Watch Sarah Palin’s Full CSU Speech – UPDATE: Speech is now much better quality

Ok, I’ve managed to get the entire speech uploaded for your enjoyment! This is almost exactly the way it was streamed from Fox40 so any complaints about the audio/video will fall on deaf ears. This is the best we could do.


UPDATE: I updated with a better quality version, thanks to @collegepolitico and

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853 thoughts on “Watch Sarah Palin’s Full CSU Speech – UPDATE: Speech is now much better quality

  1. Excuse me, but I think your statement regarding the desire to defend freedom and its connection to enlisting in the military might need to be fleshed out just a bit…..if not a desire to defend freedom what then motivates young people to enlist and risk their lives? If your stance includes the desire for a steady paycheck based upon pre-2001 enlistment, then I'd have to agree with you however, post-2001, after our country was attacked in an act of war albeit in the form of terrorism, any young person enlisting chose to defend freedom in their choice to present themselves to our government as soldiers in battle and not just in name.

    What is your definition of American Exceptionalism since you don't think Palin is qualified….? And using quotation marks on your free speech point is disingenuous since its not a direct quote but your paraphrasing of something said that you disagree with. Palin doesn't make policy; she doesn't write laws; she isn't in charge of cleaning up the oil spill, protecting jobs and environment on the Gulf Coast….that is the job of the Obama Administration and students protesting a speaker at a fund raiser does nothing to further the issues that are most important to our country at the moment.

    The First Amendment is to stop the government from being able to “shut people up” it is not about the citizens being able to shut each other up. Any one who desires to peacefully gather and protest or speak out against the government is entitled to do so – it is one of the freedoms our military stand up for……the protesters at the college have the right to protest and Palin has the right to state that their protests would be better served against the government then against a private citizen's speech making.

    The Town Halls are exactly the place to question those who are public servants. Provide video or transcript of a Town Hall in which the people called Obama a “Nazi”….you are perhaps confusing a fringe element at a Tea Party gathering with the Town Halls……a fringe element is present at every protest on either side of any issue….and may I ask how vocal were you when protesters were burning Bush effigies?

    And I especially find your last statement disingenuous……if the protesters had been allowed to “shut up” Palin…..then where was the debate? If Palin had “shut up” those who attended the Town Halls, then where was the debate? That's the issue with most liberals – they defend freedom of speech but only when it is their speech that is allowed to be heard.

  2. If I may I'd like to offer my take on national service,whether military or otherwise. I was raised to revere and respect our Constitution along with Bill of Rights,I and my siblings were taught about our rights and freedoms and that they were the things that made this country unique and special, like no other country in the world. I was also taught that with these rights and freedoms comes a great responsibility to respect these rights as they are not endowed to just a few but are the birthright of every American.That these rights and freedoms are precious and can require a terrible price to preserve them for all Americans, not just those you happen to agree with ideologically,but even those with whom you may disagree with. Yes we all have the right to free speech, its not something that applies to this group but not to that group,however it comes with the responsibility to not knowingly defame or slander,rights come with the responsibility of respect.
    Getting back to “National Service”, I was raised in a family that has a tradition of service,predominantly military with some non-military service,our point of view being that service to your country is a duty and a privilege,a small price for our freedoms that we enjoy. The day I took that Oath, not only was I swearing to protect our Constitution,I was swearing to protect the rights of every last American and do to so with my life if necessary. This is not an “occasional” reason as some would cynically suggest, but a predominant one. Are there those that join for other reasons ,yes certainly, but to suggest that it is otherwise, do so out of ignorance and to me seems disrespectful of those that paid those terrible dues for their fellow citizens. There is nothing unclear about the possible consequences of putting on the uniform of your nation to those who choose to do so. Trust me it is made abundantly clear and understood. As you have said before Danny, you and I are miles apart ideologically, but we have found common ground on a couple of points. However I was prepared then as,I still am, to defend your rights to the death thats the oath I took and the oath many of my family members took and some of them paid that “ultimate price”. Some one once said ” A Veteran is an individual who at one time wrote a blank check to his Nation for a sum of up to and including their own life”. In closing I would add this as well,when it comes to serving your nation there is no shame in choosing to serve in organizations like Peace Corps, Vista or even Americorps, the only shame is when these organizations along with our Military are used to further the political agendas or careers of those who are also supposed to be serving our country.

    “The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on certain occasions, that I wish it to be always kept alive. It will often be exercised when wrong, but better so than not to be exercised at all. I like a little rebellion now and then.” Thomas Jefferson

  3. Just a suggestion…

    I'm not associated with and don't know anyone personally and I live in Las Cruces, New Mexico and can't vote for you personally, so, for what it's worth…

    Below you will see the “Reactions” section. The 2nd post is by “RAMansour” from Twitter via BackType.

    “RAM” is Rebecca Mansour, one of the founders of and one of the contributors to C4P until a few months ago when she left to help Sarah Palin. I forget in what capacity, but, I vaguely remember that her “day job” background is screenwriting.

    The blog has info about the coming get-together in San Diego. Maybe something could come of that? Who knows?

