Whoa! Michelle Fields FORCED to abandon home after Fox News, Buzzfeed PUBLISH HER ADDRESS!!

In even more awful fallout for Michelle Fields from Corey Lewandowski attacking her at a rally, she is now having to flee her apartment over safety concerns after Fox News and Buzzfeed published her address.

From the Blaze:

Ex-Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields said Wednesday she had temporarily moved out of her D.C.-area apartment over safety concerns after Fox News and BuzzFeed accidentally published her address online.

Both of the news outlets inadvertently posted the phone number and address of Fields when they published the arrest report of Donald Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski. Fields had alleged Lewandowski committed simple battery against her at a news conference earlier this month and he was arrested and charged Tuesday.

Fields told TheBlaze that she had been inundated with threatening messages on her phone after the two outlets mistakenly posted her information.

The 28-year-old reporter said that because individuals were sending threats, she no longer felt safe staying at her apartment and had temporarily moved out.

After Fields brought it to the attention of Fox News and BuzzFeed, the outlets removed it from their websites.

Pretty awful. Amazingly, she was the victim of the assault, but she’s the one who’s lost her job at Breitbart, lost her hosting position at “Cashin’ In” because of Eric Bolling’s Trump-humperism, and now she’s driven out of her home.

Meanwhile Corey is being patted on the back by the toupee’d totalitarian for doing a great job.

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