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Watch the live stream of the RNC convention below. It will stay on the front page throughout the duration of the convention. Also see the schedule below for guidance:

OFFICIAL RNC LIVE STREAM: (with rewind capability and a “Live” button)


I will add more live streams when they become available.


Monday, August 27, 2012

2:00 p.m.         Chairman of the RNC Reince Priebus

Call to Order/Start Debt Clocks

2:10 p.m.         Announcement of Recess


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

2:00 p.m.         Chairman of the RNC Reince Priebus

Color Guard Knights of Columbus

Pledge of Allegiance by Former Governor Tim Babcock (MT)/ Tom Hogan (FL)

National Anthem sung by Philip Alongi

Invocation by Rabbi Meir Soloveichik

Opening procedural steps, appointment of convention committees

Welcoming remarks, and House and Senate candidates and RNC auxiliaries

RNC Chairman Priebus

RNC Co-Chairman Sharon Day

Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn

Convention Chief Executive Officer William Harris

Chairman of Tampa Bay Host Committee Al Austin

Republican Congressional Candidates

State Delegate Barbara Comstock (VA)

Representative Tim Griffin (AR)

Republican Senate Candidates

Republican National Committee auxiliaries

Consideration of convention committee reports

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus

Committee on Credentials Chairman Mike Duncan

Committee on Permanent Organization Chairwoman Zoraida Fonalledas

Convention Permanent Chairman Speaker John Boehner, Presiding

Official Convention Photograph

Committee on Rules Chairman John Sununu

Committee on Resolutions Chairman Governor Bob McDonnell

Committee on Resolutions Co-Chairman U.S. Senator John Hoeven

Committee on Resolutions Co-Chairman U.S. Rep. Marsha Blackburn

Roll Call for Nomination of President of the United States

Roll Call for Nomination of Vice President of the United States

6:40 p.m.         Recess

7:00 p.m.         Reconvene

Remarks by Speaker John Boehner

Remarks by RNC Chairman Reince Priebus

Video and remarks by Mayor Mia Love (Saratoga Springs, UT), U.S. congressional candidate

Remarks by Janine Turner

Remarks by former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum

Remarks by Host, U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers

8:00 p.m.         Remarks by U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte (NH), accompanied by Jack Gilchrist

Remarks by Governor John Kasich (OH)

Remarks by Governor Mary Fallin (OK)

Remarks by Governor Bob McDonnell (VA), accompanied by Bev Gray

Remarks by Governor Scott Walker (WI)

9:00 p.m.         Remarks by Governor Brian Sandoval (NV)

Remarks by Sher Valenzuela (small business owner, candidate for DE Lt. Governor)

Remarks by Senate Republican Candidate Ted Cruz (TX)

Remarks by Artur Davis

Remarks by Governor Nikki Haley (SC)

10:00 p.m.       Remarks by Mrs. Luce’ Vela Fortuño

Remarks by Mrs. Ann Romney

Remarks by Governor Chris Christie (NJ)

Benediction by Sammy Rodriguez



Wednesday, August 29, 2012

7:00 p.m.         Convention convenes

Call to order

Introduction of Colors by Amputee Veterans of America Support Team (AVAST)

Pledge of Allegiance by Brigadier General Patrick E. Rea, US Army (Ret.)

National Anthem sung by Ayla Brown

Invocation by Ishwar Singh

Ron Paul Video

Remarks by Senate Republican Leader and Convention Temporary Chairman Mitch McConnell (KY)

Remarks by Senator Rand Paul (KY)

Remarks by Christopher Devlin-Young and Jeanine McDonnell

8:00 p.m.         Remarks by Senator John McCain (AZ)

Remarks by Attorney General Pam Bondi (FL) and Attorney General Sam Olens (GA)

Remarks by Governor Bobby Jindal (LA)

Remarks by Senator John Thune (SD)

Remarks by Senator Rob Portman (OH)

9:00 p.m.         Remarks by Governor Luis Fortuño (PR)

Remarks by Governor Tim Pawlenty (MN)

Bush 41, 43 Film

Remarks by Mike Huckabee

10:00 p.m.       Remarks by Condoleezza Rice

Remarks by Governor Susana Martinez (NM)

Remarks by vice presidential nominee Rep. Paul Ryan

Benediction by Archbishop Demetrios



Thursday, August 30, 2012

7:00 p.m.         Convention convenes

Call to order

Introduction of Colors US Central Command Joint Forces Color Guard Team

Pledge of Allegiance by Dylan Nonaka

National Anthem sung by SEVEN

Invocation by Ken and Priscilla Hutchins

Remarks by U.S. Rep. Connie Mack (FL)

Reagan Legacy Video

Remarks by Newt and Callista Gingrich

Remarks by Craig Romney

8:00 p.m.         Remarks by Governor former Jeb Bush (FL)

Remarks by Bob White, chairman of Romney for President campaign

Remarks by Grant Bennett

Remarks by Tom Stemberg

9:00 p.m.         Remarks by former Massachusetts Lt. Governor Kerry Healey

Remarks by Jane Edmonds, former Massachusetts Secretary of Workforce

Remarks by Olympians Michael Eruzione, Derek Parra and Kim Rhode

10:00 p.m.       Remarks by U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (FL)

Remarks by presidential nominee Mitt Romney

Benediction by Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan

Speaker Boehner declares convention adjourned


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549 thoughts on “Watch the RNC Convention Live Stream

  1. Speaker Boehner’s adjournment of convention. . what does sidey die mean?

    I listened in the car to Romney’s speech and I thought it was AWESOME. It was good not to be distracted by his often odd body language.

    I thought Romney opened up his life and his heart in that speech and was specific in his criticisms of the job Obama has done while being kind to the man himself. I think he made it possible for disappointed Obama supporters to step away and join Romney.

    He was comforting to Americans at a time when people are hurting.

    I think he struck the exact right tone for the time we are in.

    I read all these criticisms and I’m just not seeing it although I have been very critical of Romney all along. His speech last night won me over entirely. I think he is exactly what we need right now.

    His Mormon faith has bothered me but listening to Senator Hatch and to what Romney himself said, I don’t think that will affect the job he does. He cleaned up scandal in Salt Lake and he worked with supporters and opposition alike in Massachusetts. I see no reason he can’t do the same in Washington.

    After this convention I am very excited about the ticket and about a sort of wind of change that is alive in America and which the convention captured and showcased. I’ve never heard so many soaring and vividly optimistic and patriotic speeches in a convention. It had a beautiful tone of hope. Real hope, not hype.

  2. Best speeches of the convention:

    Ann Romney
    Paul Ryan
    Mitt Romney
    Marco Rubio

    Chris Christie was horrible.

  3. Looks like Mitt Romney won the twitter race according to fox… I have no idea how they measure this kind of stuff but here it is..

    Mitt Romney 13,267
    Marco Rubio 8,937
    Clint Eastwood 7,044
    Paul Ryan 6,669
    Ann Romney 6,195
    Number of Tweets In One Minute.

    They said it was higher than Obama’s state of the union speech.

  4. Hey, you all want to hear some hope? First of all, my 25-year-old son is busy tweeting and retweeting all kinds of pro-Romney messages, and in between, he tweeted THIS:

    To which he’s had an extremely positive response.

    Secondly, I will be driving all the way to my daughter’s college the day before Election Day to bring her home to vote. Why? Because she does not trust the absentee ballot system and wants to vote for Romney IN PERSON. And by the way, she’s just about made her decision on which Romney/Ryan T-shirt she’ll be buying to wear on campus this fall.

    And that’s my hopeful message of the night.


  5. This is the best I have heard from Romney. I think the Fox News panel is being too critical of him.

    1. well van jones already made a comment its at weasel zippers. libs already frothing at the mouth lol

    1. Maybe he is having a hard time reading the teleprompter.

      I like the part where the teleprompter tells him to say “the ayes have it”.

  6. A really great speech for Romney I don’t know if it was the best of the convention but it was the best I ever heard from him, perhaps I’m biased because I favor the more conservative voices than listening to him. I do hope it helped win over independent swing voters.

  7. Monuments of so many with no mention of their race, party affiliation, or what they did for a living- they lived and died under a single flag!

    Great line about not trying to drive deep wedges between fellow Americans based on race, party, and financial status.

  8. romney brought it home. he did way better then I thought he would.
    so great after 3 1/2 years to finally see some patriotism !!

  9. Glad Romney mentioned Obama telling the Russian president that after the election he’d have more flexibility. He should have spoken more about it being treason, etc.

  10. Protect the sanctity of life, honor the institution of marriage and guarantee freedom of religion.

  11. Obama’s policies have not helped create jobs, they’ve depressed them. And with so many of his policies, jobs are being eliminated.

  12. Romney hit Obama hard with his line: “You know there is something wrong when the best feeling you had was the day you voted for him.”

    Great line for independents.

  13. How sad- his mom discovered his dad had died when she went looking for the rose he faithfully gave to her and it wasn’t there.

        1. he is doing it, I am listening to him. he is personable. you can’t deny his patriotism. things we are currently lacking.

          your right , this speech can help him much

  14. Amen- Almighty God indeed is the source of all we have- He is the source of our rights and what is provided for us here!

  15. Obama’s ideas move us backwards- Rubio got that right! And those being ideas people come to America to get away from!

  16. Personal segment about Mitt- brought not only family life but also his thriftiness, which is what this government definitely needs!

      1. Sounded like he was a bit lenient with the kids, letting them bend rules, except when it came to being nice to their mom. And not a pushover for money when his kids would ask (why they went to mom instead)- another thing that I hope carries over into leadership in government.

        1. sounds like he is a good dad, husband , friend, it says something, i like that.

          barry’s friend lets see bill ayer’s .. for one.. enough said

          1. In case anyone comes on who doesn’t know who Mr. Ayers is, he’s an unrepentant terrorist.

  17. I don’t know if you are watching, but the program has been great so far this evening. I know its staged and orchestrated, but its still entertaining. Some of the speakers have been great. The Olympic thing was a nice touch.

  18. i think everyone who thinks romney is a stiff should b required 2 watch those testimonials. as a premie myself (also born 3 1/2 months early) i have gained an even higher level of respect 4 romney. u may not like his policies, but have no excuse to say mitt does not know how to connect with “regular” people

  19. I think it’s great to have regular folks speak at the convention, but so far these people are all Mormon.

    1. You have a point. They are all people, too. We should get some more diversity, like having fish and bugs at the podium.

      And some rocks and stuff.

    1. that was a long speech, it didn’t offer anything, we need to abolish the dept of education if anything .imo.
      I like what some states are doing with teachers, 2 year contracts an they will be renewed if you perform.

  20. Wonder if the Dems will have a diverse line up of speakers like Al “BLOWHARD” Sharpton, Maxine WaterHole, Sheila Jackass, Charlie Randall and pederast Jesse Jackson. BJ Clintoon was a good pick for the white rapist, kiss-ass niche and Obama still passes for a Black American in Chicago if you squint and does a fairly good imitation of ebamanics.

  21. Dear Rent-a-drag:

    At the democrat convention, it’ll be “a rainbow” yeah, of self-defeating dumbasses though, right? Every single one, a rudderless, wisdom-less fool, regardless of color. With his/her own head in the chopping block and their own kids bound with ever thickening, ever-tightening chains.

