.

    Kennedy, Clinton and now Obama, its the same thing they were elected on the
    hope of something grand, now those dreams are being recognized as just dreams and the ones responsible for weaving them should spend some time in jail.

    When Obama stated he would “fundamentally change America” the progressives peed their collective pants with excitement. Now millions are losing their health care, the website won’t be fixed by November 30th, The coverage will be rationed, the premiums will be far more expensive – just a mess and that will tip the economy over the edge, destruction of America will no doubt follow.

    Obama and his policy wonks will dither while iran’s ayatollahs build the unholy nuclear bomb to be used on the West.

  103. I adore Oprah and have been a huge fan of hers since as long as I can remember. But she is obviously out of touch with what is going on in the country right now. The whole health care debacle has been extremely stressful for so many Americans. It’s not about race, it’s about failed policies. In my opinion the President should be focusing on fixing what’s broken. Anything else is a diversion.

  104. ……and of course, democrats had the utmost respect for Pres Bush, right? Nobody would dare infer Mr. Obama was intellectually deficient like they did GWB.

  105. HEY REALLY BIG “O”….I disrespect BOTH you and Odumbo, not because of your skin color, BUT because you are both racist pigs and idiots.

  106. Chicago-style politics – Characteristics associated to the less commendable aspects of the recent political history of Chicago: corruption, patronage, nepotism, authoritarianism, which is often cited as an example of blatant corruption.

    Where is your home town Ms Winfrey? Where did President Obama live before moving into the White House?

  107. Oprah, It has nothing to do with his color or where he is from. It has everything to do about the lies, cover ups and what he done to this country for his own agenda. He set out to and has destroyed “The American Dream” and turned this country into a bunch of dependents and leaches. He has his and he don’t want us to have ours.

  108. Strange how many White, Asian, Black and Hispanic Americans respect and revere Thomas Sowell because of his ideology and scholarship.

  109. There is a level of disrespect, because he lied to the American public and abused his authority over the IRS to attack his political opponents.

  110. Do I plan to see Oprah’s movie, The Butler? No, I don’t. My Choice.
    She won’t get my Change! Oprah does not deserve any financial support from hard working American people who love this country and the values it stands for.
    She has dissed us! Take that to the bank Ms Winfrey.

  111. I am an American and believe that Mr. Obama is incapable of Leading the USA. His skin color is of no consequence to me Ms. Winfrey, but his performance is of consequence. He has not demonstrated to the skills to warrant my respect. Having served in the US Military for years, leaders earn their people’s (that work for them) respect. This health care roll out, then his flip flip, giving business, but not the people a year’s grace, snooping on Americans, vacuuming up every bit of info, secret army for Homeland Security, failure of the common core education plan, the failure to try to rescue our Americans in Libya, and maybe throwing in the towel on the Iranian talks? All of the above give me pause. And, Ms Winfrey, if your mind was not clutter by this mistaken believe that “we” do not like Mr. Obama because of his skin color, you would see what I see also. Ms. Winfrey, you are better in movies, and talk shows. Politics it appears, may not suit you..

  112. We all knew when he won that if you were to ever disagree with Dear Leader you would be called a racist. I never liked the Oprah but i always respected her for her work ethic and accomplishments. She has become just another race baiter to defend the indefensible actions and incompetence of Obama and for her personal financial gain. You disrespect me Oprah.

  113. This proves my hypothesis that states the first prerequesite for Liberalism is hypocrasy. Wasn’t Oprah the same individual who allowed candidate Barack Hussien Obama repeated appearences and unlimited time on her national television show in the midst of a presidential campaign while simultaneously stating she would allow no time what so ever to his opponent simply because it was more important to elect a black than it was to be fair and even handed?
    Only a Liberal would be this audacious and so completely bigoted while exhibiting no shame at all. People like her are utterly disgusting as well as dangerous to a free society.
    Rich in New Mexico.

  114. President Obama is Incompetent, Divisive and a Habitual Liar. “ PERIOD “

    Senator Harry Reid & Representative Nancy Pelosi not popular for the same reasons. Period.

    The “folks” are tired of it !!! PERIOD !!!!

  115. Imagine conservatives Clarence Thomas or Dr. Ben Carson as President, (both are African American) and enacting their conservative agenda. Would the Tea Party be protesting because they are black? No, they would be doing everything to help them. The real racist is Oprah and the likes of Charles Blow (NYT). They would be calling Thomas and/or Carson an Uncle Tom and worse. Oprah and Blow imagine that African Americans cannot have different views than them. They are the racists.

    Do you think that if Senator Reid or Minority Leader Pelosi was President and carrying out the same agenda as Obama that there would be no protest just because they are white? Please, the issue is socialism.

  116. Oprah! Get a grip! His MIXED heritage has nothing whatsoever to do with why I have major concerns about Barack “O”BLAME”R”! It is his style of governing, his “programs”, his VERY SOCIALIST thinking, his monumental mistakes and pointing fingers at ANYONE but him. Plus, the fact that he always seems to be the LAST person in his administration to find out things! INCREDIBLE! I taught school for over 20 years in a Title I school with many African American teachers who could run circles around “O”BLAME”R” in integrity, honesty, and values!!! And, the next time you are on an AMERICAN stage looking out at a sea of what has been your traditional White audience who helped you make BILLIONS, think back to this interview and APOLOGIZE!!!

  117. What a load of crap. The only reason racisim exsist today is because blacks wont let it go. Plus its good to use as a weapon against anyone who doesnt agree with whatever agenda is being promoted by Obama.
    Oprah is one of the richest people in america and has the audacity to cry racisim..please.
    As to obama..the man has done more to divide this country than he ever has to unite it. That is why noone respects him. Not his color.

  118. No Oprah, you are so full of it your eyes are brown. We have the utmost respect for the office of President. The current occupier has no respect for that office whatsoever. And we have no respect for him because he is a narcissistic marxist socialist wannabe dictator.

  119. Oprah obviously is a totally leftist leaning socialist sympathizer who plays any card, including the race card to further the left’s agenda. It’s unfortunate so many entertainers believe they are experts in politics just because they have a point of view. She should stick to what she does best: Hosting talk shows.

  120. Actually, she says people don’t respect the Office. Is the Office black? How can racism affect how people feel about the Office of the Presidency? Proving once again, Oprah is just another rich lib who tries to blame everything on racism. OMG – I like liver and onions. I must be racist.

  121. I’m amazed that there are still people who say “Barak Hussein Obama” and think it’s an insult. Or a reason to be outraged. Or anything more than a name. It’s a bizarre and unsettling low on the intellectual landscape, that kind of small-minded xenophobia, and it’s the kind of thing that anyone might be ashamed to think–let alone broadcast.

  122. Oprah is either ignorant or playing the race card to help Obama because I’d say most people who don’t like the President understand where he came from, who his father was, who he hung around with, how opaque his administration is, how he ignores the Constitution, and how he has deceived the public to implement his plans. Being black is the least of his problems with trustability.

  123. I disrespect anyone who defends Barack Hussein Obama. Don’t need any more reason than that.

  124. At some point Obama needs to stop playing politics and call it as it is — he needs to admit the mistakes that have been made and he needs to take full responsibility for those shortcomings. Whether he knew of the specifics of each situation or not, the administration’s failings are his failings, and he needs to begin to understand that before it is too late.

    He can choose to take responsibility and learn lessons for the good of the
    American people, or he can continue to blame others for the mistakes made on
    his watch. I hope he chooses the former, but I fear he will continue to walk
    the same road he has been walking thus far.

    Follow Matt Jones on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/ReasonedGOP

  125. In her world, anyone who disagrees with Obama is a racist…that card has been played so much that it has been worn out…I don’t hate Obama as I have never even met the man…however he is a baby-killer who wants, through his Obamacare law, to encourage more abortion and have all pro-lifers pay for it…this is a moral outrage of which she would know nothing bout (nor does the President)…did you get all that NSA? If not I can type it slower for you…

  126. i’m not watching her stupid channel again and that’s going to be a very easy thing to do!!!

  127. C’mon, Opie, you can’t have it both ways! You can’t be a respected commentator in American society, and a whiny finger-pointer at the same time. Disgusting, divisive, self serving, embarrassing comments from a woman who will say anything for a buck.

  128. He’s black and he’s the president of the United States, she’s black and she’s, likely, the most successful and richest television personality in the US,,, and she’s shouting racism?

  129. Could Oprah subtract the money she has by color? Maybe stop spending what you have made from racist whites- and just use your AFRICAN/aMERICAN MONEY- THEN DO THE SAME WITH BARACK- SUBTRACT HIS WHITE VOTERS AND SEE WHO REALLY GOT HIM ELECTED! The problem with Oprah’s race card baiting is that it is stupid and then we Whitey’s start to think maybe she is a dumb racist woman and then awww no one likes Oprah any more- awwww so sad eh?

  130. The term, African American, is racist because it assumes everyone in Africa is back, and everyone that’s black comes from Africa. It’s also a a moronic term because “Africa” is not a race. It’s not even a country; it’s an entire continent.

  131. What a nutcase. Doesn’t she realize that any person of any type doing the horrid things he is doing would be received in the same heinous manner?
    She doesn’t understand the real America then. A black person using the racist card yet again.

  132. Okra – just another angry, hairhat, ugly, and lonely black woman. This sea hag will die cold and alone. She is the true racist. Always a chip on her large liberal shoulders. She is a disgrace. Along with our worst President EVER! Not because of his skin color. But because he is an inept moron.

  133. I believe that almost as many people hate Obama, and hate Oprah as well. I surely do. What a piece of crap that promotes racism with her money and her stupid movies.

  134. Here we go again. It’s time to pull out the race card.
    First it was upscale Swiss boutique in Zurich back in August.
    The $38,000 handbag. Oprah accuses the clerk of racism.

    Now she tells the BBC reporter President Obama is being disrespected by racist Americans.

    Promoting her movie and trying to excuse our ineffective, lying Commander in Chief.

  135. Anyone who does not support President Obama in every way is a racist! President Obama has been correct on every issue and anyone who disagrees with his stance on any issue is a racist!

  136. I guess she didn’t do enough damage to herself and her show last time around which explains why she is shooting her big fat mouth off again.

    She is irrelevant.

  137. How dare you trash the country and the people that made you millions. Try to make millions in your beloved Africa – you are a racist & a hypocrite. Also you are an American not an African American-how many generations ago did your relatives live in Africa? My mother was born in Australia-am I Australian American? Of course not. Proud to be an American— no hypens!

  138. No we hate Obama because he has murdered thousands of innocent people with drone strikes, including hundreds of children!

  139. Oprah is the racist. In her mind, people are not allowed to judge the president for his performance and his actions as president because he is black. This is the definition of racism. If Obama were a republican, she wouldn’t say what she did. Oprah is the racist.

  140. It’s not hard to find racism when you spend every waking minute scrutinizing everything you see for “racial overtones”. Bitch, we disrespect him because he’s incompetent, unqualified, traitorous, and $hits on the constitution every chance he gets. YOU ARE IRRELEVANT Oprah. STFU.

  141. Or it could be because he’s dragging the country down the drain…Oh wait…Oprah wants to play the race card…again. Surprise. Yawn.

  142. He Lies – Period

    Washington (CNN) – President Barack Obama’s approval rating among American voters has dropped to its lowest number in Quinnipiac University polling since he became President, according to a survey released on Tuesday that also raised new doubts about trust.

    As Obama juggles the bungled rollout of HealthCare.gov and questions over his initial promises about health care reform become magnified, only 39% of voters approve how he is handling his job, while 54% disapprove, the new data from the school’s Polling Institute shows.


  143. I totally disagree. There may be a very very small percentage of Americans who are anti-Obama simply because he is black but for the most part I believe Americans were praying for and hoping for a successful first black American president. Obama has achieved almost everything he set out to do…fundamentally change America…problem is most Americans didn’t fully understand what he meant when he said that. Now we know. Ms. Winfrey…you’re a lot smarter than the remark you made to BBC.

    1. I am of the belief that she really meant it… despite what she herself has achieved. She should be promoting all the hard work she has done to help blacks realize their goals and have the dignity they want. They aren’t going to get it… just like anyone else… by sitting back and complaining while collecting welfare. Dignity comes from hard work. And I know there are many blacks who agree but the media won’t put their faces and opinions on their news programs.

  144. So now she’s an authority on what everyone thinks? This woman makes me sick. Oprah, I don’t dislike you or Obama because you’re black, I dislike you both because you’re ignorant.

  145. It is unfortunate that Oprah Winfrey is stooping to racism in her defense of the most damaging President in US history.

    It is unfortunate that her sunglasses are obscuring from her the fact that Obama is half white, and her prejudice is obscuring from her the fact that he has little in common with blacks who were born and raised in the US.

    What he has done economically to black Americans is tragic. Perhaps she would be so kind as to use her considerable fortune to reverse the damage Obama has done. She might start by investing some of it in start-up businesses in black precincts, and supplying books like Ben Carson’s to school libraries.

  146. Wrong Okra! He’s unqualified to be President and he’s demonstrating that more each day. It’s really hard to have respect for a Liar!

  147. It is not because of his race Oprah. It is because he finally told one too many lies! Why is it always necessary for liberals and blacks to use the race card against anyone who disagree with them?

    1. She knows it’s not about race — she’s got a movie to push and an agenda. If this is such a racist country and we’re such racist people – how did he get elected twice and how did you rake in millions?

    2. we both know the answer to that… because they have up until now been effective with it. Time to put the nail in that desperate coffin.

  148. This is getting to be broken-record territory. She is over. The President should be removed from office because he is not fit for office, not because he is black. The Mayor of Toronto should be removed from office too. Not because he is white.

  149. Well, she got the first part right…he’s African. Nobody has definitively proven that he’s American. As for his race, what race IS HE? Last I heard, he is 50% Negro and 50% Caucasian. Does that mix automatically make him Black? I think not.

  150. …. and now President wants to push through Immigration Reform? Prepare for more Lies!! He’s losing It – President Obama is losing the respect and confidence of the American “folks”.
    See Oprah, it’s about the issues. Period.
    It’s about what this man has done and continues to do to this great country. Period.
    It’s about his Credibility…. or rather lack of. Period.
    It has nothing to do with race. Period.
    Wake up Ms Winfrey. Put your race card where the sun don’t shine and Wake-Up!

  151. I’m not sure that Oprah is wrong. Regardless of how far the country has come in regards to race relations, and we have come a long way, I have no doubt there is still a significant portion (not a majority) of America that harbors ill will towards minorities. I am equally sure there is a large portion of the country that dislikes Barrack Hussien Obama for a multitude of reasons (some valid, some not). Where I disagree with Oprah’s statement is the implication that Barrack Hussien Obama’s problems are linked to his being part black, part white, yet she discounts his being one hundred percent partisan as having anything to do with it. She’s a savy business woman but she narrows her argument to a linear line of thinking that doesn’t reflect the reality of current events. She should stick to what she does best, entertainment. Oprah is an excellent example of taking success in a particular field and trying to extrapolate it to politics. Oprah is no more revelavent to politics than Sean Penn (great actor), Mic Jagger (love the music) or any other entertainer. Their opinion is just that, an opinion, no more valid than anyone else’s. She’s entitled to her opinion, don’t let her get to you.

