WATCH Cliven Bundy’s response after CNN asks him “how does it feel to be abandoned by your friends on Fox?”

CNN asked Cliven Bundy how it felt to be ‘abandoned’ by his friends at Fox. Then the host suggested Hannity called Bundy ‘ignorant, racist, repugnant, and despicable’, which I’m not sure is true. Hannity did say that about Bundy’s remarks yesterday, but I don’t think he said that about Bundy himself.

Either way, listen to how Bundy handles it:

As an aside, here’s an interview CNN did with Cliven Bundy this morning. I suspect you won’t like the condescending way he’s questioned by Mr. Cuomo, but it’s still an interview you should watch:



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138 thoughts on “WATCH Cliven Bundy’s response after CNN asks him “how does it feel to be abandoned by your friends on Fox?”

  1. I love Cliven Bundy. I wish he was my Dad. Get over it pushy pontificating CNN, you prunes. Unfortunately, my brother is similar to the smarmy interviewer. Spit.

  2. Revolutionary Marxism failed, in part, because it deprived human aggression of the internal channel of private property, redirected aggression outward, and thus gave rise to the most ruthless dictators.

  3. If only the MSM including FOX would have shown equal outrage when the New Black Panthers said “kill all the white babies” (its on youtube) or “why do you black men walk around with these white ho’s on your arms” (its on youtube) it was said in the streets of Philadelphia I believe.
    As for “don’t call them Negroes” then why is it still called in 2014 “the united NEGRO college fund”??? NAACP, ” The national association of COLORED people”, still called that in 2014,
    Last but not least if they would only put this energy at the boarders where ILLEGALS cross over on a daily basis, and I’m not talking only about the people wanting to work and make a better life for themselves, and their families, but I’m also talking about the drug dealers/drug gangs, and terrorists who come over our boarders on a daily basis.

  4. If this isn’t the picture of a corrupt, banana republic govt., I don’t know what is. Shame on those who would fall into the racist sewer of the left. I spit on this evil govt. I hope they fall victim to a terror attack. They all deserve it. The ones directly responsible and the ones who are silent. Bill O’Reilly, you’re a sanctimonious jerk.

  5. I couldn’t watch the whole thing. I’ve seen quite a few dead calves, so it wasn’t that. Bundy has spent his life taking care of cattle, not learning how to deal with pundits. I feel bad for him, and his cattle.

  6. Fox jumped the shark when they hired leggy blondes, turned Sheppard Smith’s Newsroom into a NASA Control Center and O’Reilly decided to kissObama’s butt during an interview and called the Mulatto Marionette a Patriot! Twits. I dig into the Net for real news. All else is GoebbelsLand.

    1. Turn them all off and watch HGTV or something else. Come to places like this, or Mark Levin for the truth.

  7. Hannity’s remarks, even pertaining to the statement itself, were cowardly and repugnant. The only wrong in Bundy’s statement was suggesting that pre-civil war slavery might have been better than welfare slavery. That failed to take into account the beatings, sexual abuse and physical lack of freedom of the former condition. Bundy was right in making the comparison, however, because welfare is slavery of people of all races who have surrendered full control of their lives to the government. Generation after generation are born into it, and it’s difficult to escape.

    1. I thought he was questioning whether slavery was better than prison. Either way, it was questioning, it might have been criticism. It certainly wasn’t racism.

    2. I think that’s what he was driving at. But again, the man could be a neo Nazi and it would not be relevant to the reason we started paying attention to him. It’s not him, personally, we are interested in here.

  8. I think the picture of Bundy holding the dead calf so carefully speaks volumes to the kind heart he has. This man is being persecuted for having grace and honesty. God is smiling down at Cliven. And the land is God created and owned as we just borrow/control it for the short time we are here. I pray that someone can step up and give Clive the land to use for the short time he has left to graze cattle. Unfortunately men like Cliven are becoming extinct so the GOVERNMENT will now be growing our meats from test tubes so they can treat it with chemicals in order to control the population. This way they can control health management costs from every angle. But they will protect their 1% self.

    Shame on that media-maggot

  9. Cnn is sickening America.About on par with MSNBC and Media Matters. In other words traitorous trash.

  10. The mainstream media are mostly venal opportunistic leftist filth. It’s why a leftist socialist infested government and the MSM are such pals – and ALWAYS work together against the citizen patriot and never against the radical venal opportunistic Marxist activist left. No, really.

