Watch full Presidential Thanksgiving Family Forum


Watch tonight’s Presidential Thanksgiving Family Forum, hosted by Frank Luntz. It runs for about 2 hours and has Michele Bachmann, Ron Paul, Rick Sanoturm, Rick Perry, Herman Cain, and Newt Gingrich.

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75 thoughts on “Watch full Presidential Thanksgiving Family Forum

  1. Well, there you have it. Six decent hardworking people running for the highest office in the land. And all the democrats have is Obama and his breathtaking failures to run on. It’s like they’re running a plow horse in the Kentucky Derby. Almost makes me feel sorry for them….almost. I think Newt would be my pick, mainly because of his knowledge and experience, however I vow to support any candidate who runs against Obama. I knew he would be the worst President in my lifetime, but he has managed to surpass my worst expectations with ease. The man is a dangerous threat to this country and he must be defeated next November. Don’t vote because your candidate is not the nominee and you run the enormous risk of Obama being re-elected. I don’t think you have to be told what that would mean to your country – just look around you and imagine.

  2. Rick Sanoturm keeps saying “radical” Islam, and that bothers me to high heavens. In the Islamic world Osama Bin Laden is mainstream and a “radical” Islamist is the guy on the fringe who believes in befriending infidels without Takyya (sp?).

  3. An excellent presentation, thanks for it Right Scoop. Was busy last night, so watched it this afternoon, and WOW, it really gives a better insight into the candidates’ personal views on a number of issues, and why.

  4. This was the most important discussion from the candidates I’ve heard yet, because they shared their world views, which is what we really need to understand to make an intelligent choice. Romney didn’t do himself any favors by missing it. They all improved a bit in my eyes, just because they came off as people who sincerely loved our country.

  5. We have a lot to be thankful for this year. Our oldest daughter had a healthy baby girl, our first grandchild, who is so much cuter than any other baby ever. Some of you probably have a bunch of those too, and no doubt, their all cuter than ours 🙂

    Our son in his early 20’s had brain surgery this year too. The cavernoma in the frontal lobe of his brain caused him to have a seizure while driving, and he had a minor accident (w/o a scratch) but had another seizure while they were doing a brain scan on him. These were the first two seizures he’d ever had in his life. Two weeks later one of the best brain surgeons in the world removed it, right here in Michigan. The operation took about 5 hours. He has recovered 100% and is getting on with his life.

    We are thankful he wasn’t on the freeway where the speed limit is 70 mph. We are thankful that neither he nor anyone else was hurt, and we are thankful that the accident caused the doctors to find the brain malady. God and His angels were watching over him for sure.

    We had planned and paid in advanced to attend the Mackinaw Island leadership conference, because we are very active in our Tea Party and Republican party in our state, but we were at the hospital instead with our sonny boy. One of our good friends was driving Perry to the Ferry, which goes from Mackinaw City to the island, and immediately after he told Perry about our son’s situation and why we couldn’t make it, Perry picked up a cell-phone and called our cell-phone. It rang while we were both sitting by our son’s bedside. It was perfect timing and we will never forget it. This is the kind of guy Perry is. He cares about folks. He also told us that he would pray for our son. I thought some of ya’ll should know that.

    We’re having Thanksgiving this coming Tuesday this year because it’s the day when all of our kids can come home and we can be all together. We can’t wait. Am I gushing? So be it.

    God bless you folks…”good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over…”

    1. Love your testimonial, Rs! God bless you and your beautiful family!
      I feel blessed when I hear stories like these. I know God never fails. It is difficult to fathom why some things happen… but at the end of journey, we are thankful that God has been our rock through and through!
      God bless you my friend! 🙂

    2. I love a happy ending anytime of the year, congratulations on the grand-daughter, your son, and the call from Perry.

    3. What a wonderful post Rs. Congratulations on your son’s return to health and your new cutest-in-the-world grand-daughter. Perry’s phone call, wow – what a terrific man. Glad we saw that so clearly in this debate, as Chrissie wrote about so well above.

      BTW If this is gushing, hope we can have some more sincere posts like yours.
      My birthday is Tuesday and we’ll be toasting you and yours, and sending wishes for a most meaningful Thanksgiving for you all.