    It isn’t a color thing you, It’s a wisdom thing, a common sense thing. When more people gain more of those two attributes, they’ll know where to come. That more black people aren’t here, is a testament about them, not about the party. The best and the brightest are here by the way. Many of them were on stage. Others may want to be there and support conservatism in their hearts, but just might be intimidated by members of their own race. It’s their racism, not ours. Get it?

    Some will vote their conservative consciences in that private booth, so their neighbors don’t call them names…and you know the names they call each other. There is unfortunately, a social thing in the black community that exerts great pressure on members to tow that monolithic line. No matter that the line is pulling them towards their own demise. They need to learn on their own. Wonder how many times they have to burn their collective hands on a stove before they realize it’s hot and dangerous? Our schools and universities help perpetuate this lack of wisdom, also to every color under the sun.

    I suppose the people of color you’d like to see more of at events like this, can only be and support fools for so long. Yet you seem to be suggesting that our party change into pandering fools themselves to bring them along. No, either they bring themselves along or they can keep getting what they are getting…table scraps and creeping communistic failure.

    At the democrat convention you can take in, and gaze upon, the worst and the dimmest OK? The best and the brightest are here, on our side…a rainbow of intelligence, work ethic, and wisdom. Again, it isn’t a color thing.

    1. rshill7- you call them democrats dumbasses, then assail people for name-calling. i do not suggest that your party pander to fools, i only observe that a party stands for something…a platform, an outlook, an approach, and the republican version of this trilogy is resulting in a very obvious collection of almost exclusively white people attending their convention, speakers of color aside. I never suggested you pander. In fact, do not pander. most all politicians pander, and it is unseemly and wrong. platforms and approaches and outlooks, and ideals, should not pander, and indeed are the things that a party, in unison, is designed to promote even in the face of individual weeknesses.
      Anyway, here’s the bottom line for me, and i know all of you will disagree…that’s america. but i have not called anyone here immoral, and i have not suggested what they should do, and i have not written any personal attacks whatsoever, although all those things have been written in bulk at me.
      many in america believe it is immoral not to allow abortion (although they may even believe abortion to be immoral), many in america believe it is immoral to block gay marriage…the list goes on, and the ultimate argument is that it is immoral in God’s eyes. that is not my morality, and i am a very moral person. you will say i am not, but this board has demonstrated that i am not the one hurling insults, or rudeness, or judgements…i have made observations and stated a point of view, and for that I have been called the names, branded a dumbass, and all the rest, in no uncertain terms. i happen to believe that most all of you have made my point for me…that it is a hateful atmosphere, full of slander and anger, and that it is polarizing america in every way, and, by that measure, weakening us. everyone on this board was ugly toward me. i dont give a fucking shit…and you have acted like i should. i just would have liked a little more decorum. i didnt shit on any of you. i didn’t rip at you. and what harm is it for a couple of loving gay guys or girls to get married? how does that hurt you? why not just let your God sort it out in the end? you attack, however, and demand that YOUR version of morality be legislated, even if it restricts the rights of someone who just has different ideas than you, or morals than you. if you were gay and wanted to get married, and by the way…homosexuality is defensible and not at all immoral in my book…just not by your book. the treatment of homosexuals, and people like me with different ideas of morality, by most of the people who have occupied this board with me, by labeling them sinners and amoral and all that crap is what leads to 14 year old gay kids jumping off bridges. How moral is it that your treatment of these people causes that? they arent killing themselves because they are gay…they are killing themselves because of the judgment and abuse levied on them that they are not equipped to deal with. there are things i just could not deal with from others, so i can appreciate that.
      do not pander. keep up your ways if you wish. your legacy is being written. it is not a legacy i would wish to own. judgement, abuse, nastiness, exclusion. and then you have the gall to effectively say that american blacks as a population are just “dumbasses”….you did, because you said that people who don’t agree with your version of republicanism are dumbasses, and by their obvious absence from your little party in Tampa, the fall into that bracket, in overwhelming numbers. name-call, accuse, legislate your morality. my version of legislation lets you be you and me be me in america. your version of legislation says i have to be like you, to live your morals. it isn’t enough for you that your God, in your mind, will judge me. you are obviously compelled to do it, too.

      Most all of you do, in fact, make me sick with your moralizing (your version of morals..which you really do believe is god’s version, thereby giving you the right to press that upon others), and your attacks, despite being so moral, on others, like me. i did this just to see what would happen, and i got what i figured. abuse, ugliness, etc. none of you got that from me. this dumbass troll rent-a-drag amoral whatever you wanna call me is signing off. i am gonna go walk into harlem, and east LA, and all those other places that not one single one of you would have the guts or the open-mindedness or lack of fear to enter. Stay in your white america, judging all the rest of us to be dumbasses. you will lose in the end, even if that means america loses and fails because you manage to get control of her.

      1. Uh huh. C-Ya. I speak my opinion. You are welcome to yours, regardless of how shortsighted, self-destructive and stupid it is.

        You can also go ahead and start a new religion around “your book” mmkay? My religion is the truth. I will go by The Book. One of the fruits of the spirit in The Book, is the discerning of spirits. You might call that “judging”. Judging is what a judge does. I am not one of those. I am discerning. So are you I suppose. It’s just that you are dead wrong in my opinion. The left is dead wrong in my opinion. The entire democrat party is dead wrong in my opinion, and you yourself, just seem dead in spirit.

        No one here has demanded you agree with them. Your lefty side however, demands that our side agree with them. Your side tries to silence our side, with shouting, dis-invites from college campuses, violence, graffiti, voter fraud, outright murder, lies, vandalism and the destruction of millions of dollars of public and private property. Wallow in your side sir. I want no part of it. It’s obviously where you belong. You have spoken freely and you have been answered just as freely.

        Go have a Harlem coney, and enjoy living in a crap hole. Oh, and again, it isn’t a color thing. It’s a wisdom thing. Something you are sorely missing as well. Also my opinion. Continue your march down the road to serfdom. Sounds as if you’re halfway there already. Most of us refuse to go along for the ride. Sorry, that’s just the wisdom talking.

      2. As a born and raised city girl I take exception to you once again putting me in a category of your own design.
        You, my friend are the racist one.

        1. Don’t mind him. He’s a weirdo, lol….and he talks too much. More than my posts when I get sucked into these things so that’s pretty bad.

      3. Oh I see, you don’t like folks forcing you to go against your religious beliefs…like Obama is forcing the Catholic Church to go against their beliefs by forcing them to pay for birth control? Is that what you mean?

        Or how about Obama forcing us to engage in commerce or be fined? Or forcing us to pay for abortions via Planned Parenthood with Medicaid? Is that what you mean about forcing one’s beliefs on others?

      4. Same tactic. “I didn’t call anyone names.” No, you just called ALL of us racists, disgusting, etc. That sort of trolling is as old as letters to the editor.

        I warned you. You ignored it. Good riddance.

    1. Artur Davis rocked it.
      In 2004 Zell Miller gave an inspirational speech at the RNC. I think it was the keynote. It was incredible.

          1. I remember I was running on the treadmill in our complexes gym…I was the only one in there and I was fist pumping throughout going, “Yeah!’ Then, it was over way too soon!

              1. Philly- YOU must watch it. TONIGHT. If you havent watched Ted Cruz, his was good too. AND Luis Fortuno, and Gov Martinez. I’ve been happily surprised by a number of speakers. It really gives me hope for the future.

                1. Thanks Poli. I saw Gov. Martinez, but thats about it, and only half of Ryan’s.

                  You will want grand kids one day … its a switch that turns on. I’ve seen it happen. LOL.:)

                2. I know. I guess I will be ready when our son is ready to be a dad. AND that wont be for a few years. ( knock on wood, throw salt)

                3. poli, how do you feel about her praising the Arab Spring (the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood)?

              2. I wish I still had little kiddies. The baby is 24. Yikes. AND no no no to grandchildren. NOT. READY. YET.

        1. Here’s the problem I had with it: She praised the Arab Spring and said it was a movement for democracy (freedom). It is not. They are now crucifying people. It is the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood and she should have said that and said that the Brotherhood’s goal is to destroy this nation. She is either totally naive or she is for it.

          She also sounded like she supported amnesty.

          The rest of the speech was great.

          I have a problem with her blindness to islam. She doesn’t get that what is happening with Israel is jihad and she helped install Raila Odinga in Kenya.

          1. Well I personally DONT support amnesty. AND The Muslim Brotherhood is not good for our Country or anyone elses.

            1. Yes, and that it why her comment on the Arab Spring was so disturbing. She is clueless about islam and I don’t get it. Something does not add up.

    1. That mayor is a big lib in California, the state where I formerly lived. If I remember right, he was very supportive of illegal immigration there in L.A..

      1. Yes he is. I live in Taxifornia and Villaraigosa (who’s real last name is Villar) would hand out every entitlement you can think of to the illegal aliens.

        1. Wasn’t he supportive of the kids ditching school demonstration? I remember loud mouthed kids running down Route 66 and showing disrepect for the United States.

        1. I heard some guy- think he was a professor or something, speaking outside to people in CA about Mexico taking California back. Guess the big lib mayor of L.A. feels the same way?

          1. Yes, it’s called the Reconquista. It’s not just California, it’s most of the west up through Colorado all they way through Washington state. Mecha’s constitution is about the Reconquista. It talks about the brown race and that once their numbers got to a certain point the ethnic cleansing of the white and black man would commence.

            A few years back there was a billboard in California with a statue that stands in Mexico City and LA in the background. It said IN SPANISH, “This is your city”. Guess you get the meaning of that.

            1. There are many other ethnicities in California- a real melting pot of the world! Sounds like the lib L.A. mayor should move south of the border!

              1. Yes, that is where he is from and where his loyalties lie, but he likes helping illegals get their free stuff here and he’s working to help make California part of Mexico.

          2. That garbage is actually being taught in many colleges and high schools out west. There are some schools that are teaching Mexican gov’t curriculum to the Spanish speaking students.

            Also, Mexico formed a dept in their gov’t in 1982 devoted to trying to take back the west….not that they ever had control of it. About 1% of the population in CA was Spanish when it became part of the USA.

    2. Mayor Villaraigosa has no room to talk. He used to be a member of MecHa. A racist Hispanic group dedicated to taking over the West. In fact, their preamble to their constitution talked about the ethnic cleansing of the white and black man. They have since scrubbed that from their preamble.

  22. and i never pretended the dems were free of racism. but look at their convention when it comes on tv. look at the audience. and be afraid, i guess. be afraid that their brand of racism manages to draw in the races, and the gays, and the latinos, and the lesbos, and the freaks. the republican party looked white, white, white. that is no support of the democratic party, it is just a fact, fact, fact.

    1. I seemed to notice numerous minorities speaking on behalf of the Republican party at this convention. In as much as democrats have a lack of morality (abortion and special rights for those practicing a certain type of sexual immorality) and pander to people- liberally brainwashed college goers, amnesty granting, and pander to those loyal to Obama regardless of how they are hurting, etc., they do seem to draw in and dupe a number of people sadly- all that are brainwashed into thinking big government is a good thing and big debt they hand down of little concern.

    2. ” and the freaks” lol now I know you’re grasping at straws and not worth bothering

      but i think you need to stop watc hing this guy or going to this church.

      Jeremiah Wright

      Too concerned about skin color optics. It is what it is.

      GOP won’t win back until the strangle hold the Dems have on the schools, media rhetoric which keeps race baiting as we speak “remember the GOP is racist and they hate you” to certain voter blocks.

      Don’t you know as late as the 1960’s , many african americans for instance still voted Republican, in spite of Roosevelt (who was a bigot and somewhat influenced by anti semitism) starting to pay attention to the minority vote, black vote etc.