  11. This just brought me to tears. The very idea that this man, this simple man, has been targeted for personal destruction by the political and media class is repugnant. It is pure evil. Evil to twist his intent. Evil to selectively edit his words to hide his intent. It is obvious that Bundy does not organize his thoughts well or speak in a PC Ivy League tongue, but he is not racist or evil the way they are trying to portray him. He is an old man. An old man with little formal education that the left and the government now wants to destroy. And for what? To line the pockets of the well connected political class and the crony capitalists. What in the hell has happened to this country?

    1. Mr. Bundy makes more sense than this slick Willy monkey in a suit. His thought are organized quite well. He just speaks slowly and clearly, unlike the slick Willy that has a mic in his ear feeding him his words!!!! If you watch the clip over you can actually see the monkey listening while he is rambling on and a look of confusion as he really has no idea what he is saying

      1. I hear what you are saying but I don’t think I could bear to watch it again. It truly broke my heart.

        1. It sickens anyone that has a heart. The left are the bigots here as they cant even try to see his side and they are spineless, gutless and without a heart.

  12. Cuomo is just a perfect person, who has never said a crudely worded slight in his life; give us a break.

  13. If I recall Hannity didn’t call HIM racist, repugnant, etc. He said his words were racist, repugnant, etc. There is a difference, if the man used a poor choice of words. I don’t think Mr. Bundy is the most articulate man in expressing himself, if you have listened to him even in the defense of his actions. He should have hired a PR person to speak for him from the beginning, because he obviously isn’t used to the limelight and was being set up for failure by the media as is illustrated by this interviewer.

  14. Via a previous commenter…
    The GREAT Dr. Thomas Sowell: “…The black family survived centuries of slavery and generations of Jim Crow, but it has disintegrated in the wake of the liberals’ expansion of the welfare state. Most black children grew up in homes with two parents during all that time, but most grow up with only one parent today…”

    “The assumption that spending more of the taxpayer’s money will make things better has survived all kinds of evidence that it has made things worse. The black family- which survived slavery, discrimination, poverty, wars and depressions – began to come apart as the federal government moved in with its well-financed programs to “help.”

    No, really.

  15. Unfortunately I learned something new today… the name of this CNN lowlife propagandist, posing as a reporter.

      1. From now on I shall call this “reporter” der Schweinehund.
        Strangely I feel better now, having forgotten the jerk’s name.

  16. I am sick of the so called conservative talking heads following the lead of the left and referring to Mr.Bundy as a bigot and a racist.Hannity,Loesch,Boreli,Beck(who is anything but conservative)

    1. Beck is in it for the money and it shows
      I like Savage most of the time, Rush 80 % of the time….. Michelle Malkin is good
      But the saddest thing to me is that as a republican I hear that the republican establishment is trying to take down Ted Cruz. For this the party needs to go…He seems like the only soldier of politicians for the people. And America is so blind that they will probably all just get behind another term of devastation by electing Hillary to really drive the knife killing America.

      1. Yep.Haven’t listened to or followed Beck for over a year,and have no intention of ever doing so again.I listen only to Rush and Levin.The GOPe needs to go the way of the whigs.I weill write in my candidates this time around if the do not appear on the ballot.

        1. I know what you mean, I thought when Beck first came on the scene that he had something to offer, but have been turned off by him for over a year as well.

  17. Hannity called his REMARKS those words not Mr Bundy. As usual the reporter spins it. Typical.

    Anyway it isn’t about him (which is where the left wants to take it) it’s about Federales showing up to take cattle. That is not how you collect a judgement…..DEFLECTING what really went on and the significance of the American people standing up to it……

  18. Cuomo – Worked for the All Barack Channel, soon to become the Adoring Beautiful Clinton’s Channel, left and went to the Communist News Network.

    WELL WHO IS CHRIS???? He is Andrew Cuomo’s brother. The Governor of New York. The Communist in Chief of the State. The One who hates everything about the Constitution, but is not as much of a Communist as Bill Deblasio. As a matter of Fact i bet behind closed doors Deblasio and Cuomo fight.

    he is NOT a NEWS REPORTER he is a disgusting human being. And he loves being a part of the destruction of our nation. He will stand by his brother, and this demonic democratic party. He will make sure everything they stand for is alive and well.

