There is a whole bevy of great speakers at CPAC this year, including Sen. Ted Cruz who will deliver the Keynote Address Saturday Night, and you can watch them all below. Use the CPAC Program Schedule below as your guide and feel free to say hello in the chat. I’ll add more live streams as they become available. Also this post will stay at the top of the front page until CPAC is over Saturday night.

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504 thoughts on “WATCH LIVE CPAC 2013

  1. Boy, you just  get used to something that works, and works well, and then you have to get used to somethng totally new.
    Sort of how we  got used to Freedom, and then found out  Obama had something totally different in mind.

  2. I have had a great deal of difficulty this evening in accessing the site.  Could someone please tell me what is going on with Scoop?  It’s like I’ve never been here before.  I had  to create a new account, like I’ve never been here before.  I don’t  like this new format.

    1. white531 Disqus had a mandatory “upgrade” that was awful. So Scoop changed to Livefyre. We all had to start over. Some had to tweak their names because their name was taken. Hope that helps!

    2. waytngtym white531 
       Well, its a new experience for sure.  Can’t say I like it, but I will try to get used to it.

  3. Maybe we need a CPAC convention in Great Briton to help UKIP  the United Kingdom Independent Party.  They have gained so much popularity in just a year, that their candidate is 3 points higher than the Torries.  And they say we can’t do the same thing here.  YES WE CAN

  4. I witnessed an incredible moment at a girl’s basketball game earlier this week that I wanted to share with you all now that the story seems to have some legs. I’ve never witnessed anything so humbling and powerful at a sporting event. Even though it’s not political, I bet you’ll want to share this link with as many people as you can.

  5. A hopeful political future in these folks.  Thanks for bringing them together to help identify them as the true representatives of this United States.  May there leadership rub off on the rest of our elected representatives and fellow citizens.

  6. A very well crafted and delivered speech by Ted Cruz – especially the end.
    Hard to chose between him, Rand Paul and Sarah Palin, they were all outstanding.
    For me, perhaps, Sarah Palin pips them to the finishing line though. She simply has a way of connecting with people which the other do not (yet?) quite have.

    1. colliemum I agree Sarah Palin energizes me like no other, but I love the way Ted Cruz is on conservative principles and policies.

        1. colliemum StevenValdez Sarah Palin is an enthusiastic speaker who always rouses the audience with her fire-brand of conservatism. As a Brit might say, bloody brilliant speech.
          Senators Paul and Cruz are the new voices desperately needed to defend the people’s constitutional rights which has been neglected far to long by many members of the GOP.
          Conservatives will not surrender and we will and are Standing Up Now.

      1. Plus Cruz has defended our Constitution and sovereignty before the SCOTUS multiple times and won!

    2. Is it me or does it look like Sarah Palin has lost a lot of weight?  She looked very very thin

      1. OneThinDime She may have lost a few pounds, but she’s lost nothing when calling out the  leftist sheep Democrat who want to fundamentally change America into a European socialist netion – aka, Obama, Reid and Pelosi

      2. OneThinDime  I’ve seen this comment on several blogs already….worded exactly.  Hmmmmm.

    3. colliemum I have only had time to watch Cruz but it was a very good speech based on clear principles. The end was very powerful indeed! I’ll stand with him any day in defense of the Constitution and liberty!

  7. My favorite speeches that I heard from CPAC
    Sarah Palin
    Ted Cruz
    Tim Scott
    Ben Carson
    I wanted to hear Scott Walker’s speech but couldn’t because of the static feedback..

    1. KellyPKh Love that he comes in front of the podium. He did that at the GOP speech. I totally expect to see him in the straw poll next CPAC!

      1. SheerPolitics He was in the straw poll this year, he only got 4% of the vote.. Hopefully this speech wakes people up

        1. StevenValdez SheerPoliticsWe mustn’t forget that he is a veritable newcomer on the political scene.Only us political nerds knew about him before the elections because of Sarah Palin’s endorsement.Only us nerds knew of his excellent performances on the Judiciary committee – many people just don’t watch these screenings.But since the MSM are now trying to palinise him, he’ll become much wider known.

    1. OneThinDime He also fought the U.S. & the U.N. and won. I forget the details but it was about the rights of an illegal alien.

      1. Correct, it was the Medellin v. Texas case which involved the UN telling TX that they could not execute an illegal alien because he was entitled to other representation, that after almost 20 years on death row. It involved the brutal rape and murder of 2 little girls.  He defended against POTUS Bush too and won in the SCOTUS that the US is a sovereign nation and not subject to the UN.

        1. Yes he does and yes we do!  He has a PAC already. Go to to join the emails, donate if you’d like.  Cruz has done more to support our Constitutional rights in his young life than anyone else in the entire Congress with huge victors in Heller and Medellin

  8. “Do we surrender or do we stand up now” – that’s the battle cry they’ve been waiting for!

  9. I like it that he is asking the audience to get involved with the project for growth. It is great that he, like sarah Palin, tells people to get up and start doing something – not in a patronising way but as people of equal value and abilities whse contributions are valued.

  10. “We need to stand with Israel” – yes indeed! “We need to stop foreign aid to nations that hate us” – yes indeed!

  11. That’s a great list of things to abolish – audience agrees, especially in regard to abolishing Dept of Education.

    1. StevenValdez He is great but he needs to pick up the tempo a little to keep interest of the younger, hyper generation.

    2. StevenValdez Yeah, it’s amazing–he hasn’t said a thing yet that I’ve disagreed with!

      1. He is also rule of law and DOES NOT support amnesty!  Did you notice when Ann Coulter mentioned him the round of applause?????

        1. Yes she did and rightfully so.  Rubio is part of the Gang of 8 trying to shove that amnesty threw as fast as he can.  He thinks the illegal cockroaches will vote for him, not happening unless he flips parties which is what I expect he’ll do.

  12. Very interesting how Ted Cruz is recapitulating the filibuster, pointing out Rand Paul’s achievement, and a nice little swipe at the gentlemen who did not stand at St Crispin’s Day with that band of brothers.

    1. colliemum It is a really cool thing, about that day being the first time he spoke on the senate floor.

  13. she is too much in love with Christie, but at least she called out Rubio for being a progressive and she is calling out other Republicans who are progressives and said quit tip toeing around liberals. 
    She is now not in love with Christie, because of Amnesty !! So that says something !! but she sold out on Romney.

    1. What can you say about a person who likes Van Jones … no really … she likes Van Jones (paraphrasing her comment)

      1. RocklinConservative Also loves Christies, has jumped on the bash Palin bandwagon and just admitted she was not a Kemp supporter.

      2. VanJones did tweet that he agreed with the StandWithRand and does not approve of drone strikes so there’s one tiny little thing

    2. She made outstanding points on amnesty.  How interesting both Rand Paul and Marco Rubio get 25% of the vote yet both are pro-amnesty.

  14. How many minutes to Ted Cruz???

    This has been an exceptional day: first Sarah Palin, then this:
    And to crown it all, the Cruz missile – it can’t get better!

  15. I want to know when Reince Preibus became a Conservative. He lost the POTUS election with the Insiders. He had NOTHING to do with the 2010 Victory that they wasted away. 
    This is what goes to what Mark Levin said, CPAC is NO LONGER the Conservatives Combating the Establishment, it is the Establishment that Co Opted CPAC. For him to have to tweet to Republican Senators to get to the Senate floor to #STANDWITHRAND, was pathetic, and then says NOTHING about what McCain and Graham said. The Group of Progressives known as the GOP is in a sad state of affairs. I am so sick of still hearing about Christie, and McDonald not being invited, and then to say my Gov Snyder is Conservative all three of them are LIBERALS. Snyder and McDonald huge Tax Increases, Christie and Snyder Obamacare Exchanges, do not forget this ever. NONE of them are POTUS material and even after this CPAC Conference do NOT expect me to hold my nose again. They better get it together.