    And the C4P comments section is filled with TONS of articulate ladies (… and gents) who love Sarah… and I'm sure many are from southern California.


  4. YouTube video…

    PS. Maureen…

    I just saw your 1 minute YouTube video about a BILLION dollars, “Can you conceive of a billion? Maureen Tabor explains how much a billion is. Important since now we toss around a “trillion.”

    I sure hope you get elected in your California congressional district #28… Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and and, hopefully, if, maybe, God bless her, Sarah Palin as POTUS would definitely appreciate someone as articulate as you, I'm sure.


  5. Wrong…

    Accuracy in commenting would be helpful in continuing a point-counterpoint dialogue, but emoting is only conducive to emoting.

    So, here is an emotive response.

    You emoted in a theatrical manner very well in your last paragraph, “But hell, if you're convinced you've got the absolute truth, then debate be damned, right?”

    Wrong… not if the true facts are on your side, right?


  6. AWESOME…!!!

    Maureen, are you sure you want to leave academia for the U.S. House of Representatives?

    Your article at Accuracy In Academia is awesome

    Paragraph 2 –

    “His paper was well written, and it was sad; beautifully he wrote those discouraging words. I noted in the margin: “Is this what you want to teach your sons—that they are victims?”

    “I pointed out that the best way he could help people was to become that CEO and hire lots of people.”

    Your guiding words to your student remind me of what South Carolina congressional candidate Tim Scott related about what his employer/mentor told 15 year old Scott about success, “… as a small business owner, you can think your way out of poverty… .” (see at about 5min. 5sec. in the video). And to truly help the most people… create jobs as an employer.

    What right thinking leftist could argue with that?

    Oh, that's right… we're talking about idealogues with an “transformative” agenda… the truth is simply an obstacle to their “hope and change” movement away from an “individualist” constitutional republic based on law that protects the minority from the majority to an “collectivist” commune democracy that puts the minority in thuggish control of the majority… for the good of the little guy, of course.

    More info about Accuracy in Academia from Wikipedia.

    STOP! Islamization Of America

  7. I would say that volunteering for the military and desiring to “defend freedom” are occasionally, but not always, and certainly not necessarily linked.

    I legitimately do not think that Sarah Palin could be trusted to delineate what freedom and exceptionalism actually mean though. She speaks of both like common platitudes, and her invocation of the first amendment in this speech is pathetic.

    “Don't use your right to protest to protest me, use it to protest the President, who I disagree with ideologically.”

    If she doesn't believe the first amendment ought be used to “shut people up” then perhaps she should have been more vocal during the town halls last summer when people disrupted civil democratic discourse by calling the president a nazi (ironically, the nazis, a “groundswell populist” movement itself, got its start by… well, disrupting the 1910s/20s German equivalent of the “town hall”, but we shouldn't get into that).

    But hell, if you're convinced you've got the absolute truth, then debate be damned, right?

  8. Exactly Sarah! Americans want to believe and trust. Why? Because we offer rights to all and for the most part want the best for everyone that abides by the laws we put in place to protect everyone. Because of that we have been taken by surprise and have been going along as if we have nothing to say about what is going on. It is coming fast and furious from all directions with many important and future changing issues. We need to stop acting like victims and start acting like we are the owners of this country, muster up the American pride and courage and stand up tall. We have a say in everything that happens in our country and no one is going to stomp on our freedoms unless we let them.

  9. wow great speech! I am glad those fools made their stupid comments so I went and found the speech and watched it! never would have otherwise!

  10. Hamid Shirvani, President of Cal-State Stanislaus, introduced Sarah in a very complimentary fashion. He must really admire & respect her. She is a great lady & a powerful speaker. Nice video!

  11. An open request…

    If anyone finds a transcript of the entire speech, please link to it in the future here on


    Sarah Palin is articulating the fundamentals of American freedom and honor and common sense. She reminds me of President Ronald Reagan when he articulated the yearning for freedom in the human heart with the words, “… Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.”


  12. From Conservative New Media videos (in 4 parts), also posted on

    This Sarah Palin speech is a keeper for the history books… and for 2012…

    Teaching our next generation…

    Sarah Palin starts by referring to the Dennis Prager comment at a previous conference in Denver, Colorado (… 9 minutes long… edited by someone else with only Prager's comments) where he said that America is not passing on to the next generation what it means to be an American.

    Palin responded then to Prager and asked the question again here (… at around 9min. 22 sec.), why, then, if America is not teaching our young what it means to be free, why do our young enlist in the U.S. military… even though, as young people, they have only tasted freedom?

    Palin –

    “… they get it…” even if they can't articulate what it means “… to defend something greater than self. To defend the American idea of liberty. Thank God for these kids.”

    Sarah goes on to say that Prager is right.

    “… Prager is right. Perhaps it is that we are not properly educating our youth in the exceptional nature of America and our liberty. …

    “It's worrisome, because this belief in American exceptionalism is something that every new generation has to make it's own if we expect our republic and our liberties to be secure and to live on.

    “For America to survive, we've got to pass this on to that next generation. And, to understand that, we've got to go back to the beginning of our republic, and to the heart of what it means to be an American.”

    STOP! Islamization Of America

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