“What the hell is going on at the FBI?” – Lindsey Graham makes a great point about Trump you’ll want to hear!

Yesterday amidst a discussion on the Mueller probe, Lindsey Graham makes a great point about the Chinese spy who worked for Dianne Feinstein almost two-decades.

Watch (It’s cued up to 2:42):

Graham wants to know why the FBI didn’t do for Trump what they did for Dianne Feinstein:

I’m gonna send a letter to Director Wray next week and ask him what is the policy? Why didn’t you tell president Trump that you had concerns about Carter Page? Is there a double standard here?

If this was a counter-intelligence investigation and not a criminal investigation, the FBI should have told President Trump they had concerns about Papadopoulos and Page. Why didn’t they do for Trump what they did for Feinstein?

When asked if Graham believes there should be more investigation on this, he replied:

You better believe it! I’m saying what the hell is going on at the FBI? Why do you tell a Democrat when they hire somebody connected to China – it could happen to anybody’s office. When the FBI finds out that somebody’s working for us that may have connections to a foreign government, they should tell us…

When it comes to the Trump campaign, why didn’t they tell him about Papadopoulos and Cater Page? And at the end of the day, what has Carter Page done wrong? He’s still walking around a free man.

Here’s the point. A counter-intelligence investigation is designed to protect American institutions from infiltration. The right thing for the FBI to do is if they find somebody working for a political campaign, a bank, or any part of the government, is to inform the people in charge that this person you hired has got unsavory connections. That’s what they did for Feinstein. Why did they not do that when it came to Manafort, Gates and Papadopoulos?

Wow. Great point. I think he said it all, and I look forward to hearing how the FBI justifies their decision not to tell Trump about his ‘spies’.

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