DEBUNKED! Walid Shoebat SMEARED by local WDAY 6 news reporter after two Muslims were asked to leave church


Walid Shoebat has now been smeared in a blatantly biased report by Kevin Wallevand of WDAY6 News after two Muslims were asked to leave a Perham, MN A/G church where Walid was recently speaking. Before I get into the details, watch both the original news report and the shorter update:

Original Report:


First of all, who cares if two Muslims were asked to leave a church service? People are asked to leave events all the time. Why is this even news?

Secondly, the report is very light on what exactly happened at the church and why the boys were asked to leave. The boys claim that they weren’t there to argue with Walid and that he must’ve gotten angry at their questions. And then they say they were rudely asked to leave.

But what about Walid’s side of the story? The pastor of the church seemed to indicate it turned into a shouting match, but for all we know Walid was angry and shouting at them. The report never states that they tried to contact Walid for his side of the story nor did this reporter, Kevin Wallevand, seem to care about telling Walid’s side of the story.

On top of that, Wallevand used the false report from CNN to bolster the idea that Walid Shoebat is a fraud and was misleading people, and that these Muslim boys were totally in the right for trying to call him out. And then CAIR gets involved and they do an special update just to further smear Walid Shoebat as some kind of nut job.

Well friends, I’ve got the facts. Not only did I contact Walid Shoebat myself for a statement from him in light of these terribly biased reports, but I also have audio of what happened. First the audio.

I should note that some of it is difficult to understand, but if you listen to it you will get a clear picture of what happened. And it’s not as these Muslim teenagers have suggested. In fact the first question one of them asked Walid Shoebat was “Why do you lie?” Does that sound like a question of someone who is only trying to learn or investigate? No, they wanted to provoke Walid, but they found that he is much more difficult to provoke than they had ever imagined.

They argued that they were peaceful and they had witness for it, and wanted to know about the Mahdi. When Walid tried to answer their questions, they became more argumentative and began raising their voices. Much of that is garbled.

When they were finally asked to leave after they got out of control, it was not rude. The Associate Pastor finally intervened saying “Gentlemen, I am an associate pastor here. I am asking you to please leave.” They replied that they would, but insisted that people do their research on Walid Shoebat, something Walid welcomed by saying “Please do.”

After they left, Walid explained to the crowd how they were just there to throw bombs, and despite them declaring that they were peaceful, they were only there to fight him, the one who is exposing terrorists. Walid said they aren’t going to go fight the actual terrorists, just the one who is exposing them. How brave of them.

Listen to the full audio below:

As I mentioned earlier, I had contacted Walid for a statement in response to the biased news reports and the events of that night. Here is what he wrote to me in full:

My statement is simple: two Muslims came to church and during the question/answer time, they were obnoxious and were asked to leave and they left.

What’s the big deal?

As far as to why they were asked to leave is this; these two did not ask any questions but started to make long statements. I interrupted them and stated “these are not questions, you are allowed to ask a question and not make long statements. What did they do? One of them asked “what makes you such a great fraudster? Instead of me even answering this question, they interrupted me again and then continued to read from a paper what seems like endless statements. They then were asked to leave and they left, out the door and down the road.

It’s that simple.

Yet one side tells his story by not including the full story to only present half truths.

As far as what they say regarding my statements about “Antichrist” Well, in church “Antichrist” is a subject of discussion regardless if people think it’s Islam, the Catholic Church, Hillary Clinton, Obama or Henry Kissinger etc etc”.

As far as my statements that “Obama is Muslim” Well, what if I said that I though that Obama was a New Age, Unitarian, Candomble, Jainist, Rastafari, Shinto, Taoist, do you think that anyone would care? Then why is it that if someone thinks that Obama is a Muslim is a problem? Would it not be a compliment to attribute to Obama the Peaceful Religion?

I rest my case,

Walid Shoebat

It seems clear that Kevin Wallevand of WDAY6 News is either incompetent or has a politically correct agenda of his own. He should be called out for not pursuing the truth in this matter. And the CNN hit piece that he thew into the report to bolster the claims that Walid is a fraud is easily debunked on Walid’s website. If he had bothered to contact Walid, I’m sure Walid would have explained it to him.

It’s a shame that journalism these days has been reduced to agendas and politically correct nonsense. This story should have never even been on the news. No doubt these Muslim teenagers had agendas of their own and they succeeded in manipulating the news to do their bidding, to damage Walid Shoebat. And I’m guessing they had help and it wouldn’t surprise me if CAIR was behind the whole thing from the beginning.

UPDATE: Walid Shoebat wrote me to add this: “The news coverage increased my book sales, not that I expected it. But the more CAIR focuses on me, they advertise my books, at the same rate, they accuse me of doing what I am doing to “sell books”. Thanks CAIR.

Ha! Keep up the good work CAIR!

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