WATCH: New anti-Trump TV ad encourages delegates to VOTE THEIR CONSCIENCE

A ground called Delegates Unbound is releasing a new TV ad encouraging delegates to vote their conscience and dump Trump:

CNN – A group of Republicans pushing for delegates to be able to vote for and nominate someone other than Donald Trump at the convention this July is going up with a television ad nationally this weekend, the first such foray into TV.

The ad from Delegates Unbound, shared first with CNN, splices together clips of Republican icon President Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump. In one such juxtaposition, Reagan says, “Use of force is always and only a last resort,” while Trump says “I would bomb the s— out of them,” a statement he made referring to ISIS.

Trump is also shown saying he wouldn’t bring God into the picture and when he apparently mocked a disabled reported by flailing his arms close to his body.
The ad closes with text: “GOP delegates: Follow your conscience” with a link to Delegates Unbound’s website.

Here’s the ad:

It’s not the best ad I’ve ever seen but it makes a decent contrast between Reagan and Trump on some issues. I’m not sure how effective it will be though considering how unlikely it is that delegates will nominate someone other than Trump, but it does show that the movement is willing to spend some big bucks to try and convince delegates to dump Trump. I guess we’ll see how many more they can bring into their ranks.


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