Watch as Obama supporters sign away the Bill of Rights in the Constitution

This doesn’t speak well at all for the state of our nation. Not at all:

(h/t: The Blaze)

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109 thoughts on “Watch as Obama supporters sign away the Bill of Rights in the Constitution

  1. Look at all those sheeple.  People just don’t pay attention or just don’t care.  WAKE UP AMERICA!!

  2. Good grief Charlie Brown. How is this possible?
    Even in a dumbed-down socialist Post-America nation, people are willing to sign away something called the Bill of Rights?
    Are we sure this wasn’t staged?

  3. A similar video was produced asking the environmentally conscious to sign a petition to rid the earth of Dihydrogen Monoxide. This is an indication of how liberal the society is and the average low information citizen do not think for themselves, thereby being liberal by default.

  4. I watched this through to the end because I wanted to see one person that understood what they were doing.  It was painful, but finally, someone (the last guy) called BS.  Personally, I don’t sign petitions, particularly when I see a high school student with a clip board.  In Chicago, prior to the first “obama-nation” I was approached by these nimrods who wanted to know if I wanted to vote for obama.  I simply replied that I voted for Bush and they walked away in disgust.  If only these people would walk away in disgust when faced with the option of signing away their Bill of Rights.

  5. idiots., now  people can see how they do it keep people busy and they wont pay attention

  6. What the NEA has done to our educational system and Common Core will allow complete control by the Federal Government to make the population more ignorant. Was this Venice Beach, CA? If you go to Venice Beach, you will see what Rome looked like just before the FALL!

  7. These people are so stupid they don’t even know that they HAVE a BILL OF RIGHTS!…or what it even is!  They would even sign the petition to have themselves put in prison if you told them it was good for them…IDIOTS!

    1. 1233fire  There was an experiment done with liberal voters a while back that had to do with banning water.  Of course, the scientific name was used, but liberal after liberal signed the petition when they had no idea what it was they were trying to ban.  The only setup needed was to say that the EPA said that it was a bad chemical so we should ban it.  Too gullible.

  8. We don’t derive rights from the constitution, so it’s impossible for Obama or congress to repeal them. As the declaration of independence asserts, our rights are unalienable, having been given to us by our Creator. 
    The function of the bill of rights is to restrict congress and define what congress may not do. As I’ve said before, the constitution was designed to be a straight-jacket for federal government, which is why they hate it so much and want to get rid of it.

    1. applepie101 
      With all due respect, applepie, Obama has thumbed his nose at the Constitution repeatedly, an no one has raised an eyebrow.

      1. white531 applepie101 I don’t disagree with that. I just want to be sure people remember that, constitution or no constitution, we still have our rights by natural law, not by favor of government.

    2. applepie101 Excellent, applepie. 
      That’s the critical assumption underlying the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We have to assume that our leaders, especially our President, acknowledge our Creator for whom He is.
      It is absolutely essential to the success of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights that the Judeo-Christian God be acknowledged as the source of our rights, not human beings.

      If that acknowledgement does not happen, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights become meaningless and our rights disappear in a puff of smoke.

      That’s why collectivists – Obama, Lenin, Hitler, Mao – want nothing to do with the Judeo-Christian God. Without Him, the state then becomes the arbiter of rights, giving and taking away rights at a whim. That’s what happened in the Soviet Union and in Nazi Germany.
      Obama hates the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, because those two documents restrict the Federal Government and therefore him, not its citizens.

      With no limiting mechanism, the state’s power becomes, ipso facto, limitless, eventually degenerating into totalitarianism.

      Limitless power is absolute power. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  9. I know these petition videos look really bad but I’m starting to think people pay 1% attention to what is actually being said and all they hear is ‘support Obama’ or whatever.

  10. I like comedy as much as any of you.  This is comedy at it’s very best.  Except for one thing.  These people, idiots that they are, have the right to vote.  They have the ability, because of their numbers, to control how the rest of us live.  I don’t know what effect that has on you, but I have to tell you, it scares the Hell out of me.

