WATCH: Steven Crowder calls NBC News reporter, confronts her about article on lady who drank chloroquine fish tank cleaner and it doesn’t go well…

Steven Crowder decided to call one of the two NBC News reporters who wrote the initial article on the Arizona lady and her husband who drank fish tank cleaner because it chloroquine in it, at the behest of Trump of course, and offer her new evidence that the lady was a Democratic donor who hated Trump and also really wanted to divorce her husband. As I suggested in the title, it didn’t go well:

The reporter, Erica Edwards, was not even remotely interested in pursuing the story past the fake news that she’d already written. Every time Crowder offered to send her official documented evidence about this woman’s Democrat fundraising or of the arrest and divorce stuff, Edwards kept telling Crowder that this is a story that he should write.

Now just to be clear, Crowder was completely respectable and hardly confrontational until the very end, when Edwards made clear she didn’t care about the truth at all. And even then he was hardly confrontational, telling the reporter that it was her job to care about the truth.

Edwards ended the phone call by hanging up on Crowder, but then you probably could have guessed that.

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