      1. johnbyrd1972 kssturgis62 He did, during which he made another of his water drinking jokes …

        1. Ocolliemum johnbyrd1972 kssturgis62. Ok, someone needs to tell him enough already. It stopped being funny weeks ago.

      2. johnbyrd1972 kssturgis62 yeah he was there 3 minutes at the beginning where he made a water joke, then at the end for another three minutes, where he bashed ted cruz over not having a Shakesphere quote and he Quoted Rappers, that supported Obama like JAY Z and then on Twitter during the Filibuster he was asking people if they wanted another Hippie Hippie shake video and who should be in it, and then he was hammered by many of us. I WATCHED the full 13 hours, HE Was not there. He voted for Brennan. Enough of him being this Golden Boy Conservative, he is there to give Bush Conservative Creds. I watched it, he wasn’t there. He didn’t show the support, it was Mike Lee, Ted Cruz and Jerry Moran in the Morning, in the Evening it was John Barrasso, Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, Jerry Moran, and Thune.

  16. Oh no – CPAC has failed not only with its actions toward Pam Gellar and Robert Spencer, but they have gone left in support of homosexuality:
    “After the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) denied a featured role to a homosexual “marriage” advocacy organization, one of CPAC’s sponsors has decided to hold a panel promoting the acceptance of homosexuality at the annual gathering.
    The Competitive Enterprise Institute has gathered a six-person panel entitled, “A Rainbow on the Right: Growing the Coalition, Bringing Tolerance Out of the Closet.” It will include two members of GOProud, President Jimmy DeSalvia and Liz Mair. They will speak with supportive figures such as Fox News analyst Margaret Hoover, National Review Editor Jonah Goldberg, Washington Post “conservative” columnist Jennifer Rubin, and Fred Smith Jr. of CEI.”
    The true conservative knows homo-bi-etc. sexual attraction is a symptom, not the sign of a separate ‘gender’ or ‘orientation.’   It is a wound that needs healing, not a lifestyle that may be condoned.
    Statistics (CDC, police, coroner), medicine and science agree with Scripture on matters of sexuality.

  17. I am coming in the middle of this, I am a born, raised, lived in Michigan for my whole life. My whole family from my great Grandparents to now live in Michigan. Our Nightmare ended in 2010 with term limits of Granholm, and she is touting Snyder as a Conservative. WHAT A LIE !!!!!! 
    Gimics in his Budget – TAXES HE RAISED TAXES, and on the Income tax Rate he did NOT DO WHAT WAS PROMISED, he broke the Promise and NEVER lowered our state income tax to what it was before she took office. 
    he Vetoed Voter ID, he went against our Constitution about the Bridge, He taxed Pensions, He did right to work only because of the People and the Amendments they pushed for our Constitution. Randy Richardville the head of the Senate, has worked with Unions, Snyder supports Schostak and we almost got rid of Schostak, but he barely won at our RNC meeting. His Budget right now is calling for the HIGHEST GAS TAX INCREASE, and a REGISTRATION FEE HIGHER ON CARS, because he said IF YOU USE THE ROADS YOU SHOULD PAY MORE. 
    Our state People are STILL FLEEING AND MICHIGAN IS SINKING – What he is doing with this his Budget which is BIGGER THAN GRANHOLMS ever WAS, he didn’t get rid of the Hollywood Tax Credit and WE just lost 40 Million Dollars on the Disney OZ film. 
    PLEASE DO NOT FALL FOR IT, Look it up SNYDER IS A LIBERAL AND WE WANT HIM GONE and we are pushing for DAVE AGEMA to run against him.

  18. Waytngtym :   I can assure you wanting the younger generation to listen to Sarah Palin is and can be a vital mistake, the lack of preparation  during her VP run and alot of other things, to many to mention but easily investigated  embarrassed the party and set the party back . OTHER-WORDLY Please !!!!!!! 
    Wake up my friend

      1. slicerdicer 
        She’s a phony, its a shame her arm isn’t long enough so she could reach around and pat herself on the back.

    1. MOSBuild it is you who needs to remove blinders from your eyes and cotton out of your ears.  It is Sarah Palin that I want my daughter to emulate not the likes of hillary clinton, michelle obama, dianne feinstein or any other liberal woman.  I am awake but apparently you have your head up the rear end of the current occupant of the people’s house and can’t even come out for air.

      1. CarolynDixon MOSBuild 
        WOW just WOW, Emulate Palin you can’t be serious, please lay down the crack pipe for your daughters sake. The person she should emulate is you or has she realized how out of touch you really are? Have a nice life

    2. waytngtym MOSBuild 
      I did find them Thank you , a lot is two words and I should have said too instead of to.
      I must have forgotten that when I received my PHD. She only expresses the truth when they are written down for her and she reads them aloud, maybe and just maybe she prepared for this unlike her role as VP interviews but as far as her having an original thought of her own I would have to say its very unlikely. One can only go by what they read and what they see . In closing I will say she stands with the likes of Bachman, O’Donnell and Coulter she does nothing to help women, women’s rights. Just useless people stealing good oxygen from the rest of the world.

  19. I am excited about the upcoming Rout of the Establishment Losership by The People.  These old progressives with just enough power to be content with the Liberal/Prog leash around their necks have seen their last days in GOP Losership. 
    GrassRoots Rising!  Let Freedom Ring!, once again.

    The Ben Carson story is coming on LIFE TV at 1:30 which is in a few minutes.

  21. The 23 yr old GA HoRep. is an amazing young man who means business about conservatism and integrity!   Love him!

  22. At least Phyllis Schlafly is done, thank god! Senator Rand Paul made sense when he said that the GOP of OLD is Stale and covered with moss! Phyllis just can’t resist going all grandma Fester on us. I’m surprised she didn’t blame the entire Gay Conservatives that they are the problem and they should be eradicated!

      1. FoundersRevenge Yep. The GOP of old is stale and covered with moss. At least I try not to be living proof!

    1. c4pfan Indeed – but all saying something important, all to the point, all hitting the bullseye, never any empty phrases.
      For me, the best was her taking out that giant soft drink cup!
      That was not just a swipe at Bloomberg, that was also a gentle swipe at Rubio and his water bottle jokes. I just loved it!

    1. c4pfan i think she will win the straw poll.  i want to watch that part of the conference.  either her, rand paul or ted cruz are the big winners.

  23. Mr. Romney – nobody will ever win doing what you did: being nice to a lying opponent. He made up horrible stories about you, you did not tell the TRUTH: his several SS##, unknown school/passport records, his own stories about using coke, and a ton of facts, unknown to general public, and many more.
    They bring a gun to a fist fight, you had shown up with an olive branch. You HAD to lose. Don’t do it again, RNC.

  24. She’s really got what Mrs Thatcher was all about, and I’m glad she’s quoting her again and again.

    1. Yes, she does.  It is so sad that she and Mrs. Thatcher couln’t communicate earlier.  I guess we will have to settle for inspiration from Mrs. Thatcher’s better days.  What a legacy for Conservatisms and commond sense and reality she has for us.  Right on, Maggie!  You go Sarah!

      1. BetseyRoss Sarah Palin is very well read, and I’m sure she’s studied Mrs Thatcher’s autobiography.
        Thankfully there are also now lots of her earlier interviews on youtube, here’s one that got tweeted earlier today:

        It’s from 1977 – and every word applies today as it did then, not just to the UK but to the USA as well. Worth watching.

      1. rocco11colliemumNo … she’s to classy for that. McRINO was he one who put her on the national stage and she has the grace and elegance to not speak negatively of him. I’m certain she doesn’t care for some of the positions he takes, but she’ll not speak ill of him.

        1. alpipkin rocco11 colliemum neither will ted cruz. both he and sarah are class acts and would make a great ticket in 2016.

  25. S.O.B.!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’ll probably have to watch this later cause the feed is going nutz. It stops and starts at it’s own will, it’s choppy and even when I can hear it, it’s difficult to follow.

      1. c4pfan BlueGood LOL.. my monthly Federal Conservative meeting with our Board of Directors was today…I had to have them change the agenda, so I could give my report on our newly launched Parliamentary Petition to amend our Federal Firearms Act…LOL…meeting was 1/2 hour from home, so I said I had a very important Video Conference to partake in….

        Ok…so a little tweaking is allowed when one NEEDS to see & HEAR Sarah Palin LIVE!


  26. CPAC 2013 – President Obama’s Prayer Breakfast Club (feat. Dr. Ben Carson

        1. I’m looking forward to hear the applause for her – I hope the roof has been made safe so it doesn’t lift off!


  27. “Moral” issues, ALL should be decided at the State Levels.  The Federal Government was never meant to be involved in that.  Which in turn means The Federal Government should, and could be reduced back its original limitations in Article 1.

