WATCH: The View ladies kick Judge Jeanine Pirro off the show! – ALSO: Pirro explains what happened when the cameras went off!

Well this is interesting. Judge Jeanine Pirro was on The View today talking about her new book and admittedly, she was in a hostile environment. From the first question she was asked you could feel the hostility.

But everyone made it through the first part and they went to commercial.

They came back and that’s when things started to fall apart.


My view on this is probably not going to be very popular, but I felt like Jeanine kinda hacked her way through this second part.

First, she refused to answer a question about whether Trump is faithful to conservatism on the basis that she was there to talk about her book. It’s almost like she was scared to admit that Trump isn’t always conservative.

Secondly, Jeanine did accuse Whoopi of having TDS (to be fair, I agree), which made Whoopi defensive and sent her into a lecture about how she’s not hysterical but reasonable or something.

Thirdly, when Whoopi finally asks Jeanine about the ‘deep state’ in her book, suddenly Jeanine doesn’t want to talk about her book anymore. She wants to talk about Trump and illegal immigration.

And that’s when it turned into a shoutfest which resulted in Whoopi kicking Jeanine off the show.

That’s how I saw things, at least in that last part. Now as I said before Jeanine was in a hostile environment, and that was clear. But she did get pretty aggressive there at the end after accusing the host of having TDS – and Whoopi eventually told her to leave after the shoutfest.

I admit I went into this thinking I would be more sympathetic to Jeanine, but I come away feeling like she was somewhat at fault here. And a little hypocritical for not being willing to call a spade a spade when it comes to Trump and conservatism, just as she did with Whoopi and TDS.

Jeanine did talk to Ed Morrissey about the interview and you can watch that below. It starts at the 40-minute mark:

Jeanine says after the cameras went off, Whoopi cursed her out as Jeanine walked off the stage. Listen for more.

Oh and if you want to hear the first part of the interview, watch below:

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