Why Russian women are paying big bucks to come to America, and you probably won’t like the reason…

The Today Show did an interesting segment this morning on how pregnant Russian women are paying big bucks to private agencies to come to America and…you probably already guessed it, to have their babies. That’s right, birthright citizenship.


These aren’t poor families by any stretch. They are paying upwards of $50,000 smackers just to do this and 30% of them are repeat customers.

I know birthright citizenship has come into focus in the last few years, with all of the illegal immigration problems we’ve had here under the Obama administration, and it’s not very popular for obvious reasons. Many illegals have certainly abused it and America ends up paying for it…literally.

But in these more expensive instances, it’s not just Russian women who do this. We’ve written before about Asian women who are essentially doing the same thing and paying big bucks as well.

In the video above, they show Trump on the campaign trail arguing for the need to end birthright citizenship. With an immigration bill at the forefront, now would be the time do that. But will Congress step up to the plate and do it, and will Trump support it now that he’s president?

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