  28. CPAC 2013 – U.S. Representative Steve King (R-IA) 2013 – Governor Scott Walker (R-WI)

    CPAC 2013 – Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich

    CPAC 2013 – U.S. Representative Michele Bachmann (R-MN)
    Sound a little scratchy today.

      1. Ugh!  I hate that.  That means that Sarah doesn’t speak until 40 min later than NOON?  
        WTH.  Plus, that Uninvited event starts at 1:00PM!

  29. Does anyone have a link to Pat Caddell’s CPAC speech???  I read about it earlier and he nuclear on the RINOs, but I can’t find the vid anywhere.  
    Please post ASAP Scoopster.  Thanks!

    1. chatterbox365  You know that if there was, it would be all over the place!  I don’t think there is one.

    1. PJRodman 
      I am catching it on Breitbart.  Moving. Inspirational.  All in all, Magnificent.

  30. Hello
    Anyone knows where I can find a video of Pat Caddell at CPAC? Seems that that was a great speech. Would love to hear it. Thanks 🙂

    1. AmericanDream12 
      Oh I’d love to hear it also!
      I’m so mad I made sure to have it on at 3PM when he was scheduled to speak and nothing.
      They are only airing it seems anything that takes place in “The Paramount”, and he spoke from another room

  31. Amazing how much pull Jeb has with the conservative establishment. I don’t know any grassroots conservative that supports him or would want him to be a keynote speaker.

      1. ccarm9448 LMAO…and so now I realize I mis-spelled my handle…DUH…how do I change that?
        IT’S BlueGood!!!!

  32. Oh He mentioned my state of Michigan. Romney update yourself, a Teachers Union in Taylor secured 10 years of Union Dues from the Teachers because of right to work, and now some teachers are suing. Please DO NOT SAY SNYDER, CHRISTIE ARE CONSERVATIVES< they are LIBERALS – Sorry they are the REASON WE KEEP LOSING, there was no difference seen, or heard in the last election, and I am not holding my nose again.

    1. kssturgis62 Snyder is trying to be as conservative as he can be with a blue state as Michigan. I am from there, so I understand what is going. The only reason they were able to secure 10 years of Union dues is because no one spoke out, not because of Snyder and the legislation.

  33. None of this is gonna matter unless we get boots on the ground for every Election from now on. Plan on using your vacation to get out the vote – no more excuses. Years ago people said, “you should talk about religion and politics.” That is no longer true. If you are a principled conservative, talk politics and be ready to lose some friends and family. It’s better than losing our Country.

    1. Gunnerguy1911 
      When the election of 2004 was analyzed after the fact, all credit was given to Karl Rove and how boots on the ground, finding voters they never thought they’d find helped get W re-elected.
      Did anyone I wonder ever consult with Rove in 08 and 12 as to how he accomplished what he did in 04?
      Now all you hear about is the extraordinary job Obama’s campaign did regarding boots on the ground and how they took it right out of the 04 W playbook

  34. I want to thank Right Scoop for posting videos of the speeches.  Since I am working, my schedule doesn’t allow me to watch CSPAN in real time.  So, I really appreciate having the opportunity to watch the videos in full without distraction later on.

  35. I’m taking a break from CPAC today, so that I’ll be up for the two most important speeches tomorrow.
    That’s the one at noon your time, by a certain Sarah Palin, and the last one, at 5.10 your time (hope I can keep my eyes open for that one …!), by a certain Senator who’s called the Cruz Missile …
    Let’s see if they break the applause-record set by Sen Rand Paul!

  36. Andrea Tantaros was at it again today on The Five, Andrea is a special pleader for Christy Cream, for three weeks she has been pimping Christy to speak a CPAC, hey Andrea I will let you in on a secret, Christy is not a Conservative, got it?

    1. OneThinDime I’ve got a really dumb question….
      What makes anyone think that “undocumented workers” WANT to pay taxes when they’re living here for free now? “Living in the shadows” is a nice place to be if all of your take home pay goes directly in your pocket along WITH MINE!

      1. That isn’t a dumb question at all. They get jobs for cash, no taxes, get tax credits, free education, free health care, welfare, gov’t housing, food stamps and vote.  No reason to pay taxes at all.

      2. stage9 OneThinDime  
        I posted the reason they would want to pay taxes several weeks ago.  Many of them with children would have enough children they would end up paying little or no tax except FICA.
        They would qualify for up to $5891.00 EITC for a family with 3 children.  They will actually receive a check for that amount.

  37. I have read various articles about Grover Norquist which agree with your position.  Interesting that Cardena, head
    of CPAC is a “Jeb Bush” man, which is my opinion means he leans rino.  We will see.  In the next few years we
    will have a lot of information on all these people to draw from to make our decision as to our 2016 candidate.
    Right now, tho, I think we need to focus on keeping the house and gaining more senate seats in 2014.

  38. (btw), Thank you tRS for presenting this. I didn’t catch it all, so will it, or any be available?

  39. I LOVE GOVERNOR PERRY! I’m a native Texan and he’s been the best governor of my lifetime. I’ll vote for him anytime he runs for anything. Don’t believe the false smears, that often contain a small kernal of truth misrepresented and spun into a lie. He is a good man, true conservative and sucessful governor.

  40. I personally would live no place else but Texas! I respect our Governor and this was absolutely a great speech!

    1. marketcomp Not if the Democrats have anything to do with it.  They’re looking to change Texas from red to blue.  I hope we’re smart enough to prevent them doing so.

  41. Technically OUR country was founded by a bunch of people who just wanted to be left alone, and wanted the absolute MINIMUM amount of government possible.  They wanted no standing armies, they wanted to stick ONLY to defense of our borders (no foreign offensives) and they wanted people to take responsibility for themselves.
    So pretty much our founding fathers were Libertarians.

    1. This isn’t 1791. In those days it took weeks maybe MONTHS to cross the Atlantic. Now we have intercontinental ballistic missiles that can reach our shores in minutes! You can’t just “be left alone” anymore! This idea that we can just go from being a  superpower to a bunch of recluses is just naive! Much of our commerce is dependent on international trade. Should we cut that off as well? Do we negotiate oil with Saudi Arabia despite the fact that they are one of those nations, as Rand Paul says, who doesn’t particularly like us? How long will our own oil reserves and food reserves last if we become a super recluse from the world? Should we go that far? or is food OK to negotiate?
      YES! We can and SHOULD abide by the rule of law as outlined in the Constitution. It is the pillar of our society, along with morality that should never be moved. YES! we should stop being the world’s policemen unless it involves our allies or ourselves directly. YES! we should stop giving billions of dollars to countries that hate us! YES! We should KILL the NANNY STATE that wants its hands in every area of our lives.
      I don’t want the government in every area of my life any more than you do, but I’m also not unrealistic. There are some things I’m thankful for today that weren’t available in 1791 like ballistic missiles.
      BUT government has a role! A small role, but a role nonetheless, and it’s duty is to ensure the preservation of our civilization for future generations. An uncivilized, immoral society can not be preserved. It is an historic fact that such a society is doomed to become extinct ALL ON ITS OWN!
      Our Founders spoke of this over and over and over again. That unless the heart is regulated FIRST, nothing will be able to preserve this Republic. NOTHING!

      1. stage9 You sound exactly like a Democrat as they argue for free college, free healthcare, free everything. “This isn’t 1791 any more!!!”
        We have the technology to only have a navy (with fighters/UAVs and special forces) and contain all of the threats that face us, without starting wars all over the place, funneling weapons to al quaueda to destabilize countries, having bases all over the place, and having what amounts to a worldwide military empire. Any assertion to the contrary is absurd and irresponsible.

        1. uttles stage9 You mean this part anarchist?
          YES! We should KILL the NANNY STATE that wants its hands in every area of our lives.

        2. stage9 uttles It’s called principle, you should look it up. You used a logical argument that relies on the same principle that Democrats use. Your support for neverending military spending directly contradicts your opposition to the nanny state, not to mention the assumption that we have to have an all-powerful worldwide military empire in order to “be safe.” That sounds pretty nanny too.

