Why Fox News’ Bill Sammon is right!

Mediaite reported on an article from the LA Times calling Fox News out for its apparent bias in light of memos released by Bill Sammon:

In light of the recent disclosure of memos from Bill Sammon, Fox News‘ Washington managing editor, The Los Angeles Times took Fox News to task over its “Fair and Balanced” slogan specifically and its journalistic credibility more generally. Without making overblown claims of past bias by the entire network, as many Fox News critics enjoy doing, the editorial simply states two recent facts and objectively asks those in charge of Fox News to respond.

The memos from Sammon instructed FOX’s hard news reporters how to report on healthcare and global warming. Reporters were urged to avoid the phrase “public option” and instead refer to it as “government option,” and to refrain from saying the planet has warmed without pointing out that such warming is based on disputed theories. The Times finds the latter directive particularly troubling, claiming no serious climate scientist disagrees that the underlying temperature data in fact shows the Earth is getting warmer.

The editorial ends with a simple and fair conclusion:

Fox should either come clean about this and crack down on such partisanship in its news ranks, or it should stop pretending to be an objective news source.

Fair conclusion? Oh gimmie a break Mediaite!

In lieu of tons of recent reports that have shed light on the many fabricated claims that prove that the debate about global warming is NOT settled, I would say that Bill Sammon’s advice about how to refer to global warming was very fair. It shows that there is more than one side to this argument and that the debate still needs to be had. It’s the lame-stream media’s refusal to report on these legitimate findings that shows their bias and unfair coverage. And that includes the LA Times.

As far as his advice on the government option, it just proves that he’s no shill for the Obama administration and can see the truth of what is actually happening, not just what he’s told by the President or Democratic Congress members. That said, I would have been ok with him advising them to call it the public option, but to include that some are referring to it as the government option as well.

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