      1. yeah, i know that about the 60’s. i grew up then. they did then, but look at the poles…they do NOT now. i am not concerned about skin color, i am concerned about the hateful divide that is resurfacing in america, and you can see it manifested in the lack of color on my tv screen showing the RNC. all of you are railing at me that all i see is skin color…no…the lack of skin color at the RNC speaks to the very migration of minorities away from the reps that you yourself just cited. it is due to the divisive nature of the prevailing thought of the republican party, which was so blatantly on display in the responses to my postings tonite, telling me to go to see that asshole preacher in chicago and all that other non-funny crap.
        you will see freaks at the DNC. you dont see any at the RNC. it goes to inclusion. the republican points of view are exclusive. that is why everybody, virtually, at the RNC looks the same. Saying i should go to Wrights church is nasty. he is as racist as anyone, of course. but if you were black, maybe you’d be a little more racist, too. i sure as hell would be if i grew up as a black where I did, in harrisburg pa where whitey controlled everything. walk into harlem one day…i mean like a kennedy…alone…up to 135th street and mad avenue. see how you feel. i have done that. you will understand what it is to be the true minority. or just live about another 100 years.

        1. lol, How do you know what color skin I have? How do you know if I’m not a minority?

          … I just said you sounded too concerned about the ‘white people’


          I didn’t say go to his church, i said STOP going.

          1. i know because of what you said i should do about not going anymore to Wright’s church. you’re white, like me.

        2. There is a divide because of obama, his “justice dept” refusing to prosecute black on white crime (which by the way is through the roof….white on black is very rare).

          The divide is because dems encouraged blacks to go on welfare, quit their jobs, and have babies out of wedlock. Your side preaches hatered towards conservatives (remember shortly after O took office his regime issued a memorandum accusing conservatives, returning veterans, tea partiers, etc. as potential terrorists. Don’t you think that’s divisive? I do. He’s trying to demonize us. He is trying to lay the ground work to round up conservatives.

      2. and are you blaming your “fact” that the dems have a “strangle hold” on america’s schools, and until that passes, the republicans cannot influence the thought of america’s young, thereby being rendered currently unable to procure the participation of the minority attendees of those schools as republicans because they are under “the strangle-hold the Dems have”. That is the most preposterous, insipid, inaccurate, false, absolutely ridiculous outlook imaginable.

        1. that’s not what I said. To acknowledge that The Dems have influence in the media and the schools, isn’t saying that Republicans are unable or should not even try to promote the idea that policies help everybody. It was merely saying , it’ll take some time to undo the institutionalized perceptions perpetuated by the Universities and Media (as we see all throughout this week with the race baiting) hence why I referenced that even with Roosevelt’s attempt to gain, black votes, into the early 1960’s blacks sided with the party of Lincoln, until LBJ’s legislation etc, and the welfare state was introduced.

          There is no point in throwing out posts with you as you’re a poor listener and a liberal babbler.

        2. No. Kids are being taught lies.

          They need to be taught the truth about our history and our Constitution. They are being taught that socialism is just ducky and it’s not.

          You should read: “Setting the Record Straight: American History in Black and White”.

    3. I’ve seen quite a few blacks in the audience. Of course, that is all you see though. You guys on the left are obsessed with skin color. Also, when a black runs for office as a Republican you guys go on the personal attack.

  23. yes, i came of age when nixon was the flag-bearer, and rockefeller was in the machine, and the primary goals and methods of the republican party were quite different than today. the stuff in the responses calling me a racist and all that crap…it just goes to what I observed. dems position in front of the cameras, too, of course. we all know these things are not what they used to be, it is just a show. but if you arent getting minorities with your outlooks and your policies, it shows, and tonight it showed beyond all comprehension. minorities do not, generally, vote like white, christian americans anymore. they vote largely democratic. the rep party is painting itself in a corner with this, that is what i observed. for that, i am being crucified, of course. and let’s get real, john mccain does not stand for the outlook of the republican party, across america, as a whole on immigration. the arizona governor is closer to the middle of the republican pack at heart. if you live in a major city, like ny or wash or miami or sf or la, you know the reality of illegal immigration in this country. it isn’t gonna stop no matter what, just like “just say no” didnt do one single thing to slow down drug use. oh well, getting late, and the hate is starting to make me uncomfortable. i wish you all didnt attack me so, you are making my point for me, that the republican party is dominated by the groupthink of the angry white american male. and btw i am a white american male, of no party affiliation. the only party affiliation i ever had was republican, but i had to, in good conscience, give that up.

    1. You are funny. Saying you are being attacked. Just try posting as a conservative on lefty sites. Most of the time they don’t let your comment even post.

      Illegal immigration? It most certainly can be greatly reduced. Ever heard of what Eisenhower did in 1953. He arrested 1000 illegals a day and deported them 500 miles south of the border. He did this everyday for three months. There were between 1.5 to 3 million illegals here at that time. Most self deported! He also deported their misnamed anchor babies. They are not US citizens.

      See the Congressional Globe of 1866 where the proceedings to the 14th amendment were recorded and Jacob Howard was recorded saying that babies born to “foreigners, aliens, etc….were not US citizens.

  24. Well, of course the comments are firing back. To address a few…
    Yes, it was more racist in many ways in 1977 or so. But, the country has changed a lot since then, and it is now the RELATIVE racism that you see in the make-up of this crowd today, considering it is now 2012, that speaks to the incredible non-inclusiveness of the republican party. There are very, very few minorities there. And minorities are the growing segments of America. The republican party, by its very ostensible whiteness, is working itself, sadly, toward irrelevancy, and these things come rapidly once they reach a critical mass. And I won’t be obtuse…a twenty-something has no excuse to lay in bed, no matter what. That a republican nominee would allow the excuse for that person to be Obama’s policies is disingenuous at best, deceitful at worst. It relies on the ineptitude of his audience to think.

    To the people who are responding with comments like: turn your tint all the way to the left…I feel sad for you and the kids you influence. Your racism, I hope, will not carry the day. I feel bad for the party that I saw as a staunch defender of state’s rights back in the day, of strict judicial constructionism. These tenets are lost on today’s party. It has become a platform for anti-abortion, anti-government, anti-immigrant policy-mongering. It is amazing to me that the orthodox priest who prayed at the end cited America as the land who welcomes huddled masses, when the Republican party has become the biggest promoter of anti-immigrant policies around. Hypocritical. Prayer by people who would just as soon toss out the very people doing their yard work for $5 a day (without no insurance or tax witholding by the payer).

    1. Me, racist? You are the one who sees color as the boundaries that define us. You counting heads based on the color of it. You see colors; I see Americans.

      Conservative Republicans are pro-legal-immigration. If you have a problem with that, then how about you open your front and let me in, because I am setting up permanent residence in your house. Don’t bother calling the cops. Your hour is my house. Laws be damned.

      The twenty-something has no choice at this point except to lay in bed. Why? Because the young are the biggest losers during an Obama “recovery.” Jobs for them are scarce.

      But you keep drinking your Democrat Kool-aid. Keep voting for Obama to assuage some sort of prejudicial guilt you may harboring from the past. You’ll see more twenty-somethings laying their beds and all of us working for $5 a day. And when it happens, you’ll turn ’round and blame Republicans, racism, Bush, premium supported insurance (especially birth control), and anything else you can cling to.

      1. i wrote nothing racist. i do see color. i see color, i see land of origin, i see what i see, and america legislates based on it. i see a party of almost all white people in attendance at its convention. if you think a twenty-something as having “no choice at this point except to lay in bed”, attributing that to Obama, I feel very bad for you and your view of what it means to be American.
        I do not drink democratic kool-aid. i have said nothing pro-obama, or pro-democratic, yet you attack me on that basis. you are doing what the rep party is doing, and you espouse the very outlooks I have postulated here as republican, and they are a path to oblivion and hate, and the demise of America if they manage to carry the day.
        I don’t blame republicans, i blame people who made, and make, bad choices for america. i spoke the truth about the content of what Ryan said. it was pretty vacuous regarding any single point of effort…he stuck with the broad attacks and sweeping “we can do betters” without specifics…that is just a fact. your attacks on me show up the whole mode of thought that so troubles me about today’s republican party.

        1. AND I see judgement (in your comment).

          Did you listen to the messages, Or are you only concerned about who was in the audience?

          1. i listened. my observations about the audience do not preclude me from listening. I wrote of what i heard. i wished ryan had offered more specifics. that is what i said about his speech. the responses here, i also read. a few contained some things worthwhile. most of the responsive content ranged from hateful to accusatory to stupid to obscene, like saying, globally, that democrats have a lack of morality. that is the red/blue vision of america that did not exist in 1977. not that it was all better then, but it was not like this. this is not a thinking person’s america anymore, at all. it is a slandering, hateful america, as witnessed on this board tonight. my business partner is gay, my small business partner. i know him and his partner, and they lack no morality. they love each other, and treat each other far better than most of the heterosexual couples i see every day in my business. the way those heterosexual couples treat each other shows a lack of morality…and i am heterosexual, and married, and went to college (brainwashed, i guess) and have two daughters, who don’t think my business partner or anyone else homosexual is amoral because they were born homosexual and don’t hurt anyone with it or over it. you moralizers…how bout we come look at your tax returns, and your family relationships, and your sexual proclivities, and your real thoughts about others, and how much you have done to help others instead of sitting and doing nothing, staring at the ceiling and blaming somebody else…whoever it may be, for what they have done to poor you.

            1. All you have been spouting is sentimental pleas. You’re lambasting a side with broad strokes, none of what you are eschewing is philosophically based, but a false interpretation of ‘hate’ , hateful America… empty rhetoric with surface level grievances, (because the debate and divisiveness in this country is rarely confronted for how things actually are.)

              All you are arguing right now is that you are frustrated that you live in an age of pluralism, and don’t want the responsibility of ‘feeling bad’ when acknowledging that Truth hurts sometimes…..

              Do you know there are some gay people who don’t even have the same hang ups you are espousing right now that support the Romney-Ryan ticket, don’t care about gay marriage?

              You have in three posts expressed disdain for Christians daring to say that morality exists. To opine whether or not , what level of policies need to remember what is moral and just , is a lot more complex a dialogue and discussion than pop culture would have you believe or perceive

              this is not a thinking person’s america anymore, at all. it is a slandering, hateful america, as witnessed on this board tonight.
              With all due respect, Thinking is not equivalent to whining out loud.

              1. i’ll certainly agree that whining is not thinking. pluralism is good. america is built on it, actually. many gays dont care about gay marriage rights. i dont care about lots of stuff that people should be allowed, as people, to do. it does not matter that some gays do not care about gay marriage rights. that is not an argument of anything. what i disdain is a christian, or a muslim, or anyone, forcing their morality, via law, on me. and if I was gay, and wanted to get married, i’d be subject to someone else’s interpretation of morality. and i’d be rightfully pissed off.

                i am not frustrated by pluralism. i am frustrated by the approach to it currently taken in america. it is too divisive an approach. legislating who can get married to whom is a recipe for division, a division that is one of religious beliefs, and ultimately not a domain of the state. Also, a ban on gay marriage will not stand up to strict construction of the 14th amendmen, and that is one amendment that always, eventually, gets totally legislated and adjudicated to stricter and stricter construction. yes, strict construction can truly and fully support a “liberal” agenda, just as science, in promoting the reality that human life really begins at conception, can support a modern-day conservative position against abortion. and you are as white as a lilly, or you would never have written your little ditty about me and Wrights church, whether you told me to go or stay away. it was the same piece of crap comment either way.