    1. white531 I think I heard somewhere that it only takes two thirds of the population in agreement to  amend the constitution. So if this is true ,this is no laughing matter. especially  since the illegals are soon to be granted citizenry . That could bring this nightmare to a reality. They aren’t going to be obligated to assimilate.  Between tweedle dee  and tweedle dumb , you’re right ,it’s getting scary  .

  11. How do we turn a progressive towards right principles and valuing our constitutional republic?
    Facts? Reasoning? History? Morality? Apparently these don’t work.
    I figure a 2 X 4 might work, but was hoping they’d be a better way.

    1. Bill589  
      Exile them all to one of their progressive Marxist utopias like Cuba, Venezuela, China, or North Korea, where there is no bill of rights or individual rights of any kind.

      1. Judges718 Bill589  That’s assuming the petition signers know what “progressive”, “Marxist”, and “utopia” mean and where Cuba, Venezuela, China, or North Korea is.
        I don’t even think they know what a bill of rights is or what individual rights are.

        1. PoCoTex Judges718 Bill589  
          That  does seem to be one the most apparent problems.

      2. Judges718 Bill589  
        Wouldn’t work.  They would treat them like princes and then send them back to us, saying the trip was great!

    2. Bill589  We don’t have “low-information voters” here. We have “low-information citizens” or, even better, “brain-dead citizens”.
      It’s no wonder that MSNBC, CNN, and pseudo-news programs (e.g., Jon Stewart) have such influence.

      Tell you what, make them each take a citizenship test as (legal) immigrants do. If they pass, they get to vote. If not, too bad, so sad.

      A 2×4 to the forehead might work. Might not. Maybe two electrical connectors to the sides of their necks might work.

      1. PoCoTex Bill589  Apathetic , and incoherent  and a great big scoop of brainwash , given courtesy of some of our  senile college professors . Complacency : the act of being happy with what you got , and yet in reality  it doesn’t exist.

    3. Bill589 Well Bill, until they get really, really hungry I don’t think they’ll get it. The 2X4 idea is a good start, however.

  12. Has any one googled “Birth Oh The Beet” , if not please do so .  IT should be the ANTHEM of the Patriot And a call to protest the Senat and Condess  failure to IMPEACH. March on Washington, play the tune and DRUM AND BUGLE  the call to arms for 24 hrs strait .   MAYBE they will hear you and get the message .

  13. Actually, this is horrific!
    Can you imagine what would happen if Obama and/or Pelosi and/or Reid actually tried to do this? 
    How many brain-dead Democrats and Republicans in Congress would actually support it?
    What would the Supreme Court do?

  14. The idiots who signed the fake petition actually gave their birth dates and name to a complete stranger. They’re too stupid to realize how fortunate they were that an honest man was just trying to make a point. NEVER give anyone you don’t know any pertinent information.
    Morons on the loose should be the title of the video.

  15. I’m not surprised, We are living in a very prosperous nation, and people have become complacent in it and it’s history. One day these schmucks will wake up to the truth that America has become a third world nation and they will wonder how it got there only when it’s too late.

  16. Because they are a product of the public school system,and are probably completely ignorant to what the Bill of Rights actually is.Never gonna happen.

    1. 57thunderbird I think the public school system gets a bad reputation.  Education, or lack thereof, is the product of the individual AND opportunity.  There are amazing, intelligent geniuses that come out of public school.  Then there are these ignorant dimwits that copied off their friends and learned absolutely nothing.  It’s called personal responsibility.

  17. I bet you’d get libtards and LIVs that would sign a petition if the question was: “Obama wants to eliminate 20 million white people to make room for African-Americans.  They only make up 13% of the population and that’s racist so Obama is going to do something about it, please sign this petition to urge Obama to eliminate 20 million whites so that blacks can live and have just as much population as white too” 
    My point is, stick Obama in front of the most outrageous nonsense and you’ll still get people that only hear “Obama” and think: “If Obama wants it, it must be a good thing, and I should support that”  🙁

  18. I’m not American, but this is just painful. If stupidity hurt, these people would be crying out in agony.

    1. waffle_anna  Just like me Anna.   not an American.   My concern is what happens in the USA has an effect on us. God help us all if Obama sucedes in taking down the economy and the Repubic.

