Violent communist leading organizer of One Nation rally

via NewZeal:

Why is it important that a former Maoist militant, Roz Pelles, was a leading organizer of last Saturday’s communist infiltrated anti Tea Party One Nation Rally in Washington DC?

In late 1979, hard core Maoists from the Communist Workers Party in North Carolina physically attacked local members of the Ku Klux Klan at a Klan film showing.

Roz Pelles and her husband Don Pelles, both C.W.P.  members, were actively involved in the Death to the Klan rally that led to what became known as the “Greeensboro Massacre”.

Why was a woman, once part of a violent communist group that deliberately provoked violence on the streets of Greensboro, appointed to organize a major anti-Tea Party rally?

The bottom line here is that in 1979, the commies challenged the KKK to show up to their “Death to the Klan” rally, and when the KKK arrived, all hell broke lose that left 5 dead and 10 wounded. And Roz Pelles, a very active member of the commies that created this violent provocation, was a leading organizer for the One Nation Rally that wants to expose the ‘hatred and racism’ in the tea party rally. Read much more in depth at

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