        3. uttles stage9 You see this is why you’re so naive. Have you ever SERVED IN THE MILITARY, or are you just one of these armchair quarterbacks who is big on ideas an short on substance?
          This “constant military spending” you refer to is what has kept us one step ahead of our enemies for years. Today’s R&D is tomorrow’s weaponry. There are projects underway right now that won’t come online for another 5-10 years, but they re vital to keeping our military ahead of the change theater of war of the future.
          YES! You pray to God that you never have to use any of it, but since I’m not Nostradamus and can’t predict the future, it is better to have those weapons online in the next several years when we need them than to NOT have them because some imbecilic liberal bureaucrat thought he could save a few bucks.
          You libertards talk all this nonsense about the government’s Constitutional role in defending the nation but then whine when the military seeks to do just that!
          Every time they have cut the military budget another conflict arises and we’re playing CATCH UP to produce weapons and equipment that can meet the threat. It happened in Desert Storm it happened during the Iraq war! The Hummer was obsolete. Roadside bombs were killing our soldiers left and right, so Defense contractors had to hurry and build trucks that could withstand a roadside bomb and an RPG attack. There was also talk about better body armor for soldiers that wasn’t available going into the war.
          ALL of those deaths could have been avoided if soldiers’ equipment was up to date and ready for use.
          Now, if you want to debate whether we should’ve been over there at all, then fine, but the fact is, we were over there and because liberals cut the defense budget, our soldiers were left vulnerable. If you think that’s a good idea then we should send your sorry butt over there to get shot at and then you can whine about defense dollars.

        4. stage9 uttles it is sad that you believe that. 9/10ths of our military budget is slush that enriches crony capitalists.

        5. uttles stage9 I work in the defense industry you KNOB! I see it every day! I’ve sat through military briefings describing the effects of sequestration on military budgets and capabilities.

  42. Clinton never balanced the budget or had a surplus.Check out IRS . gov and search year by year.They only had a projected surplus and then we had a reccesion the dot com bubble and 9/11.

  43. NO to both fighters!  The answer to the question of “What difference does it make?” is not just to avenge their deaths.  And not just to fix the problems within our system.  But two more things: 1).  to find out who messed up within our State Department, DoD, White House, and where ever else it leads and FIRE THEM and HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE as well, and 2) to find out who was involved in the COVER UP and FIRE THEM and HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE, too!

  44. OK, let’s get American Idolish here…out of the speeches given, who has given the best?  I haven’t been able to hear any of them yet.

    1. c4pfan Rand Paul,Allen West,Rubio gave hip hip haray with no solutions but feel good sound bites

    2. c4pfan Gov. Rick Perry, who explained “conservativism”, rejected the media and the moderates’ call for the GOP to move Left, stated the GOP did not select a conservative in the last elections, vowed to remain conservative, declared he would never accept socialism and offered solutions for Medicaid, health care, creating jobs, reducing government, protecting freedom, attracting Spanish-American voters and balancing the budget. He cheered and encouraged conservatives. Hard to top that.

  45. i think we should all stand for anarchy, but to say that makes people cringe. i hear alot of things i agree with from rand but all in all they’re all just more politicians who always fail to address the real issues. What about the 1930’s smear campaigne on hemp and maijuana to protect certain few peoples who had holdings in the timber industry. you could rmake any ype of plastic rope clothing and so many other things and to grow it is faster and much easier on th environment than trees and petroleum. What about the central bank that isnt even part of our government? its a corporation that LOANSus our money for interest but to pay off interest you borrow more… the federal income tax isnt even a legal tax! the ammendment that imposes it on us ws not ratified into the constitution. look it up! and thattax does not go to nything helpful it goes to the interest on that debt to bankers. What about 9/11 and every other false flag attacks that swayed the sheeple we are into every war besides the revolutionary andcivil wars! what about sandy hook? what about the social institutions brought on to us by corporations and the media to subject everyone to certain genetic and psychological mutations?!? What about the food they make us eat? Educate yourselves and youll come to stop loving your country and more loving the world.

      1. SheerPolitics DavidBergmann Well man someones gotta say it. I dont thinkwe need to reform government i think we need it gone and complete solcial reform on every level. i mean if everyone is presented with the basic life needs and protection of that and their freedoms from the constitution why should their be asystem for the youth to be brought up in such a horrible world. peace love and unity 8) its the one view you indefinitely get killed for

        1. DavidBergmann SheerPolitics Srry Dave you do need rule of law.but what we have now is rule by dictate to the highest bidder.

        2. kiddopup DavidBergmann SheerPolitics i dont know about that lol to make a law strips a person of their ability to think, in every depth and meaning you could conclude from that whether it be conditioning to not critically think to the extent that it incurs more of the behaviors this IS undeniable. we are granted the most powerfull thing on earth, the brain, and who can tell me that we need laws? who can tell me that if things were donedifferent we wouldnt ll have a higher state of consciousness and greater realizations or the world and all of its beings

      2. SheerPolitics DavidBergmann I told you, it’s a cult. You could almost SMELL the hemp coming through your screen.

        1. kiddopup SheerPolitics DavidBergmann I know about about dope. I worked in a long-term non-profit drug and alcohol rehab. I’ve seen what it does to people. And no person I met there went straight into using heroin or other harder drug without first smoking some weed.

        2. SheerPolitics kiddopup DavidBergmann excuse me sheerpolotics but ive never seen somene do heroin wthout eating food first or going to public schools first.. and dont be so biased on the ganja there are certain illnesses that benefit completly like glaucoma and there are no bad side effects. ALSO goto it says that in labrtories canabanoids and hc have shown to suppress thegrowth of and in many cases kill canerous cells now i’ve seen a documentary where a man has melanoma and rubshash oil on it bandages it up and it shrinks in half in about a week. you must also realise there is no money in a cure

        3. DavidBergmann And I’ve heard that all that time, it’s simply not founded. You can justify your use all you want. Clearly you’re not ready to find the truth. People who are addicted to drugs have to become more fearful of being on the drug than they are being without it. I’ve met people that used to lie, cheat and rob their grandmother blind to get money to feed their habit. They ignore their kids needs or their unborn babies health. None of them started out doing that either.

  46. Senator Rand didn’t say a terrorist in a coffee shop should not be attacked.  He said an Ameican citizen on American soil who poses no imminent threat should not be killed by our President without due process.

    1. natedog41 Are you saying neo-conservatives aren’t welcome at the Conservative Political Action Conference?

      1. DarkKnight2016 natedog41 they are part of the problem in the party, the USA is war weary, it is time to get back to being a sovereign nation and not an empire

        1. natedog41 DarkKnight2016 No they are not part of the problem, would you rather China or Russia take charge? We aren’t at war to conquer so that empire stuff is bull.

        2. DarkKnight2016 natedog41 read real American history since the Civil War and you will see what is bull, every place we are at is for foreign interests with the possible exception of Israel… even that one could be heavily tied to the massive oil reserves in the Middle East.  I heavily support Israel but I really question whether the neocons would truly be so pro-Israel if we didn’t have the oil reserves.

        3. Do you really believe this kill people and install Democracy bull crap?  We have installed more dictators in the Middle East than Democracies.  Case in point, Iran, Egypt, Iraq… the list goes on and on.

        4. DarkKnight2016 natedog41 If he’s a libertarian then the consequences of libertarianism would allow just that. And the answer would be YES!

        5. DarkKnight2016 natedog41 good answer  🙂  I am a conservative, not a tree hugging Communist.  If you look at closely at our Middle East foreign policy since WW2, you will have your eyes opened.  What caused the situation we have in Korea, once again intervention with the Korean War.   I much prefer the way Reagan handled Libya, when they got out of hand he sent a couple cruise missiles into the royal palace.  Qaddafi stayed in line for 20 years without putting a American troop on the ground.

  47. I Remember Sarah Palin saying do not push away the Ron Paul Voters. I agreed with her. I am going to give a Warning to Ron Paul voters. STOP IT. Rand Paul is NOT his dad, he is different, he is Conservative Libertarian, he is not a full Libertarian. He wouldn’t have supported Romney is he was his dad. also I give you Sarah’s Warning, you better come to the table and be willing to negotiate, and you better stop worrying about stupid petty things like gay marriage and the legalization of drugs. WE HAVE HUGE ISSUES that need to be taken care of, and you need to learn the WORD COMPROMISE.

      1. stage9 kssturgis62 I didn’t support Obama either, and I didn’t say you did, I was just commenting on how the Ron Paul Voters better be careful about alienating people like Sarah said we shouldn’t alienate them. That is all. they better quit with the nit picky stuff of gay marriage and drugs and worry about that when we get the bigger issues under control.