      Thank you very much.

    4. May all the blessings of God find you at your Thanksgiving, whenever you celebrate it will very likely be OK in His eyes ! 😉 Happy that you can all be together !

  6. I hereby nominate Mr. Frank Luntz as the VCOTUS. Vetting Czar of the United States.

    I am in my 7th decade as an American, and I have never witnessed anything like this before today.

    This is special, but should be ordinary.


  7. Newt at around 1:32 was awesome on how the tolerance agenda is destroying our culture. I am still impressed w/all of them…ahem, almost…the second watch. They have much more in common than not. Santorum deserves harder looks than he’s getting. I don’t agree w/Paul on states being wrong as OK…Gingrich, Cain and Santorum got that right.

  8. Thanks TRS!!! I appreciate you for posting all of the live and recorded events you post.
    I only have over the air tv, you and others, but mostly you save me a lot of time searching online or these events.

  9. What some of us, including myself have discovered after watching this discussion is that this country and this election cycle Does have some very qualified, very capable and very dedicated candidates running. We all have lamented that our field is left wanting, that the best have set it out, and no one running is good enough to turn this country around. I am so filled with optimism that these candidates have what it takes and have the moral certitude to once again elevate the national identity into the United States of America again.

    1. There’s more that unites us than separates us on the right side of the political spectrum (as opposed to the wrong side of it). It makes me think of the chorus to a “Brotherhood of Man” song whose chorus goes a little somethin’ like this:

      “For united we stand
      Divided we fall
      And if our backs should ever be against the wall
      We’ll be together, together, you and I…”

      1. ” I sometimes have a bright dream of reunion engulfing us unawares, like a great wave from behind our backs, perhaps at the very moment when our official representatives are still pronouncing it impossible. Discussions usually seperate us, actions sometimes unite us.” From C.S. Lewis– Words to Live By
        “For united we stand
        Divided we fall
        And if our backs should ever be against the wall
        We’ll be together, together, you and I…”
        Thanks Rshill7, it is good to be on the same side of the political spectrum as you are.

        1. Yeppers! Yesterday I finished the Chesterton book, “A Man Called Thursday”. That was unique to say the least. Some funny parts in there too. Last evening we saw “The Voyage of the Dawn Treader”. (CS Lewis)

          This is our favorite time of year (weather notwithstanding)!

          Here is a little song I wrote last year for Christmas:

          “A New Song For Christmas”

          Gathered around the manger
          Gathered around the tree
          We look to the light, to faith that the world will be all right
          We follow the star, to where He lay

          We’ve all got our gifts to give too
          But He is the one that we receive
          We tear at the bow, and say to the world yes this we know
          We sing a new song for Christmas

          Thanks Brudder.

  10. I just finished watching and I can say that this was a great forum, never have I seen anything like this and it was truly eye opening. I learned a great deal about Ron Paul that was very telling, he is passionate about the constitution and that is great, but in the big picture of things he is a bit scary. He couldn’t think of anything in his past that he held in regret, or that was a failure that he learned from? He even said himself that it sounded arrogant, and to me it did. Especially since he was a doctor, there had to be something in that career that would have not gone the way he wanted it to, results not realized in the treatment of a patient, not learning a life lesson or anything regarding failures in all those years of medical practice I find very arrogant. Perhaps he doesn’t see those personally but rather a failure of the entire medical profession for being too regulated by the government.

    As someone wrote earlier I too noticed the true and deep compassion that Rick Perry felt for all those around him as they were sharing their stories, you could see him listening with intensity to Santorum as he spoke about his daughter and wife, I thought his eyes welled up and he looked as if he wanted to reach out to him like he did with Cain. I felt like Perry did very well in this forum with all his answers and he seemed far more relaxed and comfortable.

    Santorum was very impressive with all his answers also, he did not hesitate in any of his responses or waffle on anything he has said in the past. His sharing about his daughter and his admission of what he found to be a weakness within himself was very moving and very brave for him to admit. He also was again very strong on foreign policy and family values.

