[VIDEO] Three dead, dozen wounded in Taliban attack on US consulate in Afghanistan

An Afghan police officer, security guard, and translator were killed when the Taliban blew up a truck bomb at the gate of the US consulate in Harat, Afghanistan and then began firing on the consulate. Fortunately there were no US casualties:

Just curious, but wasn’t Obama negotiating with the Taliban? I wonder what went wrong….

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24 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Three dead, dozen wounded in Taliban attack on US consulate in Afghanistan

  1. They should take our guys out of that cesspool now; let them kill each other. Maybe we could send Obama there to rule over them.

  2. It is past time to pull our forces out of that hell hole.These people with their tribal mentality will never be civilized.Not worth one dime of our money or one drop pf American blood.

  3. That place is a complete and utter hell hole that should be made a parking lot. 75% of American deaths have come under the fraud named barry nobama.

  4. What went wrong? Obama stole their cookies and made “your mama” jokes during one of their “meeting”.

  5. We need to take a lesson from God.   When he went in , his angels and his people wiped out entire nations taking no prisoners.

  6. PNWShan 

    …. and how many thousand troops would have died in vain attempting to bring about a democracy … bring about peace?  Warring factions of Islam vying for regime change is one thing but when all is said and done ALL factions have a meeting of the minds when it comes to their hatred of infidels.  As Sarah Palin would say “LET ALLAH SORT IT OUT”!

  7. OMG, is Biden brain dead?  He needs to be put in a home.  They are ALL drinking the kool-aide on Capital Hill…

  8. The Taliban are showing everyone in the area that THEY are the ones with the power, THEY are the ones who can make life miserable or not miserable, and that THEY are the ones who will be in control when the US leaves. That leaves regular people with little choice but to obey the Taliban because the US certainly isn’t going to help them.

  9. It’s war. If it’s too much or the cost of lives, money, and destruction to the enemy is too high, THEN Don’t Go!!!

  10. you can not win a war with the current RULES OF ENGAGEMENT policy by this white house. lift the rules of engagement and kill everything you come across. that is why war is ugly and that is what needs to be done.g

  11. You should show overwhelming force, go overkill on a response and then leave that freaking country!
    Send a clear message not to screw with us then leave. It’s so sad, but only violence is understood. I really don’t know WWJD but probably not what I would do.

  12. Obama continues to show how weak he is and the sharks of Islam are less and less fearful and becoming more brazen by the day.  As long as he occupies the White House they are encouraged.

  13. What went wrong with the talks between Obama (not America) and the Taliban? They saw that Obama has no spine and that he knew their secret handshake.

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