  19. They deserve enslavement.  I won’t watch it, because I just can’t stomach it.  I can’t stomach that we live in a country with these imbeciles.

    1. NJK   That is the essence of the problem. No body will listen to what is being said or WHY .   It was a hidden camera show!!!!!. the last person to be asked for a signature, a ex-soldier. HE REFUSED and the real purpose was revealed. 
        Swallow your pride and  watch and listen to the vidio.     I was going to write something else but caution prevailed .   I think my words would have landed me in jail. if not a drone air strike !!!!!!

      1. 57thunderbird NJK    At first I shut it down    THEN after giving some thought I DID WATCH IT. .     With repect I do think you should watch it all. BUT DON”T BARF. The real reason to watch it is in the last few seconds .

  20. The only guy to understand what the Bill of Rights is was in the military.  Which only proves that the rest of those dummies should all go to boot camp for some strong lessons!

    1. DebbyX   Was it not when the DRAFT was cancelled and you went to an all vounteer Army  that the USA started to collaps?????   The Draft gave boys a backbone and turned them into real men!!!!

    2. Maybe the military man was the only one with guts enough to say ‘no’ to a big guy with a clipboard.

  21. This is off topic, but its too funny to pass up.A young Arab boy asks his father, “What is that weird hat you are wearing?”

    The father said, “Why, it’s a ‘chechia’ because in the desert it protects our heads from the sun.”

    “And what is this type of clothing that you are wearing?” asked the young lad.
    “It’s a ‘djbellah’ because in the desert it is very hot and it protects the body.” said the father.
    The son asked, “And what about those ugly shoes on your feet?
    His father replied, “These are ‘babouches”, which keep us from burning our feet in the desert.”

    ” Tell me, father”, added the boy.
    “Yes, my son?”
    “Why are you living in Dearborn, Michigan and still wearing all this sh*t?”

  22. Absolutely unbelievable!  Assuming the video is legitimate, which I’m sure it is, I wouldn’t have believed it.
    This actually ties in perfectly with the conversation we were having on the previous post by Scoop businesses leaving California.
    For those who missed it,  was a conversation about who should be allowed to vote.

    1. white531 
      Only those paying taxes should be allowed to vote.  You used to have to own property to vote.  People with NO SKIN IN THE GAME, have no say, as far as I’m concerned.

    2. white531 I believe it. I think 100% of the Obama voters would give a signature. Anything is possible from these mind numbed robots. Going on 6 years of this crap.

  23. I wonder what would have happened if he started explaining what the bill of rights consists of.

    1. Amjean Most if not all of them grabbed for the clipboard when they heard that it was obama’s idea.  That’s all it took.  He could have been asking for their first born and they would have handed it over.

      1. DebbyX Amjean That’s what makes this scary. From the people who think it’s perfectly fine and a good thing for the IRS to target Obama’s enemies to the people who will sign this … there’s no understanding of or appreciation for rights.

      2. DebbyX  That tells you just how much they listen and only go by blind faith.  It doesn’t matter what Obama says or does, he’s on their side so it must be for a good reason.  That attitude and that blind trust is extremely dangerous.

  24. The video is unfair in one aspect….and that aspect only.  These people don’t know what they are signing, so it’s not like they know they are throwing away their freedoms.  They just hear “Obama” and they sign.  
    With that said, this is very, very scary because it shows the pool Obama has to get votes from.  This is why Obama is able to get away with destroying the Constitution.  People just don’t know any better.  They believe Obama is on their side so they sign with blind faith.  Not good news for a nation full of uninformed voters.

    1. kong1967  
      I don’t know kong, as they were signing, he kept repeating, “you are helping to repeal the Bill of Rights.”

      1. white531  There you go again…..thinking like an intelligent person, lol.  You assume that they even paid attention to the details of what Obama was going to repeal, or that they even know what the heck the “Bill of Rights” are.  I don’t believe even the dumbest Democrats would be willing to repeal the “Bill of Rights” if they had a clue what it was.  These people either didn’t listen to the details and all they heard was “Obama wants to…….so sign the petition to help him”, or……they didn’t have a clue what it was.  No one would vote to take away their own freedoms intentionally….would they?