    1. I’ve met more than a couple of racists in my life…. and the vast majority of them were union member democrats. That is… at least in my experience… the reality.

  152. It’s ok to admit this president is a miserable failure, even if you’re black…may even be therapeutic in many cases…

    1. There are very few Blacks that will admit he is a failure. Some educated ones but none in the Congress or Senate. If you listen to CSPAN they call in and fly his banner always. Always saying how its the racists whites that are causing his wonderful programs to fail…

  153. Remember the socialists pigs that were running around squealing about, saying ” kill the gun owners, kill the nra members?” I do, and this is no different.

    1. Must not of have much conviction in their words. I have not seen one NRA member killed. Not very smart to go after a group of well armed people that know how to shoot.

  154. The nasty fat cow flapping her talk show garbage over seas like she’s the next Jane Fonda. I guess it doesn’t bother her that SCAMBO and Sebelius the Knife keep slaughtering black babies as fast as their welfare encampments can bus them to the murder tables at Planned Parent Hoods. Too bad FATSO’s mom missed the bus. Paula Dean loses millions for nothing. Your turn to start seeing your taxes get lowered Ms. Race Baiting Piggy. Oprah Farrakhan Wind Bag. Boycott her crap.

  155. Sure there are some who hate him because he’s black, but I’ll bet there are many more who love him because he’s black. Opra is one of the latter. He won two elections. Has she forgotten that? It makes one wonder what it would take to please folks like Opra.

  156. Really Oprah! Where were you during the disrespect to the office when Bush was president? This race excuse is getting old. Get over it!

  157. Super Rich Oprah knows that if the person she loves, Obama destroys America, she will be taken care of while the common people starve in the streets. She will help Obama in any way possible, including playing the race card every time Obama lies which is very regularly. She is part of the problem, not part of the solution in America.

  158. Oprah———> STFU!! <—— NO one wants to hear the overvalued opinion of a Fat rich b*tch that is COMPLETELY irrelevant!

  159. Many Americans disrespect obama because he’s a liar and a socialist!
    Many more Americans respect and admire Dr. Carson so how do you explain that fatso!

  160. She is completely whack. Turn her off on the tube and make a lasting sacrifice by canceling her racist rag magazine.

    And call a few sponsors and thank them for propping up a political shill and overt racist, then boycott their products.

  161. To start with Obama is not African-American in the accepted definition of the word. He is not descended from American slaves, period. And that is a fine way to promote a film by insulting perhaps more than half your audience.

  162. HE LIES & HE SPIES …..

    Spying on the president — Obama, Merkel and the NSABy Judge Andrew P.Napolitano, Published October 31, 2013, FoxNews.com

    “Now we know how pervasive this NSA spying is:
    It not only reaches the Supreme Court, the Pentagon, the CIA, the local police
    and the cellphones and homes of all Americans; it reaches the Oval Office
    itself. Yet when the president denies that he knows of this, that denial leads
    to more questions.

    The president claims he can start secret foreign wars using the CIA, secretly kill Americans using drones, and now secretly spy on anyone anywhere using the NSA. Is the president an unwitting dupe to a secret rats’ nest of uncontrolled government spies and killers? Or is he a megalomaniacal, totalitarian secret micromanager who lies regularly, consistently and systematically about the role of government in our lives? Which is worse? What do we do about it?”

  163. We are all different shades of human yet Oprah wants us to be reminded that if you don’t like Obama, you are probably thinking like a racist. Well, I dislike Obama’s policies greatly yet if Thomas Sowell was president, I would be a big supporter — color has no influence on my preference for public policy.


  165. When 98% of black people including people who never voted before in their lives, turn out to vote for a black man just because he’s the same color as they are, that’s Racist! And when a woman in Ohio publicly announces that she voted for Obama six times, and isn’t charged by the black Attorney General with voter fraud, that’s just plain illegal as well as racist. How many more of these illegal voters were counted Nationwide, and went un-investigated? Can we even be sure with all of the corruption surrounding this fraud from Kenya’s administration that the Democrats even won the election with Obama’s first term disastrous record?

  166. Oprah left out the rest of it. We hate him because he is a America hating, Marxism loving black man that is a lying douchebag.

  167. She’s just another racist herself. She cannot fathom the idea the right despises BO because he is a liar and trying to dismantle everything that makes this country great in the way of capitalism. I’ve never watched a single minute of her show and never will.

    1. Also has she ever thought about the FACT that enough of her audience was not “racist,” enough to make her a very rich person? And if Obama gets all his wishes, there will be no more capitalism, no more wealth creation in precisely the way she made her wealth.

  168. Many American disrespect Obama because he an incompetent leader who is hell bent on destroying America. It does not matter why color he is.

  169. I find it most telling that black leaders didn’t rally behind Herman Cain when he ran for president. Indeed you heard the same old “Uncle Tom” slurs being hurled at him. Here was a man who played by the rules, worked hard, made a success of himself selling pizzas of all things. Yet blacks despised him because of his success, and no one points this out. How ridiculous is it that blacks champion those that promote and perpetuate black mediocrity rather than achievement? How tragic is it that Americans are buying into the phony narrative promoted by “professional blacks” like Sharpton, Jackson, Obama and Oprah?

    1. The dems don’t like blacks straying too far from the plantation. Any black man or woman who stands for personal responsibility and not relying on the government to put money into your hands is considered a threat to their way of life. That IS their base.

    2. Yes I found it odd also that the black community did not come rushing to a black man, Cain, that was successful, had experience running companies and was a leader. Yet the blacks rushed to a no name, incompetent, America hating, Marxism loving, lying Ahole.

    3. How come the country became hysterical about a black teenager in Florida (Trayvon) and could care less about the black woman shot to death in D.C. in her car, with her child in the back seat. Where was Al, Jesse, Oprah, Obama? Isn’t that strange. Did this woman know something about Obama? Why was it hushed up? And why did everyone speak up about Trayvon? It’s all smoke & mirrors.

  170. No Dopera….I hate Barry because he has the audacity to believe he has the “right” to tell me how to deal with my own healthcare and to steal from me to pay for someone elses bad decisions.
    Too bad his commie mom didn’t know how to use birth control.

    On issues, the president’s credibility is in the toilet. He’s getting pummeled on almost every single question polled: (38/59) on the economy, (38/53) on foreign policy, (35/53) on immigration, (32/62) on the federal budget, and (36/60) on healthcare. HE LIES, PERIOD!


  172. Back before the 2008 election, I knew right away, that I was not going to vote for Obama.
    His race had nothing t do with my decision. His history of using cocaine; his refusal to release his college records and mainly, his announcement to “joe the plumber”, that he was going to “redistribute the wealth” were the major factors in my decision.
    His socialist desires to take money from the people who work for a living and give it to people, such as illegal immigrants, white trash and entitlement negros and his close relationship to unions, just did not meet my definition of a pro-american president.
    Obama proved to me that he is worthless, incompetent, inexperienced and one, who exceeds his authority and violates the constitution, whenever he desires.
    He doesn’t belong in the white house; he belongs in federal prison and therefore lies my disrespect for this corrupt Chicago politician.

  173. You are not a stupid woman, Ms. Winfrey. Therefore, what you are saying is for deliberate affect — which makes you as perfidious as this sham of a president.

    1. Very early during President Barack Obama’s early campaign period, around the year 2008, it was Oprah who truly became his rock and foundation! It was SHE who worked diligently to make sure that her worldwide public audiences truly became aware of the little known Chicago community organizer. Through HER, and the ‘democrat machine’, Barry Obama soon became the man for our times! The man that we all could ‘trust’. The man for ‘our’ times, who could ‘change’ the way we were, through the graces of H-O-P-E! Truly, Dan, many of us could ‘see’ early on…That our current president was NOT really an American person who had endured the sufferings, prejudices, pain, torments, or the abominable discrimination that our people in the black community, who were born and raised right here on the soil of mainland USA have suffered. Could SHE not ‘see’? Could she not see that he was no ‘Oprah Winfrey’…he was no ‘Al Sharpton’…he was no ‘Jesse Jackson’…he was no Maya Angelou…he was no Senator Ed Brook, and he was no ‘Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’! All those mentioned surely were right here living their lives on USA mainland soil. Oh yes, he did live in Hawaii for a little while, but we all know that is much different, than enduring discrimination right here on US mainland soil. Do you think that deep down inside herself…Oprah is holding onto a some misgivings? Could it be that she is now lashing out, due to the self doubts of her own conscience?

  174. First Lady Michelle Obama has an issue with fat people, according to Ed Klein, author of the new book, “The Amateur.” Klein dropped by for a conversation on some of the more headline generating items in his book — including President Obama’s relationship with the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, why Oprah Winfrey is on the outs with the Obamas,

  175. Hi oprah. Just wanted to tell you are are a huge steaming pile of feces, just like your god and messiah, obama. Have a great day you racist piece of shyte!

  176. Was the sacrifice worth it? As an entertainer and businesswoman, Oprah had suffered a setback. But she felt proud that she had been instrumental in electing the first black president of the United States, and she believed that she had earned a place in the president-elect’s brain trust. Two economists at the University of Maryland, College Park, estimated that Oprah’s endorsement netted Obama 1,015,559 votes and decided the primary election. — The Amatuer, Author: Edward Klein


  177. Wonder how she feels about Lt Col Allen West? A man earning great respect for his leadership, intellect and passion for America/America’s future. Obama is a buffoon who can’t complete a sentence, let alone run a country. I don’t care if BO is GREEN, he’s an incompetent liar and needs to be removed from office.

  178. She wasn’t worried about racism while all those white women watching her show made her wealthy beyond her wildest dreams. If she wants racism to die, what is SHE waiting for?

  179. Hate to say it, but the Obama Experience has provided good reason never to vote for a black presidential candidate again. When you try to criticize the man’s POLICIES and end up being labeled a “racist,” your ideological opponents have effectively muzzled you. Very clever little game the liberals have concocted with all of this, but I ain’t playing any longer.

    1. …and that at least one of them has been dropped from medical insurance as a direct result of ObamaCare?

  180. Tell me one president who didn’t experience contempt or disrespect??? It’s part of the job and if you can’t hack it, you shouldn’t be in office. Wake up Oprah. You sound like the racist. Same old boring story…criticize a black and your racist.

    1. Obama and Biden criticized Bush constantly, and they said that Romney HATED women and Minorities and the Poor … !!!!

    2. Of course she is a racist. She only voted for Obama because he is black. She did not vote for him because he was the most qualified, or the most experienced, or because of his leadership skills. Everybody that voted for him cannot say they voted for him because he was the best candidate. They voted for him because he was black. That makes them racist,

  181. Ms Thing; The fact that Obongo is black means no more than the fact that you are as well.
    You have been tremendously succcessful based on the decisions you have made about your carreer and your life; he is an abysmal failure for those same reasons.
    It is beneath you to try and cover his ineptitude as president as a racial issue. It is a competency issue, a lack of leadership issue and a lack of morals issue.

  182. Why can’t Oprah and other black leaders address the real source of the problem with blacks in this country, which is their unwillingness to sacrifice and toil for success. Sex is good, it feels good, but when little baby comes, you have to MAN UP and sacrifice yourself for the child. Blacks as a whole have utterly failed in this respect as evidenced by the statistics on the number blacks being raised without a father. So America, DON’T FALL FOR THE GUILT TRIP from the liberal holier-than-thou set.

  183. I disrespect Obama because of his ANTI AMERICAN DEED’s, gross incompentecey and cosistant lies, not his color or African background. Latest example giving 658 million dollars on a no bid contract to the failed Canadian company that was fired by Canada prior to Obama hiring them and finding out that his wife’s very good friend from Princeton is a vice president of this same company that was in charged of the failed Obamacare web site.

  184. The real racists are the ones who use/inject race into non racial subjects/situations. Ahem Oprah.

  185. No, Americans disrespect Obama because he is nothing but a go-go dancing, leather-wearing punk who couldn’t run a lemonade stand.

  186. Oprah lacks good sense. I used to admire her for her style and her apparent intelligence. No more.

    It’s all politics and not skin color. Is Pelosi black? Harry Reid? Elizabeth Warren? Obama is who they are and they are who Obama is. Stop trying to make it so complicated.

  187. In late August 2008, Winfrey attended the Democratic convention and reacted emotionally to Obama’s speech, telling reporters “I’ve never experienced anything like that. I cried my eyelashes off.” Elaborating further, Winfrey explained “I woke up this morning and I went to Google and I googled the entire Martin Luther King speech because like most Americans I, you know, you listen to the ‘I Have a Dream’ part. In the earlier part of the speech, he talks about the promise of democracy. And I think that today that promise was fulfilled in a way that I never imagined in my lifetime.”[24] Winfrey also told reporters:“And what I saw with Barack Obama was something that was transcendent and I felt transformational for me as a human being and for this country. And I only pray in the deepest part of my being that America will rise to this moment. And I feel that what he was able to offer us as individual citizens and as a united country was something that we have never seen before. I really, I think it’s the most powerful thing I’ve ever experienced. I often wondered what it would be like to sit and listen to Lincoln speak or Roosevelt speak or what it would have been like to have been old enough to understand what Martin Luther King was saying 45 years ago today. And what he did brought that home in a way that I could never have imagined.

    And I feel that what he was able to offer us as individual citizens and as a united country was something that we have never seen before. I really, I think it’s the most powerful thing I’ve ever experienced. –


  188. Unfortunatly there is no Country in the entire world run by a Black leader which is operating smoothly with a good economy and lifestyle for its citizens, name one. In Africa they elect Presidents and Prime Ministers but in reality once elected they are just dictators. That’s the way tjhe Black political mind works, sound familiar?

    1. What you say is very true.

      Even Nelson Mandela could not be a courageous leader who could create jobs, put down constant revolutions, deal fairly with whites, and honestly deal with his own people.

      I’m not a racist, but I’m not blind, either. Black heads-of-state, as far back as I can remember, have almost instantly gone to an imperial or a dictatorial style while they looted the treasuries and tried to super-arm their soldiers to kill those who disagreed.

  189. Hey, Oprah…you’s people ain’t happy, neither:


    “It’s stupid and it’s Obama’s fault,” one said. “You haven’t done anything, Obama, and I’m disappointed in you.”


    This, from black college students. So much for your bullsh*t “white folks is racists” crap.

  190. Americans don’t hate Obama, they hate the New Black Panther voter intimidation case being dismissed, the hate the Pandemic that never was, they hate the Fast and Furious being stonewalled, they hate money wasted on Solyandra, they hate U.S. global primacy being ceded to the regional powers and radical Islam, they hate Benghazi lies and the death’s of four Americans, they hate red lines being drawn and erased, they hate telling South Africa not to trust the United States, they hate the IRS scandal, they hate the military being turned into a socially engineered job, they hate Iran getting a nuclear bomb and they hate being lied to 29 times with regard to their healthcare.


  192. Naw, bitch, we don’t disrespect him cause he’s black, just because he’s a POS, just like you!

  193. He’s disrespected because he’s incompetent and because he’s a commie!

    Nobody exploits race more than those who complain about racism.

  194. Maybe she hates Bush because he’s white? Did she hate Clinton because he was white or love him because he self proclaimed himself as the first black president? Maybe people distrust and dislike the current potus because he’s a lying scum bag.
    Try that one on Ophra.

