WATCH: Ted Cruz hammered Warren, Dems for SLANDEROUS and UGLY smear of Jeff Sessions

Ted Cruz was on Fox News today discussing both Trump’s defense of his executive order this morning and the ridiculous attack Democrats have waged on Jeff Sessions.

The best portion of the interview is when Cruz goes after Warren and the Democrats, and I’ve cued it up for you here:

I gotta say by the way that the charges she was making against Jeff Sessions are demonstrably false. They’re slanderous, they’re ugly. And it’s one of the crutches – you know, when the Left doesn’t have any other arguments, they accuse everyone of being a racist. And it’s an ugly, ugly part of the modern Democratic Party.

Jeff Sessions is an honorable and decent person. The charges that she was recounting – you know in the Senate Judiciary Committee we had extensive hearings. We heard from witnesses, people involved in these false charges…

And I’ll point out – listen the Democrats are the party of the Ku Klux Klan. You look at the most racist, you look at the Dixiecrats. They were Democrats who imposed segregation, imposed Jim Crow laws, who founded the Klan. The Klan was founded by a great many Democrats. And yet now the Democrats just accuse anyone they disagree with of being a racist.

That was a false smear of Jeff Sessions and I think he’s going to make an extraordinary attorney general. After eight years we deserve an attorney general who will be faithful to the law and faithful to the Constitution.

You can watch the full interview below:

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