WATCH: Ted Cruz says he can still win but is also preparing for a CONTESTED CONVENTION

In an interview Fox News appears to be mostly keeping under wraps thus far, Ted Cruz told Fox News reporter James Rosen that his campaign has already begun making preparations for a contested convention:

Ted Cruz also tells Rosen that he still believes it’s possible for him to win the nomination outright:

And here’s a couple of remaining tweets about the interview:

I did find portions of the interview that have already aired on Fox News this morning and you can watch them below. They include the parts where Cruz told Rosen that he can still win and that he’s not going to apologize to Mitch McConnell:

It makes sense that Cruz would be preparing for a contested convention because at this point, with Kasich staying in the race, he will continue keep Trump on top but may also syphon enough delegates that between he and Cruz that Trump can’t outright win.

Or he may end up hurting Cruz more and more and Trump wins everything. It’s a big gamble him staying in the race, one that may very well give the election to Trump.

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