  195. He’s had no trouble getting elected as a black man, it there were so many racist against him, would that have happened? I think Oprah is just trying to make noise to remain relevant. Go buy a purse or something.

    1. You’re absolutely correct. Obama got more votes from whites than did Gore and Kerry. Wonder how she came to her conclusion????????????

  196. The ‘worst is yet to come’ for Obamacare.
    The Obamacare ‘Employer Mandate’ was delayed
    until 2015, a one-year delay of a major
    Obamacare component. A tidal wave of people
    will have their Health Insurance cancelled
    and forced onto the Obamacare websites
    HealthCare and CuidadoDeSalud.

  197. There are six things that the LORD strongly dislikes, seven that are an abomination to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that make haste to run to evil, a false witness who breathes out lies, and one who sows discord among brothers.
    —Proverbs 6:16–19

    1. Great verse, LAtina. Imagine the change in America and not to mention the World, if just this one paragraph were followed to-the-letter by everyone. I pray that G-d forgives those of us who fall short occasionally.

  198. Some things never change!

    Here is what one person has to say about Mr. Obama’s Work Ethic:

    “I spent some time with the highest tenured faculty member at Chicago Law a few months back, and he did not have many nice things to say about “Barry.” Obama applied for a position as an adjunct and wasn’t even considered. A few weeks later the law school got a phone call from the Board of Trustees telling them to find him an office, put him on the payroll, and give him a class to teach. The Board told him he didn’t have to be a member of the faculty, but they needed to give him a temporary position. He was never a professor and was hardly an adjunct.

    The other professors hated him because he was lazy, unqualified, never attended any of the faculty meetings, and it was clear that the position was nothing more than a political stepping stool. According to my professor friend, he had the lowest intellectual capacity in the building.

    He also doubted whether he was legitimately an editor on the Harvard Law Review, because if he was, he would be the first and only editor of an Ivy League law review to never be published while in school (publication is or was a requirement).”

    1. Taken from some interviews with his students, and faculty members when he was lecturing at the school, Obama was apparently viewed as something of a political joke.

      He was a lecturer. He read notes written for him by other people (kinda like a teleprompter), NEVER took questions, NEVER stayed after class to talk to students, NEVER kept office hours for students or other professors, and NEVER attended mandatory faculty meetings or any social engagements sponsored by the faculty.

      * * *

      You are absolutely correct about Obama at Harvard. He never attended class, was considered a very special foreign student, and because of his hyper-liberal politics and some connections we can discuss later, he was the FIRST Affirmative Action Editor of the Harvard Law Review. (ALL previous editors got the job because of their grades and published papers.)

      Obama was awarded the honor based on professors promoting him.
      Obama was the FIRST Harvard Law Editor who NEVER published, and the only known graduate student in the United States who was a law review editor who did not publish.

      There is some further discussion about William Ayers and his parents being involved with an effort to get him through school as a “do not fail” foreign student, in hopes of making him a puppet for the Left to take over the Chicago Mayor’s Office from the Daley Dynasty.

      Obama has been a fraud all of his life, and FINALLY some in the media are learning why their not vetting Obama when he announced to run was damaging to the United States.

      They put him in power; they have an obligation to remove him from power.

      1. Marxists can attempt to rewrite history. I do believe history will not be kind to Mr. Obama. I also believe he has undone most of the progress we’ve made putting ignorance behind us as a nation. Growing a dependent class of people will outweigh any Marxist lies & distortions.

        1. I couldn’t agree more, Doc. Already, Obama’s legacy is starting to fall apart, and his double-dealing with the Secret Service is already coming back to haunt him and Marie Antoinette Moochelle.
          When history does the calculus and adds up what he created of value, what he destroyed that was of value, and what he did against what he promised, I believe Obama will rate even lower than Jimmy Carter, and will forever be our worst president.

  199. Obama, Holder, Sharpton, Jackson, SLJ, Lee, Ophra, Cong. Black Caucus, Farakkan, and many more actor black bigots who have not helped the black community shake away from the slavery of Democratic/Obama Welfare.

  200. Oprah Winfrey, as a black liberal, was out of touch years before promoting her latest gig. But, for her to lie about people disagreeing with Obama over his RACE is beyond contempt, and not to mention unpatriotic when spoken about our country in a foreign country.

    Don’t spit on my leg, and tell me it’s raining. This is all about her goliath-sized ego and being a “special” black person not subject to the same rules of truth and civility that apply to the rest of us.

    I’ve had it when someone who has made a fortune out of America’s free enterprise system, and mostly from white people, has to try and export a picture of racism on the part of whites that is a lie, unfair, and distorted in the extreme.

  201. Obama, DOJ and NAACP don’t care about Race relations.
    For some time now, the NAACP have been owned
    by rich liberal elites. These rich liberal elites
    run the show and don’t care about the Black community.
    Sharpton is paid big money to be a Race Hustler.
    Race Hustling is Sharpton’s job.

    1. NAACP name should be changed to “The House Boy’s Club” & their motto “We love table scraps and hand me downs!”

  202. November 17, 2013 * Did Obama ask Oprah to play the race card?
    (Thomas Lifson)
    “Oprah has crossed a line here, and I don’t think
    she will ever recover her popularity with the same number of people who once
    enjoyed her show, or her flailing cable network. Americans legitimately worried
    and angry over losing their doctors and their health insurance are not going to take
    kindly to being called racists.”

    Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2013/11/did_obama_ask_oprah_to_play_the_race_card.html#ixzz2kvIeFsDf

    Follow: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

  203. 10,729 comments says it all. That’s the most I’ve ever seen. Lot of people not happy with Miss Oprah right now. THIS could put the final nail in her career coffin started by her initial support of Obama.

  204. So…when she and other blacks criticized Bush…they were all racists. Unbelievable BS that comes out of this ignorant slut. People hate Obama because he is trying to destroy America….anyone suffering to survive who doesn’t have a billion dollars like this piece of crap Oprah can see it clearly.

  205. Oprah , you are on a roll. Please continue to support Obama and the Democratic Health Care Act, it’s a winner. It’s so good all Democrats should sign up. President Obama lead by example be the first one to sign up for this great plan.

    1. Eddy, Check the expiration dates of your meds, or find another vehicle for humor. NONE of the administrative folks or appointed folks or elected folks in Obama’s Administration would even consider signing up for ObamaScare, and we’re including the ones on drugs with that prediction. LOL

  206. President Obama is Not Making ChoicesTo Better
    Americans. “PERIOD”
    Incompetent, Divisive, Habitual Liar. “ PERIOD “

    Senator Harry Reid & Representative Nancy
    Pelosi are also Liberal Lefties with the same traits.

    Most American People are tired of being screwed over
    !!! PERIOD !!!!

  207. I am so tired the same ole chit. Always using the race card. I don’t like Obama because he is a lying, racist human being! There I said it. Anymore questions Oprah

  208. Turns out that Oprah is nothing more than a race hustler who conned middle class white women and got rich doing it.

  209. Matthew 16:26 KJV. For what is (Oprah) profited, if (she) shall gain the whole world, and lose (her) own soul? or what shall a (person) give in exchange for (her) soul?

    This is a sad, lonely woman in the bondage of self-imposed slavery, serving the little gods of her exile. It is all vanity !

    She is the antithesis of “one in whom God rules”.

    God is judging America with this Hamite king. Repent and turn to The Lord !

  210. Poor No’Bama & Okra 🙁
    These Con Artists are Billionaire “Victims” – Whining, … Professional, … Perpetual, … Billionaire, … Victims of Nothing but Themselves!

  211. This is just like the Muhammad cartoons and the faithful calling for stoning and
    burning of the offending cartoonist. The controversy is not the color of Obama’s skin it is how thin it is when it comes to any criticism of his policies.

    “Above all else, the Devil cannot stand to be mocked.” – C.S. Lewis

  212. so oprah do you mean al sharpton, jesse jackson and the rev wright have to die to stop racism? like yourself they make money using the word. so before you open your empty head think before you speak.

  213. I don’t care about Obama’s race, I disrespect him because his policies have ruined the country, and he is extremely untruthful.

  214. November 17, 2013 * “Did Obama ask Oprah to play the race card?”

    “Oprah has crossed a line here, and I don’t think
    she will ever recover her popularity with the same number of people who once
    enjoyed her show, or her flailing cable network. Americans legitimately worried
    and angry over losing their doctors and their health insurance are
    not going to take kindly to being called racists.”

    Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2013/11/did_obama_ask_oprah_to_play_the_race_card.html#ixzz2kvIeFsDf

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  215. I always knew Oprah was a racist and a fool but she put on a good act. For her to say something like that is just showing her stupidity and lack of reason. I am so sick of the race card being thrown out by all these liberal progressives so they can push their agenda on this country. Let me tell you, we do not feel guilty for something that is long in the past and has nothing to do with present day actions. People like Oprah want there to be a race issue so they can continue to push their agendas.

  216. Where is their black exalted leader on this, and on the the feral black ‘flash mobs’ raiding stores and being less than animals. He’s too busy screwing up the USA and playing golf to even notice the black gangs descending into the abyss. All black people are being degraded. It’s looking more like the ‘end times’ every day.

  217. Utter b.s. Yeah, sure, there are a small number of Americans who would hate Obama because of the fact he is half-black. Probably less than 1%. Orcah needs to keep in mind, only about 13% of all Americans are black (40.6MM according to 2012 census…including people under the voting age). So only about 10~15MM probably actually voted (with about 98% voting for Obama in 2008..why isn’t that racist). That means ALOT of whiteys voted for Obama in 08 and 12. So…don’t go whining that Obama is hated by white people because he’s half-black. It’s b.s….those of us that do hate him (me included) hate him because he’s RED…communist red. Just like his wife, his mom, his grandparents, his mentors (Alinsky and Davis) his friends (Ayers), and his advisors (Jarrett, Van Jones). Orcah is just saying what she knows the media (especially media overseas) wants to hear. That America is full of gun-toting, racist white people that run around with cowboy hats on, drive trucks, burn crosses, and attend KKK rallys. Europe, the MSM, foreign media, Hollywood, and the W.H. is full of dipsh*ts.

  218. And many disrespect you, Oprah, because after benefiting from your own hard work and success in our free enterprise, you are now playing the race card in support of an avowed Leftist who wants to “fundamentally transform America” into a centrally planned Utopia.

  219. How is that going to help? There are plenty of racists like Oprah and Woopie to keep racism alive and well.

  220. I don’t disrespect Oprah because she’s “African American.” I disrespect her, because she’s stupid!

  221. Can’t we dislike Mr. Obama just because he is a liberal, socialist, and fairly inept president? I hate it when the “race card” is used whenever he is criticized. When Bush was lambasted, did anyone say it was because he was white? Come on, just look where this man is leading our country to.

  222. So, oprah, since obama’s only HALF BLACK…does that mean as a White Conservative I’m only “disrespecting” HALF of him??? the black part??? See how completely STUPID your comments are??!! It has NOTHING to do with his color and EVERYTHING to do with how he’s running America into the ground. You ignoramus


  224. Yeah, the reason we respect Pelosi, Reid, and Biden is because their white. Not. Trouble with Oprah and most other blacks, is that they feel Obama’s failures are a reflection on all blacks in general. It’s a childish perspective they should get over.

  225. Sorry, thats not it. Every president lately that has been in office gets disrespected like this. Its not the 50’s anymore. People are poor, the government is corrupt. This disdain is a reaction to this. Oprah is a CEO people, she would LOVE for you guys to believe what she is spewing. It takes your mind off the man (or woman) behind the curtain–her. I loathed Bush, just as much as dislike obama. For the very same reasons. We are still at war. We are still broke. Nothing a “changed” at all, at least for the better.

  226. No Oprah. We disrepect him because he is a liar, because he is incompetent and because he is a Saul Alinsky socialist. You sat with Obama at Rev. Wright’s church while Wright preached Black Liberation Theology i.e. reditribution along racial lines. Shame on you.

  227. No, Oprah, we hater Obama because he is an AWFUL leader. Next time don’t vote for someone based on race.

  228. If , I could “play the knock out game with anyone …………….”.
    I’d pick Oprah……………..
    (i’m a baddddddddddddddddd man. but then again…….
    it’s only a “game”)
    10740 and counting…..3days………did she sell her soul to the devil for this count range?

  229. Ms. Winfrey, it’s noted that foisted this president upon us all. You said he was honest. He is not, which makes you a lair as well.
    I hope that makes you wince, because the truth hurts. You should be ashamed of yourself Ms. Winfrey. And if your not, you have bigger issues to address.

  230. This guy, BARRY SORTERO, is a deceiver, liar, instigator, racist agitator, deranged, by-polar, loser, and according to recent White House reports–” he is good at killing people” .Judge this guy by the content of his character and not by the color of his skin!!! Opee, you are the racist!!!!

  231. Worse than not respecting Obama because he is black are those who respect him ONLY because he is black.

  232. Are those noods of Oprah on the internet for real?
    Quick get me the ………..eye…bleach…………ak.ah…..ah………ah……
    What has been seen can not be “unseen”………..shake my head sadly…….
    (we really need a sarcasm font).

    Comments 10739 and counting

  233. It is too bad Obama has not worked out for African Americans. He was obviously a very bad choice. It will be 100 years before there is another black president.

  234. It isn’t Obama’s color that lied to us about keeping our doctors and our health plans. It isn’t Obama’s color that is disintegrating respect for the US around the world. It isn’t Obama’s color that has made unemployment and finding a job so impossible. It’s Obama’s POLICIES that have done these things. What has color have to do with any of this?

  235. I don’t like Obama because of his policies. I didn’t vote for him because of his policies. Why doesn’t anyone ever say that there are people in this country who don’t like him because of his policies and nothing to do with his race (or MIXTURE thereof)?

      1. Thanks for the tip, Captain Obvious.

        However, it’s not just Oprah – it’s anyone who supports Obama. They all bring up his race. And if you don’t support him – they call you a racist. It frames the conversation so no real, effective dialog can occur.

    1. Because they are race hustlers. As someone recently said,“To a Liberal, racism is like ketchup, you can put a little on almost anything.”

  236. Givin the amount of black on black killing…………………
    Does . Ms. Winfrey live in a “black neighborhood”?
    Or, does she live amongst those racist white folks ?

    1. You, Oprah, and I may live where ever we wish and decide. So we are alike, huh? Provide for yourself–do not judge others for their choices.

      1. ” A man is known by the company he keeps”……………
        It’s not matter of where Ms. Winfrey resides.
        It’s the company she “keeps”.
        Were she to move into my neighborhood , I would rejoice!
        Market value would “sky rocket”…………….
        And, her security detail would keep that “company” at bay.
        A “win -win ” all around……………

  237. Of course we couldn’t dislike him because he’s just plain stupid and working his hardest to destroy the United States. And he’s only half black anyway, which side are people being racist to? Could it be that Oprah is being racist to the white side of the family? Looks to me that this comment is based solely on the color of his skin, not his true heritage.

  238. Excuse me. Blacks being 15% of the population of the USA could not have elected Obama alone even if 100% of the blacks voted for him and not all of them did. There is no way Obama could have been elected without many whites voting for him.
    That is racism? She needs to get out more. She needs to visit “fly over country.”