    Oh and Georgie boy who works at the all barack channel, is the one responsible for starting this war on women, but just wait when we are not racists anymore and he starts a new war on January 1st 2015. I mean after all Georgie loves Hillary, and he is so excited to make sure his journalistic integrity is no longer intact.

  19. Mr. Bundy is absolutely CORRECT..Truth and REALITY is now considered “Racist”???..Just because he ‘s not a Gov. Gumba PC speaker doesn’t change the message. And quite possibly enhances it. Those that have been critical of him will not be considered safe ..behind my back. Has been an extremely informative exercise.

  20. Got to jump in on this one, folks. I’ve achieved old phart status and with that comes a responsibility to share with you some elder wisdom about a technique once taught that is now missing in a world corrupted by political correctness. Simply put, it’s not the words that people choose to use but rather it’s the message that need be considered.
    Case in point, as a young soldier I endured numerous and severe rectal area chewings (now called verbal abuse) that were, at first, humiliating, insulting and super offensive delivered by drill instructors trying to teach me how to soldier. Wasn’t long before I learned to get past the offensive language and insults and began to hear the message in all those words hollared in my face at the top of their lungs that may one day save my life, that of a buddy’s or how to properly terminate the life of an enemy combatant.
    That being said, it’s First Amendment time for Mr. Bundy, what I heard him say was a sincere concern for black Americans who have fallen victim to government manipulation in the best way he knew how. In addition, all, all the asinine attacks being levied against Mr. Bundy are intended to divert attention away from the issue……….BLM/EPA+ vs Citizens or promote PC BS (think “Rules for Radicals”)! I believe the objective here is to reign in an overbearing government bureaucracy so let’s get back on target and stop whining about secondary issues. And another thing, any politician who cannot stay on point with this issue will not get my vote – ever!

    1. The liberals call everything “racism” in order to divert. That’s the extent of their argument.

    2. I always hear great things about the tender mercies of drill sergeants. Tough love. They yell because they care.

      Thank you for your service, and welcome to TheRightScoop!

      1. It made many of us grow up really fast. When I went in I was fully aware that they’d either ‘make you or break you’. And it made many of us, and helped us to move on in life to lead full and productive lives. We became assets to this country, and not liabilities.
        And it worked out very well for for the vast majority. There was no such thing as PC, we understood the message loud and clear.

        I would not be opposed to bringing back the draft, for the simple reason to raise a culture of adults.

        But the only people that would oppose that would be the politicians, especially the ones that would never have to worry about being drafted. Makes you wonder, who’s interest they have at heart. It ‘s not the country, that’s for sure.

        1. Yep. That sounds like what my friends tell me.

          Regarding the draft, though:

          Most conservatives and libertarians would be against the draft.

          Also, every single person I know or have met who served in either the Army or Marines, from GW-I through today has told me they absolutely do not want to be stuck serving alongside draftees. It’s a professional force now, and nobody in it wants to be forced to trust their life to slackers.

          The Vietnam vets are understandably split on the issue. Many think they got drafted, so why should everyone else be spared the draft. Others felt the draft made men out of them, so it was a good thing. And still others (I know a LOT of Vietnam vets) are anti-war sixties types who still hate the draft.

          I also know several men who wanted to avoid getting drafted into the Army during Vietnam, so they ended up in the Navy or Air Force. Several made careers out of it, and all of them are excellent people. So if we did have a draft, I’d tell anyone who thinks they couldn’t face being a foot soldier to join either of those and learn something.

    3. Welcome ‘All American’. A lot of you guys went out of the back of my C-130 in Viet Nam.
      You’re dead on but then, the military teaches us how to see beyond the ‘flash bang’ to where the ‘flack is coming from, doesn’t it. 😉 😉

    4. Well said! Mr. Bundy is a good man who obviously cares about all people and that’s what should matter.

  21. Funny how Cuomo couldn’t be bothered with Cliven Bundy before. I don’t watch Cuomo and won’t watch Cuomo because he is not worth my time. If anyone is offensive its Chris Cuomo.

  22. If you observe some people and determine that they appear to be evidencing ignorance, vileness and evil and then you say it you say it, is that racist?Reporting what you see and surmise is racism?
    I thought racism meant that you were acting on your beliefs, not just holding them.

