WATCH: Videos capture Chattanooga, Philly shoot-outs this weekend. Multiple dead, including MSM narrative

This story and the shooting in Philadelphia won’t get the mainstream media attention that “mass shootings” get under other circumstances, and we bet you know why.

The start of the Chattanooga shooting was caught in a video that was shared to Facebook.

News Channel 9 posted that clip, writing:
In the 11-second clip, you can hear more than 20 shots ring out as the woman dives to safety in her car. Other people can be seen outside the car running away.

The Facebook account Tabby Tab shared several live updates on her page in the early morning hours that show she was in the vicinity of the bar on McCallie Avenue.

The start of the Philadelphia shooting was posted to Twitter.

Fox News reports on the deaths from the early Sunday Chattanooga incident, saying that Chattanooga police Chief Celeste Murphy reports “14 people were gunshot victims during the incident, while three other people were struck by vehicles. Two people died from gunshot wounds and a third person died from injuries sustained when they were struck by a vehicle fleeing the scene, according to reporting from Fox 13.”

In Philadelphia late last night, “Multiple shooters opened fire in Philadelphia’s busy South Street, an area with many bars and restaurants, around midnight on Saturday. Two men and a woman were killed,” writes Newsmax.

But as Liberty Daily points out, the demographics involved go against the MSM/DNC narratives:

And in Chattanooga, the Mayor made this statement, which will pretty much guarantee CNN and MSNBC ignore the story and drop it from their websites as soon as they can get away with it, probably within hours:

This violence is gang related. Period. We cannot fix the problem until we are honest about the problem.

Yeah. If it can’t be made out as a case of a guilty gun or a guilty “white supremacist” it goes away.

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