    2. kong1967 I should have read your comment before I wrote mine.
      It was all about obama, that’s what I took from it too.

      1. DebbyX  Well, maybe I should have waited to read your comment before I wrote mine. 🙂
        Just teasing, but the more the better.  We both had the same impression.

    3. kong1967    No !!!  NOOO!!!!. They knew. I couldn’t beleive what I was hearing and seeing. I just had my cateracts removed and my ears cleaned  The subject of the pettion was CLEARLY STATED.

      1. El_sea  I agree that they should have known, but I really don’t believe they did.  They either ignored the details and would sign anything to support Obama, or they didn’t know what the “Bill of Rights” are.   I don’t believe that even the dumbest Democrats would sign away their rights if they actually knew what they were doing.   Even supporters of communism don’t realize that it’s not the utopia they think it is.  Pure ignorance.

    4. Substitute ‘Obama’ with ‘Hitler’, and you can see how the Third Reich came to power.

      1. applepie101  Exactly!!  There are people that vote on looks or even hair.  They will be the demise of our freedoms and our nation altogether.

  25. Couldn’t he also get addresses and phone numbers and try to get them to a seminar to educate them, and …..
    How it is possible?  That’s what I need to ask these people…
    OK,  gotta write to Rick Santorum who is just starting a movie company…Great place to start.

  26. I weep for the future of this nation.  🙁  If we fail to turn this ship in 2014 and 2016… I fear it will go the way of the Titanic.  🙁

    1. WolfieUSA I think we lost it officially in 2012. 50% plus of the public were stupid to vote for a man who hates American Values.  It will take many years to recover.

  27. Those PEOPLE have no idea what the Bill of Rights is.  All they hear is “obama” and they fall in line like good sheeple they are!!!!  Man, we have some STUPID people in this country, and they can VOTE.  Scary!!!!
    God bless the one person shown that refused to sign the petition….former military man, don’t ya know!!!!

    1. Army_Pilot1967 I say let’s find them and take away their freedoms then when the whine show them what they signed.

      1. Orangeone Army_Pilot1967 That’s a good idea…just say “obama” before they sign the paper surrendering their freedoms and it would work.  They would scribble their names like the sheeple they are….too bad we can’t try that.

  28. I have an idea. Let’s make them happy and send them to Cuba or some other socialist paradise.

  29. This just confirms my theory that we don’t deserve our Constitutional Republic. We are too stupid and too compliant. Thank you public school system.  Maybe a small but growing generation of home schooled kids and Christian educated kids can save our Republic. For now, the wandering generation continues.  So sad.

  30. I can’t watch it.
    If they voted for Obama, then they should be neutered and stop breeding ignorance.

  31. They need to be kicked to the curb, and any citizenship rights stripped from them and their spawn, in perpetuity. They give away what they don’t understand, and never deserved.
    *SHRUGS*…..I have no sympathy, or the slightest empathy, for them. When they start squealing about the sharia or whichever form of slavery eventually catches up with them I will laugh in their faces.

    1. famouswolf Unfortunately, we get caught in the same slavery. When Obama takes away their free speech rights, he takes away mine. Actually, he takes mine away first, since I oppose him.

  32. “Do you support Obama destroying your freedom, liberty and pursuit of happiness?”
    “Heck yeah, where do I sign?”
    Clueless bunch of parasites!

  33. There are a lot of folks who are stuck on stupid.  Why is there not a requirement to pass a basic civics test prior to voting?

    1. Dukehoopsfan Hey, from the sound of things, I don’t even think there’s a requirement to pass a basic civics test to graduate from High School any more.

        1. Orangeone joyfulgiver Dukehoopsfan There are in Washington State. They’re horribly designed tests. If they had a civics test now, students would be tested on their knowledge of recycling and global warming, not on rights.

        2. PNWShan Orangeone joyfulgiver Dukehoopsfan At least you have something.  Perhaps the libs are trying to validate the indoctrination is complete. Gotta wonder what is on the SAT test.

  34. Do these people who are signing have any idea what they are signing?  What will they do when there is no Bill of Rights?  They need to bend over and get their butts kicked. Oh my lord – what is happening to our country?

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