    This man made observed what millions of Americans also observe each and for at least the last 67 years that I know of. But I guess that if you observe illiterate, bought-off, political stooge , hate-driven cannon-fodder, squandering human potential on a sidewalk and exclaim, “My! How beautiful and valuable are these lives!” –is that not also racism under this definition?

  23. I couldn’t finish watching part 1 of the interview. If we are having a conversation about the entrapment of government programs, lets have a honest one. Start by watching CL Bryants documentary Runaway Slave, then read Star Parkers book Uncle Sam’s Plantation. Both eye opening.

  24. Cuomo must be a total ignoramus, Negro in Spanish means BLACK!!! Why do these networks hire people with so little education? The credibility of the network is sacrificed for this kind of stupidity? CNN lost me as a viewer.

  25. This is the media propaganda machine at work to change the subject from Dirty Harry Reids BLM land grab. People if this happened to this rancher it could happen to any of us. If you haven’t listened to Joe Walsh’s remarks about this, listen to it he does a good job taking this on. Right Scoop has it posted above.

    1. The fact that there were already 50 other ranchers who gave up and sold out is being overlooked. Bundy was the last rancher standing.

      1. none of the media including Fox never reported about the 50 ranchers who gave up. Where did the government get the money to buy up land all over this country? The money came from the tax payors ergo the land belongs to the people of this country NOT the government. Did any one bother to mention this?

        1. This is an issue that all the media likes to divert from. Maybe its time to reassess as a people just what and how the GOVERNMENT owns what it does.

  26. My computer is too slow to load the bottom 2 enough to where they won’t skip evey 5 seconds, but I listened to enough to know the creep is a hyocritical jack a$$.

  27. This is something I’ve seen all talk-radio hosts, including el Numero Uno, and the tv guys like Hannity do several times. They aren’t stupid enough to simply get their talking points from media matters or whatever right-side equivalents they prefer. No, for an issue of the day, they read the entire story at WaPo or the NYT and cross check it against Drudge and maybe Bloomberg or The London Daily Mail.

    Some are smart enough to head over to to check out who’s talking about it.

    All of that is fine when they want to be educated well enough to merely comment on something. But time after time something like this will come up, and these media leaders will totally drop the ball as far as research goes, because THESE kinds of things require MORE. More research, more doubting of the reporting, more desire to find the full, unedited version of whatever video or audio exists, and more attempts to contact the person and find out what happened.

    If you’re going to excoriate a man for something like this, then you MUST do your homework first.

    * Beck let the dog eat his homework. Then he lied about the answers.
    * Hannity mailed it in, then took the leftist, EZ-Out path.
    * Dana Loesch did the exact same thing, only didn’t harp on the man.
    * Rand Paul had no clue what the assignment was, so he just copied
    Bill Clinton’s answers.

    These pundits and politicians deserve to be called out on this laziness, and when they double down on lit like Beck, they need to laughed at, and see their subscriptions and ratings plummet.

    Beck tripled down on it, so he should be laughed at, lose subscriptions, and definitely not be invited to do any more NRA gigs.

    As Rush likes to say, “Words mean things.” So if you’re going to abuse a man for his words, you had better quote him exactly, and get the full context.

    And why is it that only the black conservatives (and a few non-blacks like Joe Walsh) did their homework on this one? Is it because that’s “their” job?

    Forget about finding a spine, these conservative pundits need to go up in the attic and find their old work ethic.

    1. Very well said. As a matter of fact, how about sending what you wrote to Beck, et al? With friends like them, who the heck needs enemies? I was disappointed in Dana Loesch too.

      1. I’m not in the mood (yet) to cope with the sycophant side of Beck’s following. Although I note that he’s been getting hammered in TheBlaze comment section.

        Besides, I’ve mostly supported Beck here, and even pointed out that folks have to learn to take him with a grain of salt. So I don’t want to totally rain on his parade. (But I’m getting close to deciding his parade needs to get off the street. And I take no pleasure in that.)

        1. Beck is a Mormon. And Mormons are funny about showing their true colors. My sister was raised Catholic and converted to Mormonism. There is something fishy going on in that cult….Romney sure did take one for the team, but which team was it. we see how well he can roll over and play dead.

          1. I think it’s big enough to not call it a cult. Cults are small. But I know very little about Mormons. All I know is the ones I know personally are really decent people. They don’t seem anything like Beck.

            On the other hand, the converted are always far more “intense” than the regulars. Doubly so for reformed alkies. I think Beck makes his own problems.