                1. Really? He must have been lilly white to speak out against Wrights church? Are you saying that there are no blacks with any morals to speak out against Wright’s hate? Kind of bigoted of you don’t you think?….what’s wrong with being lilly white anyway?

                  So you don’t believe we should be able to legislate who can marry? Well then, guess you are fine with child marriage. In islam the age for marriage is nine and they can have four wives. Guess we better let them do that because if we don’t that would be divisive. Can’t have that now can we?

            2. Classic troll. Jump in a group accusing them of all being hateful racists, then act all hurt that no one wants to respond in nice, calm tones. That way you get to whine about the hate.

              You have about one more comment to drop the troll BS or you’re gone.

            3. Again, read what I was talking about in parentheses, Renidrag.

              A political platform that affirms the woman’s right to take the life of her unborn child and denies the Creator’s definition of marriage, sir, is an immoral platform and it demonstrates a lack of morality to embrace such insupportable positions.

              You say your homosexual business partner lacks no morality. The standard for morality is God and His law. God strongly condemns homosexuality in His Word, along with all sin. There is absolute truth and denying absolute truth, including the truth about homosexuality, does not make truth any less true. People are not born homosexuals, sir, all people everywhere are born in sin, spiritually dead. Some fall to temptation and choose to sin in certain ways, some in other ways. (See the book of Romans)

              Singles who engage in one specific type (amongst other types) of sexual immorality should not be afforded privilege above and beyond all other American singles, whether engaged or not engaged in sexual immorality. Nor should singles who choose to engage in sexual immorality with same gender singles call marriage something it is not. God defined marriage and man does not get to redefine it. Even if any person or state calls those singles who engage in homosexual behavior married, they are not married in the eyes of God.

              Wherever the promotion of any type of sin is in a political platform, whether it be rewarding aberrant sexual behavior with special privilege not afforded to all other singles, or calling sexual immorality of a certain variety ‘marriage’, or the taking of unborn babies’ lives, or ANY OTHER sin, I heartily denounce it.

              Introspection using God’s law as the standard is a good thing to do, as we will all give an account before our Judge after we die. I encourage all reading this to go to this website and take a good person test:

              And please watch

            4. Most of us don’t care what two consenting adults do. What we don’t like is the gay agenda…pushing in our schools….trying to change the definition of marriage. We don’t want gay marriage because it will lead to polygamy. Think about it…if two people of the same sex can marry…why not three…four…or five? If not why not/

              You are out of line with your comments accusing us of being hateful, etc.

        2. I believe Ryan was speaking of having to sleep at home rather than move out on their own due to lack of being able to acquire a job after graduating from college in this Obama economy… not about their being lazy at all.

          You may not realize that you said something that sounded very pro-democratic when you said this about the Republican platform, etc.:
          “It has become a platform for anti-abortion, anti-government, anti-immigrant policy-mongering. It is amazing to me that the orthodox priest who prayed at the end cited America as the land who welcomes huddled masses, when the Republican party has become the biggest promoter of anti-immigrant policies around. Hypocritical. Prayer by people who would just as soon toss out the very people doing their yard work for $5 a day (without no insurance or tax witholding by the payer).”

          That sounds very suspiciously like someone coming from an anti-babies’ right to life, pro-big government, pro-illegal immigration point of view, which is the view commonly held by democrats.

          1. from a responder just now:
            In as much as democrats have a lack of morality (abortion and special rights for those practicing a certain type of sexual immorality) and pander to people- liberally brainwashed college goers, amnesty granting, those loyal to Obama regardless of how they are hurting, etc., they do seem to draw in and dupe a number of people sadly

            liberally-brainwashed college-goers? democrats have a lack of morality? a certain type of sexual immorality? you are a quintessential modern republican, and that is why your audience at the RNC looks like it does. your morality is quite something to behold.

            i am a small business owner. i am white, in my 50’s. i registered republican for strict-constructionist, states’ rights reasons in 1977. I am not a democrat, nor a republican. in montgomery county, maryland, a number of years ago, the school bus maintenance was transferred from the government to a private company. within 2 years they had to take it back because the parents were screaming, rightfully, that the buses were not running to take their kids to school. there are many things that government is needed for. as a residential construction contractor, i appreciate my goverment services, all of them, and gladly pay for them…federal, state, and local. this anti-government mania is ridiculous. go to europe. better roads, better health care in general for everyone (you will argue, but i know this to be true…i lived it out), better services, and all under more government control. their problem is that they over-regulate small business start-ups, but that is as much a social and monetary hegemony by those who already control money and businesses as it is a socialist policy. all this crap about get government out of the way…i am the small business owner, i am the user of a lot of medical services, i am the person who needs better roads and bridges and schools. dismantling the government input into schools, or anything else, stands a good chance, in today’s world, of lessening it. blaming obama for the Tarp and all that is also freaking ridiculous, just ridiculous. and if all the banks would have bit the dust, the people on that stand tonight would be able to blame him for not backing, with a majority of republicans, those bail-outs, which were an unfortunate requirement, as deemed by our government almost entirely at the time, to keep everything from falling apart, everywhere.

            1. Note- I explained what I meant by lack of morality- in case you missed it, see the portion in parentheses.

              For example, Obama himself has affirmed his previous belief that marriage should not be as God defines it, but that homosexuals ought to have the right to marry. This position has rightly merited disfavor amongst Christians of all colors. He also strongly supports the taking of human life in the womb or born alive after a botched abortion. These positions demonstrate a lack of morality.

              In as much as Republicans stand for the God-given right to life of unborn children and affirm that marriage the way its Creator defined it, may more modern Republicans agree with God in those respects!

              Yes, the majority of colleges and universities in the United States employ teachers who are liberal and this fact is abundantly evident in their indoctrination of those who sit under them. The majority deny God as Creator and espouse much nonsense.

              Any morality I display is only by the grace and mercy of God.

              A strict constructionist would see that government was made to be very limited. If you ever took that position in the 70s, you have since abandoned your principles. You support Obama- this is obvious by your defense of him. You have the right to vote for him.

            2. Where do you get that us wanting to get back to the Constitution is ‘anti-gov’t’? We want SMALL government, not NO gov’t. That is either disengenous of you or you are knowingly lying. I don’t appreciate folks lying about our views.

        3. Oh boo hoo! You think if someone disagrees with you they are attacking you. Ridiculous.

          You come across as VERY race conscious. I find folks that are race conscious are much more likely to harbor racist views.


          Count the AMERICANS.

          Also, we’d really appreciate it if your side would stop with your racist attacks on conservative blacks. I am sick of it.

    2. You were a Nixon-Rockefeller Republican weren’t you ?

      The immigration policy stuff?? are you kidding me??? You got Jebby Bush , McCain, etc . Nobody’s building a fence and everyone’s promoting paying tuition for illegal immigrants in both parties.

      the party being Anti-abortion is nothing to be ashamed of…

      The only racism I see today are in political correctness and the democrat party using the race card like the boy who cried wolf, making it more difficult to call out true racism when it rears its ugly head in this country.

      That a republican nominee would allow the excuse for that person to be Obama’s policies is disingenuous at best, deceitful at worst. It relies on the ineptitude of his audience to think.

      No it calls out the hypocrisy of the Occupy Wall Street types. It’s just another way, of saying Let your leaders , help you to help yourselves and not to wait for the handout, and promises of student loans WITH A CATCH…..

      I feel sorry for grown ups like you who can’t recognize that the party isn’t LURCHING right, it’s the country that’s lurched left . There are many problems with the GOP and it communicating its constitutional based philosophies to the non-conservatives, in a transcendent manner, but it is not guilty of what you accuse it of…

      Prior to LBJ taking credit for civil rights act, GOP has voted along side minorities and civil rights so don’t pretend that the Democrat party is completely free of racism too…as if it still isn’t racist the way it uses quotas and separates voter blocs to be pit against each other.

    3. When all you have is the race hustle industry, I guess you have to hustle it even here, where skin color doesn’t matter to anyone. You do realize there’s less money available now for that sick, racist garbage you are peddling, right?

      Don’t worry, Obama’s crowd of race hustlers will be elbowed aside by the great conservatives of all skin colors we have coming to clean up the mess they’ve made of everything. Four years of class and race warfare will end, and the only minority that matters&mdsah;the individual—will become strong once again.

      Since you closed by lying about immigrants, that reminds me that Obama has crushed true immigration, in favor of illegal resident aliens, all in a thuggish maneuver to gain votes. It won’t work. Immigrants will once again be given their chance to become citizens, and the illegals will find no reason to stay.

    4. The democratic party, by supporting planned parenthood (and consequently their agenda), are supporting genocide of minorities in the form of abortion. Pro-life conservatives are concerned about all unborn babies being slaughtered, which definitely includes Planned Parenthood targeted minorities.

      Look at the content of what has helped America thrive versus the tyranny of government dependency and crushing debt the democrats would have us continue to increase. We are not thriving with big government crushing the economy.

      “The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government — lest it come to dominate our lives and interests.”
      Patrick Henry
      (quote source:

      Ryan was speaking to twenty-somethings who have college degrees but can find no jobs with the Obama-induced economy. Unemployment is very high among this segment of the population. Young African Americans have been particularly hard hit by Obama’s economy when it comes to the unemployment rate.

      The largest tax hike in American history in the form of Obamacare certainly has not helped the job situation, amongst other policies Obama and the democrat led congress during the first couple of years Obama was in office enacted.

      Conservatives support LEGAL immigration and welcome those immigrants desiring to become citizens who would swear allegiance to the United States and the Constitution. There are ways to come here legally and those who respect America and the opportunities they find here should respect her laws.

      “We the People are the rightful masters of both Congress and the Courts–not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.”
      Abraham Lincoln
      (quote source:

    5. Excuse me, but whenever a black chooses to be a Republican you guys always call them Uncle Toms. You mean it as a racist insult, but Uncle Tom was actually a strong man.

    6. Wow, so you pay your illegal 5 bucks a day? I call folks that do that “Today’s slavemasters”. That’s one reason I’m against illegals…they get taken advantage of.

      Remember, up until 1965 we averaged around 200,000 immigrants a year since the founding of our nation. Then in 1965 we opened the floodgates and folks are not assimilating.

  25. I registered Republican 35 years ago in Pennsylvania, when being a Republican meant something entirely different than it does today. Ryan said not one specific thing, not one, about exact actions to be taken by an R/R White House, hiding behind the grandiose, sweeping, but meaningless anti-government rant and Obama-blame game. To his idea that 20-somethings have the right of an excuse of Obama policies for, and I paraphrase, but closely…”lying in bed in their parents’ houses wondering when their lives can get started”, I have a suggestion: Get the F out of bed and do something for someone else and quit blaming your government for not having a job when you could volunteer in a needy place, like Harlem, where nary a person on that floor would venture, even amidst a full paleface pack of RNC attendees. I offer this Kennedyesque response to this sicko Republican outlook of misplaced blame and expectation of government to solve a 20-something’s problems, when it is that very government that the R/R ticket already tears at so hypocritically, and wants to largely dismantle. The people in that audience would squeal like stuck pigs if it was their government support that was being withdrawn, their road that was not being paved…and they do. It is just so apparent that there are so few minorities in that audience, it is truly amazing. Amazing.