    1. kssturgis62 true conservatives will give you a warning… stop it…   Rand Paul is just a member or possible leader of the Tea Party movement, we are a fractured group when it comes to social issues, however we unite around liberty and economic issues

      1. The Tea Party will NEVER accept amnesty for illegal aliens.  Marco Rubio lied in 2010, he is full speed ahead amnesty.  Rand Paul is also pro-amnesty. They are sunk.  With a solid conservative, here comes Hillary and Michele Obama as the first female POTUS and VP

    2. kssturgis62The problem is when the libertarians didn’t get Ron Paul, they just picked up their marbles and stayed home or voted libertarian. But once Paul turned into the crazy uncle and started talking about legalizing drugs and isolationism, people leave in droves. They complained it wasn’t fair, even though Paul was getting plenty of press and this was the 3rd time he’s run for president. Sometimes you don’t get your candidate. Romney was near the bottom of my list of favorites, but I didn’t want Obama re-elected. I’m not going to court people who are sore losers who will throw their vote away and let the enemy get elected.

      1. SheerPolitics kssturgis62  It would be really nice if once in a while the rhetoric from the neocons didn’t spew in every post. Ron Paul didn’t say he wanted to legalize all drugs, he said he wanted to decriminalize them and free non-violent offenders. Big difference. Also, yet again… Not attacking other countries is NOT isolationism. It’s Non-Interventionism. That would be like saying if you don’t kick your neighbors ass for no reason then you aren’t keeping your family safe. Yep.. it’s that ridiculous.

        1. MichaelDontigney SheerPolitics kssturgis62  I believe there are
          people who are/were in prison in Texas for decades because of overstrict
          drug laws.  It was a while ago, however, I recall reading about it.  Am not sure anything was ever done about it.

      2. SheerPolitics kssturgis62 I am not a Ron Paul supporter or Voter. I am what you would consider an Ultra Conservative. Again I am just warning them, because they alienate people and we lose. they have to stop the nit picking Garbage. we have much bigger issues that we have to fix.

    3. Rand Paul also wants amnesty for illegal aliens and that tells me he disregards the Rule of Law.

      1. OneThinDime I never heard him promote what Rubio is, I just heard him say reform the system. If you have more information on that I would like to have it.

        1. I provided you the link the other day.  Go to the Washington Times and search for it, you will find the article where he refers to the illegal cochroaches as undocumented citizens and lays out his 2 million / yr amnesty

  48. Noticed the USTREAM views.  about 800 viewers when rubio was talking.  over 2000 while rand was talking.

      1. stage9 plasticman2000 give up on the Mormon example, we already saw your Mormon guy get slaughtered… time for change in the party, Reagan once had his mic turned off at debates and there were fights on the convention floor…

        1. natedog41 stage9 plasticman2000 “My mormon guy”? Who is that? I didn’t know I HAD a “mormon guy”. I had a CHRISTIAN guy that the GOP soundly forced out of contention, but I don’t remember EVER supporting a “mormon guy”.

        2. Slaughtered?  Romney was very close and won 100% of states with Voter ID!  The PaulBots lost by tens of millions.

        3. OneThinDime it shouldn’t have even been close… if Romney could have even pulled McCain’s pathetic turnout, he could have won… I just will never understand the whole put out a moderate and get a bunch of people who don’t like a guy to vote for them.  People want to vote for someone they like and relate to.  Obama for all his faults gets this.  Republicans need to run a real unapologetic conservative and see what happens.  George W. Bush ran this way, Reagan ran this way, Dole, McCain and Romney didn’t.  As much as Bush disappointed me in his 2nd term, I had his sign in my yard twice.  I voted for Romney but he didn’t warrant a sign in my yard and that pretty much sums up why his turnout sucked.

  49. Noticed the USTREAM views.  about 800 viewers when rubio was talking.  over 2000 while rand was talking.

  50. Noticed the USTREAM views.  about 800 viewers when rubio was talking.  over 2000 while rand was talking.

      1. stage9 robgaona I think you sound like an Obama Sheepel by your reply.  Stand strong with your beliefs and do not stand in the way of others.

        1. robgaona stage9 So because I won’t support an anarchist group like yours  I’m for Obama? Keep smoking that junk fool, one more brain cell and you’ll be a vegetable.

  51. Rand is just great, great speech, he has it all for 2016 and new fresh ideas and stands up for Americans and the Republic along with our constitution!

  52. HE IS NOT HIS DAD, he believes in a Strong National Defense, if you listened to that full 13 hours, he is not his dad on Foreign Policy.

  53. Stand with Rand has legs – we have to make sure we keep that going!  Much more meaningful then “Hope and Change”, because Rand has already “stood” for us on numerous occassions!

  54. Stand with Rand has legs – we have to make sure we keep that going!  Much more meaningful then “Hope and Change”, because Rand has already “stood” for us on numerous occassions!

      1. notsofastthere natedog41 if you would have listened to why he did it, then maybe you would understand. i watched that full 13 hour filibuster, and we didn’t like his votes, but by the End we GOT IT AND WHY and He didn’t vote for Brennan. Unlike Others. With him it is about the Constitution, he said it, the President has the right to pick his Cabinet. He didn’t like Hagel or Lew. But what if they said no to them and then Obama picked someone much worse. Someone who was way off the deep end, we don’t hear all the conversations and the rumors of nominees, we don’t know what was up Obama’s Sleeve. but I got it, after that 13 hours of speaking I got it and understood it. I don’t like it, but I get it.

        1. kssturgis62 notsofastthere natedog41 He did a great filibuster, but he still could have voted NO

        2. kssturgis62 notsofastthere natedog41 He did a great filibuster, but he still could have voted NO

        3. kssturgis62 notsofastthere natedog41 He did a great filibuster, but he still could have voted NO

        4. notsofastthere kssturgis62 natedog41 he did vote no on Brennan, I didn’t say I agreed with his other votes, I just said I understood them better after he explained it during that filibuster, and then he led me to believe that well if you vote down this one, we have a real wacko that I will nominate. It just made sense to me. that is all. I like the guy and I have come to realize no one is going to be perfect, there are issues with all of them. But if I had to choose today, it would be him over the other Liberals they are forcing on us. If they get bush, rubio, christie, we lose. plain and simple, he is the closest to a Conservative Libertarian I can get to right now. I will vote off ticket the next election if they push a romney, on us again, I am so done with the GOP.

        5. His reason for voting for traitors and terroist-lovers means he also wants a dictatorship with him and the helm.

  55. Like his father, Rand Paul has a view on foreign policy that alarms me. I don’t mean about stopping giving money to hostile governments–I agree with that. But he sounds as anti-Israel as his father and is against doing anything to protect this country until we are directly attacked. You cannot make nice with Iran and Korea and just allow them to get nuclear bombs.

    1. SheerPolitics Oh please. “Anti-Israel” Give it up. We don’t need a worldwide empire people! We can’t afford it!

      1. uttles SheerPolitics Israel is our only friend in the middle east. And if you’re a Christian then you know it is highly important to “Stand with Israel”.

      2. uttles SheerPolitics Israel is our only friend in the middle east. And if you’re a Christian then you know it is highly important to “Stand with Israel”.

      1. uttles SheerPolitics That’s what they say. I don’t believe they have them yet. They are pounding their chest.

    2. SheerPolitics That’s bull – despite all the saber rattling about how bad it will be when other countries get nuclear weapons, only one evil company has ever used them.. and it’s the United States.

      1. Bob_In_Boston SheerPolitics The fact that you call the US evil tells me all I need to know about you.

        1. SheerPolitics Bob_In_Boston Yeah, let me guess – you consider it “patriotic” to believe that nothing the country does is ever wrong, and speaking out against things we do is unpatriotic.  It’s people like you who make the rest of the world hate America.  We do *plenty* of evil stuff, and it’s the responsibility of the citizens to fix it, because we elected the politicians who do the evil things.

      2. Bob_In_Boston SheerPolitics Barney Frank, the Kennedy’s, Patrick DuVal – please keep their kind in  Boston

        1. notsofastthere Bob_In_Boston SheerPolitics Yeah, sorry, I didn’t vote for them.  Unfortunately the GOP leadership here in Massachusetts is borderline retarded, so we never win any elections and only have 11% enrollment.  We just elected a new chairwomen so hopefully she can improve things.  Another huge issue here in Mass is our chief counsel should be in jail – he’s so slimy that he makes you want to leave the party.

