Watch Juan Williams defend Harvard students who say America THREATENS world peace MORE than ISIS

Juan Williams helped display the ignorance and stupidity of the liberal left when he defended Harvard students who said America is a greater threat to world peace than ISIS is. The ‘Cashin’ In’ crew didn’t buy it, and tried to dismantle his straw man argument.

Watch below:

Juan tries to support the Harvard students by saying that America has much more power than ISIS has. That’s true. But that’s not the point. They say America threatens peace more not because we have power, but because we’re evil.

Juan makes another faulty argument here, saying that Harvard students have to be critical thinkers about American foreign policy. That assumes that if you believe America is a force for good around the world that you’re not a critical thinker. Now you can hold that view and not be terribly thoughtful about it, but Williams’ attempt here is another feeble fallacy of logic.

For his efforts, the audience made his name trend:

Also God bless Michelle Fields for… existing.

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