    1. I registered Republican 35 years ago in Pennsylvania, when being a Republican meant something entirely different than it does today.


      It is just so apparent that there are so few minorities in that audience, it is truly amazing. Amazing.

      yeah, I believe you. Sounds like a Democrat’s concern to me. If it’s not enough speakers being minorities, it’s not enough camera shots to minorities…

      Weren’t Republicans More racist back then?

      What’s with this obsession of making sure candidates exploit minorities as ‘window dressing.’

      Get the F out of bed and do something for someone else and quit blaming your government for not having a job when you could volunteer in a needy place, like Harlem, where nary a person on that floor would venture, even amidst a full paleface pack of RNC attendees.

      Clumsy as it is, in delivering a poke at Hope and Change, you know he’s talking about leaders allowing the free market to work…..don’t be obtuse.

        1. You saw what I saw. A few minority republicans on stage, yes. Of course they will do that for a convention. so will the dems. but look at the crowd. a literal handful of minorities. it was indisputable. this is the party of the white guy, with Mitt and Paul just the quintessential iconoclasts. There is nothing to defend here for the party, it is just an hugely apparent fact. The party is not garnering minority members in a time of white diminution in America. Wait til you see the DNC, it will be a rainbow. And in that, in the future, will be a total dominance of American politics. What is obvious on the screen is just indisputible. The republican party is not growing outside of christian whites. The minorities you saw on stage are not garnering party membership of minorities, or you would see them in the audience.

          1. FYI most audiences in this country have white people in them! They’re the majority!

            Wait til you see the DNC, it will be a rainbow. And in that, in the future, will be a total dominance of American politics.

            per 2008

            Michelle Obama : “Get More White People”

            The Tartan’s correspondents observed one event coordinator say to another, “Get me more white people, we need more white people.” To an Asian girl sitting in the back row, one coordinator said, “We’re moving you, sorry. It’s going to look so pretty, though.”

            “I didn’t know they would say, ‘We need a white person here,’ ” said attendee and senior psychology major Shayna Watson, who sat in the crowd behind Mrs. Obama. “I understood they would want a show of diversity, but to pick up people and to reseat them, I didn’t know it would be so outright.”


            You like to look at the superficial, that’s fine, Go vote for Obama and the dems, they seem to have the same mentality as you, A RACE OBSESSED one

            Where you’re only as useful as the color of your SKIN.

            You don’t win minorities by patronizing them, you communicate to them what unites us, that the Democrat party was effective in fear mongering against the PARTY OF LINCOLN (especially by Bill Clinton) ironically, shouldn’t be laid at the feet of the GOP on a whole. Maybe it had a flooding of some bigots , (both sides have their bigots. Democrats just have the double standard protecting them) but the party’s principles itself were not determined or driven by a racist outlook or paradigm against minorities. You’re talking about the Grand Old Party.

            The Democrat party however IS motivated by racial quotas, consolidating voter blocs and keeping the impoverished, impoverished.

            1. Let’s remind folks that the Republican party was formed in 1854 to stop the spread of slavery into the Western territories.

          2. The way I see it, the speakers were all of merit and made sense. From Condie to Ted Cruz. From Luis Fortuno to Mia Love.
            The DNC may be a rainbow as you say- well are they going to be there of their own desire, or will they be taking a bus for a boxed lunch and tee shirt?

          3. Whine, whine, whine.

            Oh the dem convention will be a rainbow alright…transvestites, sodomites…

            1. God’s rainbow promising He would never again flood the earth shouldn’t be desecrated so.

    2. I guess there were so few minorities in the audience* because they were on the stage giving speeches.

    3. Excuse me sir, but this thread is NOT about YOU!! Take your bashing and judging of the Republican Party to another thread. Or do you really expect the world to revolve around you??

    4. Oh for heavens sake, he’s saying they had to move back into their parent’s house because they can’t find jobs because of obama-NO-care, etc. Businesses are afraid to hire.

      Blame game? I do blame Obama for ObamaNOcare, Frank Dodd, tyrannical executive orders, talking treason with the Russian president last spring, shutting down NASA, etc.

      Did you vote for Obama? Don’t get me wrong, you have every right to have voted for him, but don’t come on here and whine, “I’m Republican and you Republicans are waaacists….you are a democrat and yet you seem almost ashamed to own it.

  26. “College graduates should not have to live out their 20s in their childhood bedrooms, staring up at fading Obama posters and wondering when they can move out and get going with life. Everyone who feels stuck in the Obama economy is right to focus on the here and now. And I hope you understand this too, if you’re feeling left out or passed by: You have not failed, your leaders have failed you.” Paul Ryan 2012 RNC

  27. Ryan did a great job. Reminded the whole country this is a referendum on Obama….

    Best part of the speech was when he brought up his mom. He’s very personable.

  28. Awesome speech by Ryan!! Romney better hit it out of the ball park tomorrow. Ryan should replace his elevator music with some Metallica.

  29. Ryan’s speech was great. I watched the last few minutes on MSLSD and Chrissy Poo Poo said it was very negative and very nasty. Guess it didn’t give him a thrill up his leg.

    1. Yup it was really negative, towards obama. what a drone that chrispy cream at msnbc, my question for you is why are you watching the nutjobs there??

      1. I went there after Ryan’s speech because I enjoy seeing Matthews throwing one of his hissy fits.

    1. Funny and yet it was sad too that the young people living back at home again for lack of a job would be staring up at them, having been duped and disillusioned!

      1. well its a lesson, to vote wisely, for all ages. don’t be duped by the phony flim flam man. after this admin, everyone is going to be cautious. we heard from some good speakers tonite.

        1. With the liberalism taught rampantly in colleges and universities today on top of the brainwashing at public schools before that, it’s easy to understand how the young sheep could be duped.

          1. I have always believed that it starts in your house, parents have to set the example.

            1. Yes, parents should teach their children in the way they should go. Sadly, the public schools brainwash kids and colleges and universities do the same.

  30. Wow, Ryan made obama look old and obsolete, turned the charisma against obama, (dick Morris)

  31. Paul Ryan just hit a GRAND SLAM!! If Romney & Ryan can’t fix our problems and get us back on track, no one can.

  32. best speech overall, ryan, condi , ann romney.

    ryan knocked it out of the park, now this convention is rocking !!

  33. Not try to replace our founding principles, but reapply them instead- that would be wonderful!

  34. I love Ryan. He’s direct & intelligent and all the while is personable. I can’t wait to see the debates between him and the current VPOTUS. I almost feel sorry for VP Biden – no, not really. LOL

  35. overspending and corruption- sounds kind of familiar doesn’t it? Sounds very familiar, Congressman Ryan!

      1. I think its time for panic attack for the liberals…….Lets hope that romney doesnt fall short tomorrow, although, nothing will negate how great this speech was.

  36. Paul Ryan is the best yet, he deserves to be OUR reprsentative !! I’ve wanted him to be our Veep all along! He’s the one we NEED. IMHO!

    1. he is hitting all the points no doubt, hope they can follow through and get this country fixed.

    1. I think I appreciate his love of his family also., just did not see that the last 3 1/2 years. look forward to seeing that from both him and romney along with fixing this mess.

        1. I just loved seeing that, it makes him real, one of us, we have so had none of that the last 3 1/2 years.

          1. My sibling and I here have been struck by Obama’s arrogant manner of speaking. Didn’t sense it with Paul Ryan, though he did come across with a humorous sense of looking down on Romney’s taste in music!

              1. I have a parent who loves the smooth jazz of the saxaphone! I have an eclectic taste in music myself!

      1. What a different view we will have to see them come out of the oval office, for some reason those great images of presidents and their families use to mean so much to me, because above all you saw the respect for the office of the presidency and over the last 3 1/2 years you have only seen people that are not genuine. by the way that was not racist.

  37. Ryan isn’t shying away from any of the hot button items tonite!!!

    Our nation needs this debate, we want this debate – we’ll win this debate.

    Yes, yes & yes. I hope the Romney/Ryan team will take a page from Gov.’s Walker & Christie and take on the hard issues with honesty and a steel spine.

  38. I’ve got to be honest, I didn’t expect much from Martinez. Boy, was I WRONG!!! She really knows how to connect with people!!

  39. Gov. Martinez “I’ll be damned, we’re Republicans!”

    I had the same reaction when I realized I was a right wing-nut and not a liberal. LOL

  40. How Gov. Susana Martinez brought the story on how she switched to the Republicans was great! A great speech!

  41. Unbelievable alphabet soup again tonight. NBC blames the RNC for Rice beginning her speech too soon yet NBC mouthpiece jabbered and then had old Katrina on instead of Rice. Now they are jabbering with commercials over Martinez. Commercials and jabbering for ABC and CBS as well. I guess their racism is alive and well, unwilling to show anyone speaking other than whites.

      1. I’ve been watching online at TRS but it irks me that Americans without cable (like me) are subjected to the MSM’s racism, hiding great speeches from us because the speakers are minorities and don’t play into their Republicans are all white campaign.

        1. Yes, I hear you. We were flipping and noticed that FOX wasnt airing Luis Fortunos speech. How ridicules. Hannity was talking over it. Thankfully we saw it and turned back to CSPAN.
          Fortuno is underated.

  42. I have a crush on Condelezza Rice. She deserves our votes, though she is too smart for politics. She gave the most exciting and inspiring speech I’ve heard, not only at the RNC, but anywhere for a long time. She hit a home run.

  43. I love Condi 🙂 I don’t agree 100% with her, but she really is an inspiration and speaks from the heart. The reports from the floor are that she is not using a teleprompter. Too cool.

  44. You are so inspirational Condi!!! What an amazing speaker!! You hit on every important issue. God Bless you.

  45. Condie is amazing. I really like her and I love that she says “My Fellow Americans”!!!

    She just says things that resonate with me.

    She is brillant. There I said it.

      1. I would love to sit across the table from her, maybe play nine holes of golf and discuss world affairs. Shes above my league but what a great conversation. Afterwards I would beg her to play the piano for us.

  46. Condoleeza Rice is not getting it right- the exceptionalism of our nation stems from people who founded our country and many who came after them recognizing the Creator as the source of our rights and who had faith in Him, using the Bible as their guide and basis for our laws. As America has forgotten God, America has suffered the consequences.

    1. She got everything she said exactly right. She mentioned the strength from our faith.
      This is a political convention. Render unto Caesar, etc.

      1. I’m referring to when she was talking about where she believes American exceptionalism came from. Have you seen the documentary Monumental? A very interesting story contained in there about a little-known large monument in our country that tells about what made our nation great. Our strength comes from God’s blessing America as she honored Him.

        Condoleeza wasn’t speaking of paying taxes, as Jesus was when he spoke of rendering unto Caesar. When we fail to recognize where America’s exceptionalism came from, it points to the fact America is losing her way, not rendering laud to the actual Source of it.

        1. Look, I can understand the passion, but this is a convention, among people, who are almost all totally understanding of the fact that our greatness comes from God. Almost any person interviewed at the convention, and certainly all the speakers, have said so. So I don’t see a problem here.

          1. Just set me off when she said where she felt our exceptionalism came from because it wasn’t so.

            I think you may be too optimistic about how many people understand what makes this country great. We’ve been fading fast as a country because, by in large, America has forgotten God.

            excerpt from above site of Abraham Lincoln quote:

            “We have been the recipients of the choicest bounties of heaven. We have been preserved, these many years, in peace and prosperity. We have grown in numbers, wealth and power, as no other nation has ever grown. But we have forgotten God. We have forgotten the gracious hand which preserved us in peace, and multiplied and enriched and strengthened us; and we have vainly imagined, in the deceitfulness of our hearts, that all these blessings were produced by some superior wisdom and virtue of our own.”