    Newt was himself as usual, very strong on all the issues and even showing a bit of his softer side as well, wiping away tears after listening to Santorum speak about his daughter and speaking about his close friends child. I wasn’t expecting that from him. He is truly the smartest person on the stage, and that is always evident with any of the debates or even forums like this that I have seen him in. I am always impressed with his knowledge of history and the constitution. You can see a bit of envy I think in Cain when he listens to Newt answer questions, there are no hesitations, he can quote the law and courts decisions without having to pause.

    Bachman did answer well to most questions, but I feel like she always comes back to Obamacare too often. Even in her response to the questions about their pasts and backgrounds, she somehow ended up there. It is as if it is the only thing she is running on.

    Cain did okay as far as I can tell, he always seems to be grasping for answers to the questions. His answers always seem to be muddled and off track and it is a bit odd. He never does well if he is the first to respond to a question, he needs time to think things through and hear what others have to say first and take notes then he adds or refers to what they have said, or at least that’s how it seems to me. Out of all the candidates I think he is the least qualified unfortunately, because I do like some of his ideas, but I don’t think he is ready to be POTUS. Cain supporters please do not take this as anything other than my opinion, I am not attacking him or trying to take away any of his accomplishments, I am just telling you how he comes across to me.

    I was left wondering why Romney was not there? He has not impressed me so far with anything he has to say, this may have been a lost opportunity on his part to show more of himself to the voters.

    1. Squeaky, Very well said! My observations matches yours very closely, i don’t think I could disagree with anything you said. I wish I had the clarity of mind to express my thought and observations as well as you. I think Luntz was superb as a moderator, the 1st time one has stayed out of the way of the candidates responses.
      This is by far the best forum the candidates have participated in to express their views and display their character.
      I have a 20 year old son that I hope to compel to watch this in its entirety. I would like to think the response to what questions like what does the phrase like “So help me God” in the oath and events that made a profound impact in your life, might awaken him to the importance of character in ones life.

      I would also like to add, I didn’t miss Huntsman, or Romney.

  11. I’m sorry folks but after watching this, three things seem clear to me:

    1. Newt Gingrich, for all his past faults, now has my backing to be POTUS;

    2. However, Glenn Beck is right! Santorum deserves a shout as well. He, surely must be the natural alternative to Mr Gingrich;

    3. Herman Cain deserves plaudits for his brave and ingenius “999” plan, but is not ready to be POTUS, maybe VicePOTUS instead. Perhaps that way his brilliant 999 plan can still play some part in the economic future of America.

    1. Dittos unidentifiable…

      I know what you mean… and Glenn Beck is right about Santorum.

      Gingrich and Santorum
      Santorum and Gingrich

      would make a formidable tag team.

      The tag team of Obama and Biden wouldn’t stand a “hope and change” chance, no matter who was at the top of the Republican ticket.

      Can anybody imagine in the wildest horror movie type scenario Biden intelligently and coherently dueling against Gingrich… or Santorum?

      Cain, however, is not a quitter, so, we shall see.

      In the ultimate sense, without a Republic, who cares what the tax structure is?

      I prefer Cain’s 9-9-9 Flat Tax with a “transition” to Fair Tax instead of Gingrich’s Flat Tax “option” aspect.

      However, if the Republic is being threatened by an stealth political / religious enemy within the US State Department, whether it is led by a “dhimmi-cat” or a “dhimmi-can” POTUS, the enemies, foreign and domestic MUST be dealt with for lasting peaceful transition from a Flat Tax that retains the IRS and the 16th amendment to a Fair Tax that eliminates the IRS and 16th amendment and is FAIR for ALL Americans, poor AND rich.


    1. Hi Frank,

      Thanks for the Santorum clip.

      Will you be making available on your YouTube channel the Santorum and Gingrich comments at the end about Israel, Islam and Iran, concluding with the words of Gingrich?

      “… we, frankly, couldn’t care less what the rest of the world thinks.
      “We’re going to get it done.”