    3. SheerPolitics why must he be anti israel because he believes we should defend our selves before others ?

    4. SheerPolitics Like I said yesterday. Libertarians are like mormons. At first glance mormons appear to be just like every other Christian until you dig below the surface and find they’re nothing more than a cult hiding behind the facade of Christianity.
      Libertarians are a lot like that.

      1. stage9 SheerPolitics  How exactly is it “cultish” to want to be left alone and not bother other people? That’s like being called a wimp because you won’t go beat up your neighbor who did nothing to you. THAT would be cult like behavior.

        1. stage9 MichaelDontigney SheerPolitics Oh haha.. if Robert Locke says it then it must be true.

        2. stage9 MichaelDontigney SheerPolitics Really? Because I would call being a self proclaimed conservative, then voting for and supporting possibly the biggest liberal from Massachusetts, a draft dodging, big government progressive for president “cultish”. Just sayin’

        3. MichaelDontigney stage9 SheerPolitics Exactly.  Any so-called conservative who voted for Romney should no longer be allowed to call themselves conservative.

      2. stage9 SheerPolitics are you calling Ronald Reagan that?  The GOP used to be the party of speak softly and carry a big stick… now the GOP has the foreign policy of Democrats of the 60’s and 70’s

      3. stage9  How exactly are we like Mormons?  I don’t claim to be a Republican, I’m a registered Libertarian.

        1. stage9 Ripbrood I don’t think marriage is a state’s issue; gay marriage should be legalized.  Also, what’s unconstitutional about our position on Iran and nuclear weapons?

        2. Ripbrood stage9 And that’s what I’m talking about right there!
          Educate yourself regarding the consequences of your stupid comment. THIS is what you’re advocating and for that I say GET LOST!


        3. kiddopup stage9 Ripbrood And your an idiot who is as blind a fool as they come. Get lost you phony! You don;t stand for America, you stand for DEBAUCHERY AND ANARCHY!

        4. plasticman2000 Yes stupid, rational people ARE! The entire world is about to find out the utter corruptness of the libertarian cult. JUST KEEP YOUR EYE ON COLORADO!

        5. stage9 Ripbrood My ideal fix to the marriage problem is simple.  The government shouldn’t recognize any marriages, straight or gay.  Marriage is a religious ceremony.  It shouldn’t be mixed in with anything to do with politics or government.  The government should just call it something else so you people will stop whining.  However, no matter what you call it, gay couples should have the same rights as straight couples.  You seem a tad bit eccentric.  Go read your bible and calm down.

        6. Ripbrood stage9 And you’re as stupid as they come! WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK CIVILIZATIONS ARE COMPRISED OF!!!!!???? What the hell do you think preserves POSTERITY????
          A bunch of single promiscuous college idiots?
          God, libertarians are stupid! First we have to fight the liberal rock heads, and now we have to battle the libertards!

        7. stage9 plasticman2000 No, rational people are NOT afraid of a plant.  Thomas Jefferson and George Washington grew weed, traded strains, and gave each other pipes.  The only people who are afraid of it are the people who aren’t smart enough to see through the propaganda.

        8. Ripbrood stage9 You’re exactly right – make the government only acknowledge “civil unions” for legal rights. If you can find a church somewhere to call you “married” then more power to you, but that has nothing to do with the government.

        9. Bob_In_Boston stage9 plasticman2000 Are you really that dense????
          What, did Coloradans vote to stare at hemp? To have parks partitioned off so that they could walk through fields of hemp? If that’s the case, then your argument, that we should not “fear a plant” is valid.
          But that’s not the case. What Coloradans advocated for was the legality of SMOKING A DRUG!

      4. stage9 SheerPolitics Yes, I know. I’ve been saying for some time that they have a lot more in common with liberals that conservatives. The difference is liberals want a nanny state and libertarians want no state. They stand with the 99 percenters, they mostly seem to believe in anarchy.

        1. SheerPolitics stage9 They’re a mindless cult of anarchists and deviants.  They couldn’t be more inline with liberals if they tried.

        2. stage9 SheerPolitics Complete and utter crap.  Libertarians treat adults like adults – you can make your own decisions and suffer the consequences of those decisions.  Both Liberals and Conservatives want to control what everyone ELSE does instead of concentrating on doing the right thing themselves.

        3. Bob_In_Boston stage9 SheerPolitics No, Conservatives want government’s hands off except in those cases where valid legal matters affect the society as a whole. Such as marriage; morality and the pursuit of happiness, including business.
          The problem is that libertards fail to grasp the essential nature of man and fling themselves off the cliff right as they’re beginning to make perfect sense on the role of government. You take one step too far and THAT is what separates US FROM YOU. Well, that and the fact that you’re nothing more than glorified anarchists.

      5. stage9 SheerPolitics Actually it’s exactly the opposite.  People who would do something just because their friends are doing it are the cultish ones.  Whether you’re talking about Democrats or Republicans, they would both cut off their nose to spite their face if they thought it would hurt the other party.  It’s the Libertarians who believe instead in the power of the individual and that good in society comes from people, not from government.

    5. SheerPolitics Trust me he is not his father h is rational and he backs Isreal but I think you need to quite listening to the rinos

    6. SheerPolitics   Rand Paul believes in strategic strikes versus decades log wars and nation building.
      And I agree 100% with him.

    7. SheerPolitics   Rand Paul believes in strategic strikes, using 100% of our capabilities in case of
      a necessary war- meaning “get in, win, get out” versus decades long wars and nation building.
      I agree with him 100%.

  56. Like his father, Rand Paul has a view on foreign policy that alarms me. I don’t mean about stopping giving money to hostile governments–I agree with that. But he sounds as anti-Israel as his father and is against doing anything to protect this country until we are directly attacked. You cannot make nice with Iran and Korea and just allow them to get nuclear bombs.

  57. This guy is head and shoulders over Rubio. Rubio’s speech was all fluff and chest beating, Rand Paul’s speech is all substance and knowledge!!!

  58. Let’s see, letting illegals that have been in US for 10 years or were born here are not given amnesty, they are give an arduous path to citizenship.  States want to give illegals drivers licenses, States want to give illegals subsidized or free tuition for College, local law enforcement is blocked from federal DBS used to ID illegals.  Local law enforcement is told to stand down and not pickup illegals. Illegals are given free medical help and federal entitlement support. The Boarder Patrol is ordered not to arrest illegals and we still have the, “baby anchor” assumed law. 
    First, the baby anchor law is a stretch when you read the 14th Amendment:
    All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.
    While the United States engages in a faux struggle to comprehend the true intent of the 14th amendment, the is quite clear: Anchor babies belong to them no matter where they are born.
    I think that the US is being played as a fool for it misinterpretation of the 14th amendment and no one in the political world has the guts to stand up and say no more!  Marc Orebro has pulled together an amnesty smoke screen. He should not be allowed to talk.  He want’s to continue to app the above support to illegals.  I say we reinstate, “Operation Wetback,” that was successful under President Eisenhower and amend the 14th amendment to clearly state that if one or both of your parents is an illegal, then you are an illegal subject to deportation at any time.
    I have had it with this, “Illegal Alien,” stuff!

  59. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could actually get some real CONSERVATIVE Political Action out of this batch of ‘politicians’.

  60. I Stand with Rand…but was hoping he’d talk about something else…like the GOP’s need to embrace us “libertarian kids”

    1. stage9So you must like the current situation with illegals.
      We have 12 to 30 million of them here, right now! They do not pay taxes! No one knows where they are! And they get all the welfare benefits they want. I am seeing more and more illegals (can’t speak any English) buying groceries with EBT cards. 
      Do have any idea how much it will cost to search and round up all these illegals? Does our Treasury have the money? Or do you want to borrow more Trillions from China to round up illegals?
      So get off your thoughtless knee jerk opposition to immigration reform. By giving them legal  WORK PERMITS we will know who is here, and make them pay taxes. They are here anyway. They hold jobs now. The smart alternative is to make them register.

      1. pdxcam stage9 Where did you get that from what I said? It’s like I wrote a short complement and you invented an entire dissertation from it. Oh, wait, you did.
        For the record, and to put your mind at ease, I OPPOSE RUBIO’s Amnesty plan.
        Feel better now?

    1. DarkKnight2016 I like his speeches too, but we need to look at his record. I have mixed feelings on him. He talks a good conservative game, but he aligns himself with the establishment also.

