Wait a second. Look at these statements. Who is lying, McCabe or Comey?

I know, I know, “both” right? But this isn’t a broad question applicable to all their past statements and dealings with investigators and congress. If it were that sort of lie tabulation could take the rest of the night.

No, it’s about a very specific instance, where they each made a statement on the same topic, and those statements appear to be in disagreement. Specifically, this is a contradiction about who was doing what leaking, when, and under whose authority. One that, in the words of streiff at Redstate, “pits Mentor (that would be St. James of Comey) against Protege (Lying Andrew McCabe).”

This was first noticed and pointed out on Twitter by Judicial Watch’s Jerry Dunleavy, and it’s a really great question. Here’s the tweet:

Here are the images full size:

There is a little wiggle room in them, but not much. Even if you generously choose not to say “lying’, it’s clear one of them is being intentionally misleading at least.

The question of who was being an “anonymous source” matters, and the question of who is being dishonest about it matters even more.

This is something that deserves an answer.

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