      Your KitmanTV blog is excellent –


  12. I just finished watching the Thanksgiving Family Forum . Crying oh my gosh the sharing that went on was powerful. The thing I wanted to share about if you watch it, is to look at Rick Perry as he listens. His compassion, his leaning in toward each candidate that speaks and shares a story of how God has been powerful in their lives etc. Here is a man, Rick Perry, that has been attacked horribly by Herman Cain, has had the race card used against him by Herman Cain, has been omitted by Cain as to who he would support for President etc. and when Cain broke down a little telling how hearing he had 4 stage cancer…..RICK PERRY… reached his strong hand and rubbed the shoulder of Herman Cain like one would do to show support especially what a man might to do a close friend to show support and understanding. Would Cain have done that I would bet my life on it he would not. When others told their stories Cain pretty much was stone. But Perry did this and one would have to be blind not to see the kind of a man that Perry is to his core. He is a man that impresses me every single day how he thinks, what he has done as Gov. and a leader and what he will do as President. I wish this forum had been on TV so people could have seen Perry in this.

    They all were good and I would not say any of them was a winner. It did not have the feel of a debate but more like sharing that has not been done before in such a way. Heck even the kook Ron Paul did not fly off in some weird thing. haha

    I only wrote about Perry because yes I support him but also it was something that really stood out to me.

    1. Chrissie. Thanks for this. It needed saying and you did so, extremely well.

      Ok all you folks with spare “likes” lying around…get over here and like this!


  13. Interesting Info…

    After watching an excellent roundtable discussion, some interesting info.

    Doug Hoffman forgave Gingrich – –

    “Newt endorsed Scozzafava early on and, in fact, recorded ads for her.

    “… That said, a number of conservatives have had problems with Newt over his endorsement.

    “Not Hoffman, who’s forgiven Newt.”

    On Cain’s Endorsement of Romney in 2008 –

    “Matt Newman posted parts of Herman Cain’s endorsement column for Mitt Romney and asked a question, “What’s changed between ’08 and today?”

    “This endorsement article came on February 4, 2008, the day before Super Tuesday and was written towards the view of a Presidential race that had come down to A (Mitt Romney) v. B (John McCain).”

    Here is Cain’s “endorsement column” for Romney –


  14. I was impressed with everyone. I really like Luntz’s advice to them to stop the in-fighting and, TAKE IT TO BO! Well, not exactly what he said but I am sure that’s what he meant ;-}

  15. Overall, I think everybody did well. I believe all debates should be a conversation of ideas — and yeah, these roundtables seem to be the best way of doing that. I really liked Frank as the moderator. His questions were to the point and not loaded with all kinds of crap. He actually asked question that’d help inform a voter. He also showed that you can challenge the candidates without being a di… err, I mean confrontational.

    So yeah, I think this did them a lot of good.

  16. I like Santorum a lot. I may disagree on some of his ideas but he has a pretty strong knowledge about foreign policy.
    Though the next GOP presidency is going to have a lot to do to bring the US back economically, I do believe that foreign policy will be at the top of all discussions comes next year. And Santorum has got some valuable knowledge about the growing Iranian threat.

  17. I missed this this afternoon (took the boy to his awana bowling party)
    So I’ve just spent the last hour and a half watching this. I have to say, these folks here are such good, decent people, and it was SO refreshing to see them all as just people. I was impressed by all of them at times, but the most amazing thing about this was because of the forum, they were able to speak their faith honestly and personally. Their personal stories were inspirational and it was such a good way to get a glimps into the person behind the candidate.
    As for the questions, I was impressed many times with answers- I even found myself with agreeing with Ron Paul a couple of times!
    I was impressed with Rick Perry too- especially when he and Herman Cain stayed standing until Michelle Bachmann sat down after the break. Gentlemen with manners. Excellent ‘program’. Thank you Scoop for putting it up, even though I had to watch it on another site later.
    Edit- I’ve GOT to stop commenting before I hear the whole thing. I just heard Bachmann, Santorum and Gingrich tell their stories and why they would fight so hard for obamacare- I have friends with disabled kids, and those who have had health problems since birth. What they said is so SO true, that under socialized care, these kids- and older people would never have a chance. Not with cost effectiveness and beaurocrats making decisions. Sometimes yes, the people die even while doing all they can do to save them, but that is not a decision anyone other than the family members should be allowed to make.

    1. Dittos…

      The words of Santorum and Gingrich at the end regarding the radical fundmentalism of Islam and the threat that islamic jihad poses to the civilized world are worth transcribing with the time spoken for future reference.