            1. The Mormons are all nicely nice and pretty on the outside. But Christianity is Christianity, so why do they need their own set of greed driven rules. Nothing against them but I dont trust them.

    2. How about Rush? He cut class that day and didn’t even bother to do the assignment. Sure, Rush is right when he says words mean things. But what does complete silence on a important issue mean?

        1. Rush usually pi$$es me off the least of any of the talking heads. He does his homework and isn’t a copy cat about any of the big stories and yes he was off to get a cochlear implant.

      1. Rush was having surgery on his ears and has been off for several days.He just came back to the show yesterday.

    3. No one should form an opinion based on these pundits for approval or to agree. WATCH AND LISTEN AND FORM YOUR OWN OPINION PEOPLE. or join the herd of sheeple.

      1. But as you well know, they will take the opinion of the loudest voice and run with it.
        I read the complete statements that Mr Bundy made earlier today,and as far as I’m concerned not too many people did, nor do they care.

  28. Bring you on to apologize?? This guy could me my grandpa – good man. Politically Correct Marxism!!! Period. The News Man is a counselor?? Outta control. Gonna give the cows heart attacks and the old farmers.

  29. Anyone who goes on rag networks like CNN, MSNBC, etc. is opening themselves up to the ignorance of those morons. I’m really over the whole ‘Bundy comment thing’… but CNN seems to want their Johnny-come-lately pound of flesh too. Idiot networks… MSNBC is still whining about Christie…

    1. He embarrassed the government bureaucracy. Not content to just allow the man to express his side they need they need to kick him and push his face in the mud. Maybe they are hoping to incite some idiot to take him out.

      1. I don’t advise any American citizen to sit down and shut up. Pi$$ on the media the politicians, Hollywood and all the rest of the left who can spew any lie they want with no consequence. Seeing Mr. Bundy in these interviews shows me he’s speaking from the heart and in good faith and doing no worse than any of us might if shoved in front of a camera trying to explain our beliefs and concerns.

        1. Yaeh, you’re right, they talk a good game now, but that’s the way it is with the Monday Morning quarterbacking syndrome.

      2. Are you kidding me…. Thank God he spoke up and woke up America!!!…..His truth is the only truth coming out of that CNN lying network. Im surprised that place doesnt go up in flames for the lies and as close to Hell that they are.

        1. You’re right. Why can’t he speak up? He’s entitled to his opinion. However, Bundy expected the media to treat him fairly and not omit some of the things he said.

          1. I dont worry about Mr. Bundy. He has a good heart and good direction on life. God is smiling down on him.

            the picture of him holding that dead calf so preciously was priceless. You could feel the love…

            and the recoil from that evil media maggot was just as palpable.

            1. I kind of used to think that the country was at war with itself, but I’m firmly convinced that it is the media that likes to stoke the fires. And the sooner people realize and tune them out the better off the country and the people will be. But the sad truth is that, self confidence, and self esteem has been thrown by the way side. The majority of the public will fall for anything anymore. and that makes for a sad vulnerable future for the ones coming up behind us.

        2. You know, I was gonna skip coming on to the RS site tonight, but I’m glad I did, many of you made me laugh out loud and I needed that, overall this is a great place where great people hang out, unless we get invaded by the Paulbot crickets again. 🙂

    2. You mean they’ve lost interest in the missing plane? already?
      You don’t say. Well they could move on to the old man Bush’s socks collection, that should keep them busy for a while.

  30. Being lectured to by CNN’s Chris Cuomo on constitutional issues is dreadful and I don’t have comprehend why he agreed to do this interview. Chris Cuomo is a far left extremist who would never say the same to Harry Reid for using the word negro. I despised his father when he was the Governor of NYS and I despise his brother, Andrew Cuomo, who’s our present governor.

    On another point, yesterday I predicted long before Hannity’s radio show that Fox would consider Bundy toxic and would no longer be championing his cause.

    badbadlibs was the first to inform me of what Hannity said yesterday on the radio. I see now that Megyn Kelly and Fox and Friends have turned on him as well. I’m sure there are plenty of others as well. And that was the reason why I so emphatic that his son should have stopped him when he began his commentary on racial issues.

    The MSM, cable news and most political pundits are political tramps. They will never defend anyone that might hurt their ratings which in reality is their income.