  239. 10683 comments as of this post. And still getting post!
    Would someone please inform Ms. Winfrey that the “race card ” has been declined as of being “overdrawn”.
    Now, if she would deal with the children “playing the knock out game……………”

  240. First, you earn respect. Second, I don’t care what color his skin is. He’s a lying socialist scumbag politician out of the corrupt cesspool of Chicago.

  241. When Obama was elected the first time, I believe that the jubilation in the black community was partly because they realized that a lot of non-blacks were responsible for his win: blacks felt validated by whites. This is crucial to understand: blacks still need to believe that whites accept them as equal – not just under the law, but in life. This need should be respected and responded to with wisdom (not knee-jerk racial arguing and resentment). HOWEVER, the root grows deeper still: blacks don’t respect their own race. NO ONE can resolve that issue for them. Only the individual black, one person at a time.

    1. Some of the most racist people I have ever known are black…………and their racism was pointed at fellow blacks with darker skin than them. Shameful.

    2. I have lost a lot of respect for black People for just voting on the racial line and not being able to tell one of their own is a complete lying idiot.

  242. His skin color had nothing to do for my not voting for him; I wouldn’t have voted for him if he were a 100 percent white man. I personally had a problem voting for somebody who poisioned our college children’s minds by teaching them Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”. Also, there is the issue that he is diametrically opposed to the concept of American exceptionalism, he doesn’t see America as being anymore exceptional than any other country on Earth, and he proved it when he first became President and went all over the world on his apology tour.

    Then, there are all the links in his life, from Frank Marshall Davis to Bill Ayers to Reverend Wright to his parents; everybody who has surrounded him throughout his life has been a hardcore Socialist who hated everything this country was built on. Finally, there is the problem that until he graduated from college, there is little or no information about him. I’m not saying he was born in Kenya, I do believe he was born in Hawaii, but he had no past, there were no childhood friends or teachers who were interviewed about him, and all his college records are sealed so there is no idea what he studied and what he learned (and the papers he produced) while he was in college. It’s almost like he only existed on paper before he went into politics. He seems to see himself more as a citizen of the world than the citizen of the US, and I want a President who puts the US first.

    1. IF Lucifer really did exist,i.e. where in the world would he come from? I don’t think we would know. This entity who calls himself BaracObama is either the devil or the real Manchurian Candidate. Someone who was brainwashed by “uncle” Frank…who hates America and who’s mission is to destroy our country. M-peach is the only way to stop him from doing his dirty deeds before his term runs out.

  243. Oprah got rich crying on T.V. and turning men into Metrosexuals in touch with their feminame side!!

  244. Obama is not “African American,” he’s black. Well, half black anyway.

    An “African American” is an immigrant who was born in Africa and now lives in the U.S. There are very few African Americans in this country, and many of them refuse to associate with the blacks.

    Also, Oprah is right about the racists. However, she’s one of them. Plenty of blacks wouldn’t know they were oppressed if someone didn’t tell them.

  245. I think Obama and his “children”; like Trayvon Martin, and the brutal, mindless teenage thugs playing “KNOCKOUT” are doing a really good job forwarding the very best the black community have to offer—-and it’s WHITE AMERICA’S fault that we notice. Since you made the nation aware of the bias and prejudice you have against whites, I’m glad your network if failing, Orca, very glad indeed.

  246. You know, the more I think about racism the more I am convinced it is the blacks that are the racists……why else would they be shooting and stabbing each other. Whites really could not care whether they are here or not….just keeping our own nose clean is our goal. Phooey on the big O and her elk. Let them stew in their own juices b

  247. This is completely specious. Oprah is wealthy not because her show was peddled only to blacks. She became wealthy because white and black America embraced her. It is non-sensical to say that this very same America–that elected Barack Obama TWICE–is now all of a sudden racist. Seriously, you can’t have it both ways. Oprah, you are looking very stupid right now.

    1. Yes but, as Oprah would tell you, whites only voted for the white half of Obama. They continue to oppress and hate his black half.

    2. Would someone please inform Ms. Oprah , that her “race card” has been “declined” ………. as being ……………… “overdrawn.”
      Perhaps , she could do something about the “black knock out game”.
      It appears to be a little “racist”………….

      Affirmative Action killed Michael
      Jackson !!
      Never forget !!!

  248. As a middle class, educated African American female several things are true. Yes, racism does still exist in the United States and not simply against African Americans, yes there have been some strides made in regards race relations, yes there are good and bad people in all races, yes, the political arena has shown levels of disrespect that can only be attributed to race(whether americans want to admit it or not), yes as Americans we have the right to speak up when there are injustices that occur against anyone of any color. The issues that we as people of color have are if it has not been acceptable in the past to make blatant comments of disrespect, call a president out of his name or question his patriotism; why is it now acceptable for political figures and average americans to do it now, its not. Lets take race out of it and see the level of disrespect that has been doled out, unacceptable for anyone of any race. Do we all need to agree on the politics, No! Do we need to be respectful of the office yes. Anyone of us deserves to be respected, not liked. That is a fact.

    1. No, we do not “all need to be respectful of the office.” The incompetent Barry has LIED REPEATEDLY to the American people. He is not worthy of the office – not because he’s black but because he’s a LIAR. He cares only about his own political ideals, not the people of America. So stop hiding behind skin color. Barry is unable to effectively govern. This much is clear. PERIOD.

    2. You’re wrong about respect. Respect must be earned, it is not given by default. And you cannot “respect” an office, only an individual. I think you are probably talking about decorum, not respect — but there is no duty on the public to observe any decorum regarding the office of President. That’s true in Russia, but not here.

      Also, you appear to have not been around in the 90s, when Clinton was bashed by the same people for exactly the same reasons. Despite claiming to be the “first black President,” Clinton is actually white.

      American blacks are so sensitive about race that they perceive persecution everywhere, whether it’s there or not.

      Lastly, no living politician in America deserves respect. They all deserve our contempt, and according to the polls, that’s mostly what they get, regardless of race. They are the lackeys of the rich and the corporations. What American politician deserves respect, and for what reason? Which of them has lifted up the people? Which has not corrupted himself and sold his soul? Which has not lied with a forked tongue? Maybe Dennis Kucinich, but he’s gone now.

  249. So, in order to portray anyone to the right of Fidel Castro as a racist, Oprah spews racist venom. Classy.

    I was born and raised a racist. I’m now 64 and I’m thrilled that I overcame my early racist training while still in my 20s. It’s a shame Oprah never did so.

  250. She just forgets she has money because of white people. Any one that is on tv or in the movies is rich because of white people so who is really racist here. I don’t like her because she hates white people ans is a fat a** slob. Look at the lies she made up about the store where she went shopping.

  251. If all the racists in America were to die, I am afraid more blacks would pass on to their just deserts than whites. Racism is rampant in black politicians, office holders,
    race hustlers (like Reverend Al, et al), and the population as a whole. The comments are everywhere and are ignored or justified.

    And the disrespect being shown to our president has been earned through is ineptitude and far left policies not his skin color. He is an example of Martin Luther King’s wish coming true that a man be judged not by the color of his skin, but by the content of his character.

  252. Oprah, why are Black and Brown and Yellow and Red and White people risking their lives and health to get to … America … the Land of Opportunity … ???

  253. That’s why so many of us teabaggers support Colonel West at the same time one man has proved he supports America and has lived a life of service while the other has been living off of lies, deception and outright fraud. Any guess which is which?

  254. I put Obama in the same evil group as Hitler and Stalin. By the way, Hitler and Stalin are NOT Black … !!!!!

  255. OOmpah they disrespect him because he is a radical, socialist, anti-American, racist worthless human…such as yourself! OOMPAH please STFU!

  256. Dear Oprah, the FBI reports that Blacks are 13% of the US population but commit 67% of the violent crime. You do the math … !!!!!

    1. They are also “responsible for” about 50% of the poverty, and it is poverty, not race, that is the strongest predictor for crime.

      1. During the Great Depression, there was very little crime.
        O.J. Simpson was a millionaire and he committed a double murder.
        The Menendez brothers murdered their wealthy parents.

        Most poor people in the USA reside in air-conditioned houses and have color television and food-stamps AND LIVE BETTER THAN 90% OF THE PEOPLE ON EARTH.

      2. Millions of Black and Brown and Red and Yellow and White people from all over the world, are willing to risk their lives and health to get to … America … the Land of Opportunity … !!!!!!

  257. must be hard to struggle with that kind of ugly.
    both sides of your face running away from the middle and all.
    ugly on the outside and ugly on the inside.

    i can live with the ugly on the outside.
    p00py diapers’ll do that to a guy.

    it’s that ugly on the inside that raises suspicions.

    these words are oprahs ghosts.
    her ghosts.
    i don’t believe in ’em.

  258. Like all Liberals propaganda Oprah’s statement has NO EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE. She assumes, she feels but she has NO FACTS.

    I am a white male and I don’t like Obama or most Democrats in politics for only One Reason – They are pushing a Marxist Agenda. The evidence is there for all to see but it seems to be politically incorrect to mention it. Obama was raised a Marxist by Marxist parents and grandparents. His friends are mostly Marxists. His mentor was a Marxist. He hung out with Marxists in College according to his own books. He promotes the redistribution of America’s and American’s wealth which is a Marxist concept. ObamaCare is nothing more than a Marxist Redistribution of Wealth policy.

    I can support any politician of any color for any position in Government but if they promote Marxist ideas I have absolutely no use for them.

    1. You haven’t even read Marx, and so should shut up. What a pretentious comment.

      Also, modern western liberalism moved beyond Marx about 100 years ago. Limbaugh is lying to you, change the channel.

  259. What a horrible racist assertion for Obese-rah to make. Who is the one obsessed with race and employing it to personal advantage–shame!

  260. Its amazing indeed that Oprah has finally stated that the office of the President
    is disrespected because he, a Black/white man is occupying the WH. Oprah made
    her statement while abroad. Oprah must be myopic or deaf and partially blind, as she
    refused to see the huge damage her man Obama is doing to our Republic. I have
    guessed, that Oprah, with her immense riches, pretty much purchased the election
    to make Obama the top CEO of the nation. Things are not going well for Obama,
    so Oprah wants to help with the favorite statement (Disrespect if borne from Racism
    by America to dishonor Mr Obama. What a joke.

  261. so when it’s all said and done and we look back at the whole mess, i guess we’ll blame it on the white people for blaming it on the black people for blaming it on the white people.

    sounds like a circle jerk.
    i want out.

  262. Yes, Oprah all of those black kid’s playing Knock-out will have to die before black racism ends.

  263. Actually, his being black is the thing I DO like about him. It’s just the rest that bothers me.

  264. According to the GSA illegal aliens recieved $32 Billion dollars in
    fraudulant income tax returns and phony Earned Income Tax Credits. Thats
    BILLIONs. The illegals get off scott free by the IRS, because the
    Administration will not prosecute. They will prosecute you but not illegals.
    They even found illegals claiming dependents who don’t even live in the US.

    1. Oprahitis – yet another disease in a very long list of maladies causing the lowering of one’s I.Q.

  265. Someone needs to tell Orca that Obama’s mother was white and his father was a Kenyan national with no link to African slaves. Obama may be American, but he is not an African American.

    1. Orca, lol………………………………………………………………………………

  266. Oprah, people don’t like a Marxist and they don’t like to be lied to. He is both. The fact that he is losing favoritism has nothing to do with his color. You Oprah, are the racist. You see everything in terms of color.

    1. And you see everything in terms of Limbaugh. There are no Marxists anywhere in America.

      Modern liberal and socialist thought does not depend at all on Marx, except in a historical sense.

      Use of the term “Marxist” these days heralds a victim of propaganda the same way that a sneeze heralds the victim of a head cold.

  267. What a gift to be able to know what “everybody” is thinking. Nice to know whose next in line just in case God can’t carry the load.

  268. No matter how much money this ugly women makes, she can never fix that fugly face of hers. I bet her body looks like a massive mudslide too.

  269. This from a woman who’s gotten rich from those “racist” white folks watching her crappy shows. We don’t like Obama because he’s incompetent and he never would have been elected were it not for white support. I think all of the “so-called racists” should boycott anything she’s involved with.

  270. Actually, Americans hate President Obama because his performance the last five years has been so dismal. And the Affordable Care Act, his signature legislation voted into law with only Democrats voting in favor of it, shows that being a “community organizer” isn’t sufficient experience to get the job done. His legacy will be one of a failed Presidency, haunted by scandal after scandal after scandal. He is such a zero.

  271. To all who thought this racist trash was a likeable person, we told ya so! She is and always has been a leftist liar and it’s finally time for the ignorant who loved her to see her for the scum she always has been. Too late though, she has done the damage she set out to do. People like Oprah, Bladwin, etc. should be shunned as the traitors they are. But as long as leftist don’t think, idiots like her will always become rich, preying on the stupid.

  272. WE don’t like him because he is a liar, incompetent, aloof, delusional, and very naïve.
    I think he swallowed more than he can chew. he is WAY over his head.. He is a great community organizer, and it stops right there.

  273. Common sense and logic prove the opahs paranoia is just that paranoia.If racism existed on the level these people say.We would not even know who she is.And we would have certainly not elected a black man as president twice. YOU COW OF A HUMAN.

  274. Does anybody find it odd that Ms. O with all of her resources for reaching the public via her tv show, her monthly magazine, blah, blah has NOT done a show on ALL of the benefits of Obamacare which would give him/it a big boost and help his ratings and the revolutionary change to health uncare? According to her and the press, she is a conduit to the masses. Let’s see her “Partner” with an Obamacare campaign and then let’s see who is racists. Until then, nobody cares what she thinks.

  275. Ms Winfrey would be well advised to learn/remember racism, like contempt, are EARNED. Nobody on the planet was or is or will be born racist or with contempt. Someone taught racism and contempt.
    Besides, ma’am you need to get your facts straight when re. Senator vs. Representative name calling…and BTW Chief Justice Roberts mouthed the phrase “You lie” in response to a statement the president was making at a State of the Union speech – yet you didn’t call HIM on that!

  276. Oprah……um…..you’re black. And most of America loves you and made you famous and rich. So what’s the difference between you and Obama??? hmmmm. Maybe you dont lie to America on a daily basis…just sayin….

    1. Most of America doesn’t love this ugly woman. Stupid women and gay guys do. She lies whenever it suits her. She has lowered the national discourse. She is queen of the low IQ obamanauts. Ruler of the retarded.

  277. Shazam! When O is talking about O, who happened to “dis” her in a huge way 5 years ago, and she is claiming the race card, that is the last straw. First, they blame Bush. Secondly, they blame the crazy Tea Party. And, when all else fails, they blame the race card. They’ve got nothing left, folks. They are at the bottom of the barrel.

  278. She’s right. I hate negroes because I know them to be low-IQ, lazy, good-for-nothing, anti-social, feral beasts. They have no place in white society. So to put a pair of Affirmative Action negroes in the White House and allow them to destroy what’s left of this country is a joke.

  279. A Black Reporter Summarizes Barack

    The below summarization of Barack and Michelle Obama’s 5 year reign in
    the White House is by far the best I’ve ever read as it squarely hits
    the nail on the head. And it took a black reporter writing it to make
    it as effective as it is. A white man’s account would be instantly
    criticized by the liberal media as pure racism. But, how can anyone
    scream Racist when an exacting description of the Obamas is penned by
    a well known journalist of color?