      1. No Art, it’s really simple, don’t let them immigrate here for any reason and we won’t have a problem, like the United Kingdom is having right now. Otherwise we cause more problem in the Mideast than it’s worth. If we didn’t let the 911 bombers in the US, they never could have done what they did.

        1. No – simple – don’t let – them – immigrate – problem – cause – if..

          By reading between the lines, so to speak, of words you did not write down, I think I know what you’re referring to.

          However, as an exercise in communication, I’ll say it this way…

          I’m not sure what the point is.

          -no – what is “no” refuting?
          -simple – what is simple and to what is it compared that is hard?
          -don’t let – who will not let?
          -them – who is them?
          -immigrate – who will change the law?
          -problem – what is the problem?
          -cause – what will be the source of “cause”?
          -if – how can a past tense “if” be relevant to a future tense “if”?

          Now, to be focused with all seriousness about your “between the lines” point.

          Just as Geert Wilders of the Netherlands has articulated for years, THE BEST deterrent to islamization of the civilized free world is prohibiting immigration of fundamentalist islamic jihadists.

          So, who are “fundamentalist islamic jihadists” who should be prohibited from immigrating?

          Muslims… all Muslims.


          … just as there is no moderate shariah, there is no “moderate” stealth jihad that will NOT try to impose shariah law in USA.

          … just as there is no moderate stealth jihad, there is no “moderate fundamentalist” who does NOT believe that jihad is the way to force the kafir to submit and become a “submitter,” which is what “Muslim” means.

          … just as there is no moderate fundamentalist, there is no “moderate radical”… because ALL radicals ARE fundamentalists.

          It is the Muslim “moderates” who not true submitters, according to the radical fundamentalist jihadists who want the whole Muslim world and the non-Muslim (non-submitter) world to submit to shariah law and rule.

          But, and this is Geert Wilders’ conclusion…

          … since it is not possible to profile moderate Muslims from radical fundamentalist jihadistic shariahistic Muslims… ALL Muslims must be prohibitted from immigrating.


          … THAT will never happen… not with a ruling class in America who do not recognize the enemy who is spitting in their dhimmi face.

          Thanks, bdr1, for the opportunity to fill in “between the lines” about radical fundamentalist jihadistic shariahstic Islam.


  18. RS – Thanks for posting this. I wouldn’t have even known it was happening. I still have an open mind until I have to vote in the prelims, but this was very helpful.

    Newt is still the smartest guy on the stage, but I don’t know if he can overcome his past.

    Santorum was very strong, maybe that’s because he was finally given an opportunity to speak. But, I’m not sure if he can get the moderates.

    Cain – I think he is very, very tired but I still love the guy. As a cancer survivor myself, I understand him being emotional. (You can bet the MSM will be playing this sound bite as being weak, which is the apposite of the truth.)

    Bachmann – Although I think she is a great person, she really didn’t speak up much.

    Perry – did well.

    Paul – Didn’t do any harm, but didn’t speak up much.

    1. Paul, showed why I have been saying for months he is weak on abortion.
      But I give him props on someone that should be listened to on matters concerning the constitution.

      Newt came off to me personally as a guy that cant hear himself talk enough.
      Anyone ever get stuck with “That Guy” who is the self proclaimed expert on any and every subject at hand and believes everyone wants to hear what they have to say on everything? Yeah, course I stopped having anything good to say about newt around 96’ish

      I was in and out, I only got to see Perry speak twice, one of those was over giving billions to china while they abort thousands of kids every day. The other time was when he told Ron Paul we would cut the department of Energy and got a good crowd response. Perry is totally owning his momentary memory lapse gaffe. Im going to

      When Cain was asked about passing a pro life bill and over turning roe V wade, Cain reminded me of Adam Sandler’s the Waterboy when the waterboy was asked if he can do something and the waterboy said, “not only can” and started stuttering so badly he couldnt finish his thought.

  19. I’m a Palin supporter and wish she would run, out of this bunch I’d choose Paul. He has the best sense of the economic situation we are in and how to get out.