              1. Many have not been taught the full history of our founding & are getting taught revisionist history in school.

    1. sometimes I think its just the speaking voice. its doesn’t energize me. though she is hitting on a wide range of issues. she is pointing out our weaknesses, but no solutions to them.

        1. too late, i just edited my first post, she got me, she inspired me her last comment ! lol
          she deserved that standing ovation !

  47. I have mixed feelings about Huckabee, but at least his speech had some fire. It did not seem scripted at all.

    1. the speeches are suppose to be this way, I do not like him, but he did do well with the speech.

    2. He’s always good on the stump. His failing is the times he opens his mouth on the issues, and starts giving conservatives the business. But yeah, this is a lively speech. Good for him, too, to show solid support for Romney.

      1. Not sure which times you are speaking of, but I’ve seen him stand by some conservatives too, like recently, and in the face of much opposition.

  48. Pawlenty sounds pretty good, so far. Some funny lines, too.

    * Joe Biden will get to hear what a “real vice President sounds like.”
    * the “tattoo thing” he mentioned is sooo true.
    * Heh, “A lot of people fail at their first job.” Zing!

  49. Sorry Obamney, but no, America is NOT exceptional because the American people made it that way. It’s exceptional because GOD made it that way!

    That’s the viewpoint difference between a RINO and a Conservative. ughhh…

        1. The Lord helps those who help themselves.

          We believe in that. That’s why it is, indeed, the people that make the country exceptional.

          God just gave us the opportunity and the blueprint. And just like Grace, it has to be chosen, and accepted, by the individual. It isn’t something that just works, regardless of the human.

  50. Oh geez, Pawlenty is scheduled to speak soon … are they seriously trying to put people to sleep, and Huckabee right after him.

  51. It would be great if we got out of debt to China! If Romney could lead on that goal it would be a welcome change!

  52. Sean Hannity is trying to help Humpty Dumpty (Christie) explain his pathetic speech last night.

    1. I looked around the web after Christie’s speech. With a few cranky exceptions, most folks on the right, including the majority hardcore Freepers whose comments I saw, thought his speech was *very* good.

      We have to get over his baggage and unhelpfulness to the restoration movement, and focus on his good points, which are obvious, provable, bottom line winners. You can argue with all kinds of things about Christie (and I sure as heck do), but he got solid results in New Jersey.

    2. i do not like him, because of the nomination of a Sohail Mohammed, a Muslim attorney, as a superior court judge for one. his relationship with Imam Mohammad Qatanani, who is often described as a “Hamas-linked cleric.”

  53. John McCain did a good job of recapping Obama’s foreign policy blunders.

    McCain is a terrible Conservative, and an unreliable Republican Senator, but he’s still got some of the best FP chops in the Senate.

    BONUS: he kept it short.

  54. Well now… Thune is rather easy on an old girl’s eyes….not that that matters at all…in the least.

      1. Not really. He spoke about his family history … that was kind of interesting. But, other than that .. the usual talking points of jobs, regulations, and the economy.

  55. Is anyone watching the Attorney’s Generals now? They seem so awkward talking about Obamacare …

    1. They were on here. The lady sounded like she took elocution lessons from the wrong teacher, reminding me of the old movie “The Farmer’s Daughter” with Lorretta Young and Joseph Cotten.

    2. hard to watch. very awkward both were not very good speakers, though what they were talking about was something most wanted to hear about,

        1. I’m sure the liberals are having a field day … it was cringe worthy watching those AGs talk about Obamacare … you’d think they would be able to talk about it with more passion … it was like listening to pod people. Geez.

          1. Can’t take Bondi seriously. She did say back in Feb. that if Romney gets in she would help him install Romneycare in all 50 states. To that I say, “What’s the dang difference between that tyranny and ObamaNOcare tyranny?”

    1. I’m enjoying the band. I know I’ve seen a lot of those guys in other bands before, but I’m struggling to figure out who all is playing in G.E. Smiths “Orchestra,” there. Usually they have some band that sounds like a Church band, fine musicians and all, but lame music choices. These guys are pretty good.

      1. Some church bands are great.

        I think a few folks are not listening to the words. That would be the content of the character of what the person wanted to say. If the next speaker turned a cartwheel or did a back-flip, he or she would be all the rage, even if all they said was “I built it” in continuous loop.

        Now if a bunch of taut tumblers got out there and made a human pyramid and THEN said “we built it”. It would take down the house. The entire audience good respond with a rousing, duh!

        These guys are good. Wasn’t that guitar player on Saturday Night Live for a long while?

        1. I wasn’t really bashing Church bands. It’s just that they aren’t “entertainers,” they’re all about The Praise. (What’s truly amazing is how good some church bands are. I’m constantly amazed at how much better some of the modern praise singers are than the American Idol winners. As in, a whole order of magnitude better. I have family members that do it for a living, and one in particular has a PhD in Sacred Music, and he has a youth choir that is better than anything you’ll ever see on TeeVee. They give you shivers. Praise singers aren’t often famous. It’s not that they hide their light under a bushel, it’s that the entertainment business IS the bushel, as far as they are concerned.)

          Also, as you can attest, it’s the biggest market for musical gear, by far. All the manufacturers have reps that court churches. All the major music pubs cover church audio and recording. Also, also, the sound systems in the newer, big churches… WOW!

          Oh, yeah, G.E. Smith led the Sat. Night Live band for a long time. Used to have long hair.

  56. Rand just gave a pretty good speech. Had one stretch where it kind of laid flat, but finished decently.

    The beginning of the speech was very good, though, and was all about individual liberty. (Did anyone notice he walked on to a section from Tom Sawyer by Rush?)

    Also, was that Sammy Hagar singing with the G.E. Smith band just before Rand came on stage?

      1. He was approximately ten times better than Mitch Mc. right? Did you by chance catch any of Rand Paul’s words, and how they were arranged in proper sequence, in order to make one heck of a lot of sense?

        1. Rand pointed out quite well that “punishing the rich” is really punishing the workers.

          Why is it that everytime Obama punishes a rich man, a thousand workers lose their job?

        2. Didn’t see Mitch. I’m really having a hard time getting into this convention. Rand said some good things, I just personally think he sounds like a drone.

            1. No I don’t. You can sense it in the audience too. Everyone is walking around during the speeches.

  57. Would someone please use a hook and pull Rand Paul off of the stage? I’m ready for a nap. He’s taking more time than the keynote speaker did.

  58. Who was the lead guitarist during the musical interlude? Did anyone else recognize him? He was on some late night show back in the 90’s, I think.

      1. Yup. Googled it. George Edward Smith. SNL and much more. He was also married to Gilda Radner for a while.

    1. That speech is all over the news today and you can even google it. We are just not that into Chris Christie.

    2. Maybe RS found it not impressive overall. As a Christian, I found a sad emptiness in some of his words, passionate as he was.

  59. Did anyone see the re-cap this morning where the majority of Iowa delegates voted for Ron Paul? I hope it never rains there again and their corn turns to pop-corn. Do they want Obummer to get 4 more years? What idiots. Sore losers because I can’t call them f**king anything else!

    1. No, they don’t want Obama to get four more years. They believed in Dr. Paul’s message of limited government and preservation of individual liberty, and were not willing to compromise on those principles. Why are you?

      Further, they are not “sore losers” at all. They stood up for the candidate they supported through the caucus process in Iowa, played by the rules, and earned the ability to represent that candidate as delegates to the national convention. In fact, the chairman of the Iowa state Republican Party is now a Ron Paul Republican.

  60. Thought all the speeches were good except for christie’s. All got their points across, thought scott walker, was a good speech overall. christie’s keynote speech was boring all about him. did not fire up the base in the least, hate to think of him running in 2016, he would never get my vote. for a convention with no conservatives, it was what I expected, but did enjoy ann’s speech.

  61. My husband and I watched the entire convention live on CSPAN without having to listen to any pundit’s commentary, and we felt uplifted and psyched up. I thought Mrs. Romney and Chris Christie were GREAT, though at first I thought Mrs. Romney was trying too hard to suck-up to women. I don’t think women hate Romney as much as the left wants us to believe, so I was disappointed that she tried so hard to appeal to women. But once she moved on, I loved every minute of her speech.

    As far as Christie, I’m from NJ — I could relate to everything Gov. Christie talked about, including him squaring off with the teacher’s union, and winning! Did you all not LOVE the line: The democrats are for teachers UNIONS, we’re for TEACHERS ???

    There were other great, great speeches that I’m not sure even aired on the major networks.

    I was shocked when I started flicking around to FOX and other channels afterwards to be hearing people say that Chris Christie’s speech was a letdown. I’m surprised to see people here saying that the convention speakers were boring. I’m wondering how much influence the pundits have on our thinking… you know, just when we think something was really great, some “expert” tells us they were disappointed in some way or another. I found myself thinking maybe Christie’s speech WASN’T good! But you know what? I don’t think so. I liked it, a lot.

    1. Us too Rosie ~ We tuned into CSPAN on our XM/Sirius radio in the car and then watched CSPAN when we were home. Uninterrupted coverage beats listening to anyone else cut in with their unwanted opinions…

      I was (& still am) ready to kick some rear and get back to work as a country being the greatest!

    2. CSPAN at our house too.

      We especially liked Ted Cruz, Mr Davis, and Nikky Haley, and Mia Love. Ann Romney did a very good job, and we thought she spoke from the heart.

      Mrs Fortuno introducing Ann Romney was brillant.

      My husband liked Chris Christies speech but I was expecting more of an attack dog toward Obama.

      1. I was expecting more of an attack too, given his history, but I thought it was smarter for him to avoid the attack (the very thing we’re saying Obama’s campaign is about) and focus instead on the fact that change CAN be made, when you have the right leader who knows what to do.

        Kasich gave a similar speech, as did the other republican governors. Which governor said last night, of the 15 states with the lowest unemployment rates in the country, 12 of them have republican governors? Each governor who spoke last night told stories of taking over states with huge deficits and unbalanced budgets, and turning them around. Some cited unemployment rates in the 4-5% range.

        The people want to hear that someone knows what the heck to do! Christie had the the broadest audience of all of the governors. It was a chance to tell a large number of people that THIS is the party that isn’t afraid to make the necessary changes — THIS is the party that can turn things around.

  62. I’m not so sure Bobby Jindal (La. gov.) will be there tonight with the storm hitting his state today.

  63. Fabulous speech Ann!!! Beautifully done, from a sincere and lovely woman…both inside and out!! We **know** you would never embarrass us and our Nation by spewing vile and outright distain as moochelle has done.

    Can’t wait for you to be FIRST LADY!! I for one, will be very proud!!

  64. I don’t know which Ann Romney or Chris Christie speeches some of you were listening to, but I listened and watched both of them intently, and they were both very, very good! Great is what they both were! How could they be any better than they were?

    How’s about if they were able to rise on their own power and fly around the room? Yeah, that would’ve been miraculous. They both more than rose to the occasion.

    Juan Williams and Peggy Noonan both need byatch-slappin’. What a pair of petticoats. At least two of the posters above were every bit as petty.