    Mychal Massie is a respected writer and talk show host in Los Angeles.

    The other evening on my twitter, a person asked me why I didn’t like
    the Obama’s? Specifically I was asked: “I have to ask, why do you hate
    the Obama’s? It seems personal, not policy related. You even dissed
    (disrespect) their Christmas family picture.”

    The truth is I do not like the Obamas, what they represent, their
    ideology, and I certainly do not like his policies and legislation.
    I’ve made no secret of my contempt for the Obamas. As I responded to
    the person who asked me the aforementioned question, I don’t like them
    because they are committed to the fundamental change of my/our country
    into what can only be regarded as a Communist state.

    I don’t hate them per definition, but I condemn them because they are
    the worst kind of racialists, they are elitist Leninists with contempt
    for traditional America. They display disrespect for the sanctity of
    the office he holds, and for those who are willing to admit same,
    Michelle Obama’s raw contempt for white America is transpicuous. I
    don’t like them because they comport themselves as emperor and

    I expect, no I demand respect, for the Office of President and a love
    of our country and her citizenry from the leader entrusted with the
    governance of same. President and Mrs. Reagan displayed an
    unparalleled love for the country and her people.

    The Reagan’s made Americans feel good about themselves and about what
    we could accomplish. Obama’s arrogance by appointing 32 leftist czars
    and constantly bypassing congress is impeachable. Eric Holder is
    probably the MOST incompetent and arrogant DOJ head to ever hold the
    job. Could you envision President Reagan instructing his Justice
    Department to act like jack-booted thugs?

    Presidents are politicians and all politicians are known and pretty
    much expected to manipulate the truth, if not outright lie, but even
    using that low standard, the Obama’s have taken lies, dishonesty,
    deceit, mendacity, subterfuge and obfuscation to new depths. They are
    verbally abusive to the citizenry, and they display an animus for

    I do not like them, because they both display bigotry overtly, as in
    the case of Harvard Professor Louis Gates, when he accused the
    Cambridge Police of acting stupidly, and her code speak pursuant to
    not being able to be proud of America. I view that statement and that
    mindset as an insult to those who died to provide a country where a
    Kenyan, his illegal alien relatives, and his alleged progeny, could
    come and not only live freely, but rise to the highest, most powerful,
    position in the world.

    Michelle Obama is free to hate and disparage whites because Americans
    of every description paid with their blood to ensure her right to do
    same. I have a saying, that “the only reason a person hides things, is
    because they have something to hide.” No president in history has
    spent millions of dollars to keep his records and his past sealed.

    And what the two of them have shared has been proved to be lies. He
    lied about when and how they met, he lied about his mother’s death and
    problems with insurance, Michelle lied to a crowd pursuant to nearly
    $500,000 bank stocks they inherited from his family. He has lied about
    his father’s military service, about the civil rights movement, ad
    nausea. He lied to the world about the Supreme Court in a State of the
    Union address. He berated and publicly insulted a sitting Congressman.
    He has surrounded himself with the most rabidly, radical, socialist
    academicians today.

    He opposed rulings that protected women and children that even Planned
    Parenthood did not seek to support. He is openly hostile to business
    and aggressively hostile to Israel. His wife treats being the First
    Lady as her personal American Express Black Card (arguably the most
    prestigious credit card in the world). I condemn them because, as
    people are suffering, losing their homes, their jobs, their
    retirements, he and his family are arrogantly showing off their life
    of entitlement – as he goes about creating and fomenting class

    I don’t like them, and I neither apologize nor retreat from my public
    condemnation of them and of his policies. We should condemn them for
    the disrespect they show our people, for his willful and
    unconstitutional actions pursuant to obeying the Constitutional
    parameters he is bound by, and his willful disregard for Congressional

    Dislike for them has nothing to do with the color of their skin; it
    has everything to do with their behavior, attitudes, and policies. And
    I have open scorn for their constantly playing the race card.

    I could go on, but let me conclude with this. I condemn in the
    strongest possible terms the media for refusing to investigate them,
    as they did President Bush and President Clinton, and for refusing to
    label them for what they truly are. There is no scenario known to man,
    whereby a white president and his wife could ignore laws, flaunt their
    position, and lord over the people, as these two are permitted out of
    fear for their color.

    As I wrote in a syndicated column titled, “Nero In The White House” –
    “Never in my life, inside or outside of politics, have I witnessed
    such dishonesty in a political leader. He is the most mendacious
    political figure I have ever witnessed. Even by the low standards of
    his presidential predecessors, his narcissistic, contumacious
    arrogance is unequalled. Using Obama as the bar, Nero would have to be
    elevated to sainthood…

    Many in America wanted to be proud when the first person of color was
    elected president, but instead, they have been witness to a congenital
    liar, a woman who has been ashamed of America her entire life, failed
    policies, intimidation, and a commonality hitherto not witnessed in
    political leaders. He and his wife view their life at our expense as
    an entitlement – while America’s people go homeless, hungry and

  280. Oprah silencing Obies critics like a good lap dog. This kind of stuff works well with the Mainstream media. They’ll go back to fawning over “the one” and defending him at every turn real soon. Now go back to collecting your mammy cups aunt Jemima.

  281. Often, when people accuse other of unproven racism, it says more about their thoughts than the thoughts of those they protest against. Maybe people are disrespectful of Obama because he is a terrible president that was grossly under qualified for the job when elected that has trampled our freedoms and destroyed our country’s health care system all while propagating the most polarized house in history? Naah! Must be racism. My bad.

  282. To be respected, you have to be respectable. Liars don’t deserve respect. It has nothing to do with skin color.

  283. Seems to me that Oprah is the racist. Obama is 1/2 white. So doe she think that whites discriminate against the black half of him? What if he was 51% white then would he be called a white president instead of an black president? Wouldn’t it be better for everyone just to say he is the president no matter his color or racial mix? So if we could agree to that then we can critical of his performance. He has broken numerous promises including obama care. What ever happened to no lobbyists or having an open administration? How are those working for you? Obama is doing a lousy job. Has nothing to do with him being black, white, 1/2 and 1/2 or pink. He plain just sucks.

  284. Our president sucks on ice, but he’s black. So I’m going to whine and moan about the fact that he’s black, and any sucking on the part of the president is just because you’re all racist. Now I’m going to sit in my corner and cry while eating a lard Popsicle.

  285. stupid is as stupid does… I don’t give a fig about what color you are, if you are inept then you deserve the criticism you call down on yourself with poor decisions.

    1. As an older white man from the south who supported Herman Cain, I take offense at anyone who calls me a racist. I donated a lot of money to his campaign. I would have much rather had Herman Cain than Mitch Romney but things did not work out that way. Since the liberal progressive communist have been exposed for their lies and corruption the only thing they have left is personal attacks and more lies. To call everyone who disagrees with you a racist is grasping at straws. I think these people are in panic mode. They are a shameful lot.

  286. Yes, Oprah, I see. And was it racist when the president’s supporters like yourself laughed themselves silly over every joke about raping, torturing and killing both Presidents Bush?

  287. She’s out of touch. No one ever says it but she knows what everyone is thinking. That just tells me SHE is racist and wants to promulgate the hate and divide!

  288. Democrats are like the little Brats most of us grew up with. They would dish it out, but when it was returned in kind they ran home crying foul to Mommy! They only get away with it because the Liberal news media covers for them, as Mommy did for the brat.

  289. What Oprah seems to miss is that you can’t put an inexperienced incompetent in office solely on the basis of half of his racial background – and when he shows himself to be an implausibly cynical and mendacious demagogue on top of all that, expect that the racial component on which you based his election should not be blamed.
    In other words, when you sell the country on the idea that it must overlook the guy’s short-comings (that have nothing to do with his race) or be branded racist, don’t expect that his race gets blamed for the destructive effects of his short-comings.

  290. Oprah, you have just embarked on that long road to oblivion, I for one will no listen to or watch anything you are involved with. If that’s racism, so be it. Here’s to the most overplayed card in the history of mankind.

  291. Who would have thought that many, many people throughout the country would actually start to become more racist AFTER they elected a black president?

  292. Oh brother… I remember the Democrat attacks on Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush…. they were stupid, everything they did was criminal or war mongering… and the attacks went on, and on, and on…

    I think what we are seeing with the treatment of Barak Obama, is a little bit of “what goes around, comes around”, and the Democrats DON”T LIKE IT.

    Well, get used to it… when Democrats start treating Republican presidents with respect, and “respect the office”, then maybe Democrat Presidents will get the same… until then, forget about it…

    and Oprah, get a clue !

  293. I think Oprah should live in the ghetto with her black brothas and sistas then.

    No? Gee why not Oprah, you could escape all that nasty Racism…

  294. The Republican Party of today, is the Democrat party of 25 years ago. The
    Democrat party is now the party of Nikita Khrushchev, who said in 1953 that he
    would make this a Communist Nation without firing a shot.

    My mother and father were both devout Democrats, and April 20,1960, my
    father introduced John Kennedy to an audience when he campaigned for president
    in our state.

    I would like to believe that my mother and father would have changed
    parties if they were still alive today. My father told me twice, shortly before
    he died, that he was having second thoughts about the Democrat Party, and that
    was long before anyone had heard of Barrack Hussein Obama, who was still in
    training by David Axelrod, and others. I would like to invite any Democrat who
    believes in truth, freedom and democracy to consider if they want to stay in a
    party of lies, con men and Socialism, from the top down.

  295. Of all people to make such a remark..Shame on you Oprah. What are you? some kind of white queen? I have lost all respect for Oprah and not because she is black but because she is an idiot. Just like Obama you have conned millions.

  296. It’s racist to even suggest such a thing Oprah! The citizenry were certainly not racist when the landslide first election was won, or when we voted the liar in a second time. It is widely accepted now that if you are not happy with Barack, for ANY reason, that makes you a racist. If that itself is not racism, then nothing is! It is certainly racist to suggest that a black president can do no wrong because he’s black. When you suck, you suck, no matter what your skin color!

  297. It has to be racism. Don’t forget, Republicans also impeached the real first black president, Bill Clinton.

  298. Why dont they build a New Africa in the mold and vision they want, without whites, and move there. Wait,,,,,,, sorry,,, they have been testing that in Chicago and they started killing each other. Never mind.

  299. So, the Americans disrespected Bush when he was a president because he’s white?

  300. People don’t respect him because he is an incompetent jerk. He is arrogant, lazy, and does not understand basic American Values.

  301. If Incompetent Arrogant Lying Hypocrite is a new race, then, yeah, I’m a racist because I don’t support the president for being one.

  302. Dear Oprah:
    NO person respects a liar, regardless of his/her racial background!
    Tom Coyne

  303. She’s right. Let the funerals begin, Al, Jesse, Opra, let’s go shop for burial plots.


  305. So tired of Oprah and her ” musings” that are so self-indulgent. Hey Oprah, it’s not all about YOU and your buddy Obama. It’s about people having their health care plans that they DID like, their Doctors they DID want to keep. The people that aren’t listed as one of the richest people in the world, REAL people are just trying to survive and don’t need another rich guy like Obama making their lives more difficult by making them struggle even more for basic needs. Every time a liberal tells you they are only trying to ” help” you…..watch yourself and your wallet.

  306. Thanks for the insight. Hilarious considering all the white votes President Oliar was able to get. No I’m certain I don’t like him because he is a liar,followed by a lazy ,worthless, sack of dung. But if it makes her feel better to believe that he sucks as a president due to his color. Go for it.

  307. Oprah, you would be surprised to know this but for every white person who wouldn’t vote for Obama because of his race, there was at least one black person who would vote for Obama only because of his race.

  308. There is only one white I think should have been killed. The guy that came up with the idea to bring slaves to America.

  309. another rich biiotch’s mind clouded by federal reserve notes, hey you
    pompous overweight self-entitled biiotch, wake up over your
    prejudice views there sweety, we hate this a$$Klown because he is
    usurping the Constitution, becoming a dictator, pathologically lies, and

    cares NOT for WE, THE PEOPLE NOT BECAUSE THE A$$CLOWN IS 18% black…
    get over yourself you fat POS and wake the fak up to reality you
    delusional biiotch

  310. I disrespect BO because he is an idiot. Everything about him is phoney and was manufactured for the consumption of uneducated Americans.

  311. all those that come out of Chicago are all the same people who play the race card .. Obama.. Oprah.. Jessie Jackson.. Louis Farikkan.. Rev Wright.. no wonder its the murder capital..

  312. Ms. O is no longer beating a dead horse. She’s playing its ribcage like a marimba long after the vultures and coyotes have stripped it down to the bones.

  313. It amazes me that at every Obama speech, NOBODY has the nerve to shout LIAR LIAR LIAR.. What could happen if the entire crowd jumped in??? This goes for OPRAH, Sharpton, Jackson and the likes too, Get the chant going in the crowd. Start low and build with the crowd. There is power in Numbers. You will NOT be the only person who jumps in… DO NOT LET OBAMA, or OPRAH SPEAK ANYMORE, EVER AGAIN. Make fools of them… AL GORE needs a dose of this too… SHOUT THEM DOWN. START WITH ‘I CANT TAKE THIS ANYMORE’..just like the Movie Network,,, IT WILL WORK. Chant to Boycott all Oprah related brands.. DO NOT let them get away with their lies. JOE WILSON was right! Call them out for what they are in Public.

    Think of how great it would be to see them shouted off stage LAUGHED off stage… are we literally waiting for a little boy to say the KING has No Clothes?

  314. Oprah stop it It has nothing to do with race and you know it. The Potus lied to the american people . I believe you know a thing or 2 about lying to the american people. So get over it.

  315. To paraphrase Lenny Bruce, if we just repeated “racist” ad naseum, perhaps it would finally, deservedly lose any relevance.

    “Are there any ni66ers here tonight? Could you turn on the house lights,
    please, and could the waiters and waitresses just stop serving, just for
    a second? And turn off this spot. Now what did he say? “Are there any
    ni66ers here tonight?” I know there’s one ni66er, because I see him back
    there working. Let’s see, there’s two ni66ers. And between those two
    ni66ers sits a kyke. And there’s another kyke— that’s two kykes and
    three ni66ers. And there’s a spic. Right? Hmm? There’s another spic.
    Ooh, there’s a wop; there’s a polack; and, oh, a couple of greaseballs.
    And there’s three lace-curtain Irish micks. And there’s one, hip, thick,
    hunky, funky, boogie. Boogie boogie. Mm-hmm. I got three kykes here, do
    I hear five kykes? I got five kykes, do I hear six spics, I got six
    spics, do I hear seven ni66ers? I got seven ni66ers. Sold American. I
    pass with seven ni66ers, six spics, five micks, four kykes, three
    guineas, and one wop. Well, I was just trying to make a point, and that
    is that it’s the suppression of the word that gives it the power, the
    violence, the viciousness. Dig: if President Kennedy
    would just go on television, and say, “I would like to introduce you to
    all the ni66ers in my cabinet,” and if he’d just say “ni66er ni66er
    ni66er ni66er ni66er” to every ni66er he saw, “boogie boogie boogie
    boogie boogie,” “N-word N-word N-word N-word N-word N-word” ’til N-word didn’t
    mean anything anymore, then you could never make some six-year-old black
    kid cry because somebody called him a ni66er at school.”

