WHAT? Sean Hannity just let Trump say the idiotic Rafael Cruz accusation is VERIFIABLE!

Donald Trump was on with Sean Hannity today and was asked about his comments this morning about Rafael Cruz and also Ted Cruz’s response. Trump literally told Hannity that Cruz didn’t deny at his press conference today that his dad met with Lee Harvey Oswald before the assassination AND that the National Enquirer wouldn’t have run the story about Rafael Cruz if they couldn’t verify it.

So he basically told Hannity this idiotic garbage was true and Hannity just let him say it, moved on and changed the subject. Seriously.


Unbelievable. Did Hannity not even bother to look into this before his radio show which started at 3pm? I know he’s a busy man, but this has been in the news ALL DAY LONG. How could he not at least check?

But even more than that, IT’S A GARBAGE STORY. It was only printed in the National Enquirer and hasn’t been picked up by anyone else except Donald Trump. Just on the basis of common sense, Hannity should know these accusations are ridiculous.

But he just lets Trump say the story is true and doesn’t even bother pushing back one iota.

Meanwhile, Trump treats the National Enquirer as though it were the gold standard of journalism. And he gets treated like a serious candidate.


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