  65. I was expecting a lot more from Christie. I was very disappointed. Ann was good but I didn’t feel any real connection. She needed to be great and it wasn’t a “great” speech. If it was supposed to be about love she missed the mark. Santorum’s speech seemed more centered on love than hers did. Mia’s was really good. I’m sorry but the keynotes (Ann & Christie) should have been the ones to knock it out of the park and they just didn’t do it. Boring.

    1. You should read the text of her speech. It was definitely centered on love. Look at the number of lines about love and relationships and family and struggling together. That stuff is all about love, and that was definitely her point.

      1. I still think Santorum did a better job. I just didn’t feel a realness from her. I’m sure she’s being authentic but it seemed stilted to me. Ann is a fine person. She’s been through a lot. I respect her for that. But to me it was just another stump speech backing her husband. Don’t get me wrong I’ll be very happy with her as FLOTUS. She’s far better and much classier than what we have now.

  66. Well, I watched the whole thing. Just like you. There were some good moments, I will grant you that. But i came away feeling somewhat empty. I thought Santorum was good when he talked about family values and religion. Other than that, I thought the whole affair was a little too staged. Everyone had a cue card and a printed speech in front of them. As a nation, we have seen so much of this, that it is no longer believable. Why the republican establishment thinks this sort of thing works, is beyond me.

    I was hoping for fire, especially from the keynote speaker. That wasn’t Chris Christie. That was Chris Christie with a leash on him, reading a speech prepared for him by the Establishment. We deserved better. Do you think Sarah Palin or Allen West would have read a speech like that without choking on it? Hell would freeze over first.

    Whatever. It’s over. It is what it is. What we’ve got is what we’ve got. I think Romney is a decent person and a good businessman. I think he can beat Obama. You will hear no further criticism from me. It is imperative for this nation that we win this election.

  67. I hate to be a party pooper, but I am not “feeling” this convention. Some good speeches…not many that bring down the house like in 2008. I enjoyed Artur Davis and Nikki Haley.

    I have mixed feelings about Christie, but I don’t think he swung hard enough. Maybe this wasn’t the platform to do it, I just expected more from him.

    1. Kelly Ayotte was a little dull, but the rest were great.

      I’m not looking for MTV’s the Real World, just some good dialogue with a little bit of a morale boost for our last three months of fighting
      Toss in some red meat, a standard of good principles and ideals conveyed, and some conservative thinkers at the microphone.

    2. Not impressive at all. What I am seeing from Christie is all hype and no debt or substance. I do not see what Mitt Romney and Ann Coulter see in this man.

      1. Don’t think he mentioned unemployment, unless I missed it, which figures. Think his moment has come and gone as far as nation-wide popularity is concerned.

        Edited to substitute ‘nation-wide’ for widespread.

        1. p m, perhaps his moment as come and gone with us but I also thought that Romney’s moment had come and gone until the repackaging and slick marketing campaign of conservatism by the likes of Ann Coulter telling us that he governed well in a blue state. This will be the same blueprint for Chris Christie due to other forces guiding this entire election process.

          1. Ugh – but that’s an excellent point. Going soft on zero in the so-called keynote speech (all about him), chummy with islam etc. Thanks for the reminder. (Maybe him and Jeb next go round? I see there’s a Bush 41, 43 movie on tonight’s agenda.)

            1. You got it, my friend! I can just see it! Chris Christie, the reason for his global warming position, placing a homosexual on the Supreme Court, being chummy with Islam all because he was so smart that he found a way to govern in a Blue State. It’s all b***s*** because what these people are doing is watering down the Republican Party and conservatism to the point where it is no longer recognizable! I say this not because of emotion but because of that crap that was pull by the RNC and the so called leaders in the party. I made a point to not even watch Christie’s speech because I think he is on a mission to reshape his own image and does a lot to build his own hype. For example, who would announce that he “rolled” in to Tampa, no pond intended? Christie has a very well-choreographed marketing campaign and people like Karl Rove and Brit Hume will suport that all day long!

    3. For as great as the speeches were in ’08 it didn’t do a whole lot of good, sadly.
      I’m not putting too much stock in the “feeling” aspect of it all this year, since again…for all that the 08 convention was, it fizzled come election day.
      I’d rather have the fizzle now and the house being brought down come November. 🙂

      1. For as great as the speeches were in ’08 it didn’t do a whole lot of good, sadly.

        This is my thinking, Guiliani’s speech embarrassed the Democrats, then Sarah’s obviously was historical, then you got McCain’s finale which was pretty decent in convincing the people to be comfortable voting for a war hero…..
        And then it was all for naught,

        and I remember Bush’s conventions had its moments but they didn’t hinge on the conventions.

        1. The problem was McLame. He took the RINO way out and did not go after Obama like he should of.

        2. But Reck those speeches fueled leads for the McCain-Palin ticket after the conventions … even in PA they had a one point lead.

          Chatterbox is right … McCain frittered away his lead and momentum.

          1. Yeah, the day after Palin’s speech they immediately squandered their advantage by making Sarah read her same speech the next day rather than letting her do her thing (they always got mad when she spoke off the cuff on the stumps later) , and then scheduling those two interviews one week apart. They also took the bait when Obama’ said “lipstick on a pig”

            Talk about bush league!!

            Convention bounces are less useful than the debates though. McCain had three chances to make his case and he just stammered about “earmarks” a lot, and didn’t want to fight Obama.

    4. Isn’t it time Americans start looking for substance and not image? Image over substance brought us Barack and Michelle. Though nothing will ever be perfect the Obamas MUST GO in November for the sake of America and the rest of the world!

    1. If my husband were running for office I can only hope that I would be able to support him in such a dignified manner. She is a class act.

  68. Watching on Fox TV. About ten minutes ag0 (9:45?) some guy in audience looks like a messed up Woody Harrelson…

    Is this a concern?

  69. We are STANDING and CONGRATULATING you Mr. Davis. You are the Zell Miller of 2012-the extremely enthusiastic, and from the heart speech you just conveyed is valued by us, and you are respected sir. Thank you for your passionate words.

  70. Absolutely pathetic alphabet soup. They are all covering the storm, having commercials and yapping instead of allowing Americans to hear Nikki Haley!

    1. CSpan doesnt have commercials and Nikki Haley rocked it. Wow she is impressive.

      I didnt know what to expect.

    2. They fear the truth and fear they are losing their grip on the Amerian electorate….they only want their narrative to be seen and heard….the truth be dam ned. The leftist media are a disgrace and the first in line to be blamed for the decline of America.

  71. I like how the speakers only speak of grand notions of a romantic america, then proceed to directly go against and lie about actual statistical facts. it’s quite funny.

    1. Care to point out any of these so called lies? If you have the time I can list the lies of obama, starting with how he met his wife, and right on thru to the lie he would close gitmo, cut the deficet in half, cut un-employment, would be transparent, would lift America out of energy dependence….the list is long. Do you have the time or better yet, do you have the courage?

        1. Just Google “the economy,” genius. Hiding behind a fluffer article isn’t “education.” It’s a total mess, just like your candidate.

          1. You said I was “peddling that lie”, so I then proved that my statement was factual by supplementing an article. I don’t understand how that could possibly mean I was hiding behind a “fluffer article”. There are many more articles written on Paul Ryan’s lies, but Republicans seem to only choose to believe what supports their own arguments or they change the topic when they are proven wrong (“just google “the economy””)…

            1. The economy IS the topic. You haven’t proven anything. Especially if you are peddling the lie that Ryan claimed Obama promised to keep the plant open. I’m not responsible for your trouble parsing English. No one claimed Obama made that promise.

              He made promises on the economy that he failed to deliver on. Instead of hopefully keeping the plant open, he d*mn well made sure it stayed shut.

              No wonder you people can’t be trusted with anything requiring the ability to use logic. You can’t even map a simple set of sentences.

              1. Well, I’m pretty sure you responded to MY comment, which had nothing to do with the economy and then YOU brought it up out of nowhere because you were proved wrong. But thank you, now I finally understand how people can believe ANY politicians lies, through denial denial denial. The facts are there, there is no reason for you to make excuses for anyone, don’t take their bullshit and stand up for your right to know the truth on every matter. It doesn’t matter what Obama or any other politician lied about either, it has no relationship to what ryan’s lying about. And if a politician lies to ME, I immediately take a second look at what I’m fighting for. Please take the time to do the same.

                1. You can keep digging all you want. You’ve proven you don’t even understand the issue well enough to discuss it honestly. No surprise there. When you support such a bald-faced liar in the first place.

                  You never proved squat, by the way. All you did was lean on a stupid lie that has been totally blown up by the video of Obama’s full comments.

                  Another failed gambit by the left.

                2. Okay, you have not responded once to anything I have said, and instead changed the topic every time. You are officially a lost cause. Have fun with your brainwashed “moral” life.

                3. I responded to your proven-false assertion. Nothing else needed to be done. You can think of that as a moral victory if it brings you comfort.

                4. Where was it proven false, again? Did you provide any sources? No? Oh yeah, you are your own source. Thanks for making up your own facts!

  72. Wow Ted Cruz is the man. “That my friend is change we can believe in”.

    For those of you boycotting the convention, you are missing some great conservative speakers such as TED CRUZ.

  73. We will see Rick Santorum again…this is awesome….and why I supported him first. I’ve said before, our bench is deep. We have to take advantage of all of them.

        1. Yep,,,,,,,,us Conservatives don’t like Hispanics!!!! Go Ted!!!! Now THAT was a great speech!!!!!!

  74. No disrespect to some of the speakers, but gawd, I’m just not feeling the umph? Maybe it will change when Ryan speaks? I get this feeling that we will get a droning speech from Romney? Geez, I hope I’m wrong?

    I’ve got to ask ya’ll. With everything that is happening in the economy, the rise in unemployment, gas prices shouldn’t the guy responsible for all of this be tanking in the polls? And shouldn’t the guy who pretty much walked away with the nomination months ago be rising exponentially? We have (supposedly) two total opposites? Or do we?

    1. There is a single reason bo isn’t tanking in the polls: The Media who adore him cover for him, malign conservatives, lie for bo, cheat, come un-hinged, you name it….there is a reason bo’s wife said she’s glad the media are on “their side”.

  75. I don’t know about other parts of the country but the midwest only has 1 hour of this telecast on the alphabet soup channels for each of Tues, Wed and Thurs. Hiddious. I bet the Demorats are televised all night.

  76. If the RINOs stab the Conservatives in the back, they can kiss the presidency good-bye. I agree with the proud hispanicconservative that this has been a rude awakening. Instead of looking forward to the the campaign, we have to wait and see if the cowardly establishment RINOs are going to stab us in the back. Romney has no chance if he pulls this off. If he is that incompetent, he is unfit to be president if this happens. Whether this happens or not, flush the RINOs by electing Conservatives to the Congress. The RINOs are as big a problem as Obama and his thugs.

    1. Get over yourself. Do want to poo-hoo now or get Obama out of office. You and others like you are worse than a splinter in a finger. Annoying. Stay home and don’t vote and give Obummer another four years!

      1. If obama gets another four years it will not be because of those of us wittholding our votes for rino romney, it will be because of the power grab he chose to enact to keep conservatives out of the soon defunct GOP elitist establishment party.

  77. Mitt Romney secures enough delegates to officially win the GOP presidential nomination at the party’s Tampa convention.

    1. Not true. Jon Huntsman has locked it up in a surprising upset. He will defeat Obama handily by turning the debates into a Chinese spelling bee.

  78. Interesting that Bachmann was standing behind the delegation speaker and that the votes went to Ron Paul?

      1. Actually I think Bachmann was there to flip off the Romney folks? Why would she stand there ‘in full support’ of Romney if she already knew the delegate vote?