    1. Hitler was actually Austrian, but he didn’t speak Austrian (but he would have given Barack’s grasp of linguistics and history.)

  316. I hate him because he is an idiot. If he was white I still would hate him. Sorry, no racism here.

  317. And when this administration starts seizing bank accounts for themselves I hope they take yours first you fat pig.

  318. Gee thanks big O. Now the world thinks our country is full of racists. They are definitely out there, but they are the minority.

  319. From top to bottom it’s all about payback to blacks. Oprah Winfrey to knockout game thugs, it’s get whitey time.

  320. No Oprah, people disrespect him because he 1) has done his utmost to create and foster class warfare; 2) refuses to take responsibility for ANYTHING negative that happens…it is always someone else’s fault; 3) refuses to enforce the laws of the land; 4) has blatantly lied to the American public…and I can go on and on and on. How do you explain the disrespect for Bush? Don’t believe that HE was African-American. The race card has pulled so often that people are no longer caring and are just saying…whatever.

  321. Screw you Oprah Winfrey, get a brain, most people do not like Obama because of his anti American policies, they hate the direction of the country is going in because of this man, not because he is black, but because he is turning us into a third world country you idiot. He is doing things that we will never recover from.

    You have successfully turned millions of American housewives into a bunch of bleeding heart liberal idiots with what your views of the world are, and while you have done some great things for some people, you have also have done some great harm to this country with your hidden agenda with your racist attitudes against whites.

    After becoming one of the richest women on the planet, you have the nerve to bite the hand that fed you, in no other country could you have achieved what you have achieved but right here in the great US of A.

    You are a Hypocrite.

  322. hey you pompous overweight self-entitled biiotch, wake up over your prejudice views there sweety, we hate this a$$Klown because he is usurping the Constitution, becoming a dictator, pathologically lies, and cares NOT for WE, THE PEOPLE NOT BECAUSE THE A$$CLOWN IS 18% black… get over yourself you fat POS and wake the fak up to reality you delusional biiotch

    12160 . info

  323. Wrong Ms. Winfrey. You are the Queen to the housewives and shift workers due to your personal talent and your keen business knowledge. You hired the best to run your operation. Color has nothing to do with it. You have talent and you are smart. Your comment is showing that you are becoming out-of-touch with realities. Ms. Winfrey, your man hired ideological friends. Your man finds out what happens in the U.S. after we the people already know about it. If you ran your operations as such you would not be Queen in the eyes of millions of women. Ms. Winfrey, get off the race batting thing. People thought you were above that.

  324. Maybe there are some who behave that way–I don’t know any. The majority of people simply strongly disagree with his policies. She’s grossly portraying those who disagree with Obama as hateful racists. I suppose I’m a racist because I also don’t agree with her?

  325. Oprah, You are so fr out of line in this situation that it really doesn’t require any additional comments from me. I learned man years ago that the best way to handle idiots is to ignore them and, undoing so, eliminate their credibility. Good bye, Oprah. Used to like you but that’s over.

  326. Just another race mongering poverty pimp showing us how ignorant she is. obumble is more white than black, but that includes some arab blood in there. Probably taliban blood.

  327. With all of Oprah’s influence, by BLAMING whites, she harms the Black cause more than helps.. JUST LIKE OBUMMER… Oprah needs to put here money where her mouth is. With all of Oprah’s Influence and money, she has done VERY VERY LITTLE for her Black People. I rarely if ever hear her teach other blacks about self reliance or responsibility. If that were the case, she would have given much more of her money to inner city schools, Not just a bit here and there, and keep much less. There is no give-back.. SO, For all Oprah has she now has nothing. She can’t Un-do her comments and feelings. She will forever be a thankless, race-baiting, hypocrite, who can only blame Whites for the failure of our Black President and many other blacks.

  328. Really Oprah? Obama and his band of democrats play the race card all the time…just like you did in this interview. If it not for “white people” you’d be cleaning houses for a living. If you don’t like America there are lots of Americans who’d help you pack.

  329. Typical black racist. Anybody who is critical of a person who happens to be black is immediately called a racist. I think Blacks are actually more racist than most other groups. Besides I am so…. sick of these “African Americans” constantly yelling racism every time somebody disagrees with them. Its over the top.

    1. It is very easy to spot someone who is racist white or black.

      Whenever you are talking with them and they say things like “There were these 2 (black or white) kids on the corner” or when you tell them about someone and they say “were they white or black ?” .

      People who are not racist don’t use the words white or black as a description when talking about other people in general conversation.

      This works to identify racism about 90% of the time.

      1. Or intelligence…People who pay attention to the world around them recognize differences among the races. People who read Crime statistics recognize this too. PC dummies who desire approval bury their heads in the sand and repeat the mantra about their being no difference among the races. The grave-yards are full of dopey white people who think like that.

        1. It isn’t about intelligence. When people see someone their brain doesn’t ask “is that person white or black ” and make a decision considering if they care about race. The brain uses shortcuts to make decisions, those shortcuts are based on prior pathways that take time for the brain to implement, several years .

          The way the brain processes vision is the image is divided into things that the specific persons brain considers important. Things like sex, hair color, facial expression, movement. Have you ever been out with someone who noticed something about someone but you didn’t ? That is because those details were important to that persons way of thinking. Someone who works in fashion will pay attention to clothing because they have developed that pathway in the brain as important. The same for race, someone who has determined that race is important will have a brain that looks for that detail and process it. If it wasn’t important the brain just ignores it.

          There was a study where children under 3 years old were shown a picture of a person then asked 5 minutes later what the skin color of the person was (choices were , black, white, dark, light), the results showed that out of 47 children only 6 could name the skin color correctly. All 47 got the sex of the person correct and even what they were wearing.

          That is why optical illusions surprise people, those illusions exploit flaws in how the brain processes vision.

  330. Oprah’s right about the racism directed against the President but she needs to do a little self-examination about her own bigotry toward religious nonbelievers. When she interviewed Diana Nyad and Diana told her that she was an atheist Oprah said that since Diana also said she appreciated the beauty of nature and experienced awe in contemplating nature that she would not consider Diana to be an atheist. As if atheists somehow are not good enough people to be inspired by the natural world. It would be like a white person telling Oprah, you may be black in color but I don’t consider you to be a black person because you can appreciate and be inspired by nature which implies that normally one wouldn’t expect a black person to be able to do that. I’ve got news for Oprah, non-religious people like black people are not unfeeling, unethical, sub-human creatures we are human beings.

  331. this is the lady who LIED about that poor girl working in switzerland to promote her movie

    democrats lie thats what they do, thats ALL THEY DO

      1. Sure. She came up hard scrabble, didn’t make excuses out of it, earned a job a small local mid-Atlantic station and built that into a media empire worth a couple billion. What’s not to respect? I find it disappointing that the same person is now using imaginary BS to excuse the poor performance of this President, while labeling most of those who helped build that empire ‘racist.’ It’s cowardly and hypocritical at best. As I said, I used to respect this woman.

        1. I could point to similar successes – hard working people who murder, lie, cheat and steal to get to the top. Oprah profited off of stupidity and her race. She may be successful but I DON’T respect her. Never did. She has added NOTHING of benefit to humanity.

          1. Yah. You’re mostly wrong, but okay… Oprah didn’t murder lie, cheat or steal that I know of, but okay. Also – the vast majority of her audience is white so she’d have been profiting off the stupidity of MY race. And she HAS added much to the benefit of humanity, whether either of us like it or not. She’s probably given more to charity than you and I will make in our lifetimes combined for example. (Arguably, she’s added an equal dose of harm – promoting new age retardation, etc., but that’s a different argument.) In short, she’s just like most people. Sometimes good, sometimes not so good. If it makes you feel ‘better’ to hate her, knock yourself out. No one’s telling you that you can’t.

            1. She’s given money to blacks and usually in some way that aggrandizes her own name. Has she added anything positive to our culture? She has lowered national discourse and associated fiscal responsibility and morality with racism. She is a leech, a moron, and a charlatan…

  332. How someone can (in this country) amass such a fortune, while being black, and yet has the nerve to complain about racism, is simply staggering.

  333. I wish Oprah would get a life (or a real job) and stop saying stupid things. She’s just making excuses for someone who has no clue what he’s doing to his own country. I’m tired of the race card being used every time an African-American runs into difficulty and can’t (or doesn’t) pull themselves out of a tough situation.

    1. This is the lady who gave us Dr, Phil and a list of obscure books to read. Not to mention how many cars and associated tax bills she gave away.

  334. Yes, she is right the country is racist and Obama does get treated differently be cause he is half black…fact is if he was white he would have been impeached long ago….he gets a free ride by everyone because he is black

  335. Why do they always claim that “nobody ever says”, when in fact, it is said ALL THE TIME!? It’s all we hear about. They don’t know how to have a conversation about the substance of any black leaders actions, they can only talk skin color. So gutless.

  336. Oprah is greedy. Look at the size of her ape like nostrils. She even consumes more air than the rest of us…

  337. If it is “racist” to criticize the President, then what about all those who
    criticized President Bush?

  338. Yo Oprah, how many Asians, Jews, Caucasians or other non-black people are members of “The Rainbow Coalition”? How many non-blacks in the “New Black Panther Party”? Maybe you should first remove the log from your own eye, before looking for the mote in your neighbor’s eye, you ignorant, hypocritical, race-baiting, filthy-rich celebutard.

      1. Oprah used those dopey white women. just like the anti white Dem party uses white women.. to destroy whites in general ..

        1. I believe it all stems from having no daddy in the house. Divorce leaves nothing but a single mother to raise the kids and that’s NEVER good. Dollars to donuts when you see an ultra-liberal, mud-shark white woman she was raised without her daddy present.

  339. My biggest problem with Oprah is that no matter how much weight she loses, she still has a giant pumpkin head.

  340. Let’s see, the most racist people I can think of. Jessee Jackson, Al Sharpton, Barak Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Jeremiah Wright, …………any pattern there?

  341. This overpaid, under weighed racist FATSO is off her meds every time she floats across the pond flapping her anti-America crap.

    Oprah looks in store windows and sees racists hiding the merchandise while frightened store clerks are scramble to lock their shop doors as the racist bag lady in the $2000 sweat tent waddles up. She’s as quick with racist lie as the con artist that kicked her and her fried chicken out of the Lincoln Bedroom.

    Hey Oprah, want some special racist celebrity treatment? Call JayZee and head over to Barney’s where they’ll feel you up like no man ever will.

    With her girth she’s definitely getting the special Barney’s pat down!!.

  342. Lets face it people….the only play Oprah has left is the race issue. Otherwise, no one seems to pay attention to her at all.

  343. This is a woman that is worth over a billion dollars, mostly dollars reaped from liberal, brain-dead white women … and she dares go to Europe to throw these same white women under the bus. She is as cowardly as the Dixie Chicks. Why doesn’t she spout her racial animus, instead of in Europe, on Fox News or her stupid Channel OWN ? Dreadful, shameful, racist knee grow.

    1. Go post at huffington, g.addams. Your racial epithets make conservatives look bad. Thanks.

        1. Racial epithets make us look ignorant to other conservatives and non-conservatives too. What’s the purpose of attacking someone’s ethnicity?

            1. No, but conservatism needs a press agent, and I would do a good job if given the opportunity. I’m just-a-guy posting online who doesn’t like reading ignorant, racist cr*p, mainly because I grew up hearing it from extended family, but then after competing in sports with and against people of different racial groups, and becoming friends with some, I realized that we are fundamentally the same, but only culture and other factors make us different, with ethnicity being only a bit-player.

              1. You are SOOOOO superior … after reading your post, I am going to join the NAALCP … thanks for helping me see the light. Get back to me after you get mugged by a feral knee grow, and tell me how you still love and respect black people …

              2. It just so happens that well over 90% of blacks voted for Obama in the last election. Race is a “bit player”????. Sounds like YOU are a bit player and competing for “PC douche of the year…”

                1. That falls in the category of ‘culture’ and not ethnicity. Black Americans have been marinating in Leftist propaganda for a couple of generations, now. Fyi, If Hillary had been the the Democrat nominee, 90% of blacks would have voted for her, just like they voted for John Kerry and Bill Clinton. Save your juvenile taunts for someone else. Thanks.

                2. Black turn out for Obama was MUCH higher than any white democrap. Some districts in Philadelphia not a SINGLE vote was cast for Romney. Lincoln freed the slaves – republican, Democrats in the south enforced Jim Crow. Blacks vote democrat since FDR. You’re giving a chicken/egg argument. They are not black because they are liberal, they are liberal because they are black.

            1. It does two things, annoys dolts like me, and also makes twenty-year-old-snotty-kids like you, look ignorant.

        2. Jeff, these people who are offended are obviously young, and have not opened their eyes to the realization that we are in a race war. They will wise up, probably after they’ve been mugged by a feral black.

  344. Oprah I hate to break it to you, but it has nothing to do with his skin color. He lied to us about our healthcare coverage and about a $2500 savings. That’s not even taking into account the Benghazi situation, the IRS mess and fast & furious. All of which he claims no knowledge and just learned about it at the same time as the rest of us, i.e. through the newspaper or tv. It was his job to know. He has lost credibility with a lot of Americans.

  345. Hey, Oprah, what about the racism of the “knockout game”? Blacks have contributed much to American culture, but now all they’re contributing is violence, misogyny, and racism.

  346. The thing that makes many people dislike blacks is when black cry racism for things that have nothing to do with the color of their skin. Find another excuse Oprah, some people just cannot stand Obama or you for that matter because you are lefty elitists who want to run everyone elses life.

  347. Uh, and do people love and respect his white half? I don’ think so. Oprah has made a fortune off white people and when it suits her fancy, she turns on them by accusing them of being racist because they are critical of Obama. He deserves lots of criticism and not because he is half black but because he is vindictively trying and succeeding in remaking the US into a communist nation.

  348. Yeah, right, Oprah, and I suppose all of the viewers who made you your millions were racists as well. The only TRUE racists in this world are those who continuously point out race. Understand, dear?

  349. Zane, thank you for adding that.

    MY friend I think you may have put your finger on a key problem with the accountability: There is so much criminal activity with sycophantic main stream media propaganda cover that everyone is rendered numb. I intended to make a comprehensive post on the scandals of the past 5 years and was unable.

    I only hope that 2014 sees a cleaning of the senate and house. K-Street is running the show and has been. We need new leadership. I plan to vote libertarian and possibly genuine conservative republicans. I am in Nevada and all our reps of both parties are sellouts.

    Of course this presupposes that the voting is still honest which is highly questionable considering the statistical impossibilities of 100% district wins.(Yet another lost scandal).

    Here is a video of the woman(Clare Daly) I want to marry with some great talking points about

    Mr. Obama.

  350. If blacks were treated truly equally, Oprah would be scrubbing floors and Obama would be homeless. These positions are what their talents, morality and intellect justify.

    They are where they are BECAUSE they are black, not despite.

    1. Great posting. Affirmative Action losers both of them. Affirmative Action is a hoax.

      So far there are 10,403 comments. Old Oprah surely stirred up the hornet’s nest. Whites are becoming more aware of black racism. Of course, we know that blacks take no responsibility for themselves at all. The reason their unemployment is so high is that they don’t look for jobs. They just use slavery as the reason to live like the parasites they are.

