[PHOTO] Why would Michelle Obama visit Saudi National Ali Al-Harbi in the hospital?

Here’s a photo collage of Saudi National Ali Al-Harbi in the hospital and it includes two photos of Michelle Obama visiting him (h/t: Shoebat):


Considering the al-Qaeda connections that Walid Shoebat uncovered about Ali Al-Harbi and all the stuff that Glenn Beck is uncovering about him, it’s curious that he would get a visit by the First Lady of the United States.


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78 thoughts on “[PHOTO] Why would Michelle Obama visit Saudi National Ali Al-Harbi in the hospital?

  1. What the hell is Michele Obama visiting the Boston Bombers, have the Obama’s gotten away with treason so often they are doing all this in plain site?  Obama is a war criminal of the like of Hitler according to a congressional panel in their 6,000 page study and Bush and Clinton too. Their war crimes and torture are bad enough that the death penalty is recommended. Obama is no longer a legitimate and needs to be removed from the WH and await his trial in jail. Put him in Guantaemo Bay to wait.

  2. So, every news agency in the world has camera crews at that hospital. Everyone in the world knows that they are holding a “person of interest”, so it’s not like he is just another victim. And no one except this one guy gets a pic of MichelleO visiting a suspected terrorist.
    Let’s see……so we have a person of interest, that the CIA and FBI are questioning, and up pops the first lady for a visit. She is strolling around, and not one Secret Service agent manages to get into the picture. There is one guy in the whole world that thought it was note worthy that MichelleO was visiting that particular hospital, on that particular day…
    Something smells a little fishy to me. But then again, Im just a guy that’s grounded in reality, and don’t believe everything that Alex Jones says. And Glenn, you should get a little more background before you repeat Alex’s stories. Sorry, this picture don’t prove squat. The one picture could, or could not be her, no way to know for sure.

  3. Where did these photos come from? Who took them? Are there any links to the originals (unedited / not put into a collage)?

    1. melhoyt    My “Laura Bush visits………” was sarcasm and used it to as an analogy. If you don’t get what I was saying in my posts, I can walk you through it.

  4. The director of the CIA, Mr Brennan is a Muslim convert. We are in deep trouble
    Pelosi converted in Damascus, Reid is about to and Janet is a muslin dyke,

  5. Perhaps she was instructed to bring him the news that he was being released by our “Outstanding,” 100% politicized, FBI, otherwise known as the Fumbling Bunch of Imbeciles.  Where is J. Edgar Hoover when you need him?

  6. Why would she visit a Muslim and not the injured Americans?

    If you haven’t written your congressman and senator demanding Impeachment of Obama, you are WRONG !

    1. RexCrouch1 I have been doing that every other month. I even got in touch with Rand Paul and he said that if any impeachment process starts he’s 100% behind it. The president is a Muslim and that’s all they care about.

  7. USMC_Liberal  “Laura Bush visits Saudi National in hospital with known ties to al-qaeda!” I’ll admit it’s become a tiresome, default, go too, “well if it was bush in office” response these days by conservatives. Nobody’s posts in here are over the top or full retard. It’s an interesting story given the climate created by liberals, so it might peak some of our interest. Given the wild assumptions launched by liberals minutes after the bombing in TV, internet, etc, I really don’t feel people’s interest in the story makes them weirdos. You should be more aware of what your side says and does before coming here to Right Scoop and calling us weirdos. You actually have the word Lliberal” as your call sign. You do realize this don’t you?

    1. JJ the terrible USMC_Liberal mindless is how I like to refer to the nuts on the right.  You folks seem to all speak w/ one voice telling me that you are incapable of independent thought.  That’s a shame and a waste of a whole bunch of peoples time.  and SEMPER FI USMC_LIBERAL, and don’t let the crazies get to you.  I understand it may take some of that discipline your drill instructors taught you, I’ve certainly had to draw on it.  be well all

      1. jertoo  Obviously you have not been curious enough to visit “right-wing” sights to form an intellectually honest opinion of us “nuts on the right.” We do not speak with one voice, we disagree with one another in a mostly healthy way. Really you are projecting. All of us here at Right Scoop know that you have left out attacking Fox News and Rush Limbaugh. We know that if you come here again to “waste your time”, this would be your go to examples on the “one voice/incapable of independent thought” claim by those of you on the left. Go to any conservative sight, AmSpec, AmThinker, Human Events, any listed here on the right side of this page. Listen to any of the conservative talk shows and you will get diversity of thought and opinions. It is educational. For me, listening to Rush or Mark Levin, is not so I know “what to think.” It is so I am informed of pertinent current events, you know, “the news.” I do not care what celebrities are banging each other or how fat Kim Kardashians ass is one week to the next. For most of us on the right listening to Rush or Mark is catharsis. We invite you and USMC Liberal here and any other right wing sites, to engage, and be cured of your mental affliction.