      1. Well I’m a conservative independent and happen to think the foreign policy that we have waged the last 10 years is a joke. All we have in the middle east now is a bunch of hard line radical Muslims after years of fighting. That worked out well for us. Meanwhile back at the ranch we are broke. Turns out we sent billions and billions of dollars to Turkey for example to “help us” “fight terrorism” only to find out they had been protecting Bin Laden the whole time. Please our foreign policy is a joke.

        Take a breath and think before you waste my tax dollars on BS.

        Sarah Palin hit it on the head- and said Paul was absolutely correct and we should never start a war without an “act of war” – which we haven’t enacted since WWII. Oh I guess you must love Obama and his war on Lybia because he is protecting us from “Radical Islam”

        Oh wait, the whole country is now under Sharia Law.

        Thanks to our wonderful foreign policy.

        1. I’d agree with most of your points. Paul’s willingness to smear American motives and align with the leftists and Truthers regarding the cause of jihadism is a deal breaker.

          Aside from that gadflies don’t make good executives. He couldn’t lead a parade let alone the American government.

          So let’s just hope Sarah is open to the inevitable draft Palin movement.

          1. I’m all about Palin reconsidering, she is really the only choice.

            But i refuse to vote for all the others on stage, except Paul. At least he is honest and you know where he stands on the issues, no flip flopping like Mitt or Newt. He would lead just fine, and he would only be a one termer because of age and maybe we get Palin next.

        2. Boy you sure ignore what we REALLY did in the middle east.
          Al qaeda when Bush left was at 25% of what it was on 911.
          Taliban is somewhere around there too.
          The networks they had are disrupted and they are less able to stage acts of global terrorism than they were prior to Bush.

          Yes, obamao and the democrats are trying to repair everything as quick as they can.
          Bottom line though is that democrats have engaged in neocon warmongering for decades and we have allowed them to blame the GOP and conservatives by calling us war hawks because we kick anyones ass who messes with us.

          Oh and yes, we did absolutely declare war by legal and constitutional definition when we went to IRaq.
          However, we have not with our involvement with libya, yeman, and now uganda.
          Put the blame where it belongs.
          And get off the ron paul kookaid, he is the worst person to speak on foreign and military issues.

          1. No, it’s pretty common knowledge that we did not Declare war on Iraq. What we did was give the President to take action.

            We will have to agree to disagree, that’s why I’m a conservative independent and not a Republican. I didn’t leave the party, the party left me.

            I’m old school Barry Goldwater, Reagan non-interventionist.

            But I know you believe that your thinking is good for America, and hope you think my way is best too. We are both Patriotic

            1. No, it’s pretty common knowledge that we did not Declare war on Iraq.

              It was called the Iraq War Resolution, and ron paul is one of the roughly 30% of whacko liberals who voted against it.

              Seriously, quoting what is “common knowledge?”

  20. Santorum and Gingrich…

    At the last 5 minutes –

    Regarding the 3rd jihad of political / militaristic / religious / supremacist Islam and the nuclear threat the Islamists of Iran present to the civilized world, as Santorum itemized about military action to protect Israel, and as Gingrich said in his conclusion about supporting Israel and USA interests in the area,

    “… we couldn’t care less what the world thinks.
    “We’re going to get it done.”


  21. Thank you very much TRS, you have performed a great service to us who come here for the best in information, family values, and opinion.

    1. I thought he was going to hack up some lung there at the end….poor guy…did you hear the big HONK when he blew his nose? Tried to catch facial reaction from Newt as he ducked the loogie.

  22. Who is that moderator sitting next to Gingrich? Awesome exhortation about personal attacks! He said he might get fired for going out on the limb like that. I hope the candidates remember that…..especially MB.

  23. Does anyone else think that horn of plenty in front of the table looks like a pile of dinosaur poop with fake flowers on it? It looks like a scene from Jurassic Park…or maybe my contacts are dirty-and that glass of wine was a zinger.

  24. Thanks Scoop, knew when I blew in tonight you’d have this up. Lil Rodman had to guard a kid w/ a Navy tat and one who drove the school bus-yep they looked 14-and he still got 12 pts…and a bruised rib, butt, and a general schooling on getting stuffed. Thanks for the work so we don’t have to…I should hit the tip jar huh?

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