WATCH: The LIE Marco Rubio told while accusing Ted Cruz of ‘dirty tricks’!

You may have heard about a little story that got Ted Cruz’s Communications Director Rick Tyler fired yesterday. We have the whole thing posted here. Also here. 

Anyway, while he was trying to rip on Ted Cruz over it, the thirsty Cuban told his own lie about the story to the press.

Watch below:

I don’t know if his handlers and software programmers didn’t inform Marco well enough, but Rick Tyler posted the story on his Twitter account and his Facebook. Was that really “actively promoting” it? It’s not as if they pushed it out at every media opportunity.

But that’s just kinda misleading. What he lies about is saying that the Cruz campaign created the misleading subtitles. That’s just plain wrong. It was “the Daily Pennsylvanian” that composed the false subtitles that led to the confusion. For Rubio to falsely accuse the Cruz campaign of doing so, while whining about false accusations, is pretty ironic.

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