WATCH: Ted Cruz HARASSED at airport by liberal protesters screaming “free the children”

Once again Ted Cruz was harassed by liberal protesters, this time while waiting on his flight. They were screaming “free the children”:

If it isn’t a restaurant, it’s an airport.

Fournier noted that Cruz handled the protesters with class:

Cruz always handles these situations with class. If you look closely, Cruz was actually taking a photo with one girl while the protesters are yelling around him. LOL!

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91 thoughts on “WATCH: Ted Cruz HARASSED at airport by liberal protesters screaming “free the children”

  1. Protester: ..Free the children!! Free the children!!! Free the childre!!! Free the chill!!! Free the chili!!! Free the chili!!!

    Protest Organizer: WTH are you doing

    Protester: I’ve hit the chant quota in my union contract, if you want more of my services you’re gonna have to pony up another $1500

  2. And the girl was the target…Instill fear…Saul Alynski. Most of them however, probably can’t tell anyone why they are even there..
    Good on Cruz for doing his best to ignore them…

  3. Like I told my nutcase liberal brother in law, how do you get to a point in life where being a fat *ussy is something to be proud of?

  4. Wow, this is the most casual I’ve seen Cruz. Was he “vacationing” in Kalifornia?

    Why don’t these leftist idiots put their words into action and try to adopt a child. Truth is, they hate children to death and only use them for their political purposes.

    1. I won’t question ones love of children – facts speak for themselves. Remember, its the left that likes to kill the unborn. Its the left who use children as props for political ads. Its the left who don’t want to educate kids (they do want to indoctrinate) its the left who don’t want single-moms to protect their homes.

      I think you may be right, the left really do hate children to death.

  5. Good job Senator but Cruz should’ve chanted back STOP ABORTION, STOP THE KILLING OF BABIES! Wonder how many would’ve joined him???

  6. I’ve had the good fortune of spending time with Sen Cruz, both in private meetings and in public settings. He is the epitome of a class act.

  7. Was that his wife (left hand corner) who collected the children and quietly got out of the way?
    Good on her and good on Cruz for handling the situation with such class.

    “Americans will not be silent! Free the children!”

    It would help your case immensely if the children you were screaming about were actually from America.

    1. They have aborted waaaaaaay more “children” then the ones that were forced/dragged to make a trip to the US illegally.

      Let’s face it, no immigrant child decides they’re going to the US for asylum on their own…

      This kind of reminds me of fat Sally Struthers back in the day and her teary eyed pleas for donations “for the children….” on late night informercials. Why does it work? Because most normal human beings are gentically encoded to help children, except democrats who kill them out as fast as they make em….

  8. remember when liberals freaked out after the AP reported that Obama’s DHS handed over multiple dozens of illegal limmigrant children to child predators and they couldn’t find them? yeah, me neither. pathetic hypocrites.

  9. “Believe me, I’m trying! I want nothing more than to free them so they can return to their home countries, but our efforts are being stymied by my fellow Congressmen who apparently enjoy seeing them in these places.”

  10. What about the children living in sh*t conditions in Baltimore and other Dem cities? They live in far worse conditions than the “border” kids.

    1. And most of them are not living with their parents. They are raising themselves on the streets (Please refer to all of the videos of feral children attacking people).

    2. Baltimore is a SEWER. Voters there have the same mentality as the voters in Washington, DC who kept re-electing the thug Marion Barry.

  11. He’s so cool about it he makes them all look like fools. Was he posing for a photo with a woman during that?

  12. Um, how did these schmucks get inside the airport? Free the children? Are they going to take these kids in?

  13. Free the children to go back to the child molesters, pedophiles, traffickers, and coyotes? That’s what would happen to them.

  14. OK, Ted will just go down there and tell Border Patrol to “free the children.” Idiots.

  15. Because he’s the one who brought them here?
    Protesters don’t have an entire brain cell among them.

  16. It is amazing to me that so many people believe the media “children in cages” lies. How can people be so stupid? Of course, they are in a continuous rage at something all the time, so there is no chance for rational thinking.

