WATCH Ted Cruz’s FULL SPEECH at the Tea Party Patriots

Ted Cruz gave a fantastic speech today on the 5th anniversary celebration of the Tea Party Patriots. You can watch the full speech below:

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21 thoughts on “WATCH Ted Cruz’s FULL SPEECH at the Tea Party Patriots

  1. Senator Cruz has the courage and smarts to hold the office of the presidency . Completely opposite from the bozo in the WH today .

  2. Just to have the privilege in hearing Senator Ted Cruz speak truth with such passion, such honesty and power that his words are a cause for hope in our Nation. I thought as the Senator walked all around the podium but never stopping in front for a quick peek at talking point notes how articulate yet powerful his deep core principles are. This is a man who really believes what he is saying. Ted Cruz the Senator from the Great State of Texas is a Patriot!

  3. Always keep in mind that this is a very important election year and the left is in full deceive, spin, attack and smear mode. They’ve already gone on full assault with Chris Christie just like they did with Herman Cain in 2012. Rachael Maddow has been obsessed with Christie Gate and she leads the relentless whining about it. CNN just shot themselves in the foot when they foolishly attempted to attack Ted Nugent over his calling Obama a mongrel.

    We can count on them and their M.S.M. propaganda war machine to relentlessly attack and smear any republican or conservative candidate that threatens their power. We can count on their union thugs to conduct a campaign of threats and intimidation. We can also count there being a full barrage of lies and innuendo along with the media editing stories to suit their agenda.

  4. President Cruz…. How awesome will that be. Its very likely, which is why Socialist Obama is doing as much damage as he can now so it will be almost impossible to clean up. Obama does not know or appreciate the will of the American people.

  5. No Teleprompter! No notes!

    It seems that this very good speech was completely extemporaneous.

    And if it was, that just makes it that much more amazing.

  6. The Tea Party is the only solution! We will try the peaceful process first because we are honorable men and women, passionate patriots like no other! If we must risk our lives to save freedom and liberty for our children and grandchildren we will do so! God Bless The Tea Party!

  7. I’ve seen it before, but it never ceases to amaze me how Sen. Cruz can deliver a great speech without a teleprompter or notes. God bless the Tea Party, Americans and the United States of America.

  8. Thank God for the Tea Party! And thank you, all you great Americans who post on Right Scoop. I’m very impressed with the knowledge and intelligence of many of the posters on this site, and I’m grateful to have you on this side of the debate.
    I, myself, used to be a democrat. Not because I believed in their big government ideology, but because I hated politics and wasn’t interested in following it. So the only message I really heard was from the mainstream propaganda machine that told me to hate republicans and that they are stupid. But when you wake up and you start talking to people, that is the furthest thing from the truth. But it wasn’t the Tea party that caused me to see the light and start paying attention. It was the occupy movement! After seeing that movement, I went running towards liberty as fast as I could.
    So, thank you Right Scoop for providing this forum, and thank all of you for providing such educational and thoughtful post.

    1. Welcome to the (Tea) party LA!

      We truly are the ones paying attention. Now – tell a few (D) friends. We must educate the educate-able on the looming disaster of current socialist policies and tyrannical government overreach before it is too late.

  9. I spent much time listening to many speeches from this conference today. There were many that stood out. Most notably, Mark Levin’s, Ted Cruz’, and Louie Gohmert’s.

    The prize, in my little opinion, for the one that choked me up the most, goes to Mark Levin.

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