      2. Ron Paul did very well in most caucus states because his supporters were willing to do the extra work of standing up for their candidate through the caucus process. Romney did not have enough enthusiastic supporters willing to participate in the caucus process. Simple as that.

    1. Ron Paul supporters dominated the delegate process so thoroughly in Minnesota, they were able to secure a delegate spot out of courtesy for Bachmann. In other words, it could have been 34 delegates from MN for RP, but a RP supporter stepped aside at the MN state convention to allow Bachmann to be a delegate. Needless to say, Bachmann was appreciative of this gesture.

  79. In a shocking turn of events which can only be attributed to the GOP’s weakness with mathematics, Ron Paul has secured the majority of delegates and the nomination! Yaaaaaay!

  80. This is Ron Paul and his supporters fault. I’m sorry, but its true. Ron Paul won 0 states, yet his ground game managed to a mass a large delegation because several state’s Primaries/Caucus had unbounded delegates. The RNC was clearly reacting to them in the formation of these rules. (Not to mention the advocates of Brokered Convention from bitter Gingrich/Santorum/Other supporters).

    Now in this war betweem RNC and Paulbots, who is it that gets hurt in the crossfire? We do. Tea Party/Conservative activists. That is what happened today, and this forces us in a real pickle now don’t it?

    We want vengeance on these RINO’s and yet we don’t want Obama re-elected. That is the issue we face.

    What is our only alternative?

    I say, if you’re truly upset with the rule changes. Put the GOP on notice. Tea Party/Conservative’s alliance with the RNC is hereby terminated starting November 7th 2012.

    By November 7th 2013, there will be a new Third Party with a platform of Constitutional Conservatism, and the GOP will fade to a dim memory.

    That should be our course of action.

    1. You make some good points. The paulbots should not get a pass. They acted like they could steal the nomination despite the fact that he didn’t win anything.

      The RNC and ROmney still should NOT have done this, but many paulbots act like they’re a bunch of saints when they’re anything but.

      1. IMHO the rule where RNC can change rules with only 75% majority is completely uncalled for. I don’t agree with that they did.

        I just think we shouldn’t be blinded by the spin OUR side is dishing out and saying it’s not about Paulbots.

        I will say this, where the hell was the National Tea Party groups during the GOP Presidential Primary. They hosted 1 debate, did a bus tour through Florida and endorsed…. No one! On a national scale they did nothing. Now local TP Groups helped certain candidates in their states win, yes and they shouldn’t be in the crossfire!

        But if we are so upset, then I say have this election be the last one we help them win because we just can’t afford 4 more years of Obama!

        1. I surmise that you just answered your own question:

          On a national scale they did nothing. Now local TP Groups helped certain candidates in their states win, yes and they shouldn’t be in the crossfire!

          Maybe, the TP is still a locally centered one, and not a national one. Maybe, they don’t have national strength yet, but have regional muscle instead.

          Remember, the TP movement is still rather young. Look how long it takes the Left to infiltrate and get their agenda enacted. Hopefully, there are those that are long term thinkers and can see the big picture. Both Palin and Levin have stated that its going to take a number of election cycles to right the ship.

          1. I’m speaking from experience. Tea Party Patriots (National TP group) endorsed Christine O’Donnell in the Delaware Senate GOP Primary. I just figured if the National Group could endorse in local elections they could have done the same in GOP Pres Primary. That’s all.

          2. We are lucky that they aren’t Kneejerkers like some tend to be with an internet mindset…

            Moves like the power grab are important to be aware of , but saying everything is the end of the world is yawn inducing to me….

            It’s important to recognize the Roves and Romney campaign people…but not be threatened by them.

        2. I still say that Sarah dropped the ball. She’s the only one who had enough support, name recognition, and guts to beat Romney.

          I mean Santorum almost did it, there’s no reason that she could not have!

          1. I believe with her children’s activities (Bristol being LA and having that confrontation at the time leading up to her decision to throw her hat in the ring) that Sarah put her family situation first; just wasn’t in the cards.

            Romney had the advantage over everyone because he had 6 years of operations prepared and the Bush clan behind him…..long term resources etc.

            1. It helps when you (Romney) has been running for this position for 8+ years!!! It takes a while to build (brown-nose) a lot of support and people!!!

          2. She was blackballed by the likes of rove and she refused to be used as she said she was not for sale!

          3. I think her plan to run was spoiled by Bachmann’s choice to enter the race.

            Not really something I’m down on Bachmann for, just a bad choice by her. She didn’t have the buzz going for her that Palin had. Not even close.

      2. I agree with this, along with the “paulbots”, I think the “earthquakers” are deserving of a share of the blame in this as well.

    2. Santorum or Gingrich supporters could have exercised the same strategy in the caucus states and amassed delegates supporting their candidate. In fact, let’s say Santorum supporters had done just that…played by the rules, enthusiastically supported Santorum and legitimately won hundreds of delegates to the national convention.

      In fact, let’s say Santorum backers secured a plurality of the delegates in seven states, with the official RNC rules stating a candidate must secure a plurality in at least five states to be eligible for nomination at the convention. At this point, the majority of people in this forum, including Mr. Scoop himself, would be demanding the rules be followed and anticipating the moment Santorum is nominated as an alternative to the fake conservative forced upon them by the establishment (Romney).

      Now imagine at the last minute deals are made and rules are changed and entire state delegations are unseated or replaced because they support Santorum and not Romney. Now Santorum can’t even be nominated, and the establishment has their defacto nominee.

      How would those Santorum delegates feel? How would you feel? This forum would be plastered with stories about cheating and disenfranchisement and fraud.

      Let’s say Soetoro beats Romney in November (unbelievably, this is an actual possibility). Now let’s say some McCain/Romney candidate runs in 2016, and is obviously the establishment choice. To the delight of most in this forum, Allen West has mounted a grassroots challenge to the establishment candidate, and his supporters work hard and participate in the caucus process, and secure hundreds of delegates. Except they can’t, because the RNC changed the rules back in 2012, and West and his supporters are SOL. Now how do you feel?

    1. Come on. You are not excited to hear “working with Democrats and Independents” over and over again?

  81. 5pm on Tuesday and we’re pledging delegates. Think I’ll go watch some paint dry and come back later.

    1. How Ironic that the party that supposedly represents freedom adopts rules that make the process a tyranny, of the powerful, I have an empty feeling in my stomach.

  82. It looks as if Conservatives can find or create another party here is an update from Michelle Malkin

    Update: 4:34pm Eastern Well, that was…something else. First, Maine delegates were replaced with Romney people. Then, rules chairman John Sununu and GOP Speaker of the House John Boehner stood on stage at the RNC to rule on the compromise rules report. No minority report was mentioned. When asked for yeas and nays on the report, the room seemed equally divided. Boehner forged ahead and approved the report over loud boos and calls of “point of order” from activists on the floor.

    No vote on the minority report.

    FW’s Dean Clancy observes: “If @SpeakerBoehner had been wielding the Speaker’s gavel instead of the GOP convention gavel, he wouldn’t have gotten away with that trick.”
    And the show went on…GOP Rep. Marsha Blackburn just declared that “this has been a great exercise in grass-roots” and that GOP stands for “Great Opportunity Party.”

  83. We have lost the fight, to the rinos, I hate the Repubican rino, and they I think they will lose the election based on this, all the enthusiasm is gone.

    1. Would a scanned image of a signed document not do? Have seen them used by companies and it’s legal. Maybe get a notarized affidavit if time and place allow. Seems like a pretty shaky excuse.

      1. No, the Republican’s have lost us. There were equal amounts of dissent there on the floor. We’ll get Romney into the WH and then we’ll continue to open a can of whoop [email protected]@ on both RINO’s & the left. We’ll just do it in a third party and give them a nice taste of grass roots… 🙂

  84. No matter what the results are from the fight on the romney/Rnc power grab the overwhelming enthusiasm that we felt when Romney had Ryan join the ticket will be gone, I will be voting for Romney, but they will not see any extra support or money from me. Shame on you Romney and rinos in the RNC.

      1. Because of people like you is why Obama is going to get 4 more years, but the rinos have themselves to thank for it.

    1. Fortunately (unfortunately for us) for the Romney Campaign, this won’t have much bearing on his election chances since the rest of the country don’t pay attention to this stuff.

      It’s even less relevant than the stuff that Obama got away with..4 years ago relating to his party fighting..

      Romney’s people would have backed down if they thought it would hurt their chances.

  85. This rules change business makes me wanna rejoin the republican party just so I can tell them to go piss up a rope again.

    Don’t be surprised when you find out that Judas Iscariot Romney has only fired his first volley at conservatives.

  86. Im a little disappointed the original schedule for today had included two songs by Lynyrd Skynyrd when Ann Romney was speaking. This is in addition to the concert series they and others are participating in. I dont see them listed?

    Is there an additional list for musical guests?

  87. Looks as if we will have to wait until supper time to find out anything about the rule changes according to the schedule. The irony is that Sununu is the chairman of the rules committee.

    Erik Erickson mention that many old timers see the rule change as a 20yr payback against conservatives who rallied around Pat Buchanan and who was on Bush’s team, yep John Sununu.

  88. Sarah Palin

    Had a great time today in Gilbert, Arizona, at a rally for Kirk Adams. It’s very important to pay attention to these down ballot races like Kirk Adams, Jeff Flake, and Paul Gosar in Arizona. We have to remember that this election is not just about replacing the party in power. It’s about who and what we replace it with. Grassroots conservatives know this. Without the energy and wisdom of the grassroots, the GOP would not have had the historic 2010 electoral victories. That’s why the controversial rule change being debated at the RNC convention right now is so very disappointing. It’s a direct attack on grassroots activists by the GOP establishment, and it must be rejected. Please follow the link to Michelle Malkin’s article about this.

    1. Update from

      Update 2:50pm Eastern…The Rules Committee just voted 78-14 to accept the Romney-approved deal on Rules 15(16) and 12. There is now an effort to gather enough signatures to force a floor vote on the minority report. 25 percent of committee members are needed.

      Apparently, the Virginia delegation was stuck on a bus and didn’t make it in time for the vote.

      1. Conflicting reports on whether the minority reports have enough signatures. It’s being reported that rule #12 definitely has enough sigs to force a floor vote. No one seems to know for sure on the other two though. Time’s up for collecting signatures so hopefully we’ll get word soon.

        1. Michelle just tweeted minority report submitted and apparently have enough signatures to call for a vote on minority report.

          1. Yes, but there seems to be a conflict as to sending it via email verses it being “in writing”. Talk about technicalities. Sounds like the RNC using them to shut-up the grassroots once and for all.

            1. Yeah thats why I am so sad today, This is really a sad day for us, in a day where we should be celebrating, I dont know how many of my fellow scoopers here feel an empty feeling in their stomach with this convention.

              1. I agree totally. Instead of looking forward to the campaign, the cowardly RINOs will find out they are a shell of a minority. If the conservatives are suppressed, Romney can kiss the presidency good-bye. The RINOs arre worse than Obama and his thugs because they stab you in the back. At least the extremists on the left come at you head-on. Flush the RINOs.

    1. RScoop, are you going to post any live chats during any of the major speechs? I really enjoy our chats here!

  89. Does anyone know what channel this will be broadcast on? I’ve got in on CSPAN, but it’s not High Definition and I’m a spoiled Gen Y’er…

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