Waste of the Day: We are paying the IRS to have full-fledged TV studio! #CutWaste

Here’s today’s wasteful spending project:

Today’s wasteful government project is brought to you by the IRS. Each year the IRS spends $4 million to operate its own TV studio – that’s right Tax TV.

At a time when the country is $16.5 trillion in debt and millions of Americans are struggling to make ends meet, wouldn’t it make sense for the government to cut wasteful spending instead of raising taxes on hardworking Americans?


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37 thoughts on “Waste of the Day: We are paying the IRS to have full-fledged TV studio! #CutWaste

  1. Ok, I’m gonna jump in here and “defend the undefendable”. Not going to address whether or not we should have an income tax at the federal level. Thats a completely different argument. For purposes of this, I’m going to accept the premise of an income tax and the need to administrate it.

    I’ve been a CPA / tax professional for many years. I’ve served on various tax committees with the NYSSCPA & NJSCPA and attended many meetings with IRS management, the upper level folks. We have worked with them on a positive and professional basis. It has generated mutual respect and facilitates resolving tax problems more efficiently.

    Now, to the issue of this thread, the tv studio. I’ve viewed many live and recorded events produced by the IRS. They are productive and informative. They are not propaganda sessions in any way shape or form. They also produce videos for those who are not CPA’s / tax professionals on compliance type matters. They are posted on social networks. Its done from and educational perspective. I see a fair argument to be made that this sort of production works to increase compliance. If they didn’t have their own studio and production facilities, they’d have to rent it. Not being privy to the budget for the studio vs renting studio time, I don’t want to opine which would be more cost effective.

  2. When have they ever used it and what was the purpose?I want to see the videos of what that they have produced.

  3. Would love to see the waste for all the gov’t TV commercials and websites (Let’s Move, SafeSeat, etc.) which are nothing more than payback to Disney and others for campaign contributions.

  4. The tv. studio will probably be used in our sad future, to give seniors a chance to “Fight for their Lives”..on Obamacare..whoever has the most liberal views, gets 100 bonus points.Or Possibly it’s where they will force success to make public Service videos of apology..

  5. Why are we asking any of our fellow citizens to pay one more “thin dime” in taxes when these clowns can’t even produce a simple budget?

    Not having a budget, while at the same time, raising our debt ceiling is more than just a commission of political malpractice, it is the work of honest to goodness Chicago and Rhino gangsters…

    1. OH…sorry but there is NOTHING Honest, nor anything containing any goodness when speaking of Chicago Gangsters…and/or their “pooliticians”….

      1. Hey BlueGood,

        Point taken. Thanks. I was just trying to make the point that:

        This is pretty much what happens when you elect the “Crown Jewell” of Chicago Politics to be in charge of the purse strings……

        Al Capone would be impressed ….

          1. Maybe Obama could go to Egypt now that they are implementing prohibition and set up those black markets. ooops did I say BLACK markets? Maybe they should be referred to as markets of color.

    1. The IRS is Good…..the IRS is your Friend….the IRS Loves you….The IRS is your big brother…The IRS is family….

      1. they are going to make sure you bought and paid for proper health care coverage :(. but if this studio cuts travel expenses why not.

  6. We need to abolish the IRS along with their fancy tv studio. Dang this is pathetic.
    Thanks Scoop for posting these now!!

    Virtually no one paid taxes from the founding until the early 1900s. This is disgusting.

    1. Good job on the video 🙂

      This Government is incredibly proficient…at burning through our money. They even burn through what we have yet to make, while causing the making of it to become increasingly difficult.

      It’s nothing short of a war on producers and would-be producers, and it seems we have no soldiers of any stripe on our side, with few notable exceptions. Even those ostensibly on our side of the battle take well-aimed potshots at us. Friendly fire seems OK to them. They should rather, go AWOL, or desert to the other side. They are certainly not doing much to help their brothers and sisters in arms.

      Security is in the ability to produce. Government is killing both.

      1. Wow myBear! Excellently said! I wish they would all go AWOL. Just both sides leave Washington in droves. Oy. A war on producers and everything that’s good about America. Well said Rshill.

        Thank you 🙂

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