      1. Two different issues, KM. Please stop posting generalizations about people only because of their ethnic background. You make conservatives look bad. Thanks.

        1. Very concerned about appearances Wayne. KM is right. Affirmative action is an OBAMAnation. Supported by Obama, clinton and RINO’s Bush (both).

  351. He does get treated differently because he is black. He is never criticized by the MSM, never. If he was a white president, he would have never been reelected. Remember Jimmy Carter? If he was a white president, he would have had to resign. Remember Richard Nixon?

  352. There was a statement made that the only thing that will stop racism is if they all die.
    that would mean 95% of the black population would have to disappear.
    Name one town, city, state or country where the black people are prosperous. There aren’t any. Why? We have, supposedly, the smartest person in the WH and he is showing the world why.

    1. Good point, if you threw $ 10 billion at Detroit today.
      In 8 yrs. it would be a cesspool again.

  353. How come Opfats does not discuss the racism coming from the black community. Some of the most racist remarks I have ever heard come from that community.

    1. Go away and post your ignorant, racist cr*p at the Kos, killer_sleaze. You make conservative Americans look bad.

  354. Obama’s mother is white and his father is black. So why is it that he associates himself with being black vs. white anyway? The only reason he was elected and re-elected is because he lied not because of the color of his skin. And, you have to ask yourselves, if 98% of the black community voted for him, who really is racist?

    1. Good point. I think its because if he tried to blame his failures on being white….everyone would laugh. But he can fail and blame racism because that’s what so much of the black community is taught to do.

      1. It’s a sad state of affairs in this country. Not only has our first “black” president divided this country more than anyone in recent history, but when his shortcomings are pointed out, and there are many, then we’re being racist. Let Ms. Winfrey have her say…it’s a free country. She’ll just turn more people against her in the long run for defending the evil empire.

  355. I have respect for him because he is the president, set up by God himself.

    The question we should ask ourselves is, “why should God give us such an evil ruler?”

    We are an evil people.

    1. @ TROOF….I completely disagree with you. When Jesus Christ was before Pilate,
      the people yelled for the thief Barrabas to be set free. And Christ was then crucified. In the current American political spectrum, the people clamored for Obama. And to this day, the American people are crucified by the President’s socio-economic policies. Amen !

      1. But God is the judge: he putteth down one, and setteth up another. For in the hand of the LORD there is a cup, and the wine is red; it is full of mixture; and he poureth out of the same: but the dregs thereof, all the wicked of the earth shall wring them out, and drink them.

        Free yourself from pop theology.

      1. But God is the judge: he putteth down one, and setteth up another. For in the hand of the LORD there is a cup, and the wine is red; it is full of mixture; and he poureth out of the same: but the dregs thereof, all the wicked of the earth shall wring them out, and drink them.

    2. I do understand your post….sadly I think 51% or people now are the type who think crime is fine if you don’t get caught, cheating on your spouse is no big deal, and taking other peoples money if you are poor is somehow a “right.” Sad times indeed.

    3. President, set up by God himself? I really hope you are being sarcastic. That is what they used to say about kings. The only way God would have chosen Obama for president is to teach us a lesson, as he did Israel. God doesn’t control this country, even though I feel he has blessed us, up until now that is.

      1. But God is the judge: he putteth down one, and setteth up another. For in the hand of the LORD there is a cup, and the wine is red; it is full of mixture; and he poureth out of the same: but the dregs thereof, all the wicked of the earth shall wring them out, and drink them.

    4. God gave us individual smarts. He lets us be in control. Groups of people try to control other groups and calls it self (socialist) government. God did not set up the office of president. He would not have picked a party that kills his babies. As I said, he gives people the smarts to do what is right. The problem is that many pick the easy “head in the sand” way. Most are not evil people; and, the ones that appear that way, may have lost their way and want power over others because of bent psychological reasons. God did not give us a ruler or king. In the American system we have checks and balances that has been corrupted. troof, the American people have to start using their smarts, and see what is going on and use their God given brain. I hope that answered you question troof.

      1. That’s interesting, what do you use as a basis for this belief? Did you know that the bible declares differently from your opinion? Read and think: But God is the judge: he putteth down one, and setteth up another. For in the hand of the LORD there is a cup, and the wine is red; it is full of mixture; and he poureth out of the same: but the dregs thereof, all the wicked of the earth shall wring them out, and drink them.

        And in Romans 13, we are told:
        there is no power but of God: †: the powers that be are ordained of God.

        1. I replied to you because you said God set up Obama as President. No way he would do that. The people elected him. The basis of my belief is my belief. King Louis XIV, of France 1638-1715. The French were told that he was put in by God. This was to control the people. On a different note: I like your name: Troof = truth + proof; but, I bet you do not like science which requires proof.

  356. Pretty amazing hearing this claim from a black woman who owns her own TV network and has a net worth of $3B! But she is right that there are people who dislike Obama because he is black. Equally racist are people who like him ONLY because he is black. Racism is racism. If a white person was running against a black person and 98% of the white voters voted for the white candidate blacks would be screaming racism. That is exactly what happened in 2008 and 2012 with blacks voting for Obama. Racism is racism. Personally, I don’t care if Obama is black, white, green, yellow or blue. His policies are destroying the country I love.

    1. Well, according to Obama, Oprah, being as successful as she is, must have put at least 10,000 people into poverty in clawing herself to where she is. They didn’t have a ‘fair shot’. She is a racist pig. She is the worst kind. She pretends to believe in Obama and the left’s mantra of a zero-sum game, while living the life she lives and then playing the race card. She can go to hell.

  357. Opra….when I disagree with obuma, I’m disagreeing with the ‘white’ obuma. he is half white, half black, therefore, I am not racist!!! You are referring to the ‘black’ obuma and nobody criticizes that part of him otherwise he would NEVER have gotten elected!

  358. Ms Winfrey should recognize that what she is expressing is patronizing. That is we have to treat a Black in the White House differently that we would a White. Can’t criticize him or his policies. That is so patronizing and is wrapped up in that low expectation attitude that whites are said to have of blacks. Sounds as if she has low expectations too.

  359. “There’s a level of disrespect for the office that occurs. And that occurs in some cases and maybe even many cases because he’s African American.”

    Drop the “American” and you may be close to the truth, you bloated porch monkey.

  360. The level of disrespect for the office is exercised by President Obama, not by anyone else. I just did not think, until Oprah pointed it out, that it is of the color of his skin that causes him to disrepect the office of the President of the United States.

  361. Back in 2001-2003, all of the hardest right-wingers I knew yearned for David Palmer in the White House. And I mean, literally, had dreams about it and then wanted to cry when they woke up.

    At some point, Oprah should consider that the Great Cadre of Omnipotent Secret Racists has not succeeded in making her particular life overly uncomfortable. Her best examble of modern racism is not being sold a $40K handbag in an insular European country that is NOT THE US..

    The question is, does she believe the Great Cadre of Omnipotent Secret Racists just randomly and against its natural inclinations decided not to persecute her for being black and powerful (irrational), or does she think that she is such a magical, overwhelmingly talented person that the Great Cadre is not able to “keep her down” when it can do so to the rest of her race (narcissistic and borderline racist)?

  362. Says a black woman made rich by white people, about a black man white folks elected. Things that make you go hmmmmm

    1. Yes; and guess any white woman who never read Oprah’s magazine is racist. and the one’s that have; are just compensating for their racist bias. And same with her longstanding show; while in Chicago.

      ‘Who knew’ what Oprah was thinking; lo these many years; when she looked out and saw so many ‘White faces’ in her audience. . .contributing to her success. (Am sure Rev. Wright appreciates that, despite Oprah leaving his ‘church’; she did not leave all the ‘Rev’s’ lessons, behind.)

      Reason fails; when; beyond; what now seems pretense; there is only the ‘racist eye of these beholders’; looking out at those Whites, who inhabit their world. (And by public status; make ‘racism’ a justifiable cause celeb; as they ‘turn back the clock’ – on those, who share their ‘color’; who they once ‘inspired’; but now, incite.

  363. Oprah is wrong as usual. I would love to have Condi Rice or Colin Powell as President. The reason I hate Obama is he is a lying sack of crap, that is destroying our Country. Has nothing to do with his race.

  364. Then why did Obama win such a huge majority in his first term with his “Hope and Change” talk. Did white people suddenly realize he was African American after his administration began to disappoint? The median income has dropped even in the later years of his administration and African Americans are MUCH worse off than they were, even in the first few years after Bush!

  365. If a race scores bottom of the barrel in nearly every statistic that is examined, then it is only human nature that a higher level of prejudice will adversely affect it. Find a way to point it out where it exists without being harsh and judgmental, because after all you are only fighting what is expected.

    Also important to keep in mind, there is nothing more annoying than being blamed for the stupidity of others. Oprah’s ranting only adds to the problem of being disliked.

  366. No sweetie,,,they dislike him because he is a Marxist,,,just like YOU. As long as you can hold onto you riches that is,,,if not..YOU will dislike him too. If America is so racist then WHY did Herman Cain get so much support until the Media stepped in, or Allen West,,,You are so full of yourself..sad little girl you are,,,just sad.

  367. Instead of the Great Uniter, we got the Great Divider. Now we are all classified, diversified, signified to despise each other.

  368. Because Oprah is all about fairness and giving everyone an equal shot. Like…when she refused to interview or welcome Sarah Palin on her show to give her any national exposure until AFTER the 2008 presidential election was over. Yeah, fairness and equality of opportunity, right Oppie?

    1. she did the same thing with McCain saying: “I dont want to get involved with the politics” when asked about McCain being on the show. Yet 2 WEEKS LATER OBAMA WAS ON HER SHOW.
      Oprah Winfrey is THE BIGGEST RACIST ON TV.

        1. Yeah, If the election were held today, I’m still not sure I could pull the lever for McCain. He is really THAT BAD…

  369. The biggest disrespecter of the office of President of the United States is Obama himself. Period!

  370. Why is it those same “many” who hate the hell out of Obama love Herman Caine? And Condoleeza Rice? You’ve got your head up your a$$, Okra. Just like you did when you campaigned for that communist POS SOB. Eff off Oprah. I hope your fat a$$ eats itself.

  371. And what would one expect Oprah to say? This woman has been propped up by the liberal white element for years. She has amassed a fortune, and can now throw all white folks under the bus … with impunity.

    1. There is an irony here; of the ‘self-styled’, non-racist Libs (who are anything ‘but’. . .) confirming the worst of ‘racism’ by their own.

  372. Oprah honey, you live in a huge bubble of ignorance developed by the ego’s need for arrogance. Please stop being so weak. Assume your just human and prone to assumptions…Half of everything you know is incorrect.

  373. that is maybe partially true but more and more peoples disrespect of this presidency has everything to do with levels of incompetence! Period

  374. Do people not like Obama because he is half Black? Probably. But such is more the exception than the rule for he would not even be President otherwise.

    I would say that most Blacks disrespected Bush because he was White.

    In fact, it seems obvious racists Blacks only vote for Blacks at many political levels across this Nation where a Black is running for office – interestingly to their own demise. That is the ironic part, Black bigotry and racism makes them vote for Blacks that could not care less about “their people” and such cities become garbage dumps and murder capitals of the Nation.

    In any event, why care what Okra believes about anything? She is a racists like most Blacks in the US.

    Perhaps the most annoying aspect of the constant whining by Blacks of White racism is their hypocritical insinuation that Blacks are not racists and thus superior to Whites. Such a belief is true racism and US Blacks own it.

    The truth is both races, White and Black, have their issues. IN the US blacks are more racists because they are taught to be by White Liberals on a guilt trip.

  375. If it weren’t for White women Oprah would still be poor. If it weren’t for White women, Obama would never have become president. If it weren’t for single white women in Virginia McAuliff wouldn’t have been elected. Pattern? Message?

  376. I hate Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi just as much or even more than Obama and they’re lilly white. I love Dr. Ben Carson and Allen West and they’re both black. It’s not skin color, but imperialism, constitutional violations, Obamacare, run-away debt, selective enforcement of laws, etc. that make me despise Obama.

  377. Obama is a total bastard. He sucks and his administration and programs are a train wreck. Nevertheless, Obama voters are unable to turn away from the democrat party. They will religiously support it although that party is the beast that made Obama´s presidency possible. Obama supporters are egg sucking cowards steeped in Stockholm Syndrome-they see abortion and gay marriage as sacred. The blacks that support him? They worship government guarantees and are frauds when they go to church on Sunday although the man they elected is a baby killer as evil as they come and a radical gay rights revolutionary. Make my day-let´s see these high profile blacks start an uprising to leave the democrat party and vote republican. The will not with few if any exceptions because they WORSHIP black skin color and HATE white people.

  378. Does she ever look in the mirror?

    If it were about the color of skin why is she where she is? After all, she’s done pretty darn well.

  379. It is NOT the color of his skin but the amount of lies he tells the American public Jeff Nelson said “the content of his character.” She is so DELUSIONAL by spouting this bigotry. How pathetic she has become. Besides, I thought he was bi-racial. Talk about continuing to drive racism, she is doing it, big time. Why anybody gives her any respect is beyond me.

  380. Winfrey is totally out of touch with white Americans and she completely forgets the snubbing she received by Obama after he won the election in 2008. See the book “The Amateur” by Edward Klein.
    I have said this hundreds of times and it is still true. I oppose Obama’s POLICIES, not the color of his skin.

    Now let me say something no American should have to say. I like the POLICIES of Allen West and Herman Cain… they are BLACK. Too bad I just can’t say I like their policies and leave it at that. When I say I like Ted Cruz I don’t have to add to it … he is white!

    Black leaders make us add to our statements what the color of a person’s skin is because they are so focused on skin color and racism.

    Let me be clear. The vast majority of this nation is NOT racist. It is black leaders, like Winfrey, which profit on spreading the idea massive racism is alive in this country. It isn’t but these leaders won’t give up their power and the money associated with promoting race hate in this country.

    In Winfrey’s twisted mind if a white American opposes Obama they must be a racist. This is utter nonsense and it is this nonsense which keeps racism alive in the USA.

  381. Both ORCA & UNCLE SAMBO were made popular by ignorant supporters.

    Just shows how lost the american SHEEPLE really are.
    They grasp at any carrot that’s dangled in front of them.
    Some people only learn the hard way…

  382. when Obamas out moo-shell will buy a big necklace with her name encrusted in CZs. Herfriends will ask why not diamonds ($2,00,00 a specch-she can afford it). Her answer will be : I doan care if diemonds be mo valuble, da not as shiney as CZs!! President & 1st lady SHINEY!

  383. How would she explain that he got 97% of thug lack vote? Careful analysis of the issues? She’s as big a self absorbed loser as Obama.

  384. I don’t like Obama because he screws up EVERYTHING he touches! And Oprah? I despise you because you’re a racist witch who is now spitting in the face of every white person who has helped to make you rich!

  385. No Oprah. I hate you. Because you are a smug liberal fraud. Who just happens to be a fat ugly black female

  386. Don’t EVER forget oprah started out as black lady Jerry Springer. She is reverting back to her racist hateful roots. I guess Valerie Jarret told mooo-shell they needed her again.