      2. JJ the terrible jertoo the first sentence was enough for me. The Marine Corps taught me well about understanding the “other side”.  I’ve forced myself to watch and listen to the “crazies” on the far right, as I refer to them, since President Carter was brought down by the same money folks who propped up Reagan.  to say that you get “pertinent” information from the likes of Limbaugh and his ilk is comical.  I sure am glad most people don’t get their “information” from self admitted ENTERTAINERS.  and yes, I do visit quite a few conservative web sites.  some are more rational than others but for the most part I see them all w/ an agenda that I mostly disagree with.  As our Founding Fathers (the same ones the right likes to default to) intended, the way to address grievance w/ the government is to vote.  I support that.  the right seems the better way is to instill fear of the government and discourage voting counter to the FF’s intent in my belief.  …be cured of your mental affliction?  that’s rich, kinda like some on the right who think praying should’ve saved dying kids rather than going to a doctor?

      3. jertoo JJ the terrible What “money folks” brought down Carter? Did they fund Bush 1 trip in the SR-71 to cut a deal for the hostages held by Iran? Limbaugh is not the only source of info I site, read my post. What conservative sites are the irrational ones? I would like to see myself. You are insinuating that “the right does not like to address grievance by voting? Instill fear and discourage voting? How is applying critical thought, reason and rational based on historical experience and forming an opinion based on that of government, then expressing it on a forum such as this, “instilling fear”? What you are describing is a form of anarchy, a baseless accusation you are applying to us. As a professional courtesy I will not address the repeated mentions of the “Marines”. If you belong to; this ain’t hell or blackfive, I would gladly engage you as to how, 0231 has helped you spot “us crazies on the political right”, here in the United States of America. I do not think this is the appropriate site to do so. Please stick to your own thoughts and give opinion based on empirical evidence and give specific examples of your accusations so they can be debated. Right now all I read is a regurgitation of liberal (blanket) opinion of conservatives in your posts, that I can find at any lib site. Quit with the vague generalities and debate.

  8. That’s the funny thing about you liberals. Something can be right in your face and politics will always trump that. Who cares what the source is if its true. Free your mind friend.

  9. Take a look at these photographs again.
    What’s missing?
    Michele is not accompanied by a guardian. She is the only woman present.

    Forbidden by sharia law. Most Saudi women would be lashed 40 times for this type of indiscretion. 
    Why did they allow her visitation with a Saudi national? The president is a high profile asset,while she on the other hand can slip in with less detection.
    Was an exception to Sharia law made because the message was more important then the messenger?
    Odd circumstances.Very odd indeed.

  10. While I detest the Obama’s intensely, for the record Michelle didn’t just single out the Muslims for visits; she visited all the victims and their families at different hospitals.
    I’m more interested in the truth than in agendas.  No sense in having any more conspiracy theories floating around than there are already.

    1. SafeTea She should’ve already known the guy since he has visited The White House on more than one occasion.

  11. Pork meets a pig. Doesn’t she look like a weathered Jane Fonda?  She could be Janes twin. Was Henry in Chicago 48 years ago?

  12. So if you were President and you needed  get a crucial message to a collaborator like that – a message that would destroy your entire presidency and administratoin  if it were leaked, compromised or fumbled – who would you trust to send it.

    1. sDee Gee, I don’t know… maybe someone protected by spousal privilege or something?

  13. Have they (govt officials (I use that term lightly)) thought to question ALL of the visitors, yet? Or are they too busy destroying the lives of innocents who reportedly sent letters to congress with liscen?

  14. Wow….let us hope that Beck is as persistent with this as he was a few years ago on Anita Dunn and and the other man (name is a blank at the moment, face is clear LOL).
    Beck succeeded in getting them out…I can still see  him daily with that red phone saying “Call me.”

  15. I had to look at this 3 times to believe it 
    If this is true and not photo-shopped – It is truly unbelievable
    It is disrespectful arrogant and every other bad thing
    The real question is – Why does this stuff appear on TRS and is not reported anywhere else?
    Someone please send this to Rush, Mark, The Five and everyone else you can think of  – I don’t have their info
    This raises very serious questions about the PRESS – AGAIN 
    I am livid over this – The arrogance is outrageous

    1. THIS is the kind of stuff that ALL the talking heads should be screaming about to get the MSM attention 
      They should be having joint press conferences and should have Congress on for interviews 
      I am really upset over this – Not that anyone cares

      1. YoJoe Yeah, right.  Like with Gosnell?  They’ll report that racist right wing nuts jobs who hate Obama have a conspiracy theeory.