    The only way this story ends is for Bundy to stop the negative coverage now is to stop giving interviews. Anything he states presently, will be used against him.

    1. I actually turned on FOX just to see what was on today. This is the first time in over two years I’ve done that (I have turned it on once or twice when I saw breaking news on the internet and found out FOX wasn’t covering it, so turned it back off again).

      So to my amazement and delight, they were covering Elizabeth Warren’s potential candidacy, and Hillary Clinton’s chances. Not one mention of all the issues dogging Warren (fraud, lying, etc). One very brief mention of “what does it matter” with Hillary (the ‘B’ word never uttered). They had on some lady who talked glowingly of Warren, and her excellent bio. They quoted Baba Wawa’s glowing words of praise.

      I watched two segments, and not one mention of any Republican or any possible problems these two women might face. Just smiling interest in their great chance to be the first female President.

      I felt like I was stuck in an Airport watching CNN.

      I wonder what FOX will be like the next time I tune in? I’m sure we’ll have flying cars by then.

        1. LOL; I began to notice changes at Fox when they began running breaking news banners over a car crash.

          I could be wrong, but I believe knowing they had very little competition from CNN and MSNBC, they put together a marketing plan to attract more liberal viewership from those outlets. That’s when they expanded their employers and began hiring people who I knew where liberals albeit they hide it better than their competition.

          In addition, Fox News is operating like tabloids. And tabloids like the National Enquirer have great readership. I once posted a comment listing many of the liberals who work at Fox here at the Scoop. That number has grown as did the increase of lefty producers who run their programming.

          One final note; I really like what I have seen at TRS. Your larger than the first time I came to the site. The news stories have become more polished liked a pearl and unlike many of your competitors, you don’t publish articles on Kate Upton’s boobs to garner greater hits.

          I congratulate you and everyone at TRS.

              1. Heh. It’s hard to remember, but I’ll give the Paul supporters this: most of them aren’t race-obsessed jerks coming here to vomit up the usual racism directed toward the right.
                (Too many are anti-Semites, though.)

                We banned far more people in the Bundy threads than the Paul threads, I’m sure.

      1. Fox is the RINO of the cable networks. Just a bunch of phonies who pretend to be something they’re not–conservatives.

        1. Bingo! Fox is NOT a ‘conservative network’. You know what else it isn’t? It’s not an arm of the Democratic party, like the rest of the (so called) ‘media’, is. 😉 😉

        1. Hah! Yeah, I’m betting Ailes will have been long dead before I bother to tune in again.

          (Assuming I’m around that far into the future.)

  31. It is nauseating to hear the back and forth and the wussie attitude
    displayed by Hannity. Just say you don’t agree with his remarks.
    Don’t go on and on and on and on making it a bigger issue than it is.
    I recall while traveling catching Hannity on his radio show going on and on and on and on about his hoping that violence didn’t break out during the standoff, hoping that another Waco didn’t emerge; almost
    sounding like he was promoting it. I turned him off.

    This is all a smokescreen so people will quit paying attention to the
    federal land grab that has happened all over the country, mostly in
    the west. Have we caught on yet?

    BTW, I don’t care what Bundy said or didn’t say. I also don’t care what
    Al Sharpton, Jamie Foxx, etc. say about white people. As my grandmother
    used to say, “Don’t we have bigger fish to fry?”

    1. I stopped watching Hannity a couple years ago precisely because of his tendency to beat a dead horse until it’s bones have turned to dust! I would tune in and he’d be harping on the same thing that he was harping on the day before,and the day before that, and the day before,etc! It’s not like the progressive/leftist/socialist/communist fools aren’t a target rich environment! They can’t open their mouths without saying something stupid or lying!(or both!) It was tiresome!

      1. Absolutely correct. On his radio show, Hannity rarely goes two days without a diatribe against Jeremiah Wright and William Ayres. Sometimes I think that the man is still stuck in 2008.

  32. How many times do we have to go over the dead calf and the word Negro? Mr. Bundy is correct. We need to get over prejudices and stop freaking out every time someone opens their mouth. This interviewer is a total jerk. He is trying to put Mr. Bundy on the spot by baiting him. Mr. Bundy is not running for Congress for heaven’s sake. He is trying to continue to have a respectable living and open everyone’s eyes to government over reach. The interviewer is really really a jerk. He is talking to Mr. Bundy like he is an idiot. Mr. Bundy is sticking by HIS BELIEFS.