      1. SheerPolitics DarkKnight2016 All have mixed records, Reagan had a mixed record as Governor of California. Rand voted for Chuck Hagel and John Kerry and voted to end debate on Jack Lew.

        1. DarkKnight2016 SheerPolitics And Rubio never voted no on any of them he voted to move to the finale vote on all of Obamas appointees and then voted no in the finale vote

        2. kiddopup DarkKnight2016 SheerPolitics after his full 6 minutes at Rand’s fillibuster and mocking ted cruz over shakesphere quotes he voted for Brennan. Then on twitter during the filibuster he was talking about making a hippie hippie shake video with senators in it. I get what Rand did and how he voted for them and why. After listening to him for the full 13 hours, I understand the votes, dont like them, but rubio gave no explanation he just stood proudly with McCain, Graham, Schummer, Durbin and he stands with child abuser Menendez.

  61. If you can convince the Parasite Class that they should work instead of mooch, then you will have done what no other person in the history of the world has been able to do.

    1. deb matt He is not the answer talk is one thing.shrinking the Federal goverments power and he is not for that.

  62. No, …. Marco Rubio isn’t….!!!!  He’s OK, but to close to GOP establishment….thinking…..

      1. DarkKnight2016 tut2A he is McCain’s Boy. he votes every way that McCain does. Look at Jeff Flake the Jr senator from arizona same thing. Rubio is not Conservative. He is a RINO, he is only around to ride on Jeb’s coat tails and give him conservative Creds, his amnesty bill gives legal status right away and no border security. He bashed Michelle Bachmann over the Muslim Brotherhood,  Moderates are Liberals. they are not anywhere near conservative.

      1. marketcomp tut2A I am sure all Senators have friendships with one another. Like Rand Paul and Ron Wyden.

        1. DarkKnight2016 marketcomp tut2A There’s a lot libertarians and democrats agree on. Especially the OWS wing.

        2. DarkKnight2016 marketcomp tut2A China Dream!!!  Not Chinese people dream….., maybe Chinese government dream…..This Sounds a bit “McCain”…..”Internationalism”…..NO RUBIO!!!!

        3. DarkKnight2016 marketcomp tut2AInterventionalist!!!!!  Rubio you need to do some more history reading!!!!

    1. OneThinDimeSo you must like the current situation with illegals.
      We have 12 to 30 million of them here, right now! They do not pay taxes! No one knows where they are! And they get all the welfare benefits they want. I am seeing more and more illegals (can’t speak any English) buying groceries with EBT cards. 
      Do have any idea how much it will cost to search and round up all these illegals? Does our Treasury have the money? Or do you want to borrow more Trillions from China to round up illegals?
      So get off your thoughtless knee jerk opposition to immigration reform. By giving them legal  WORK PERMITS we will know who is here, and make them pay taxes. They are here anyway. They hold jobs now. The smart alternative is to make them register.

      1. We already know who they are and where they are. The 1986 illegal alien amnesty put an end to illegal amnesty. So you think it is better to spend trillions giving amnesty than millions to round them up? Then we should stop spending any money on border enforcement and all criminal justice for everyone right, including rape and murder?  They do not hold jobs, they are on welfare and for those with jobs, Americans are on unemployment and food stamps.

  63. Grover Norquist??? BAHAHAHAHAAA! isn’t this douche an islamic terrorist sympathizer?
    If CPAC is incapable of distinguishing what is and is not a Conservative, they don’t deserve my attention.

  64. Grover Norquist a hero? IF YOU MISSED Scoops big post on this guy, and the warnings about him during the Perry Campaign and then ask him about all the checks he writes to muslim organizations because of his wife, that Michelle Malkin wrote about and produced the checks for. BE WARE OF THIS MAN. He is not who he says he is, he is not a hero and he had a big part in getting Pamela Geller kicked out of CPAC. that is another reason to be very wary of Jeb Bush and Rubio. Cardenas heads CPAC, he is Jeb Bush’s main man, Rubio is there to give Jeb Conservative Credentials on top of to push Illegals on the nation.

  65. This goes to the Joke of CPAC – look who is speaking about the Islamifaction of America Lindsey Graham????

  66. Why is Dick Morris speaking (spoke)? He was a Clinton operative who was totally WRONG when he predicted a Romney landslide. Toe-sucker shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near this!

    1. SheerPolitics So was everyone on the right. Morris just pounded his view of Romney winning in a landslide and saying he would get over 300 electoral votes

        1. How about focusing on those that you want to support?  There’s a whole bunch of other people besides him.

  67. This is such a travesty. The Hispanic community is growing in numbers precisely because many of them failed to obey the laws of this country and now we’re being told that they are a growing force to be reckoned with whether we like it or not. Because the federal government is so useless in defending the rights of LEGAL citizens, they create entire classes of new ones out of thin air who are granted MORE RIGHTS!

  68. when did ann coulter become a conservative?  didn’t she back christie or was it romney? who is she fawning over now?

    1. CarolynDixon She had a secret crush on Obamney I think. And I think she has a fat fetish for Christie.

    2. CarolynDixon Yes she was a chubby chaser for Christie. When he didn’t run she went gaga over Romney and even castigated conservatives over it. She is no conservative IMO!

  69. I have told my story 100 times, and this family reunification only applies if your non white. My husband missed our Daughters wedding, and he is Canadian !! You can’t get in unless your hispanic or arabic according to my Senator Debbie Stabenaw.

    1. kssturgis62 A friend of my husband who was a police officer and his wife (a lawyer) in Australia tried for years to gain entry into the US. They finally decided to immigrate to Canada, since that would be easier. I can’t imagine how frustrated it is to see illegals getting amnesty while educated law abiding foreigners are denied access.

      1. SheerPolitics kssturgis62 When he announced his amnesty, we cried, both of us did. we are not bothering with it any longer. there is no point to it. it is easier for Canada, and Canada just stated you will not come here for Welfare, you want to come to Canada it is to be Canadian and you will work and provide for yourself. they are trying to clean up a mess from PM Trudeau who pushed mulitculturalism, and that is why Toronto is a mess.

      2. SheerPolitics kssturgis62 So, let’s cut the crap then. Politicians could give a CRAP about immigrants, they care about HISPANIC IMMIGRANTS! There are people fleeing nations RIGHT NOW because of the persecution they are receiving from their government  but they can’t get here because they’re not as important as an illegal coming across the southern border! THIS IS A CRIMINAL GOVERNMENT ENTERPRISE!

        1. stage9 SheerPolitics kssturgis62 EXACTLY !!! they also think it is VOTES. the problem is the hispanics coming in illegally do not vote for Republicans, it is proven, they vote democrats. hispanics are not cubans, the cubans lean right, the hispanics are with la raza a marxist organization teaching and pushing for ethnic studies, the over throw of the USA government and will not vote for republicans. All anyone has to do is look up the voting record and even after Reagan gave Amnesty they did not vote for him, or George Bush, and they did NOT vote for McCain and he is McAmnesty.

        2. stage9 SheerPolitics kssturgis62 Yes, of course. That’s why democrats are against having to show ID to vote! It’s not just the people voting 2 (or 6) times, it’s so those who are not legally allowed to vote can register and increase the democrat votes.

    2. kssturgis62 And that’s my point. Because there is no political benefit to allowing other immigrants into the country more expediently, the federal government is producing its own race war and then labeling it “unAmerican” if we don’t support it.

      1. stage9 kssturgis62 that is correct, we are talking about this on facebook also, and we are calling it the cloward/piven strategy. it all started with the motor voter bill that clinton signed you get a drivers license and you get to register to vote at the same time and look at the illegals who get to vote in this nation and nothing is done about it, and then you look at California and it has gone to the dogs, the Liberals are fleeing to other states, taking their liberalism with them and those states are now turning blue. Like Colorado. Texas is going to go blue, because of the illegals that Perry placates to and said we have no heart if we don’t accept it, and because of all the liberals fleeing from the taxes, and then they are going to start electing Dems, and that is what they are doing in Florida now.

  70. Does immigrant family reunification only apply to Hispanics, because I only see Hispanics represented on the panel? What about European immigrants? What about Asian immigrants?

    1. stage9 Asian’s are now muslims. Remember that, anytime they now do something wrong they claim them to be Asians, and then don’t forget in California Asians are there having babies like crazy, paying to come over from China. I have had enough of this.