    1. It’s sad but if you started out with the premise that you hated Trump before he even ran for office, the media just keeps reinforcing the hatred to where it just continuously confirms the bias and hatred. My own mother is a product of this. She hates Trump and would do anything to get rid of him. She is lost in the Matrix and my sisters and I can’t get through to her. The TDS is strong when they have it as bad as my mom does.

  17. Cruz is stronger than any of his detractors can ever hope to be. Still hoping he can be president oneday.

  18. The CW had a piece about children in one of the detention centers and the place looked excellent and the children very well taken care off. Contradicted their own complaints about the detention centers. How people can watch that and still continue the lie about concentration camps is hard for me to understand.

    1. The end of days (Last Days) began when Jesus returned to Heaven (Acts 1). Expect anything to happen until Christ returns.

    1. I am so glad to be a devoted Ted Cruz supporter, Cruz For All Time ! I always wear my Ted Cruz campaign shirt, even in liberal Portland, Oregon. And my Glock 35.

  19. So I’m supposed to believe this is just a spontaneous pop up protest and Ted Cruz so happens to be there?

  20. Classy in the face of liberal lemmings!
    How about freeing our kids from failing inner city schools and deplorable living conditions in dem controlled dumps?

  21. Cruz might need to request some secret service protection, he has far to many nutcase liberals following him around and doing this to him. Ilhan Omar said she needs increased security and probably got it yet nobody has ever done this BS to her.

    1. I agree. These NPCs loonies love to hurl bodily materials or other dangerous fluids or solids at their perceived “enemies”.

  22. Go Senator Cruz Go!

    He looks like he’s laughing at them, which would be an appropriate response to these hypocritical, NPC lunatics!

    1. Aren’t they, though? Just the same old chant without engaging the senator in dialogue at all. Because *gasp!* they might learn something other than their programming, and we can’t have that, now, can we?

    1. I don’t think they are that stupid…..never mind you’re right now that I think about it.

  23. This was at the boarding gates, past security. How did the protesters get there? Only ticketed passengers can get to the gates. Did Soros buy everyone a ticket so they can get to the gates?

    1. “How did the protesters get there?”

      They appear to have been waiting for their own flights, because there is absolutely NO WAY they would have been allowed where they were without a ticket voucher. It only took ONE ignoramus to stand up and start chanting for the rest of them to follow.

  24. Those people at the border are free to leave……to Mexico! Free to walk their happy butts back to where they came from and stay there!

    1. Not once we have them in custody, no. Once in the system you must be processed. When released (90-120 days) they’re free to go home, and we in Texas have a charity system that assists them in doing just that.

      Most are released pending a court hearing and go into the US, never to be heard from again.

  25. Ted Is not just the Senators from Texas,he is Americas Senator.This is the Second time he,his wife and his Children have been under siege.Its time he receive the protection he and his family needs.

    1. Exactly! America’s Senator! I’ve always considered Ted to be my Senator here in Maryland.

    1. and he flies with us “common folk”, not first class. He’s not hanging out in the airline lounge rubbing elbows with the elite. He’s just a normal guy who happens to be a Senator. :o)

  26. What good does handling this s–t with class do? Looks weak then there’s more of it. They should be arrested and the airport sued. The airport is not a public street. The airport has security and they need to handle it. If a nut goes in and yells bomb or starts threatening people you’ll see the police and security everywhere dragging the poor fool out. I expect security from security if I’m in their airport.

  27. All I hear is how great law enforcement is. That’s a joke, they couldn’t find their peckers in the dark.

  28. At least in the airport Cruz can be pretty sure none of them has a weapon.

  29. I wonder how many of them were on Ted’s flight? Did the airlines allow them to keep up the chants? The ignorance of those yelling “free the children”, maybe they are some of the same people taking advantage of those children, you know…the children being sex trafficked. Their stupidity betrays them.

  30. He should have asked them if they were upset about the children being murdered every day, then reminded them who dismembers and murders children.

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