      1. temi227
        Thanks – I don’t tweet 
        I’ll rely on my friends here to tell my what twitter says

  16. I find it very hard not to see something highly suspicious in that visit. Alharbi was a person in whom the FBI was ‘interested’, downgraded from ‘suspect’ – downgraded, we should add, after the Saudi Ambassador had a meeting with Kerry, from which the press was suddenly excluded, no reason given. Then  he saw BHO, that same day, secretly. And then Madame Moo visits him in hospital. All just happenstance? i don’t think so!
    Also, she did not visit the other victims, and while they might have been too ill for a visit then, there’s been time now for another visit, no?
    I’ll telly ou who’d have been there not once but more often, and that would have been Pres Bush and his wife.

    1. colliemum  
      The thing is, you’d think she would have a made some comment as to why she was there. I have no doubt that Bush would have. Especially seeing as this visit would be so controversial.
      On the other hand the visit was last week and the only controversy I saw was here.

  17. Sick, just sick!  That’s all I better say… like this site, want to remain on it, and if I type what I’m actually thinking… Well, we’d  have to part company I fear.  Not that I fear suppression of speech, but the vulgarity and expletives would get me banned! 🙂

  18. I wonder if she knew who he was? Worse, I wonder if anybody advising her or around her knew who he was? If they didn’t, they should be fired. Knowing how Washington works, though, this was probably just a dumb mistake. Harbi is probably in a hospital with a lot of other bombing survivors and she went in to visit all or at least most of them. Nice to see that Homeland Security, the FBI, and the Secret Service were “right on top of this.” I don’t know which to fear more, terrorists or our own “intelligence” departments.

    1. NYGino  
      It was a photo-op so we had to be able to recognize her… I’m sure she got back into her Burka as soon as she got back home. /sigh.

    1. toongoon
      Man, that was beautiful, and extremely sad and upsetting to watch at the same time!  What an inspiration!  Thanks for that video Toongoon, best video I’ve seen in ages!!!   Like X1000

    2. toongoon 
      Very nice and very sad – 
      With further encouragement like that  – They will be fine – 
      I expect that they will receive a lot of support – God Bless Them and the Heroes as well

  19. This is ridiculous. I’ll shut up now, because the things I want to say about this would get me kicked from this site.
    What a rotten thing for her to do… too busy to visit the survivors of the bombing eh Moochelle?

  20. Because her priorities are ALL SCREWED UP!  Just like her husbands.  A LOT of people have accused Obama of being a Muslim, and I’ve always held back on the accusation not knowing for sure myself.  I always thought him more to be an atheist but now I’m leaning more to him being a Muslim.  The enemy is in the gate, and Americans better wake up before it’s TOO LATE!

    1. 3d81 And they sit around the dinner table talking about how the US is a mean and arrogant country.

  21. I’m sure it’s a powerful Saudi family connection and the fact that Obama consults the Saudi/Wahabi’s on all Middle East decisions, they sent her to comfort the kid, letting him know we’ll whisk him out of the country in a few days…

  22. Not curious at all when we consider all that Glen Beck is exposing. I think we are beginning to see how the puzzle pieces of Obama’s involvement with Islamist jihad are fitting together to form the picture Dinesh showed uis in Obama 2016. I pray someone in Congress has the courage to pursue this to its rightful conclusion; treason charges and prison time for Obama and his minions.

    1. ChesterSimms best if you go back to where you came from dear friend. America is rapidly turning into the place you ran away from…

    2. Chester in answer to your question: Ariel Durant stated : “A great civilization cannot be conquered from without until it destroys itself from within.”   It is happening before our very eyes. You and millions of Americans have a front row seat watching that happen. The mainstream media is the most corrupt proaganda machine in history that is exploiting the ignorance of Americans to the point it is only a matter of time before Ariel Durant is right.  When lies and deceptions replace the TRUTH then there is no other result.

  23. Did she visit any of the victims of the bombing in either that hospital or any other in Boston?  If she did, there are probably photos.

      1. c4pfan A few but this one was a suspect at the time.  Go to theblaze.com and many of your questions will be answered.

        1. He was already a suspect at the time?  Damn!  This administration doesn’t even worry anymore about trying to hide it.

    1. Amjean 
      She didn’t visit Jeff Bauman, who lost both legs and gave a description of the terrorists as soon as he was awake.

    2. Amjean I do know that POTUS did visit a friends cousin that had his leg blown off… but, that’s NOT the Point! The POINT IS.. WHY would ANY Government official or Family visit a Documented Terrorist?

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