WATCH: John Conyers now claiming the electoral college is ROOTED IN SLAVERY

When the Democrats lose, they hate anything that they think contributes to their loss and once again they’ve taken aim at the electoral college after Trump beat the pantsuit off of Hillary a month ago.

Today John Conyers held a forum on the Future of the Electoral College where he proceeded to argue for the abolition of the electoral college by claiming it is rooted in slavery.


Oh not the phony 3/5ths argument again. If these radical leftists were honest they’d admit, as Levin points out in the clip below, that it was the North who proposed the 3/5ths rule in the first place to keep the southern slave states from amassing so many representatives in the House (based on slave counts) that they’d never get rid of slavery. It had nothing to do with the actual value of slave.

Levin also rips his whole slavery argument to shreds:

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