      1. kssturgis62 stage9 I guess my point is, whne we talk about “immigration” why is it always framed in the context of Hispanics and the special privileges they should receive over say, Europeans or Asians? Why are we giving special treatment to a class of people, who have come here illegally many of them, while those who are attempting to come here legally are being overlooked?
        The old lady on the panel says we need to stop picking winners and losers because it’s “unAmerican”. Is breaking the law at the border MORE AMERICAN? Is showing favoritism to ONE RACE over ANOTHER MORE AMERICAN?

        1. stage9 kssturgis62 Because we must accept Amnesty and since Rubio is the golden Boy hispanic, and he is pushing this, we must allow them in. the thing is it doesn’t matter how many we let in, they dont’ want to be citizens. they just want the benefits that are given to them, and they don’t want to pay taxes. there is a great moving called they come to America by Dennis Michael Lynch, he exposed this whole Illegal fallacy, and how phony it is on the part of our politicians, i suggest everyone should watch it.

  71. Thank you someone who speaks Common Sense, We need to stop Blaming ourselves. This Illegal Immigration is Crap. This shows how much CPAC has gone to the wolves, to stand there and say Illegals need to be brought in is ridiculous. he is right about Republicans acting Conservative and they are Moderate. Obama broke Immigration law, and they still voted for him. THEY DO NOT WANT TO BE CITIZENS !!! they don’t want to be Citizens. They don’t want to pay the TAXES !! 

    This woman needs to go she really needs to go. Jeb Bush notice how they are pushing him, and Mark Levin says he will never go to CPAC again, BUSH’S HATED REAGAN, and to have him there shows how far they have fallen.

  72. Ms Krieble’s red card is fine, as long as employers are not required to seek it.  As long as employers have a choice to hire employees that have no such card, then it’s fine.  As an employer, I will make my own choices about who I hire.  I don’t need someone else’s employment standards.  I have my own.

  73. I say again to Ms Aguire, as I said to Ms Krieble, I don’t need a card to go to work.  The idea of a card to get a job is totally unconsitutional.
    If the issue is to draw people to the Republican Party, then it should center around adherence to the Constitution.  Not more laws and regulations.  That’s the route that Barack Obama is taking us.  We don’t need that.

  74. I want to say to Scoop and the mods, THANK YOU for getting rid of the Disqus ‘upgrade’ and replacing it with a more conversation friendly format! 
    Yesterday on C4P, on most of the comments, the down arrow numbers were greater then the up arrows. With this new format here, one can ‘see’ who agrees with their posts. With the disqus debacle, the down arrow trolls would not engage in conversation, just meaningless disruption.
    Thanks again Scoop.  VG

  75. This “Lasting Immigration Policy” is just more regulations.  We don’t need more regulations.  We need to cut regulations. Drastically.

  76. Ms Krieble’s card works real well for the police state.  I don’t need a card to go to work.

  77. Their are some great and true conservatives @ CPAC. Paul, Rubio (maybe), Cruz, Palin but have a hard time with Romney, BUSH (a Hoot) being conservative. RINO yes and they seem to the main focus @ CPAC. Of course the most wanted tickets are for Curz, Palin, Paul but that will never be reported.

    1. This “immigration” panel is all pro-amnesty as is Marco Rubio.  They are trying to sell Conservatives that hispanics will vote conservative. That’s bull as Mark Levin has shown.  They want the freebies.  I’m tired of being told the illegals have rights and the taxpayers need to shut up, sit down and keep writing the checks.

      1. Good Point! It is more of a RINO convention than a conservative. All they need now is Boehner, Cantor and McConnell to be surprise speakers and Obamna wins again !!!!

        1. Boehner and McConnell are on this list I thought.  This “immigration” stuff makes me want to vomit. They used the dems and Gang of 8 talking points “out from the shadows” “guest worker program” but I keep missing the “Rule of Law” points, oh wait, the law doesn’t apply to the illegal hispanics does it, only to the evil white taxpayers

  78. Gag, here is the you must accept the “undocumented” with Rule of Law.  Listen up lady, they are inconsistent. They are ILLEGAL ALIENS who have entered and remained in our country illegally.  The Reagan 1986 amnesty was the last.  We need to use our National Guard to round them up and deport them immediately.

  79. Can’t wait to listen to Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Sarah Palin and a few others.  Looks like
    a great roster of speakers.  As I scrolled quickly through the list I did see the name, “Dick Morris”.
    Being old enough to recall Morris as the Clinton’s sidekick/protector, I find it amusing that he is
    speaking at a conservative function.

      1. c4pfan  I must have missed him at CPAC last year!  I am always too busy to
        watch CSPAN all weekend, so I try to catch the speakers I am interested in on
        youtube, or posted videos on speaker websites.  Tell me, has Dick Morris generated
        much excited in the past?

  80. I’m hoping this weekend of CPAC will get me back into caring about politics.  I haven’t been the same since Nov.

    1. equaltreatment Repubs need to filibuster, but anyone Obama wants will be worse than the one before

  81. Yay!
    Allen West talks about Mrs Thatcher! He calls her a giant. Allen West definitely knows what he’s talking about!

    1. I think I’ve started to sort of come to grips with this. 
      Only moan I have right now is that, if one refreshes the page, one’s got to change to ‘oldest’ again, it always starts with ‘newest’, something I dislike intensely.
      Have you sorted out all the problems?

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    LET’S KEEP ON ATTACKING!I love it when Rand Paul put Obama on the
    defensive. I get all fuzzy when I see Barry cower in the corner. It’s right out
    of Psychology 101 where we studied B .F. Skinner’s great rat experiments. There
    are three tests and this is pertinent since Isee Obama as a primarily rodent. #1 the rat has two positive choices. He
    seems fairly OK with this situation. #2 there is one positive choice and one
    negative. Here the rat is neurotic and anxious but he adapts and #3 is where
    the rat has only negative choices. The result is always instructive. The rat hides
    fearfully in a corner in the fetal position where he cycles through the stages
    of grief ending in violence and a struggle to the death, usually his own. In
    this movie I cast Rand Paul as Dr. Skinner and Obama as the rat as many
    Americans do. As the filibuster was proceeding people ran for their remotes and
    couldn’t remember where the hell C-Span II was. No matter, it was a national buzz gone blue
    electric….twitt…twit…twit… Nicola Tesla would have had an orgasm; Obama had an
    infarct. When last left our boy, he was running around in tiny circles
    screaming, “Who the hell is this guy”.

    1. JimmyTravis Obama is on the defense right now and the best thing the GOP can do is what you advise, continue to push back.  Boehner had the opportunity to shut the gov’t down and make the boy king cry like a baby but he took Obama’s side instead.  The IG report on the racist DOJ under Holder is more they need to make hay with but Boehner will let that pass.  The House needs to defund the DOJ in its entirety until Holder and all of the racists named are fired. Will he?  Of course not.

  83. Scoop. I’m baaaaaaack! Growl!

    I justheard someone say that Chavez “persuaded” Jesus to pick the new Pope from Latin America.

    1. Rshill7 Well, I heard God and Satan made a deal: Satan gets Chavez and God had to get a Pope from South America …

        1. AmericanborninCanada colliemum Rshill7 Good afternoon! 
          The housewolf again did her job as defend-and-attack dog, scaring someone who came to the door, love her!

        2. AmericanborninCanada colliemum Rshill7 She is, but all dogs now know that she’s not to be messed with, and so do men and teenagers. If you were to see her lying next to me,  all soft and wanting more cuddles, you’d never think she even had teeth! She’s a great defender. Love her to bits, I do.

        3. AmericanborninCanada colliemum Rshill7 She’s a rescue, was very traumatised, very hard work to get her to where she’s now, and still more work to be done. There must be a special hell for those who abuse animals, especially puppies.

        4. waytngtym I’m sorry to see this so late!  I get so many things in my e mail now, most of them hours old and I can’t find a way to keep up with alerts for replies.
          I’d like to continue too- whenever you’re able.  I’ll try and keep up here or look for an opportunity to talk on another place.
          Thanks waytngtym!

      1. Hey Pally! If you want to reply to someone without all of that (@ this and that) business in there, just backspace it out of there before you start typing, and it will be nice and clean…like this reply to you, from Bearville 🙂

      2. AmericanborninCanada Rshill7 This is a much better format then that disqus crap. Well done to all!  VG

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