  387. That’s the only excuse that blacks have is the race card…no way it could be because of the 57 articals of law he’s broken…why doesn’t that ever come into play with these people…?

  388. I don’t disrespect the Loser Prez for being black (he’s not). I don’t
    like him because he’s NOT a legal US citizen & and has plans
    to destroy America. Orka Winfrey is the b*tch I don’t like because she’s
    an arrogant n i g g e r, who flaunts her billions in everyone’s’ face.
    BIG difference.

  389. Please boycott this mouthpiece of Satan. She has had it too good playing on the emotions of this generation of women

    1. I have not watched her in over 25 years, I will not support her agenda. I do not read the books she recommends, or watch any of the tv shows she has spawned to spread her garbage (Dr Phil etc)

    1. You gotta admit, choosing Biden as VP was the wisest thing this POTUS ever did. Talk about great health insurance that none of us can no longer afford.

  390. I believe the racist here is Oprah. I could care less what color Obama is, but the fact that he is a liar, has a radical socialist agenda, ignores the U.S. Constitution and the laws of this country, has ruined our economy, has ruined our foreign relations, has contributed to total upheaval in the Middle East is simply reason enough for me to not like this man. I could list 100 other reason, but won’t.

  391. My wife is sitting on the couch, BEGGING me not to call Emperor Obama a flaming Marxist and Oprah an overpaid, overbearing, overweight racist cow. Out of respect for (and in fear of) the wife, I won’t.

    1. On the couch? Where do you live, Australia? Here in NW Colorado it’s total white-out blizzard conditions due to the Goracle’s climate change agenda. Even my blue heelers are hiding under the duvet in fear of facing that nasty NW wind and chasing more organically grass-fed cattle hogs to their slaughter.

      1. here in SW Mississippi, it’s not quite cold enough(yet) to light up the wood stove, but will be shortly.

        1. Mississippi is a state on my bucket list to visit. From what I’ve heard the food is better and the women are prettier, but that would make me a racist.

          1. Uh, not sure how to say this, but Oprah is FROM Mississippi. Kosciusko, to be exact

  392. I can’t even watch or listen to this loser of a woman. No husband, no kids, no family life. She is a freaking sociopathic elitist certifiable black woman who fooled white America into making her rich, reading books she chose, following her advice. What a piece of work she is. Her actions speak volumes. What is she? Part of a sleeper cell?

    1. Just shows how LOST the american SHEEPLE really are.
      They grasp at any carrot that’s dangled in front of them.
      Some people only learn the hard way…

  393. I used to respect you, Oprah. No longer. Of course our feelings for Obama have nothing to do with him being a Marxist dictator.

  394. Great logic there, I guess that means people only like him because he is black. This guy has no character nor integrity whatsoever. He lies constantly, denies responsibility for everything, and acts like a spoiled brat, but hey it’s easier to say we hate him because he is black. Find someone who hates Dr Ben Carson, who isn’t a dem

    1. If you’re black and leave the progressive plantation, prepare for the worst.
      Remember how Stacy Dash was violently vilified by the loving and tolerant left when she tweeted her support for Romney? Not a whole lotta love for Mia Love, either. It’s that war on women thing.

  395. Democrats and the pinko media picked a half-black guy hoping it would insulate him from criticism. It was/is politics at its most despicable.

  396. Barry’s abject failures as a POTUS and human being are our fault because we’re racist….. yeah, that’s the ticket. That’s your excuse, Oprah? Really? Lame, lame, lame.

  397. Orca is a racist herself. She, like Obama have a easily seen disdain for white America. Not to mention, she’s an idiot.

  398. Does he lie because he’s black?
    Does he make bad policy because he’s black.
    Is he a bad president because he’s black.
    But he is president because he’s black.

  399. … and if he was a white guy with the exact same record over the last five years she would be calling him another George Bush.

    1. Under Bush we had flash mobs and defecating Occupy assault troops and rampant knockout games played by his sons (if they looked like him).

      Oh, wait …

  400. How the heck do you explain your success Ophhrah??????????? Oh yea, because yours was only a black viewing audience right? nothing more honest then a Progressive billionaire.

  401. A far greater number of Americans despise this president for his arrogance, childishness, narcissism, dishonesty, manipulation, condescension, partisanship and total lack of leadership. All that and for being a flaming socialist. But I guess racism covers all that right?

  402. Monkeys are Monkeys & Junkies are Junkies,Flunkies are Flunkies,Man it’s the same Old Game……………….

  403. Right, America is racist that must be why America has a black president? -got it, African-American malcontent multimillionaire t.v. show host.

  404. The fact that Obama said he could be that thug’s father shows how much he hates white America. HE is a racist. And a liar. None of the facts mattered to him. He was AOK with that boy attacking that man. No way am I accepting his apologies for lying. He knew he was lying when he made his false statements. He was not alone in knowing that either.

  405. The real tragedy is that our first half-negro president turned out to be a total failure. With the number of very qualified Blacks in our country, why did we have to get the dregs?

  406. Fat ass Oprah, get lost, you are well beyond reality and none wants to see your ugly swollen face of racism.

  407. that’s the pot calling the kettle black. there are many racists in the US who are not white.

  408. Oprah seems to have done ok being black. She’s a billionaire thanks to her white audience. I think she is sinking with her show and is trying to get publicity.

    1. You’d think with a billion or two in the bank, she wouldn’t need that narcissistic super-ego anymore.

    1. Samuel L. Jackson “I voted for Barack because he was black.” Nope, that’s not racist. But at least he was honest about it.

      1. I won’t watch any movie with him in it now after he said that. He is another one rich off white people and he doesn’t even research his candidate? Either he’s a dummy or he’s a racist. Either way he don’t need any more of my money.

        1. I understand your sentiment, but he stated his racism, plain and simple. I give him some credit for his refreshing honesty.

    1. And the richest because of the so called racist caucasians who tune in and watched her stupid reality show.

  409. Obama brag, in new book: I’m ‘really good at killing people’ with drones and wonder why ….. He is wanted for war crimes in Egypt and Pakistan today. And we are disrespectful of a man who is criminal?

  410. Oprah, How did you become a multi-billionaire in racist America? When making my decision to support or not Barack Obama in 2008 I followed Dr. King’s admonition to judge “on the content of his character”. ” I would not want my daughters punished with a child” (Barack Obama March 30 2008 to a group of supporters in Pennsylvania), Oprah a man who would give tacit approval for aborting his own grandchild is a man I cannot and will never support, no matter his color !! Oprah maybe you should look at Obama’s policies, with color blind eyes then you would see how he is determined to destroy the America that made you rich. Revisit Dr. King’s “I have a dream” speech, and listen this time.

    1. Notice… all these people who become WEALTHY in the USA now want everyone else to be HELD BACK… and re-distribute THEIR misally low paying check….. of course these people already have THEIR secure future.

      It is like a night club that only allow the Wealthy to gain access… She is a WEALTH BLACK RACIST ELIEST… think about it.
      Her WEALTH opens doors that the general BLACK person can never go into… so in that regard she is also a RACIST ELITIEST…. SHE IS THE 1%ers … who would interview her if she was not?

      Amazing that her money buy’s the MEGA PHONE… and we pions are never heard.


  412. Many Americans hold Obama in contempt because he is, at best, an incompetent or, at worst, a leftist subversive. It has nothing to do with his race. If his name were J. C. Watts, for instance, I wouldn’t have any problem with him at all.

  413. IT is NOT the color of his skin Ms Oprah… it is his IDEAS…

    You and your TV Show are both in bed with this man… You are both nothing less than playing the GAME of Manipulation of the MASSES.

    Con ARtist – A confidence artist (or con artist) is an individual, operating alone or in concert with others, who exploits characteristics of the human psyche such as dishonesty, honesty, vanity, compassion, credulity, irresponsibility, naïveté, or greed….. sound familiar????

    A charming smile that manipulates you with LIES… and dishonesty.

    Where are the jobs Ms Oprah… for YOUR Race???. DId George Bush do that too???

    For all these years he has WASTED on the DIASTER of Obama care… it has DESTROYED Jobs…. You always clamed to be sooooo concerned about everyone…. why are YOU NOT concerned that Under Obama the BLACK Race has HIGHER loss of employment than any other group… Have you been to Atlanta?

    Didn’t Obama Lie to you too… that you would get all these EXCLUSIVE Interviews and that NEVER Materialized.

    We are NOT racist. WE are WIDE AWAKE… and what we all see is NOT very Good from this man.

  414. So what. There is no doubt that the blacks hate the whites. Oprah and her friends are the biggest racists on earth. They do not think that is possible because they are black.

    Obama and idiots like Oprah have done more to hurt race relations and have set us back 25 years. Worst is they are creating their own plantation by keeping the blacks down and in the entitlement sewer!

  415. Oprah still has the hots for Obama
    Careful Oprah you already got knocked off the White House ” A ” guest list because you were getting to close to the MOO’s man.
    what a cat fight that would be, and all over a homosexual.

  416. You can also give up your citizen ship! Please do us a favor.
    And OPRAH on OBAMA, ” For what it’s worth, I think he represented blacks wonderfully. Very accurate representation of the blacks.” You brought it up so now you know! He does really shine as a low IQ idiot when off the teleprompter.
    Keep that in mind as your viewing audience of Racist dry up.. Oh and most European Countries now want you to apply for a visa seeing as how you stage racist incidents when you are over here. In reality most would love it if you kept your Racist black ass out of Europe just like Obama not welcome really.

  417. People like her are the ones that do help keep this country divided , thanks Oopa ! Typical rich celebrity in lefty looney world that says thingd based on the color of her skin ! I do have no respect for anybody that has no respect for this country , period

  418. Who is this Oprah person? I don’t have cable TV, so I miss watching the plastic people. Is she a plastic person who only thinks in terms of race? How does she know how I think and make decisions?

  419. I can stand him because he’s a lying commie democRat and his color or race which ever it is have NOTHING TO DO WITH it Oprah!…………….PERIOD!!

  420. while there is some truth to this absurd harpy’s statements, the overwhelming majority of people criticize and disrespect obama because he’s a lousy, lyingg, piece of sh*t who hasn’t fulfilled ONE campaign promise. he’s as bad as or worse than his moronic predecessor. facts are facts. we haven’t had a pres who wasn’t a war criminal in at least 20 years.

  421. If America is so racist, why is she so rich? My advice to Oprah is to renounce her citizenship in this highly racist county and find one that isn’t as racist and move there. And while she’s at it I hope she takes Barry with her. They deserve each bother.

  422. People like Oprah but not Obama. Oprah is Black. Obama is half black. Logically if one only had that information and nothing else, they would conclude that people disliked Obama because he was half White.
    I dislike him because he is only half smart. He did not know that buying insurance is complicated. That hardly qualifies as even half smart.
    How about he is a Damn Liar. Is it the Black Side that is lying or the White Side. It seems to me that lying is not limited to Whites or Blacks but is a shared value.
    A majority elected him but now doesn’t like him as much. Did they suddenly become Racists like Oprah?
    How wealthy do you have to be in order to be a racist and it be ok?


  423. It must be lovely to be rich enough to be that stupid. The woman is living in a bubble of money. I mean she owns her own beach, and palaces that the french kings lost there heads over. 😉

  424. Oprah’s an old school racist.
    I was a full blown liberal in the early eighties and EVEN THEN I couldn’t stand how blatantly racist and sexist she was. Since then, someone got a hold of her and pointed out how she was alienating large swaths of her audience, she adjusted and the rest is history. But you want to hear some race baiting, man hating billshut? Go look up some early Oprah clips.

  425. This dumb talk show host is an idiot. 90% of Americans hate Obama because he’s a socialist one world global government advocate. We couldn’t care less that he’s black. He’s a bad person to be in office. He’ll go down in history as thee worst president in history.


    For what it’s worth, I think he represented blacks wonderfully. Very accurate representation of the blacks.

  426. Just remember folks, Jimmy Carter loves Obama………. It makes his time as POTUS seem great!

  427. The problem with Oprah’s argument is that so many people hated (and still do) George W Bush. As I recall, the Democrats were the roadblocks–the party of ‘no’–when he was in power, and even tried to starve the military of resources for the war in Iraq. They did that even though many of them voted FOR military action in the first place. Obama came into office on the back of that, and met with an electorate–and politicians–who were far more willing to attack the President as a person.

  428. Remember: Racism is a one-way street, only whites are racist.

    Michelle Obama’s Resentment of “White Irish Catholics” was legendary in
    Chicago politics and similar to Barack’s hateful comments on “White Folks’

    Michelle Obama was distressed about the “white Irish Catholics” in
    Illinois. Heck, Barack is half Irish decent, albeit hillbilly American Irish.

    Michelle Obama worked in the mayor’s office in the early 1990′s.

    During her many years in Chicago Michelle Obama was distressed and
    resented the “power “white Irish Catholics” held in Illinois.

    She wasn’t alone.

    In his first book Barack Obama attacked greedy white folks. He even recorded
    it the line. From the book: (page 293, Dreams of My Father).

    “It is this world, a world where cruise ships throw away more food in a
    day than most residents of Port-au-Prince see in a year, where white folks’
    greed runs a world in need, apartheid in one hemisphere, apathy in another
    hemisphere… That’s the world! On which hope sits!

    Obama took the line from one of Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s sermons.

    Note: Per-capita as many blacks go on cruises as whites

    1. Untill the judeo/christian reformers put and end to it, “ending slavery” was just a case of the slave killing the slave owners and then moveing into the big house and collecting a new group of people to own.

      Obama is liveing a life that only people like Oprah don’t envy. I hope he get’s hit with a golf ball.

  429. Oprah darrrllling you really must come to your senses! I mean for heavens sake darrrlling it is absooolutely ridiculous we are even having this conversation!
    I mean what would Thurston and Snookems think about this entire nonsense!

  430. This statement just released in Ebonics by Louis Farrakhan, intellectual giant and an ardent supporter of Reich Führer Obama and his brother in Allah’s Muslim religion of tolerance and peace…remember…everyone who opposes Obama is a racist.

    Prez Obama dun knows dat it beez dah white man dat beez keepin dah black peoples down. Yassah, an dey pays dah bruthas an dah sistas lessa den all dah honey crackas who steals dah monies fum fah poe black peoples. Obama gonna git dah secand term an weez goona git ah reparations unter HR 10. Yassah…. Whitey gonna pay all dah black peoples lots mo’ monies….yonowatahmsayin…

    Note: there are more of Obama’s morbidly obese white worshipers than his morbidly obese black worshipers on the welfare dole.

  431. She fails to mention Obama is half inbred white gutter trash…whose mother was a porn whore…oh and his dad was an inbred black communist Muslim Jihadist

  432. They disrespect him because he is a liar and a lousy President. We voted for change and he was such a puppet of the banks and business it’s crazy. He is nothing more than their boy.

  433. Oprah cried racism when a store wouldn’t let her look at a purse, when in fact the store was closing.
    I’d kick her out of the store as well.
    It’s funny how the biggest racists like Oprah point fingers at others and call them the same.
    And another thing, Oprah, in case you didn’t know it, Obama isn’t BIack.

  434. except for racist …..
    maybe people like jackson, o, al, opera, corrupt politicians, liberals, a