  33. Pray for Cliven. He’s a good man and does not deserve this horrible treament. The guy has raised a huge happy productive family for decades, working hard trying to make a living, and he hates the “change” this once great country has suffered through. He’s trying to take on a leviathan and needs prayers. Poor Cliven. God Bless him!

  34. They are now trying to pit him against FOX. They want to be able to twist his words. And the interview with Cuomo was ridiculous. Cuomo is an arrogant little pr*ck. I did like how Bundy lambasted him about not wanting to show a dead calf. Where do you think that steak came from, city boy? And then trying to blame the victim because the Gestapo government came in and killed off his cattle…some of which, like this calf simply were left to starve to death. Earlier, (I think on their blog) they showed a pen trap that was left open where if a cow had wandered in, the door would shut and it would have been left without food or water to die.

  35. This is so stupid. Bundy is NOT a racist!!! He never said Negros should be slaves. The media is trying to create a bad situation. Negros are Negros! Only in the last 25 yrs have they been called African Americans….because of political correctness! Clinton era political correctness. This man is being abused by the media…the entire media! To include Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Imus, Krauthammer, you name them. The only thing he may have done incorrectly is not pay his fees.

    I will continue to stand with him!!

      1. And they found the little prick, and is the kind that is not ashamed nor will he back up to the pay table.

    1. CNN and their ilk are also trying to “confirm” – by deliberately constructing a narrative about Mr. Bundy – what they’ve been saying about Republicans, conservatives, and those who oppose unlimited government, namely, that they are racists and therefore unreliable and unintelligent.

  36. There is little doubt that Mr. Bundy has a good heart and no matter how his words are taken it is hard to see him as a racist. If you’ve spent time around folks like him, you understand him. I think there are a lot of people (including Sean Hannity) who know nothing but big city life and haven’t got a clue when it comes to people like Mr. Bundy.

  37. The fact that the pathetic twisted Cuomo would blame Bundy for the death of his own calf is so absurd. I guess by his logic if we citizens don’t do exactly as the government asks then they have the right to kill or harm us and it’s our fault?

  38. Bundy should have asked him what the immagration laws of this country are and ask why his King Obama and Holder are not enforcing the laws of this country. Is it only the citizen that must obey laws? CNN is fully of crap and this is why smart people do not listen to them.

  39. What is this ass clown from CNN doing interviewing Mr. Bundy? You talk about harassment. What a total idiot.

  40. The price of beef just went up and the health hazards as well. The dems want to control all the food you eat so they can inject with chemicals to shorten life spands

  41. When and how much did the federal GOVERMENT pay to whom for over half of the land in the US. If you look at a map its devastating how much land is controlled by the federal GOVERMENT. State land should be state owned and governed.

      1. and if the fed had to produced this information it would be like obama producing a birth certificate. it would all magically appear but the truth would never be known. But God sees and knows all truths.

    1. I recall gigilo Clinton locked up a vast area as well I believe. Didn’t he declare a large portion of land in Utah, to lock up the vast amounts of shale oil?

  42. That idiot in a suit is the devil. How evil can anyone degrade this man because he isn’t 21 century PC. 21 century PC is dictatorship.

      1. I can barely get through that video with the monkey in the suit for how twisted his mentality and abuse is towards Mr. Bundy and the dead calf. HELL will be overcrowded for sure. God is not smiling at these evil mediamaggots

        1. I said the same thing some time ago, Hell has got to be a hell of a large place, not anywhere I’m planning to wind up God willing.

  43. Unlike Senator Rand, Hannity and others, Senator Cruz said the details of the Bundy case were complicated. That is as far as his support went for Bundy himself, he never endorsed or martyred him, or made this about Bundy. Mr. Cruz’ criticism was strictly about BLM, therefore no need for him to go on media blitz to apologize as others did.

    1. Senator Cruz has more brains and savvy then the two nitwits you mentioned, combined. He may have more then the entire senate, combined, but definitely, the democrats.

      1. What sort of creature has over 1,700 teeth, all capped and corrected to an engaging smile, and a total IQ of 100?

        The Democrat side of the US Senate.

    2. Rand and Hannity went so far overboard with their criticism of Bundy it made them look like liberal a$$ kissers. Which in my opinion they were. They can kiss up all they want it will never keep any liberal from accusing them of being racist. Disgusting display by both of them.

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